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Won-Ton Reflects

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Nothing but mommy's lap will do

May 11th 2008 11:35 am
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There are times when nothing but mommy's lap will do.

My mom's lap is small, and a little bony, and sometimes I have to squirm around a lot to find a comfortable position, and even then sometimes my head lolls off the side of her knee when I'm relaxed.

But it's my mom's lap, and to curl up there is like nothing else on Earth. It is warm and safe and cozy even if I'm sprawled awkwardly upon it.

It is a place where I can nestle in and warm her up when she is feeling cold.

It is a place where I can calm down after The Beast has roared through the house.

It is a place where I can drift off to sleep and dream of chasing mice, and wake up to her soft words and gentle scritchy-scratches behind my ear.

It is my mom's lap, where we complete the circle of love.


Flag Day

May 5th 2008 5:27 pm
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Today is Flag Day again. This morning my mom took a big basket of clothes into the garage (where I am not allowed to go anymore). About half an hour later she appeared outside my window with the basket. As I sat on top of my cat tree, I watched her take things from the basket and peg them methodically one by one to the clothesline in the back yard.

First came the jeans, hung upside-down, their upraised legs striding between the rows of cotton rope. Then came the towels, large panels of rippling terrycloth. Then came the shirts, swinging on hangers as the breeze ran through. At last came the flags, the little colorful soft silky things waving and fluttering in the sunshine. Turquoise, lavender, blue, burgundy and black, they were a row of merry pennants flying gaily in the wind. They were fun to watch from my tall perch inside the window.

Every Monday is Flag Day in the back yard. It is very festive.


I get new food

April 20th 2008 11:27 pm
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Very early this morning my dad gave me some kibbles, because I was hungry and he was awake. Then I had a snooze until my mom woke up a little later. She began making her breakfast and I got hungry again, so I meowed at her for some food.

She totally surprised me by going into the cupboard and getting down a can and opening it. She gave me wet food! Oh, teh yum! I could barely believe my good luck! I was getting wet food! Yay! Oh, it was so gooey and tasty and ever so delicious! It was heavenly! And it was a big glob of it, too. And there weren't any kibbles mixed in with it, either. Just a pure tasty glob of fabulous gooey goodness.

And the best part was later on at dinnertime, not only did I get more wet food but I got pumpkin too! Double yum times two to the second power! Oh what a happy cat was I!

Sometimes life is really good.


A day without a peep

April 17th 2008 5:30 pm
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Yesterday my dad left very early to go out of town, so I had the whole day alone with my mom. She spent the day on the couch, and I drowsed next to her while she clickety-clacked on her little computer. Through the day's long hours, part of me was always in contact with her -- my paw, my back, my tail.

Eventually my dad came home again and said hello to my mom and me. I stirred and yawned.

"Won has been very quiet all day long," my mom told my dad, and he went into his office.

She turned to me. "You've been so quiet all day."

I rose and stretched.

"Not a peep out of you all day."

I meowed.

"Until now."

I looked at her and trilled quietly.

"Not a peep, not a poop, out of you. All day."

I walked over to her laptop and tried to climb onto the keyboard.

"But you're back to normal now, I see. Off the keyboard, please."

I reversed course and followed my mom into the kitchen. I hadn't eaten since my dad left very early, when it was still dark. I went past my almost-empty food bowl and started meowing up a racket.

"Well, I see you're making up for lost time!" said my mom as she got more kibbles for me and a spoonful of pumpkin. Pumpkin is the best! I get a scoop of some every evening, on top of my kibbles. It is so yummy! It must be what ice cream is like for people. So yummy.

So I ate my pumpkin and kibbles and thought about the quiet day, a day without a peep. A day without a peep is okay, I guess, because some days are just quiet, thoughtful days where you have time to dream and think about stuff. But a day without pumpkin would be sad indeed.


My mom and dad call the police

April 12th 2008 1:04 am
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Last night my mom and dad had to call the police. Yes, it's true! No joke. It was scary for a while, and exciting for a while, and a mystery for a while because I was shut in the bedroom and didn't know what was going on.

It all began when my mom was up late in the living room working on her little laptop, clickety-clack, clickety-clack. Soon she heard a noise that was not her own clickety-clacking. It came from outside. I heard it too, but I thought it was just a raccoon or possum.

Then there were more sounds coming from the front door. My mom paused her clickety-clacking to listen. I too raised up my head from my dozing next to her to listen. There were distinct noises coming from the front door. This was most peculiar. It was after midnight and both my mom and dad were home, so why was there someone outside the door?

The house was really quiet so it was easy to hear the odd sounds outside. It sounded like someone was pushing on the gate (which is big and sturdy and was locked). My mom sat frozen for a few moments, then set her laptop aside and strode to the front door. She turned on the porch light and opened the door.

I was most interested in what she might find. I did not see anything out the door. Neither did my mom, at first. Then she looked down at the stoop and said, "What the hell are you doing there? Hey, you! What the hell are you doing there?!"

There was no response.

She shut the door and went to wake up my dad. Her voice got high and tight explaining to him what was going on. He struggled into his bathrobe as he went to open the door. He yelled the same kinds of things my mom did at whoever was lying on the stoop.

There was no response.

Then my dad yelled some very bad things at whoever was lying on the stoop.

There was no response.

So he shut the door, and my mom called the police. She explained what was going on, and then my dad got on the line to give a description of the man on the stoop. In a few minutes some police cars showed up, and then everything got very confusing.

A policeman came to the house and talked to my mom and dad, who were both talking at the same time, and then the policeman was talking on his radio and other police cars were driving up and down the street, and I was trying to say hi to the policeman, because we never get any company over here and he looked like a very interesting person to get to know, and then I was trying to look outside, because the door was wide open and the night was so inviting and interesting outside, which made my mom and dad distractedly try to shoo me back into the house, and then my dad finally scooped me up in his arms and put me in the bedroom and shut the door.

That's when things got mysterious, because I was in the bedroom and didn't know what was going on. I heard my dad and the policeman go out of the house, and I heard my mom pacing around in the living room. After a few minutes my dad came back and he and my mom talked about what had happened. A few minutes later they let me out of the bedroom, and I explored all the interesting new strange man smells and policeman smells and mysterious night smells in the entryway while they talked some more about what had happened. When I was done nosing around, I sat between them on the couch while they talked for a long time about the strange man on the stoop who didn't respond at all when they yelled at him and then wandered off down the street only to be surrounded by five police cars and questioned by the police.

My mom and dad were shook up by it but eventually calmed down. It was very interesting here for a while but then it went back to being the usual quiet. We all went to sleep after a while.

Maybe that policeman can come back sometime, because I bet he's a very interesting person to get to know. I bet he's very nice and maybe has even helped to rescue kitties sometimes, when he wasn't chasing after strange men wandering around on people's stoops.


I'm not allowed on my mom's computer any more

April 8th 2008 11:28 pm
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I'm not allowed on my mom's computer anymore. I used to climb on it and walk on the keyboard all the time, because I found it was a great way to get attention from her.

But my feet would type things like:


333hj498888 88888wssssss;ppnnnnp['bbbbbbbbb

Once I even typed:
which I thought was pretty cool. Actually I think all of these are fine things to type on a keyboard. But my mom doesn't think so. She frowns upon such doings very intensely. I think she's just jealous. If she used all of her hands and feet like I do, instead of just two of her fingers, she could type stuff like that too.

But it wasn't just what I had typed that got me banned from her computer. Apparently I had been doing other things as well, such as trying to shut the machine off, turning on caret browsing (my mom doesn't even know what that is, and is thus a little afraid of it), tabbing all over the place, turning on the caps lock, and making the screen go "all cuckoo," according to my mom. I made browser tabs appear and disappear. I made funny sounds emanate from the machine. I erased some stuff of hers too, which really got her agitated. She is usually pretty mellow.

So I got banned from her computer. She still welcomes me into her lap, but she snatches her little laptop away and out of my reach, making room for me to tread upon her unimpeded. I still try to walk on the keyboard when she sets it on the arm of the sofa, but she foils my attempts by sliding it really close to her or partially closing the lid. Sometimes she makes her hands vertical like a wall next to the keyboard. I try to nose my way past them, but she blocks me with her shoulder while leaning down to give me a kiss on my head, murmuring "Stay off my keyboard . . . stay off my keyboard . . . good girl . . . stay off my keyboard . . ."

*sigh* I wanted to type more cool stuff.


I am alone again, and my dad is silly

March 23rd 2008 10:12 pm
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My mom and dad went away almost all day today again. I don't like it when I'm here all by myself. The house is really quiet, and I feel quite strange all by myself on the big bed. My mom left the window open, but not even the sweet smells of early spring wafting in through the screen diverted my attention from my aloneness. I kept on worrying that maybe they will never come home, and I'll be all alone forever. That made me quite upset and sad.

When my mom and dad finally came back in the late afternoon I cried and cried and had a tantrum. I was really glad they were home, but all my frustration had to come out first. My mom and dad were really nice about it too. My mom let me sit in her lap for a while. She knew all I really needed was a hug to make things right. She petted me for a while and told me I was a nice cat. My dad joined us, and we three all lounged on the bed for a while. After a few minutes of peacefullness and affection I began to feel all right again.

Later on after dinner I jumped into my mom's lap for more cuddles, and instead of calling me Won or Cupcake or Cat or Baby, she called me Binky-Poo. My dad said my name wasn't Binky-Poo, it was Quee. He said one time when he was up in the middle of the night having a midnight snack I told him my name wasn't Won-Ton, it was Quee. I did no such thing! That is not true! I never said any such thing! I'm glad my mom didn't believe him. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and said, "Oh, really?!" I think my dad was acting very silly.

I am spending the evening on the couch next to my mom, a part of me always touching her. I need to feel in contact with her. I was alone for so long today! It is good we are all home together now.


I yell at my mom and dad

March 20th 2008 12:37 am
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The other night my mom stayed up late. Sometimes she can't sleep and she stays up using her computer. The other night she was done on her computer but wasn't sleepy yet, so she took out the cat charmer toy and dragged it back and forth.

Ooh, what fun! Usually we only play just before dinner or after my mom and dad's after-dinner walk. But to chase the cat charmer after midnight was a rare treat! I had a lot of fun hunting it and pouncing on it and killing it several times.

My mom finally went to bed, but I realized I still wanted to chase. The whole house was dark and quiet. I sat for a while in the living room shadows, ready to hunt something, hoping the cat charmer would spring to life on its own and race across the room. I thought that would be the bestest thing ever, for the cat charmer to come alive and zip off over the carpet. I thought it would be fabulous fun to tear after it and sink my claws into its soft fleecy tail. I thought that would be really, really good.

But the cat charmer lay there dead. No matter how hard I thought about it, the toy did not stir. None of my mental efforts had any effect on it whatsoever. It sat deader than a doornail, right in front of me. I tapped it, but nothing happened. I swiped at it, but nothing happened. It lay still and lifeless.

I began to feel disappointed. I began to feel cheated. I began to feel annoyed. I began to feel frustrated. I wasn't finished hunting. I wanted something to chase, and I wanted to chase it *now*.

So I marched into the bedroom and yowled with all my might at my mom and dad lying in bed, "IWANNAPLAY!!!!NOW!!!!" I raced back into the living room just as they threw the covers aside, half asleep and mumbling "What's going on?" "Won, are you all right?" "What happened?" "Is there something wrong?"

I felt a little sheepish by then and I wanted to tell them to forget about it, I didn't want to chase anymore. But now they were up and stumbling about in the dark living room, trying to get a look at me to see what was wrong. They followed me into the kitchen and back into the living room and into the hall and back into the living room again. They petted me. They asked if I was okay. I chirped and purred. They decided there was no crisis to deal with. They also decided 1:30 in the morning was not the time to play chase with the cat charmer toy. So they stumbled back into bed, and I sat in the dark living room for a while thinking about stuff. Then I went to sleep on the couch.

In my dreams I chased, caught and killed the cat charmer toy thousands of times, yowling with victory each time! Ha!


I explore a drawer

March 13th 2008 10:52 pm
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This morning I was lounging on the bed, and when my mom opened one of her dresser drawers I just had to explore it, because it was right at the same height as the bed. I had such fun nosing around in her clothes. It was like a little cat-sized secret cave, all comfy and cozy.

I had a great time exploring all the soft things in the drawer. There were delicate little soft things, and fuzzy soft things, that felt ever so lovely against my kneading paws. They were the perfect nest to dig through and arrange just so and snuggle in.

There was also the most enormous toy I'd ever seen. It was big and soft and fuzzy, and it had a small opening at the top and a large opening at the bottom, with two long tube-like tails coming out of it by the top. It was big enough for me to be able to crawl inside if I wanted; it was actually big enough for two of me! That was great fun to scrunch up and rabbit kick with all my might! I even bit on it a little bit. That was nice.

Maybe my mom will let me explore the other drawers in her dresser some day. That would be fun, making cozy nests and finding giant toys to play with.


Sunday, not a fun day

March 12th 2008 12:15 am
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Sunday started out fairly normally, but all too soon I became alarmed when my dad took out The Beast from the hall closet and brought it into the bedroom. Then he took all the pillows and blankets off the bed and put them on the floor. Then he took the lamp off the little bedside table and put it on the naked bed and put the table into the hallway. Then he said, "Sorry, Kitten, I have to move your cat tree." He tried to pick me up, but I eluded his grasp and scampered down from my perch and into the living room just as The Beast roared to life. I decided it would be best to hide behind the chair for a while.

After a few minutes The Beast went quiet, and my mom and dad spoke for a while. I went and ate a few snacks, then my mom said bye-bye and they both left the house. And they didn't even put the furniture back! The bedcovers were in a big sloppy pile against the wall. The little table and my cat tree were blocking the hallway. They left half the house all cuckoo topsy-turvy, and I was most displeased. It was chaos, and they left me alone in the middle of it.

They did not come back for a couple of hours. When I heard the car pull into the driveway I ran to the door to ask them what was going on the very moment they came in. They gave me some hugs and kisses, and my mom told me they were back. Duh! I could see that!! I may have only one eye but I can see just fine with it!! I wanted to know why they left so quickly, where they had been and why they didn't at least put the bedroom back in order before going and leaving me there in the middle of all the mess.

Of course they did not answer my questions. They just made themselves some lunch, but then they went out again right away. Again! What in the world was going on?! Were they going to be gone a long time again this time? Would they be back in time to give me my evening snacks? I had no way of knowing. This was most disheartening.

But not too long afterward, just as I dozed off on the couch, they came back with a little bag from the pharmacy. My dad set about putting the furniture back to normal and the bedclothes back the way they were supposed to be. When all was in order once more, he scooped me up in his arms and placed me gently on the top perch of my cat tree. I was so glad they were home again and that the house had been restored to order that I wasn't mad anymore. I was happy that things seemed to be back on track. I had a little cuddle with my dad and then with my mom, and then I spent some time smelling the early spring smells coming in my window.

I found out later the little bag had medicine in it for my mom. My dad had taken her to the hospital earlier. That's why they were gone so long. My mom is okay. She had something I'd heard of but never seen: poison oak. She spends time each morning and evening putting the medicine on the rash the poison oak gave her. She has to do this all week, then she should be okay. She thought she knew what poison oak looked like, but she only knows what its leaves look like. She does not know what it looks like when it's dormant and leafless.

So for a while last Sunday was not a fun day for any of us. But the days have gotten better since then.

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