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Yikes, I've been tagged!

February 3rd 2008 10:46 am
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My good friend(and quite a looker too) has tagged me, what fun!
Now I get to list 7 of my greatest qualities and tag 7 friends,
who will have to do the same thing. Make sure each of you
send the feline you tag a paw mail directing them to your diary
for rules, when you tell them they have been tagged. Tell them
to do the same thing when they tag their 7 friends.

1.First I am very handsome.
2.Super smart.
3.I love to pee on things, I have great aim!
4.I love chicken!
5.I am the dominent male(even over Paw)
6.I am a true lover.
7.I love babies of all kinds.

Well that was fun, now it's your turn.

My I was so excited I forgot to list who I tagged and I tagged
eight! My gosh this is fun.

BITSY 691564
RAGS 275439
HOOTIE 582508
CHAZZ 705208
BASTET 706172



February 3rd 2008 11:59 am
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I noticed when tagging Chazz 705208, this cute little feline
could use some more friends. How about it guys. Don't
forget to list your list of tags.


Yesterday was good

February 4th 2008 11:50 pm
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Yesterday was an exceptionally good day for me, meowmy got
up real early and fed us our favorite-canned food! Then late
afternoon she got sleeping because we had stayed up so late last
night surfing through the Catster pages and we took a nap
together-holding hands(paws). Later I got to go visit the new
baby's room(Rosie-not yet on Catster), I behaved so well I got
extra hugs and an extra good brushing. I love babies-even my
Daddy's friends baby dogs. Rosie looks a lot like my furmeowmy
Wanda, I miss her. It is almost bedtime now and things are
going well still, looks like I might get to sleep on meowmy's
pillow next to her tonight. Life is good. Hope there's lots of
chicken in my dreams tonight, I love chicken. Good night all,
or morning to some as it is well after midnight.



February 5th 2008 6:30 pm
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Have I mentioned today that I love Chicken? Yeah I know
what you are thinking-what kitty doesn't love chicken?
Let me set you straight on what I mean(not that I don't
love chicken, mind ya), I love Chicken. She is so pretty
and what a great name too! So all you guys out there
looking for Valentines, leave her alone. If some pretty
thing gives you this #704516-back off! I have yet to tell
her as I am a bit shy, but someday I will.



February 5th 2008 8:40 pm
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My meowmy tagged Rusty Sunday and he tagged me today, I
know he's a little late, but I play anytime I get the chance. So
since I love to tell things about myself here goes:
1. I love Chicken and chicken.
2.My mommy calls me Normy-poo.
3.I love to get brushed.
4.I live indoors, but my pawrents built me 18ft x 20ft outdoor
play area attatched to house. Iget to go out there anytime I
want to through a pet door.
5.I am spoiled see above.

Now it's your turn tag 5 friends list them in your diary along
with 5 great things or secrets about yourself and direct them
to your diary so they will know what to do. Give them a pawmail
so they will know they have been tagged.

Possum & Ernie 571034
Fudge 684142
Chicken 704516
Baby penny 711915
Octavian 711927


Crazy Cat Lady

February 8th 2008 7:53 am
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Lately I been hearing through the whisker wind that some people
are calling my mommy a crazy cat lady! I wasn't born yesterday and
even I know better than that. Yes mommy does have quite a few of
us, but I love my big family. But, back to the reason I am writing, I
just want to set the record straight for any of those loose lips who
may be reading this.

1.She is definetly not a cat!
2.My mommy is not crazy.
3.It is a well known fact that pets keep you young, so she is
probably about my age.
4.We are all spayed or nuetered(oooh I remember that day well).
We are all UTD on shots(I don't care for those either).

We live in the country, I love it, where big families are fairly
common. People dump unwanted(how cruel is that) animals all of
the time. The county we live in does not have a no-kill shelter.
Mommy can't stand to see a fellow furiend starve or to be unprotected
against disease. So any time we have gotten a new brofur or sis
they have to go to the vet right away! She loves us and that is so
important to a sensitive guy like myself. She has recently seen
people on her computer who have a bigger family than we do-
I am so happy for them-and a little jealous!
I hope the driver license people don't read this and find out she
is only 6, she has to drive to hunt food for us and she is good at
it too. I think all of the mommies out there must be good hunters
all of my Catster furiends look pretty healthy-don't take that
wrong guys I said healthy not fat.
I am a very content little guy, lots of love, a good warm bed and
lots and lots of good furiends. Today as usual is going to be a very
good day to be a kitty!



February 8th 2008 1:27 pm
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I have just been tagged! I love this game! Here's how it goes-
Name 7 special things about yourself, that should be easy.
Pick out 7 furiends to tag. List them in your diary with their
id #'s. Go tag them(by paw-mail) direct them to your diary
for rules and tell them to pass on the FUN. Tell them to
list the rules in their diary just in case they tag someone
who doesn't know how to play.

1 I love Chicken.
2 I am the top cat in my house.
3 I am afraid of storms.
4 I love babies-even puppies.
5 I like to pee on things when I don't get my way.
6 I don't like to eat with the other kitties.
7 I am very smart-almost scary smart.

Ok guys I tag the following felines:
Maksimilian 713901
Frank Sinatra Cat 295988
Sassy 65910
Ravenpaw 704326
Octavian 711927
Savannah 705913



February 13th 2008 10:14 pm
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For weeks now mommy and I have had such peace and
quiet, strolling through the catster pages together, and
today she really messed up! She invited my dopey,
big ball of mush brother Mitchell to join and of course
he did, probably just to tick me off. He is always head-
bonking me and trying to rub on me, and I'm a soft-
hearted sensitive guy too, it takes a lot to make me mad.
It doesn't help that he's so cute either-with those
blue eyes. So I am mad, so mad that when I sleep with
mommy tonight I'm going to turn my rear side to her,
that'll show her. She even made me invite him along
to one of my favorite groups grrrrrr!!!! and they like
him. Geeeez! I just can't win. Oh well you know how it
goes "Sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers." I think
I will go to bed early tonight but not before I find
something of mommy's to pee on just so she will know
for sure who is really BOSS here. Goodnight, fuzzy warm
dreams to all.


Tax Monster?

February 19th 2008 9:53 am
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Well every year about this time my meowmy goes to work until
April 15th, and every year I have heard stories about the "TAX
MONSTER." I have never seen a TAX MONSTER, have any of you?
I'm wondering, should I hide? What does a TAX MONSTER eat,
not kitties I hope. Daddy has never seen this TAX MONSTER
either and he says he hopes he never does, I think he is scared
too. I wonder if meowmy is that TAX MONSTER? She does come
home pretty stressed sometimes. Maybe there is a cure for
that Monster, like some of that icky medicine we get sometimes.
If any of you know how to deal with a TAX MONSTER pawlease
let me know how it's done. Just paw-mail me, I'll be hiding
under the bed.



February 21st 2008 6:36 pm
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Today was an extra special day, I got CHICKEN! Yeah, CHICKEN!
*I'm doing my happy dance* CHICKEN, CHICKEN, CHICKEN, oh
what a wonderful day! Meowmy made CHICKEN and dumplings and all who know me, know where I was, that's right in the kitchen
the whole time. I would say I was supervising, but if that were
the case it would have been CHICKEN AND MORE CHICKEN, who
needs dumplings anyway? Hope all of my pals had wonderful
days also, I love all you guys. Right now I'm so happy I even love
that pain in the neck, ball of mush, head bonking, chuckleheaded,
brother of mine Mitchell-as long as he stays away from my chicken.

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