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Diary of a NOT FAT lover boy

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A good weekend. (Update)

February 21st 2010 5:45 pm
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Dear Diary,

Daddy baked a ham Friday night. 'nuff said.


P.S. Emily and I changed our songs on our pages. We are off country now and on a couple of soft rock artists mommy loves.

UPDATE: mommy just thought she changed our songs... we are experiencing technical difficulties with that... sorry!


A "Little" Plagiarism...

February 17th 2010 7:00 pm
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Dear Diary,

I have nothing to say fur myself tonight, I just stole a diary from a furriend. My furriend, Tabby Little wrote this beautiful diary about his kitty mommy's love fur him (he won a contest in the Catstertown group with it too!) that I was so touched by that I just had to steal it and post it to share:

Here is my Winning Entry in the Valentine Contest at Catstertown group. I share this to all on Catster:

What love means to me.....

She gave birth to a son. She saved his life from the critter who destroyed his siblings. She placed him in the chair on the porch hoping the nice humans in the house would care for him. He laid there, injured and crying.

She couldn't do for him what she wanted to, but somehow knew they could help her only surviving son. She stayed close and watched the humans care for him. She heard the pleasant voices speak to him as she had many times from these humans. She took them as comforting sounds.

His eyes were crusted shut, he was listless and hardly breathing one chilly morning. Fall crept in quickly and her son wasn't ready for it. A tiny son, from a large litter, probably the runt to begin with. The humans had to take him away. She was crushed, thinking she'd never see him again. She watched from the driveway until she couldn't see the car any more.

She ran to meet the car in the driveway to see if her son was back also. She saw he was and came up to him and kissed him on the face in glee. His little eyes were now open, but he still lay listless and very weak. That night she nursed him and he ate.

Days went by and each day the one human was putting something in his eyes and something in his mouth. He started looking better and walking around. Days turned into weeks and her son was playing on the porch with her and eating regular food.

She would come and go while allowing the humans to babysit him. She brought a birdie to share with the humans, as if to say thank you. She shared her food with her son, she cuddled with her son, she teaches her son, she loves her son and her son loves her in return.....

I am her son.


Oh Dear! Open mouth, insert paw!

February 15th 2010 7:20 am
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Dear Diary,

Apologies dear furriends, I didn't mean to sound so terribly melodramatic last night! We're not giving up on Catster! And no kitty has been recently unkind to us. And although I do appreciate those offers to "smacky paw" or "pork chop" the kitties who were in the past, I doubt that I can beat anycat into liking me! MOL!

It's just that I feel so bad about having to throw in the towel on keeping up with everycat's diary. And that feeling bad got all mixed up with trying to explain why I was doing it in the first place; i.e., because I care about you ALL and I want to keep up with your lives.

And as fur making it an "announcement" at all... well I feel like one of the worst things is to just have somekitty stop communicating with you and then you wonder "why?" "what did I do?" I wanted to tell all of you who read my diary that YOU didn't do anything! I still love you all. I just can't keep up. Many of you more sane kitties realized long ago that you couldn't keep up with all of your furriends all of the time... but I'm stubborn, and kinda slow sometimes.

But I'm okay and so is mom. Thanks fur all the kind notes and comments and gifts. I really didn't mean to cause a fuss. *blushes*

embarrassed purrrs,


Our Hearts on a platter...

February 14th 2010 8:55 pm
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Dear Diary,

Furst, we'd like to say Happy Valentine's day to ALL of our furriends! :~) We love you all and we always will!

Second, we're sad to say that we just cannot do the reading of all furriends' diaries anymore. :~( Mommy spent three + hours today catching us up on diaries. And we'd only missed a couple of days.

We wanted to be there fur effuryone, all the time. We didn't want any of our furriends to effur think that they were just meowing or purring their thoughts into an empty void. Because we know what it feels like to reach out and have no one reach back. But we can't do it.

In our efforts to be there fur effuryone we think we have made some kitties, or their purrents think that we just wanted effuryone to like us and we were just trying to get attention...that we wanted to be "popular." Well, those kitties were wrong. And it has made me and Emily and mommy furry sad that some, whom we loved so much, have turned a cold shoulder on us.

Our oldest furriends, the furriends we had before Catster, the SOMC CCLs, know my mommy's heart.

We're sorry if we disappoint or let down anycat. We know that not all the furriends whose diaries and health we keep up on read our diaries. So maybe they will not miss us.

We wish you all long lives, good health and lots of lovin' and goodies (I, especially wish you ham! :~D ). But it's official now, we give up on trying to be there fur effuryone. We just can't do it. :~(

much love to you all,


"Error Number 6" And no, I don't expect to effur be a- "Dreamboat"

February 11th 2010 5:50 pm
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Dear Diary,

I don't know if any of you are effur still getting that "error number 6" when you try to post a comment on a diary, but we are. And we have figured out that it ALWAYS happens if we click on a link in somecat's diary and then come back and try to post the comment. We have learned that if we refresh the page right after we get that error message it will let us post.

And speaking of links in diaries, Samoa has been putting links of her dreamboats and dreamboats in training in hers and our "error number 6" message when Emily tried to comment on Samoa's diary fur today was what inspired this entry.

So I thought I might as well say too that no, I don't effur expect to be a dreamboat. I'm not too "dreamy" in any sort of way. I don't have great big eyes and my eyes are just a sort of ordinary color. I don't have a charming smile or beautiful spots. I'm not charismatic and Lord knows I'm not witty or original or creative. Neffur claimed to be any of those things.

But I gots lots of love in my heart fur my furriends. And my mommy tells me I'm "the handsomest, bestest, most preciousist orange boy kitty in the whole world!" And that's all I need! Well that and ham... MOL!

happy purrrs,


Thank you! And love songs

February 7th 2010 12:46 pm
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Dear Diary,

I'd like to thank all my pawsome furriends who sent me concatulatory gifts and messages fur my DDP yesterday. I hope that I have sent you each an individual thank you and not missed anycat!

Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and one of the questions in the Valentine's tag that is going around is: "what is your favorite love song?" Mommy has put love songs that she likes on my page and my sisfur Emily's page. Careful if you listen... mommy seriously cannot listen to the one on Emily's page without getting verklempt! MOL! She can't even tell another human the story of the lyrics without getting choked up! So silly!

Lastly, I'd like to send many heartfelt purrs to the furmilies of Rocky Ann and LeRoux who both had to make their journeys to the Bridge yesterday. You will always be loved precious ones.



I gots my stuffin's hugged and my tummy snorgled!

February 4th 2010 4:13 pm
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Dear Diary,

After several days of acting really weird by not picking me up and not letting me on her lap and not squatting on the floor by me, mommy came home this evening and swooped me up off the floor and held me like a baby and hugged the stuffin's out of me! And she snorgled my tummy (buried her face in it and blew on my tummy like some human mommies do with human babies... only this has GOT to be more fun with fur involved, right?)! And I purrred and purrred and purrred!

Whew! I was really starting to get depressed and worried about her behavior. I mean, yeah, sure she was still petting me and bending over to kiss my head or hug me when I was snoozing on the ottoman and stuff like that. But I'm used to gettin' my stuffin's hugged on a regular basis; at least once a day!

I actually had to fight with her fur the mommy territory I had claimed in bed the other night! She's been sleeping with this big danged pillow on her tummy and hips so I couldn't properly get on top of her. But the other night I staked a claim on her ankles and spread my 14 lbs plus across them and refused to be dislodged!

So I'm sure glad to see this improvement in her behavior. Especially since that cold, wet, yucky snow is still all over everything outside, making running away not a furry attractive option at all! Let's hope things are getting back to normal around here!

hopeful purrs,


Nicholas Report

February 1st 2010 4:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

I know that many of my furriends care about Nicholas and I've promised to keep you updated. So here is the update. Mommy called about him today.

The first thing they said is "he is back from the vet and he is much better now!" Mommy thought "uh oh..." Yup, he had another health issue. Seems he started having trouble breathing and it turns out it was a sinus infection, secondary to the nasty infected teeth they removed. They said his prior owner just let those bad teeth go toooo long without doing something about it. But he is on a new medicine and recovering.

The other two people who had shown interest in adopting him never followed through either. And PetSense has not heard from Siamese Rescue even though my good furriend Hershey sent them all his information some time ago.

But, the good part of this report is that Jo, the PetSense employee that mommy always talks to, once again showed real love in her voice when talking about Nicholas and said she was glad he was "home" (back at the store) that she had missed him and that he is so sweet. She would take him herself but she has seven cats at home and a husband who has reached his cat limit! So Nicholas is loved and getting health care.

wishing ALL kitties could have a furrever home purrrs,


Thinking of running away...

January 31st 2010 9:10 am
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Dear Diary,

I'm getting pretty fed up with this weird way mommy is acting! She won't sit down on the floor with us and pet us, she won't let me on her lap or let me sleep on top of her, she won't pick me up! Although last night I got on top of her ankles and would not budge!

Well this morning she opened the front door to see if there was a pretty view of the snow to take pictures of and I said I wanted out! I never get to go out of the front door but mommy thought since it was so cold and snowy that I wouldn't really want out, if given the chance. Well she was wrong!

She held the door open and I scooted right out on the porch! Then I contemplated jumping over the wall around the porch and running away! (Pictures of this adventure can be seen on my page). Mommy told me to get back in, but I just looked at her and meowed: "pick me up if you want me to come back in!" But she still wouldn't pick me up. :~( Gee whiz, I only weigh about 14 pounds.

I decided not to run away though because it was furry cold out there. So after making her worry fur a bit I reluctantly came back inside. I sure hope she stops acting weird soon!

disgruntled (and slightly chilly) purrs,


Mommy is home and I'm mad at her!

January 29th 2010 4:41 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mommy is home without giving me any explanation for being gone fur two nights and she won't let me jump on her lap and she won't even pick me up! I think mommy must not love me anymore. :~(

mad at mommy purrs,

P.S. Also, for some reason she's saying I don't get to catch up on my groups or diary reading tonight. grrrrr....

(Note from mommy - Long story short: went to emergency room for possible heart attack Wed. morn.; ekgs showed "something" going on with heart; got admitted for heart cath; heart cath showed major heart arteries perfect, tiny vessels in the heart muscle are constricting; put on heart med, "Rexa" something; was supposed to go home last night but then the plug started leaking where they had threaded in the catheter in my groin and I had to stay another night with pressure bandages and a five pound sandbag on my groin. Home now; very tired. Should be fine. I am blessed, both by God in the body that he gave me and by my dear friends who showed me such support.)

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