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Diary of a NOT FAT lover boy

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Sending out an S.O.S. (and blood in throw up)

July 6th 2010 6:16 pm
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Dear Diary,

I'm spreading the word regarding some kitties in need. Tigger and Cali, two gorgeous kitties in Orlando, Fla. need a temporary foster home until their daddy can get back on his feet financially.

Please read my furriend, Nuk's diary for more details and links and whom to contact if you can help.

Regarding other matters... some kitty, daddy says it was probably me, (mommy wasn't home yet when it happened) threw up bile and grass in the kitchen. Large blades of shade grass; one piece was at least two inches long. Mommy has seen that before. But her concern this time was that the bile was pink. When she wiped it up and could see it on the paper towel it was clear it was blood.

We both ate our Fancy Feast treat though right after mommy came home, found the vomit and cleaned it up. I *blushes* threw up my FF treat last night right after I gobbled it down. But then I proceeded to eat Emily's (Emily got grossed out when I threw up I guess and she walked off and left hers) without any throwing up.

Mommy is not going to get alarmed and run us both to the vet or anything unless we start acting like we don't feel okay. And we are both acting normally.

just your basic purrrs,


Edgar Single Pawedly Defeats Invading British Forces!

July 3rd 2010 12:12 pm
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July 3, 2010

Dear Diary,

On this, the anniversary of our great Nation's Declaration of Independence from the Tyranny of Great Britain, I was called upon to defend our country from invading British forces!! *gasp*

It seems a cheeky British mousie had traveled all the way over here to Enid, Oklahoma from England in an attempt to invade my home! (Thanks Alfie! I love the mousie).

I was called upon to defend hearth and home from the invading British forces and defeated them single-pawedly! Here is the video evidence, careful! It is not for the faint of heart!

Edgar and the British Mousie!

Mommy says to stay tuned fur the upcoming video of "Benedict Emily Providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy!" MOL!

proud to be an American kitty purrs,


"Bestest Baby Boy in the Whole World!"

June 28th 2010 7:19 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mommy tells me daily that I am the "bestest baby boy in the WHOLE world!" It must be true, since mommy says it. She says it even after I try to bite her fur trying to comb the knots out of my fur. :~)

Sorry to all my buddies. You guys can be second bestest baby boys in the whole world. ;~)

proud purrs,


Mom is taking over my diary re: the latest brou ha ha about- other sites owned by Catster

June 20th 2010 6:44 pm
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Let's not burn Mr. Ted and Catster at the stake just yet. Have you ever tried to make a living from running a website? I know I haven't. I don't think Mr. Ted or the other 13 employees are getting rich. And as much computer talent as they have I'm sure they could find more lucrative jobs.

I've checked out the moarrawr site and while I don't like it and certainly would not visit it I don't think it is fair to say it promotes animal violence or death. I've watched National Geographic shows that were worse, except for the crude, idiotic captions on the moarrawr site. I've also seen pictures on cheezburger and stuffonmycat that I disliked as much. It is not like it is showing pictures of cruel humans gleefully torturing animals.

I choose to believe that Mr. Ted and the majority of the rest of the Catster/Dogster employees truly do care about animals and about us. Read Mr. Ted's latest update here: Update if you haven't already.

As I said on Nuk's diary, the reaction of some of the Catster community to the changes on Catster have reminded me of the scene from the movie "The Ten Commandments" where Moses has been up on the mountain a little too long for his followers to handle and they all go nuts and build the golden calf and forget all that he has done for them. I'm certainly not saying that Mr. Ted is Moses. Please don't jump on me for the biblical reference! I'm just saying that they have, as he says in his latest update, put a LOT of effort into keeping trolls and nasty people off of this site and making it a friendly, caring and informative community. And it saddens me to see members of that community turn on them so quickly when they screw up.

If I found out Catster promoted crush videos or something akin to that I would be out of here in one second (well perhaps a bit longer because no pages load in one second... *trying to interject a bit of humor) I almost raced over here to delete the kids' pages when I first got the word on FB that Catster was owner of sites that "promote animal violence and death." But fortunately I took a little time to check things out.

You know, some folks live for drama. I do not. I have enough drama in my real life. The "let's all jump on Catster HQ" campaign is not something I have the energy or the heart for. I hope that all of you, too, will devote your energies to the things you do so well, rescuing cats, finding cats homes, campaigning against REAL animal abuse, etc.

In the current "War Against Catster" I declare myself a conscientious objector.

*steps off soapbox and resolves to bite tongue in the future*



Fried Chicken and Ham! Could life get any better???

June 14th 2010 6:40 pm
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Dear Diary,

Except fur the thunderstorms, which I don't care for much, today has been fabulous! Mommy came home fur lunch and she had fried chicken! After giving me a nibble or two she got tired of my begging (it's an art form guys, you have to do it right to get the goods!) and she gave me a whole chicken leg bone!

And for the last several hours I've been going wild smelling a baking ham in the oven! I've finally exhausted myself with the anticipation and laid down fur a little nap on the ottoman, but I know I'm getting some bites of that juicy ham later!!! *sighs contentedly and dreams of ham*

satiated purrs,

Note from mommy: He didn't quite know what to do with the chicken leg bone. I had left quite a bit of meat on it and he voraciously gnawed on one end for a little while and then gave up. I wish Edgar wasn't so hooked on "people food" but it's my own fault. I can't resist his begging. :~(


Don't Give Up on Catster!!!

June 11th 2010 8:20 pm
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Dear Diary,

Emily and I were strolling through diaries tonight (which we don't do regularly any more) and saw so many diaries of kitties who were upset with Catster over: ads, DOTD, the blog, etc.

We wanted to write a diary to say, please don't give up on Catster. But then we got to the last page of our diary reading and saw that Samoa had said it much better than we ever could so we will just link you to her diary: Samoa's Diary

In addition to what she said though, we'd like to add, purrlease try to be forgiving and understanding of the fact that Catster is run by human beings and human beings aren't purrfect. They try the best they can but sometimes they mess up (as all we cats know!). And Catster has given us enough evidence over the years of the fact that they DO care about us. They try to keep away "fake cats;" they don't allow breeder ads; they try to be responsive when cats get hissy with one another by responding to complaints about inappropriate activities. Oh please just try to be a little more tolerant and forgiving of growing pains!

I'm not giving up on Catster and I hope you won't either!


Saying "No" to Nutro

June 1st 2010 6:20 pm
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Dear Diary,

As my mommy said on FB when she joined the "No to Nutro" event, we hope that Catster doesn't have a contract with Nutro as an advertiser that would cost them a bundle of money to get out of because we love our Catster and we don't want to see them hurt financially. And we know that complaints from the site users would not be a justifiable breach of contract.

On the other paw... given what we do know about Catster, that it is a relatively small operation (See Mr. Ted's lovely comment on my friend, Lucy's diary [sisfur of Leo and Charlie, whose pages you can get to from my sisfur Emily's page where she has badges of them, and yes this means I'm too lazy to make the link to Lucy's diary])mommy cannot fathom why you would have made a deal to use their advertisements on this site. I mean if you really do read effurything on the site then you know of the heartbreak suffered by those who lost their beloved furkids to tainted food. And it's my understanding that Nutro was the major culprit. AND it seems from what some of my furriends have been writing recently that Nutro has not changed its ways.

I, fur one, will probably not leave Catster if the Nutro ads stay. (And I'm such a big dope that I don't even know if they are still on!) But then, I never ate Nutro and I am still alive...

sad, confused and concerned purrs,


She took advantage of me while I was eating!!!!

May 25th 2010 6:21 pm
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Dear Diary,

I don't know what this obsession mom has with my butt is all about but this is the limit! Last night she started feelin' around the base of my tail and I let her know that was not happening!

This morning she tried again, so I BIT her! Serves her right.

But then, tonight? Oh the betrayal! The shame! While I was having my Fancy Feast treat she felt up my my tail bone. *blushes deeply* I...I...I didn't want to stop eating! I loves my Fancy Feast! I twisted from side to side but she got in a good feel anyway. *mortified* The woman has no morals at all!

blushing purrrs,

P.S. from Mommy: He gets matted fur back there. I was worried because it felt like it might be puffy and he seems more sensitive and touchy than usual about me trying to check it out. And the little you know what did bite me and break the skin when I tried to feel around the base of his tail this morning. He still has that lump there, btw. I forget what it was called but it's just like a big zit is how it was explained. Anyway, cracked me up that he let me get a good feel while he was eating! The little pig wouldn't take his face out of the plate even though he didn't want me touching back there. LOL!



May 5th 2010 9:24 pm
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Dear Diary,

Emily and I both seem to be well. We are enjoying the warm weather of Spring and the fact that mommy is playing a little more with us. Fur friends who may have read sissy Em's diary, I can report that there were at least two poops in the litter box tonight. I'm not sure why that makes mommy happy, but it does.

In other "news" I'm sad to say that mommy, on whom we depend for our Catster participation, has decided she is "taking a break." :~( So to all our furriends whom we love so much, please know that you are in our hearts and minds and that we are purring fur you when you need purrs; dancing with you when you are celebrating; and sleeping with you most of the rest of the time! MOL!

Take care of yourselves and your humans.



The Cats' House!

April 28th 2010 6:12 pm
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Dear Diary,

My mommy has a birthday coming up next month (I think she is gonna be like 100 or something) and her mommy, grandma (who must be 150) sent mommy her present early.

It's a book called "The Cats' House!" It's about this really super-cool house out in California where the humans have realized that their nine kitties are the most important household members so the daddy built a kitty super-highway overhead with lots of neat cubby holes and doorways from one room to another!

Ever since mommy got the book she's been eyeing our ceilings and thinking about where kitty highways might go! MOL! But daddy says: "No way!" If mommy thought she was purrty sure she'd be in this house furrever though she'd do it.

Mommy thinks Emily and I are bored to death (and we are) and that we'd really like a super-highway overhead! But we probably won't get one. :~(

But if YOU think you might like one, then check out this website about the house and start meowing in your purrants' ears: The Cats' House

dreaming of catwalks purrrs,

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