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Dodger's Adoption and Rescue Thoughts by Dervish

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moreandmoreandmoreandmorekittensandappealsandkittensandappea- ls

November 9th 2013 10:35 am
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This year it is still in the 70's in Northern California. Cats still seem to be happy and breeding and the kittens keep coming. The older kittens are still waiting and the usual appeals to re-home cats are also constant. Why do we continue? For the joy in the face of the new adopter. For the help and advice that we can give so that people understand they don't have to give up their cats. For the spay/neuter, tnr, snr help to reduce the population of unwanted animals. These are a few reasons. Please support your local shelters and rescue groups. They are the ones who help the animals in your community. Adopt -don't shop. Check our AdoptAPet for available animals in your area.


Thank you to Catster for picking me as diary of the day

November 2nd 2013 10:09 am
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When it seems that we are overwhelmed with the appeals and too many that we cannot save, any little thing can help us feel better. Catster has picked me as diary of the day and has helped spread our mission of adopt, foster, spay/neuter and support your local shelter and rescue groups. That little thing gives us hope and then we can work on that next appeal of help for a found kitten. Thank you Catster and all of your Catsters out there for your good thoughts and purrs of support. Now it is Saturday and time for placement purr with us for adoptions because more kittens are coming in daily who need help.


moreandmoreandmoreandmorekittensandappealsandkittensandappea- ls

October 26th 2013 10:17 am
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Kitten season is continuing. Last year the shelter vet posted a picture in December of the 'last kitten of the season' and then that very day a pregnant momcat came in and delivered immediately. This time of year it seems that kittens will never end. We still have kittens from the spring who are now being ignored because they are 'too big/old' Please adopt and don't shop. Support low cost and local spay/neuter efforts. Fix any cat that you feed. Support TNR in your community. Most of all support and help your local shelters and rescue organizations. We are the ones on the front lines helping animals in your community.


There are too many-what can one person do?

September 28th 2013 10:35 am
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One person can do a lot. It may not seem like much to you but it can make a difference. We know that. One person can donate a bag of food so that someone in need can continue to feed their animals-or so that a community cat caretaker can continue to feed their colony. One person can donate money so that people who can't afford it can alter their pets or so that community cat caretakers can continue to TNR to stabilize the colony. One person can adopt so that there is more space in the rescue organization or shelter. When you adopt you save 2 lives-the one you adopt and the one that can be taken in. One person can give time. Believe me when you give time you get back so much more than you give.

What do you think one person can do?


KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKitte- nsOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!

September 21st 2013 9:54 am
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Second and continuing round of kitten season. My person took in 3 tiny boys this week. We had a sad time earlier this week when we lost one of our sweet foster boys Titus Tinytoes to FIP. This is an awful disease that and at this point there is no cure. Sometimes you need little fluffy babies to help with sad hearts.
We are still hoping for many adoptions today so that we can rescue more and more. Purr with us please and thank you all for your good thoughts. It helps us to know that we have our Catster friends purring and wishing us well.


Karma and good thoughts

September 14th 2013 9:34 am
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My family today is thinking of positive energy. I keep up Dodger's Diary in his memory and to keep our message of spay/neuter and rescue alive. My person always felt that we got positive thoughts and support from the Catster community but now we really know that it true. Last week I told you that we had a bit of compassion fatigue because the second round of kitten season has arrived before we have been able to adopt the first round of kittens into homes of their own. Catster got our message to more people by selecting my diary as a Diary of the Day TWICE!! And we got messages of support from our friends to let us know that we are not alone and that they are sending good thoughts to us. All we can say is Thank you. We will continue to rescue. Our goal is to spay/neuter, tnr, rescue and adopt ourselves out of a job. Help us please. Purr with us on the Power of purr for rescues and forever homes.


Diary of the day

September 13th 2013 11:43 pm
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I feel so honored and special to have my diary chosen as diary of the day for a second time. My family feels that it is important to get the message out to spay & neuter, adopt, and rescue. By featuring my diary Catster helps us spread the message. When we feel all alone in our quest it is so wonderful to know that there are catsters who are thinking of us and sending good thoughts to us


Diary of the day

September 11th 2013 10:01 pm
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I was honored to have my diary picked as diary of the day. So many times my family and friends feel that we are alone in our task of rescue and fostering. When we post those kinds of thoughts in the diary. . .we learn that we have the love and support of our fellow Catsters. Thank you for that support and for your kind thoughts.


how many more are there and how many more can we rescue?

September 7th 2013 9:56 am
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I think my person has a bit of compassion fatigue. That is what people get when they are so overwhelmed with the work of what they want to do. We volunteer for Yolo County SPCA and help with the fostering. This time of year there are so many appeals to take in the kitten that someone found or the cat that someone doesn't want any more. . for various reasons. It just makes my person sad. We try to help all that we can but we are limited. There is just so much that one small group can do. Please encourage your friends and family to spay and neuter. Please support community cat programs and TNR in your area. Please adopt and don't shop for family pets. Purr with my family for rescues and forever homes on the Power of purr in the forums. Think good thoughts for us today to have many adoptions so we can rescue more.


KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKitte- nsOHMY!!KittensKittensKittensKittensOHMY!!

August 3rd 2013 9:40 am
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It is that time when the local shelters are overflowing, all of our foster homes are full and every day someone has found a cat or kittens and can't keep them and wants someone else to find the kitten a home. . . One day it s my dream that the name calling will cease. Calling an open admission shelter a 'kill shelter' demonizes it and the people who work there. Honestly there is no such thing as a no kill shelter. There are groups that only take very adoptable animals that call themselves no kill. We have learned that there is a big difference between people who call themselves animal activists or animal advocates and actual animal rescuers. I wish the name calling would stop and that we could all really work together to help animals in our communities. Meanwhile, my family is proud to be a part of the solution and not just someone who talks about what someone else should do. Please purr with me for rescues and forever homes

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