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Won-Ton Reflects

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I forgot to mention getting locked in the closet

February 25th 2009 5:07 pm
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The other day when I was getting caught up on recent events here I had a nagging feeling I was forgetting something. And I was right. I forgot to tell how I got stuck in the closet.

It was around the holidays, and my mom and dad were wrapping presents. The wrapping paper is stored in the hall closet, which I never get to explore. So it was a rare opportunity for me to go in and poke around when my dad had the door open for a while. I found a fascinating little cubbyhole behind a box way in the back, and before I knew it, my dad had closed the door.

I didn't mind for a while because it was secret and dark. But when secret and dark started to get boring and I wanted to come out, the door wouldn't open. I meowed for a while, but no one heard me. So I stuck my paw under the door and tried to grab hold of something. I could hear my mom and dad nearby, right in the living room, so I knew it was only a matter of time before someone saw me.

Finally my dad saw my little paw wiggling and waving about under the door, and he let me out and apologized a lot. He kept saying he didn't know I was in there. Well, yeah, I figured that. He's not the kind of person who would shut me in there on purpose. He and my mom petted me a lot and kept asking if I was all right. Yes, I was okay. I didn't mind it that much. After all, I'd rather be stuck in the closet for a little while than be stuck outside the house for hours on end in the cold rain.

OK, so now I think I'm finally really all caught up for real on the news about what's been happening around here.


I get caught up

February 20th 2009 5:21 pm
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Well, it’s been a while. I have a lot to get caught up on.

OK, let’s see. First, my mom hasn’t been well lately. That’s partly the reason why I haven’t been able to get caught up. She hasn’t felt well and hasn’t used her laptop much (I’m not allowed to use it by myself). She’s been to the doctor a lot and had a test in the hospital today. (I could tell, because she had hospital smell on her when she got back. Hospital smell is a lot like vet office smell but without the dog and cat smells.)

So, there’s that. OK, let’s see, what else has been going on? Well, for one, I had a couple of teeth removed. They had cavities in them and were bothering me, so they were removed a couple of months ago. It wasn’t fun but it needed to be done, and I feel better now that it’s all over.

Then, my mom and dad changed my food. Now they make my food themselves in the kitchen. No more cans to open or bags of kibble to fuss around with. Instead, they grind up chickens and livers and a special supplement to keep me extra super-duper healthy. And they put salmon oil in it too, yum! My mom calls it “fish juice.” My tummy problems went away when I started eating this new food, and I don’t have to eat the prescription food any more. So I am happy and my mom and dad are happy.

Oh, and I’m going to a new vet now, who uses natural treatments instead of medications and stuff. That makes me feel better about having to go there. It’s farther away, though, and I can’t help but cry in the car all the way there, which distresses my mom. She says even Patrick didn’t cry as much as I do in the car, and he was a total crybaby. Well, I can’t help it, can I? It’s the car. It’s going to the vet. What’s not to cry about? Give me a break, please.

Let’s see, what else . . . I found a new way to wake up my mom at 4 a.m. when I want a snack: I lick her eye. That always gets a good reaction. And I wake up my dad by sitting next to him and breathing on his arm. Much less risky than fanning my whiskers in his face like I used to -- it’s easier to get out of the way quickly. These are good tricks to know at 4 a.m.

Oh, and I escaped again! It happened a couple of days ago, in the very early morning when my dad opened the front door to bring the newspaper in. I trotted right on out the door, because I thought I smelled Evil Cat outside and I just had to get out there. But once outside I was shocked to find it was wet and rainy and very cold. So I ducked under my mom’s car in the driveway and just sat there. Unlike my last escape, my dad didn’t try to chase after me this time. He just stood on the stoop and waited to see what I would do. I looked at him. I looked at the cold, wet pavement all around me. I thought about the last time I escaped for seven cold, rainy hours. I thought about the warm house and my bowl of delicious snacks inside, and how much I missed them the last time I escaped. So I decided maybe it wasn’t really Evil Cat I’d smelled out there after all, and I decided to come out from under the car and go back inside where it was comfy and cozy and warm. My dad was very, very happy that I made that decision; I could tell by the way he shut the front door extra hard once I was inside.

So, I think that’s it for the news about what’s been happening around here.

And just for good measure, now that my mom’s got the laptop out and accessible, here’s something I typed all by myself: rrrrrrrtr555{“:?{.

Life is pretty good.


I have a tum-ups

December 7th 2008 11:24 pm
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Early this morning I had a big tum-ups. It was only the second one I've had all year here. I have been grooming a lot more lately and ingesting lots of fur in the process. It kept collecting in my tummy and making me feel pretty yucky. I could feel it building up for a few days. My mom and dad could tell I wasn't feeling quite right, but they weren't sure what was wrong. I was hungry but couldn't really eat anything because it all felt so yucky in my tummy.

So last night I tried to eat some kibbles, and I ate too many at once and it all came back up right next to the front door, kibbles, hair and all. I felt so much better afterward. But my dad didn't feel so good when he stepped in it in the dark while going out the door to pick up the newspaper.

A couple of months ago I had my first tum-ups here. It was on my dad's office windowsill, just a little hairball. My mom was amazed that I don't have hairballs all the time. I hardly shed at all and I almost never have tum-upses. I'm just special that way.


Icicles and snowflakes

December 1st 2008 3:12 pm
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Yesterday my mom and dad hung up icicle lights and paper snowflakes in the living room window. "Tomorrow is December 1st!" my mom said. "Time to put up the winter decorations!"

Winter? It was 70º and so mild it might as well have been Spring.

But apparently this is a ritual with my mom every year, so she and my dad set about moving some furniture out of the way of the big picture window in the living room to arrange the lights and snowflakes. This was very interesting to watch.

My mom was very fussy about how the lights and snowflakes were arranged. She and my dad kept on going outside and looking at the window from the sidewalk at various stages of installation, then coming back inside and moving a snowflake two inches to the left or fussing with the configuration of the lights. This was great because it meant they left the front door open for quite a while, so I could sit by the screen door and watch stuff while smelling the outdoor smells.

After a while, finally everything was just the way my mom wanted it. Until this morning, that is, when she studied the window again and decided it needed a few more snowflakes.

At least they aren't real icicles and snowflakes. Then it would be cold and wet and messy. But the paper snowflakes (even if there aren't enough of them to fill the window sufficiently to please my mom) are delicate and pretty, and the icicle lights are really beautiful at night with all the other lights in the room turned off. They lend a warm and comforting aura to the house and make me feel snug and secure. When I take a nap on the sofa it's like being in a magical dream land, softly glowing even through the darkest night.


My year here

November 27th 2008 12:17 am
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Let's see, I've been in this home a year now, no longer on the streets. This year I've had a nice, warm, safe place to live, with lots of good things to eat . . . lots and lots and lots of good things to eat! I've had maybe too many good things to eat: I've lost a certain amount of my girlish figure. I got to have lots of fishies! Mmm, I loved all those fishies! Trouts and salmons and herrings and sardines and shrimps and crabs, and sometimes turkeys and livers for variety. Fishies are good; variety is good too.

Because of my recent tummy ache I can't have fishies anymore. I miss having them. My new food is kind of strange. It's dry kibble and it makes me drink tons of water. And I'm going wee a lot more too. This is good, as long as it doesn't hurt. My dad gives me medicines to help with that.

I have a nice mom and dad to live with who give me hugs and kisses every day, and to whom I can give kitty kisses and head bonks in return. They have nice laps to sit in and nice little laptop computer keyboards to tread upon when I want some attention or some snacks. There is a beautiful couch that is the best thing for scratching on and snoozing on. There are nice little toys to play with and various things to climb to look out the windows at the world going by. And there is a big chair in the living room that is perfect to hide behind until I regain my composure after returning home from a scary vet visit.

I never had these things when I used to live. I don't get to go outside anymore, but I don't really miss it. Sometimes I sit by the door and look outside for a while. That's almost as good. But it's nice to be in out of the hot sun in the summer and the cold damp in the winter, especially now that my little cat bones are getting older.

Oh, and I have pumpkin every day too. It is so good! It must be what ice cream is like for people, it is so yummy. I never had that before.

So all in all, even though I haven't been feeling very well lately, I think this has been a very good year for me.


Not feeling well

November 24th 2008 8:32 pm
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I don't feel well. I haven't felt well in a while. My tummy hurts when I go wee. Sometimes it hurts really bad.

So my mom and dad took me in to see the vet. It made me very unhappy. It was scary when they had to take blood, because they had trouble getting a sample from me and had to try three times. Ooh, I was so scared and unhappy!

My mom and dad brought me home and gave me a strange litterbox full of little black beads. This was not my usual litter! I could not believe my eyes! How could they expect me to go wee in such strange litter? It didn't look right, it didn't smell right, it didn't feel right, plus there wasn't nearly enough of it in the box. It was insulting! I was not happy! I told them over and over to give me my usual box back but they wouldn't, so eventually I couldn't hold it anymore and had to go wee in that yucky black beady box. Ugh.

My mom gave me a treat afterward and then put my usual box back, so that was good. But my tummy still hurt. I spent a lot of time just sleeping on the couch, uninterested in my usual things.

The next day my dad came home and gave me some medicine that helped me feel better but I felt kinda strange too. And he also brought home some new food which was almost like treats, but it just wasn't the same as my usual favorite fishy food, so I felt confused by that plus I felt strange from the medicine, so it has been a strange couple of days for me lately.

My mom and dad try to help me feel better every way they can. Some of it helps. But I still don't feel so good.


Strange architecture

November 4th 2008 10:34 pm
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It was rainy yesterday. It was also laundry day. I didn't think much about either as I snoozed morning-long on the couch, dreaming of warmer, sunnier days. But in the afternoon when I went into the bedroom I saw some very strange things.

First, I saw a tower of clothes. Well, it was a tall, tower-like thing with clothes hanging off it. Some were draped on it, and some were on hangers attached to it. The items were ones I usually saw my mom hang on the clothesline outside on laundry day. This tower of clothes in the bedroom was almost as tall as my mom! A most unusual sight.

Then, when I hopped up on the bed I saw more strange things. There were two low platforms, like little sawed-off tables, set on the bed. Each one had a sweater of my mom's spread out on it. When I investigated closer, I saw each platform was made of fine mesh. I tried to climb onto one of them, because it was my mom's sweater and oh so nice to make a nest in, but with my paw I felt it was damp and clammy. And I sensed that the mesh was probably not strong enough to hold me, because it seemed to have some give to it. So I decided not to climb onto it, and curled up next to my mom instead.

By nighttime the tower had been moved to the living room, and the little tables disappeared somewhere. Today the sun came out and the tower of clothes disappeared as well.

I did not expect to see a tower of clothes in the bedroom and little tables on the bed yesterday. Rain gives rise to strange architecture.


I sneak into the back yard

October 25th 2008 11:35 pm
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The other day my mom was doing the laundry. I was snoozing on the bed. After a while I heard my mom outside at the clothesline. I also heard my dad go out of his office through the house and into the garage. I heard the door to the garage squeak open -- but I did not hear it squeak closed. I also heard the back door open -- but I did not hear it close either.

This was worth investigating.

As I made my way through the house I heard my dad talking to my mom out in back. I had to plan my strategy. Should I take my time exploring the garage, from which I was banned back in January, and risk my dad coming back in and shooing me back into the house? Or should I try to go directly outside to the back yard, a place I've only seen through the window?

Maybe I'd find Evil Cat there!

I sat on the threshold of the garage, weighing my options. The garage was flooded with light from the open back door. It was a lot tidier than I remembered it. The washer and dryer were still there, but there were no more piles of stuff all over the floor. Instead there were lots of boxes stacked up neatly on shelves, and a large storage closet next to the door. A table, lights and a tripod were set up at the other end of the space. And the bags of sand that got me into trouble the last time I was in the garage were gone.

Enticing odors wafted in from the open door. As much as I wanted to explore the new arrangement of the garage, I decided to venture outside.

I poked my nose out the back door to find a high fence surrounding the space, which was rather small. Directly in front was a trash bin and some recycling bins. An aloe plant was growing next to the door. There was a cement walkway leading to the side gate, going past beds of spearmint, lemon balm and morning glories, and past the clothes line, which is where my mom and dad were, hanging up clothes. I sauntered along, sniffing and smelling all the interesting new smells, including Evil Cat, plus other cats, raccoons, lizards, rats, mice, birds, squirrels, and many other fascinating scents, getting so wrapped up in smelling the odors that I wasn't aware I'd wandered along right next to my dad.


"Well, hello kitten!" he exclaimed, snapping me out of my olfactory reverie. Darn it! Busted again! I turned around and trotted right back inside the garage. Of course, both my dad and my mom were hot on my heels, ushering me back into the house and firmly closing both doors. I was stuck inside again. My adventure was over.

I wish they would let me go out in back. It's nice there; it's small but there's lots of interesting things to smell. I wouldn't run off. I might try to climb the fence to go after Evil Cat, but I wouldn't run away. I'd come back the minute I'd dispatched Evil Cat once and for all. But I don't think I'm going to be allowed out there again.


My mom talks to Evil Cat

September 25th 2008 11:36 pm
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One morning my mom was outside the house doing yardwork. I was on my cat tree by the window, drowsing. I heard the intermittent clip, clip of her clippers in the ivy for a while.

I was almost asleep when I heard her come in at the side gate. Then I heard her say, "Why, hello! Look at you! Hi, cat! What a nice kitty! You're a nice kitty!"

What?? Who was my mom cooing to in tones usually reserved for me?

I looked out the window, and to my horror I saw her talking to Evil Cat!!

I could not believe my eyes and ears. My mom was looking over at Evil Cat sitting in the neighbor's driveway. It was just sitting there looking at her and looking stupid. And evil. She was telling Evil Cat, "What a nice kitty! You're a good cat."

What?!?? No, no, no! Evil Cat is evil! Evil Cat is not a good kitty! Why was my mom saying such rubbish? Why was she filling Evil Cat's stupid head with such ridiculous notions?

Evil Cat just sat there stupidly looking at my mom. My mom said a few more nice things to Evil Cat, then came inside. (I'll bet Evil Cat sat there for a long time afterward, too stupid to figure out what my mom had said.) My mom seemed to have no clue about how gravely she had erred.

Oh, how am I going to undo this terrible blunder? Telling Evil Cat "you're a good kitty"! Bah! Rubbish! Evil Cat must not be encouraged! Evil Cat must be driven away! Evil Cat must be vanquished! Evil Cat is evil! Evil! Evil!! (And stupid.)


The evil cat

August 17th 2008 11:37 pm
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There is a cat that comes around my house sometimes in the dead of night. It is an evil cat. It is even more evil than the nasty cat that was always mean to me and swatting at me and trying to fight with me when I was a stray, before my mom and dad brought me home with them. This cat is way more evil than that.

This cat walks across my front stoop. This cat prowls through the ivy at the side of my house. This cat jumps onto the fence in my back yard and saunters along it into the neighbor's yard. A very evil cat.

Sometimes it sprays on my front stoop. Evil!

Sometimes it jumps onto the little brick ridge along the side of my house and sits right below my window, staring in at me. Evil!

Sometimes it sits on the fence for a long time, just sitting there stupidly like a stupid cat who's too stupid to know how stupid it is. Evil! And stupid!

When I see this evil cat prowling in my territory and doing evil and stupid things, it makes my blood boil. I cannot contain myself. I am compelled to go thrash the living daylights out of that evil cat.

But I am stuck inside the house. I must run from room to room, window to window, desperately searching for a way to get at that nasty evil cat. Sometimes I climb the window screens looking for a way to get out. Sometimes I jump up onto the kitchen counter or my mom's dresser or the top perch of my cat tree to glare out the window at it and make my tail go all bottle-brush big to scare it away with my supreme fierceness.

And sometimes I am so upset and frustrated and enraged at the stupid evilness of that cat that I let out my war cry -- a long, low, loud, menacing moan! If that doesn't send chills down its stupid little spine and scare it away, then it is even more stupid than I thought.

One night I saw the stupid evil cat out the bedroom window and I hollered as loud as I could. I scared my dad, who had been fast asleep in bed. By the time he got oriented and got out of bed to see what was going on, I was halfway up the window screen trying to find a way to get out to attack the evil cat. It took both my dad and my mom to extricate me from the window screen and settle me down again. My claws made little holes in the screen where I climbed, and I accidentally tore the curtain, too. (Sorry, mom.)

And the whole time the evil cat just sat there on the fence, staring at me, looking stupid. And evil.

One of these days I'm going to get out there are settle things once and for all with that evil cat. One of these days . . .

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