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Won-Ton Reflects

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This and that

January 8th 2008 9:21 pm
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The day after I complained about that towel on my chair, my mom took it off and put a new soft-as-a-cloud throw on it. It felt so warm and snuggly under my paws that I couldn't stop kneading it. It is so cozy to sleep on, gently cushioning my aging little cat bones. It is perfect for winter afternoon naps.

There was a big storm here a couple of days ago. There was a lot of heavy rain and very violent winds. Tree branches were getting blown to the ground all up and down the street. Fortunately I was inside, safe and snug with my mom and dad. I am so glad they took me in before now. I would have been miserable as a stray living outside in such horrible weather.

For the past couple of evenings I have been tentatively exploring the kitchen table. It is a little tricky for me to jump straight up there with only one eye, so I have been climbing into my mom's or dad's lap first, then getting up onto the table. There are such funny things on their plates when I get up there --- vegetables and grains with funny seasonings on them, and lots of salads, nuts and beans. And fruit. There always seems to be a basket of fruit on the table. Lately it has been lemons and grapes, before that it was apples. They disappear little by little each day, then there's a big bunch more of them that disappear little by little.

Anyway, my mom offered me a tiny morsel of cauliflower, and she was surprised when I tried to eat it. I thought it tasted interesting. She also offered me something called dal on her fingertip, which smelled too spicy to try. So I rubbed my face on her hand to say thanks anyway. "Hey, dal face!" said my mom. "Hold still, doll face!" as she tried to clean my whiskers.

I sat down by my dad, right on his cloth napkin. He thought that was so special that he set that napkin aside in a special place (the washing machine) and went to get another one to use. My mom and dad are really nice to let me explore the kitchen table. They let me sit there as long as I like. I like sitting there with them as they talk about people stuff. It's a lot more complicated than cat stuff. Listening to it helps me appreciate being a cat.


Too many strange things today

January 6th 2008 10:44 pm
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Today started out like any other day but soon turned strange. Instead of lolling on the sofa with the newspaper after breakfast, my mom went into the kitchen and got out a mop and bucket. My dad opened the hall closet and and got out --- the beast!! Oh no! There is a beast in this house! I hastily went into the kitchen, and was surprised to see most of the furniture moved around. It's a good thing my dad shut the kitchen door, because I heard the beast roaring and prowling all over the rest of the house. I even heard it banging on the kitchen door for a little while, obviously trying to get in.

Fortunately my mom had the door to the garage open. So I went in there behind the washing machine, until I didn't hear the beast anymore. But by then there were strange smells coming from the kitchen. When I crept out, my mom was rinsing the mop in the sink, and the floor smelled really funny. It had none of my smells on it anymore, nor any smells of my mom or dad or any smells from outside. The smell that was there was most peculiar. I cannot describe it because I have never in my life smelled anything quite like it. It reminded me a little of soap, but not quite. I'm glad the smell faded away after a while.

I was pretty hungry, but I didn't really want to eat my snack because the floor smelled so funny for a long while. It kind of made me lose my appetite. I had to wait until later to finish my snack.

And another strange, thing --- when I went back into the living room, my chair had a towel over it. This towel was nowhere near as comfy as my soft-as-a-cloud throw that's on the bed. I felt strange sitting in the chair on the towel. I liked the plain chair better. I think if my mom and dad want to cover the chair they ought to put another soft-as-a-cloud throw on it. That really would be best. And it would not be so strange.

There were too many strange things today. I hope tomorrow is more normal.


I type some more

January 3rd 2008 7:32 pm
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Today on my mom's computer, I typed 7u88uuuuuuuujjn. I also activated caret browsing, brought up the widgets, turned on Quick Finder, increased the font size, and made the machine ask if I wanted it to shut down. My mom yelped "No, no!" and made me get down off the keyboard.

I thought these were perfectly fine things to be doing on the computer. My mom does things just like these, and more, when she uses it. I don't see what's wrong with it when I do them.

PS: I also made my dad's computer beep.


I escape

December 29th 2007 9:57 pm
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It was 5 AM. My dad got up and fed me. I was very antsy to go out into the garage, but he wouldn't let me in there. I ate a bit as he put on his coat and baseball cap, and then in the darkness I followed him through the living room to the front door. He opened it, and I stepped outside alongside him.

All was dark and still, cold and damp. A streetlight glowed down the block. Someone went by on a bicycle on the other side of the street. The earth smelled of rain and dead leaves.

My dad chanced to look down and saw me there at his feet. He made a sudden move to grab me. I freaked out at the large shape wearing a baseball cap swooping down at me, so I bolted.

I ducked around the cars parked in the adjacent driveways and ran to the house next door, and he followed me. I was getting very scared because I did not really know where I was, and a big scary person with a baseball cap was chasing me. I turned and ran back to my door. I tried to go in, but it was shut tight, and the scary man with the baseball cap was bearing down on me faster and faster.

I really freaked out and fled around the corner. I ran through some wet ivy at the side of the house and came to a fence. As I was trying to see if I could get over it, the scary man with the baseball cap followed me. So I turned and flew like lightning back the way I came.

By the time I crossed the neighbor's yard and went up their fence, the scary man with the baseball cap who followed lost track of me. I walked atop the fence to the next house around the corner and sat in the back yard for a while, trying to figure out exactly just what happened and where I was.

I realized the scary man with the baseball cap was really just my dad. After a few minutes I heard him calling my name, but I was still very shook up and just sat there in the neighbor's quiet yard. I heard his voice, tight with anxiety as he called, moving farther away up the block and around the corner. I also heard the birds of dawn begin to sing, and more and more cars go by. I heard occasional planes in the air and other people's voices on the sidewalk. It reminded me of my days of living on the street, except these were unfamiliar streets. I did not know what would be around the next corner or behind the next clump of trees. I did not know where I could find food or water out here. I did not know where it was safe.

Soon I heard my mom's voice as well as my dad's voice calling for me, but their voices were coming from separate directions. I also heard the rattle of kibbles in a little plastic jar. And I remembered that sound! When my mom and dad used to feed me on the street, they used to call my name and shake that little container full of kibbles, and I'd emerge excitedly from under the shrubs, meowing, saying, "No, don't go! I'm here! I'm hungry! I want your food! Here I am! See! Hi! Hello!" And I'd get fed and petted and feel ever so happy.

And now I was hearing the rattle of kibbles again! It was a couple of hours since my escape and I was starting to feel hungry. But their voices and kibble rattles grew fainter and farther away. So I got confused. Were they going to go and feed another cat somewhere? (Is that what they've been doing every time they go out?) But why were they calling my name, and going farther away? I meowed a few times but they didn't hear me, because their voices disappeared eventually. I grew very sad, and I had to think about this sadness.

I'd only lived with my mom and dad for about a month, but I wanted it to be my forever home. I didn't want them to go farther away and not find me. I didn't want the door to my house to be closed so I can't get in. My mom and dad were not finding me. I wanted them to find me. I wanted to be back home.

So I decided to try to get back inside the house by myself. I climbed back up a tree and walked along the top of the fence till I got to the neighbor's house. I crossed their lawn and ducked around the cars parked in the driveways, and went up on my porch. The door was closed. I meowed. No one opened the door. I meowed. Nothing happened. The house was silent and still.

I turned to look up the street and I saw my mom and dad! Walking toward the house! Coming home! But my dad looked like that scary man with the baseball cap, and I grew apprehensive. I was outnumbered. I thought perhaps it best to retreat. My dad hung back and my mom got close, rattling the kibbles and saying, "Juan! Hi, baby! Are you hungry, Won-Ton? Want some snacks? Do you want to come home?" For some reason I didn't have a good feeling about what might happen next so I ran back to the neighbor's fence. And my mom did something that surprised me.

She made the fence open! It had a gate! She followed me as I walked along the top of the boards. She reached up and grabbed my leg, and if she hadn't been wearing gloves she might have been able to hang onto me. But nothing good has ever happened when I've been grabbed, so I squirmed free and ran along the fence and into the other yard again. And then my mom did something utterly amazing.

She climbed the tree that was there! I've never seen a person do that! I knew I'd better run, if she was going to get up on the fence and follow me, so I fled into the next yard, where I was able to sit for a while under some shrubs until I got my wits about me. I decided I needed a long, quiet time to think things over. The whole morning had been one confusing disaster after another.

But all I could really focus on after a while was remembering how those rattling kibbles sounded. I'd left the house hours and hours earlier without finishing my breakfast. It was cold, damp and cloudy outside, and I was in a strange place surrounded by the smells of strange cats and dogs and raccoons and opossums, any one of whom might appear at any moment. Nothing felt right, nothing felt comfortable or welcoming. I've only lived with my mom and dad for about a month, but I didn't really want to go away from them. I wanted to go home without being scared by a scary man with a baseball cap. I wanted some snacks and a nice drink of water. I wanted to be warm and safe. So I got up and decided to try going home.

I climbed a tree and walked along the fence top till I got to the neighbor's house. I climbed down to the ground and crossed their lawn and the two driveways and went up on my porch. The door was open, so I went inside. As I slunk though the living room I could see my mom and dad in the kitchen having lunch, wearing coats and scarves. From the hall I heard my dad say, "Honey, could you get up very slowly and close the front door? I just saw Won-Ton come inside the house."

The next thing I knew after hearing the front door close was my mom and dad petting me and being all happy on me. I was glad to see them too, but I was a little achy from being out in the cold for so long, and all I really wanted to do was climb onto my soft-as-a-cloud throw at the foot of the bed and have a civilized snooze, all warm and cozy and safe and dry.

But first, I needed a snack! Oh, that was heavenly, having that snack of kibbly goodness. And a nice long drink of water too. (*burp*) (Pardon me.) And after a nap and a rather subdued play session of hunting my string and a short while on top of my cat tree contemplating the somber evening sky and the bright colored lights hanging from the eaves of the house next door, I can relax on my dad's lap and be gently petted, and have a snooze on my mom's lap as she goes clickety-clack, clickety-clack on her computer. It has been a long, anxious and confusing day, but somehow it all worked out okay and all's right with the world once more.

And so to bed!


The Secret Cave

December 28th 2007 11:48 pm
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Last night in the middle of the night I decided to explore a special secret cave. My mom rolled over in bed and pulled her arm under the covers. I had been watching from my cat tree, and when I saw the blanket go up and reveal a dark cavern, I came closer. My mom, being the wonderful kitty mom she is, held the covers up for me to have a look, and I crawled inside between the quilt and the sheet.

It was dark. It was snug. It was secret. It was a cave. I sat in my dark, snug secret cave for a while as my mom held the quilt up for me. This was a fine place for a cat to sit and think about stuff.

Soon her arm grew tired and the opening began to close. I crawled over her into the space between her and my dad, where I snuggled down and got myself comfortable in the inky blackness and snuggly warmth. My mom kept on lifting up the quilt and asking if I was okay. My contented silence told her all was fine.

This secret cave is possibly better than my mom's closet. It is definitely better than under the sideboard in the kitchen. It is probably the best secret cave ever, because it is dark and snug and secret. A cat can get a lot of important thinking done about stuff while in there. And my world isn't right unless I have thought about stuff for a while until it makes sense to me. That makes having this dark, snug secret cave such a valuable asset.


The [CENSORED] Cone is retired

December 27th 2007 8:06 pm
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Today is the official day my mom and dad were told the [CENSORED] cone could come off for good. Uncle Dr. Taylor thought I needed it after my surgery to protect the incision and stitches. But I never tried to paw at them or touch them in any way. Everything healed up just fine without that [CENSORED] cone on my neck. It came off a long time ago without any problems whatsoever. (But that's our secret, right?)

I hated that [CENSORED] cone.

No, I take that back, that's not quite right.

I *[CENSORED]* hated that [CENSORED] cone.

In my opinion, the [CENSORED] [CENSORED] who invented it should be [CENSORED] and then [CENSORED], [CENSORED], and [CENSORED] some more for good measure.

So there!

(People think I'm a dainty petite little kitty, but I can cuss like an alleycat if I'm mad. If you doubt me, just ask my mom or dad whenever they won't let me into the garage to explore.)


My snitches are gone

December 26th 2007 10:31 pm
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Today my dad put the cone back on my neck. He put me into my carrier and he and my mom took me back to the vet. The vet people took me in a room and removed my stitches, gave me a pill to help me wee properly and injected me with anti-flea medicine. One of the vet people told my mom and dad to take the cone off tomorrow, but my dad took it off as soon as we got home.

On the way home, my mom said, "Yay! Your snitches are gone!" She sang me a little cat song as well. It went, "We are going home. Home are going we." I know that Patrick liked his cat songs, but I was not impressed. But I was glad to hear we were going home.

Once back on my cat tree, a snooze in the sunshine put everything right again in my world.


The naked bed

December 24th 2007 10:02 pm
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After my morning nap in the living room, I went to my cat tree in the bedroom for my afternoon snooze. When I entered the bedroom I was startled to see the bed was naked. It was empty and bare, no blankets or covers. Even the pillows were naked, and piled on the floor.

I had to observe this phenomenon from the top perch of my cat tree for a while. I did not like to see the naked bed. Where was that soft-as-a-cloud throw I love to snuggle on? How would my mom and dad sleep on that vacant vastness of mattress, and how would I be able to curl up between them among the hills and valleys of the quilt? I did not like this.

I studied the situation for quite some time from my perch. The desolate scene made me uneasy. The empty bed looked cold and comfortless, an unsuitable place to rest my cat bones at the end of the day. There was absolutely nothing comfy or cozy about it. It all but shrieked, "Keep off! Don't touch!" Surely my mom and dad don't expect me to get a good night's sleep on such a stark, naked slab?

Just then my mom and dad came into the room carrying a basket overflowing with sheets, blankets and pillowcases. They placed it on the floor, pulling out various pieces of bedclothes, and set about clothing the bed. Its underwear of the fitted sheet went on first, followed by its camisole of the flat sheet, and then its cheerful overcoat of the light but warm quilt. Last but not least came the soft-as-a-cloud throw I love so much, folded over the foot of the bed. A minute later the pillows were all clothed as well, and back in their places at the headboard. The bed was naked no longer, clad once again in the simple yet elegant garb that transformed its bleakness into warmth and softness.

And it's about time, too, I thought, climbing off the cat tree and onto the soft-as-a-cloud throw for a warm, soft snuggle.


More computer practice

December 23rd 2007 10:35 pm
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Tonight I googled "dssss," minimized the dock, selected the text of an entire web page and made Quick Find beep at me.

And all with just my hind foot.

Can't wait to see what will happen when I learn to use all my toes and feet.


Look what I did!

December 21st 2007 11:17 pm
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Look what I did!


I typed that all by myself! With my paws and my butt. I also turned on Num Lock, dimmed the monitor and selected half a web page.

My mom should not put her laptop where I can sit on it if she doesn't want me to type stuff.

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