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Won-Ton Reflects

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I go back to the vet

December 20th 2007 11:57 pm
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I had blood in my wee last night and this morning. So I went back to the vet. My mom and dad have been leaving the cone off my neck all this time, against Uncle Dr. Taylor's instructions, so they had to put it back on me to bring me back there.

I did not like that at all. But they did not want to be scolded about leaving it off, even though I have not scratched or pawed at the incision at all. I don't even know the stitches are there anymore. But that is not something I would be able to explain to Uncle Dr. Taylor, so the cone went back on.

But I did not see Uncle Dr. Taylor. I saw Auntie Dr. Fan. She was very nice. But she took some wee out of me and put some fluids into me. It was most strange, these fluids coming into and going out of me without my consent or control. The most peculiar things happen to me when I'm at that place. I'm not sure I like it there.

Well, at least I went home pretty soon with my mom and dad and did not have to stay there all day long. But I got new medicine tonight, a pill my dad gave me. Yuck. At least that (censored) cone came off again as soon as we got home.

You know, I don't know why my mom calls them Uncle Dr. Taylor and Auntie Dr. Fan. We are not related to them; they are not my mom's or dad's aunt or uncle, and they are certainly not mine. Humans are incomprehensible sometimes.


4:30 AM is a great time to tell my mom I love her!

December 19th 2007 10:38 pm
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I've discovered that 4:30 AM is a great time to climb on the bed and tell my mom how much I love her! She is lying there all comfy and cozy, so I climb up on her, purring, and rub my head on her hand to say "I love you and you love me!" She stirs a little and, after cracking one eye half-open and groaning weakly for a minute or so, croaks out, "Hi Won-Ton, I love you too."

Aha! Yes! I am most pleased. This is going great. Encouraged, I sit on her chest and purr in her face, making sure I don't get too close by palpating her nose with my whiskers. She reaches up to pet me, but misses, brushing her hand against her nose instead. Of course, I must assist her in performing this action correctly by nudging her hand with my nose and butting it with my head. Now she reaches up and rubs my head correctly. See, Mom, I knew you could do it! Even at 4:30 AM! You just needed a little encouragement.

I am so pleased at this turn of events that I turn around and start kneading on her belly because I am so happy. I am purring up a storm. "I love you and you love me! We love each other! This is great! I am so happy!" Knead, knead, knead.

"Oof!" says my mom. "My bladder."

I turn around and rub my head all over her face. I even do a little grooming for her by licking her nose. Once again she says, "Love you, Won-Ton." I put my nose right on hers and purr, kneading her chest. "Nice girl," she mumbles. "Watch those claws." So great is my joy that I cannot stop myself from ecstatically head-butting her hands, which she has put up in front of her face, as if to shield it for some reason. "Oof! There's a lovely girl," she mutters from between her fingers.

Her arm sinks back down onto the blanket, so I climb off her and snuggle into her armpit, making a little nest between her arm and her torso. "That's a nice Won-Ton," she sighs. "Go to sleep now." Sleep? Oh, no, Mom, we are not finished with our love-fest. Right now is the perfect time to share the love.

I lift up my head to look over at the other side of the bed. Oh, D-a-a-a-a-a-d . . . ?



December 18th 2007 12:56 pm
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My mom made some hand-crocheted catnip mice and catnip hearts to send to friends for the holidays. I helped her make sure the catnip was fresh by sampling it myself! I stuck my nose into the little bag and got it covered with catnip particles. After rolling on the floor and grunting ecstatically for a while, I then stuck my nose into the little pile of toys she'd completed. I had a mind to oversee personally the quality control inspection of every single catnip toy in the pile. She was so overcome with emotion she awarded me my very own catnip heart. She then immediately took all the other toys she'd made and wrapped them up in shiny paper. I never saw anyone wrap presents and put them in mailing envelopes so fast! She and my dad even took them to the post office right away! They said I was a wonderful incentive to getting the toys finished and in the mail. I'm nothing if not helpful. And in the meantime, I have my own little heart to play with.

I wish I could figure out where she keeps the catnip, though. I need to make sure it's always fresh, you know (*ahem*).


The strange cat

December 17th 2007 7:33 pm
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I saw a strange cat today in a mirror. I was on my cat tree in the bedroom and my mom closed the door. Suddenly there it was, sitting on my cat tree, where the door used to be. Half of its face was shaved and its eye was sewn shut. There was another shaved patch on its throat. And it had shaved forelegs, just like mine . . .

Hey . . . wait a minute . . . just . . . like . . . mine . . .

Hey, that was ME! In the mirror! And that was my mom! She was petting me and petting that cat in the mirror! But there was no other cat. It was just me! Wow, this is confusing.

What's the deal with this mirror stuff anyway? It is quite perplexing. The only explanation I can think of is that the bedroom door is really a portal into another dimension. When it's open, the universe is normal. When it's shut, though, it activates the mirror and a parallel universe is formed.

It is a universe without smell, though, because I went up to the portal and saw the other cat, but it had no smell at all.

I wonder if it smelled me, though?

This is a very mysterious world.


I am not a good desk

December 16th 2007 10:11 pm
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My mom sat in bed all day. I lay in her lap. She tried to use her laptop as I snoozed. She twisted one way and then the other with the little computer, trying to find a comfortable angle. After a few minutes she set it aside and tried doing some crossword puzzles instead, winding up draping them on top of me. "You are not a good desk, Won," she said. I purred, for this must be a good thing because she set everything aside and petted me a bunch.

Life is good.


Kitty watch

December 15th 2007 8:57 pm
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My mom is on kitty watch all day long.

Now that I'm doing better my mom and dad decided they could leave the cone off my neck during the day when they can keep an eye on me and my stitches. I really like to head-bump stuff, so they watch me like a hawk.

Even when I'm snoozing. Yesterday I was snoozing on the bed and my mom got her laptop and sat on the bed with me almost the whole time, to make sure I wasn't scratching the incision. Today she's doing the same thing. Good thing I can sleep through the clickety-clacking of the keyboard.

But at night it goes back on again, because no one can be on kitty watch then.

Although I'm not happy about that, I found one advantage. At 4 o'clock this morning I decided I needed some snacks, so I meowed to be fed. My dad sort of woke up but he didn't get up. So I crawled up onto him in bed and sat on top of him and put my cone right up into his face and meowed. It made such a nice resonating chamber to enhance my request that it got him up and out of bed and into the kitchen to get me some snacks.

We'll see what happens with the cone tonight.


Today I begin to feel better

December 14th 2007 7:44 pm
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Today I began to feel more like my normal self. My mom took the cone off my neck and sat with me as I snoozed on the bed, to make sure my incision didn't get scratched. It doesn't itch, so I don't know why my dad thinks I'm going to scratch it.

I had a nice snooze on the bed and another in my mom's lap. My dad gave me my medicines and some snacks. That ooey-gooey food is really good. I wish I could have it all the time from now on. This evening I felt a lot better and gave myself a nice long bath, something that stupid cone would not let me do. I felt ever so much better.

Then my mom got out my string, and I had a wonderful time chasing it. I killed it twice, and she praised me very much.

I heard about a party tonight that I had to miss, but I really needed some more rest to help me feel better. If I'd known about this party I would not have let my mom and dad take me to the vet the other day. My dad had to go to a party tonight, but my mom is staying home with me. I'm glad someone is here with me because although I am doing better I am not quite *all* better, and it is ever so lovely to have a comfy lap to snooze on all evening long.


Today I recuperate

December 13th 2007 10:42 pm
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There are no more multi-colored intergalactic roller coasters today, no more funny music in my head, no more undulating walls or floors.

Today I was taken back to the vet to have a tube removed from my arm. Today I was able to speak for the first time since yesterday morning, a few tiny raspy meows.

Today there were aches . . . snoozes . . . meditations on how much my mom and dad are trying to help me . . . staring at walls . . . more snoozes . . . eating ooey-gooey snacks . . . finally being able to clean my face again . . . a couple of fleeting hours without the cone around my neck while I napped on my mom's lap . . . and a strange dream where my mom set two leaves before me and said, "Which would you like, white mulberry or sweet gum?" Or maybe that really happened. I don't know for sure. The afternoon was strange.

I want the cone to go away. I want to feel better.


My surgery

December 12th 2007 11:32 pm
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I knew there was going to be a problem when there was no food dish this morning. I desperately told my mom and dad they had to feed me, but they wouldn't. Instead of feeding me they put me in my carrier and took me to the vet! And left me there!

I got a needle in my arm! I got poked and prodded! They gave me drugs! Oh, it was awful! I tried to make them stop but there were too many of them! Oh, it was horrible, absolutely horrible, I tell you!

Something happened and I fell asleep. Eventually I woke up without an eye and without that nasty tooth that had been bothering me. For some reason I wound up on a multi-colored roller coaster that went into outer space and came back every two minutes. It went around and around and up and down in big loops and circles and dippity-doos. Funny music kept on ringing in my head, like bells and gongs and whistles. Somehow I wound up in my cat carrier but it kept on undulating like the waves on the sea. It never did that before; it was most strange.

Some people who were a lot like my mom and dad came and took me to a place that was a lot like the bathroom of my house except it was all goofy-looking. The walls wouldn't stop rippling and the floor kept on flipping over to whack me on my side. I was pretty sure I wanted to get into the bedroom and get under the bed but something kept on getting in my way; it took me a while to figure out it was the door.

The people who were a lot like my mom and dad gave me some food but for some reason I couldn't seem to reach my food dish. A strange plastic cone seemed to be attached to my neck, preventing me from accessing it. The man a lot like my dad gave me some medicine and after a few minutes the room wasn't spinning quite as fast and my head stopped throbbing. The people moved me into a larger room that was almost identical to the kitchen in my house, with towels on the floor and some food and water for me. The food was ooey-gooey wet food that smelled really, really delicious, but the man had to make the plastic cone go away for me to eat. Oh, it was heavenly! It was so delicious! I began to recall dimly what it felt like to be a normal cat again, instead of some weird freaky zombie clown.

My mom and dad sat on the kitchen floor quietly talking and looking at me now and then. I decided I was going to sit and look at the walls until they stopped wobbling. Maybe my stare would make them keep still. I gave the kitchen door a good perusal for a while. Then I examined the wall in the hall for several minutes, keeping very still because I thought the snack I'd just finished might come right back up again. But it was a false alarm.

Then I decided it would be a good thing to rest atop my cat tree, so I followed my dad into the bedroom and jumped onto the little table. But that treacherous table wobbled right out of my way at the last second and I fell onto the carpet. My mom and dad rushed over, but they didn't know the carpet didn't feel anything because I got up again and it didn't try to follow me. I think I floated up to the top perch, pulling my dad's hands with me. The window was filled with lots and lots of colored lights. Some of them blinked on and off. I thought this was the grandest thing I'd seen in a long time. I stared out the window at the dark night filled with little lights, some white, some different colors, all the way up the street. Some steady, some blinking, just like my eye, the only one I have left, and my dad and mom gave me kisses and I knew I'd sleep and be sailing around the pink and yellow daybreak clouds in a little boat with my name on it. I think I just saw Patrick, and he was singing me a lovely cat song. Wow, am I tired! Sleep.


A conundrum solved

December 11th 2007 4:20 pm
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I helped my mom solve a conundrum today. She was lying on the couch with a lot of things in her lap: cards, envelopes, pens, stamps. I jumped onto the couch and stepped into her lap. My mom looked at me and at all the things on her lap and said, "Hm, I have a conundrum here. What to do, what to do?" She looked at me again and took all the stuff off her lap so I could climb in and settle down for a snooze. Conundrum solved.

I like helping my mom.

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