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Won-Ton Reflects

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The Beast

February 3rd 2008 6:05 pm
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This morning my dad opened the hall closet and took out The Beast, plugged it in, and set it a-roar over the carpets. I heard the beast roaring in the kitchen, then around the living room, then in the hallway, and finally it came into the bedroom, where my mom and I were. I was lounging on my cat tree and my mom was nearby sitting in bed looking at Catster on her laptop.

But unlike the first time I heard The Beast in the house, I didn't try to run behind the washing machine. Not just because I'm not allowed into the garage anymore (after an unfortunate incident involving some bags of sand in there and my wee . . .). And not just because I was cornered and I would have had to run right past The Beast to escape.

No, I didn't try to run away this time primarily because I saw that my dad had The Beast well under control. It was not going to be able to come after me up in my cat tree. Besides, my mom was there to protect me. And my dad turned it off pretty quickly, too.

My mom and dad both told me how brave I was and how proud they were of me. My dad gave me some skritchy-skratches behind my ears. I always like that.

After he put The Beast away, my dad said, "OK! Now all the cat hair has been vacuumed up. The house is ready for Won-Ton to go spread some more around!"

I'll get right on it. After dinner.


My best efforts fail

January 30th 2008 11:47 am
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Yesterday I tried for two and a half hours to get my mom to open the door to the garage. I used every trick I knew, I pulled out all the stops, and she would not give in.

Later on, when my dad came home, I tried my best on him, to no avail. So after waiting half the day to get to those bags of sand in the garage, I went wee in my litterbox. I had no choice, there was nowhere else to go. Even the praise and the treat my mom gave me didn't really make me feel better. I decided to go sulk for a while in my cat tree.

Later on in the evening I heard the magic sound -- the door to the garage opening with its unique squeak! Aha! I raced down the hall and through the living room toward the kitchen, only to crash nose-first into a door. What?? I had never seen a door into the kitchen before? Where did it come from? I sat there puzzling over this mysterious development for a few minutes, when I heard the door to the garage squeak once more. So I readied myself to hurtle through the doorway the microsecond it opened.

Footsteps approached on the other side, and the door slid back into the wall. Oho, it was a pocket door! No wonder I'd never seen it before, it hides inside the wall. Pretty sneaky if you ask me.

Anyway, I flew like a rocket past my mom through the kitchen, only to be confronted with another closed door. Access to garage denied! Damn these doors! If I only had human hands . . .

I was not a happy kitty all evening. Finally I had to go ookies in the box in the middle of the night. There's only so long a cat can hold it. My mom praised me and told me how good I was this morning, but I still want to go in the garage, with those nice big bags of sand. It's as close to the outdoors as I'm going to get. I'm unhappy that I can't go in there anymore. All my best efforts failed. I am not a happy cat.


Tag! I'm it!

January 28th 2008 12:09 pm
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I have been tagged! Oh noes! I'm not ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!

Anyway, Kittanna tagged me, so I will rouse myself from my morning slumber and rise to the occasion. I am a sociable kitty, after all.

What? It's afternoon already? OK, so I've roused myself from my *afternoon* slumber.

Fine print disclosure: Here are the rules of the game. You have to tell seven random facts about yourself. Then pick seven cats to tag, and list their names. Let them know they've been tagged by pawmailing or rosette-ing them with the news, and have them read your diary. Post the rules of the game and your seven pawsome facts and the seven kitties you're tagging. Enjoy!

My 7 pawsome facts,
by Won-Ton

1) I like pumpkin. It is teh yum!

2) I like drinking out of cups more than bowls. I like drinking out of my dad's glass of water most of all, except I can't get my face all the way in.

3) I have a very high-pitched, dainty voice. Except when I've lost my temper. Then I don't sound so dainty anymore.

4) I like chasing strings. They remind me of snakes. I love killing them over and over and over.

5) I have a secret cave under the cloth covering a big steamer trunk behind the couch. It's a great place to leap from to pounce on passing snake-strings.

6) I have only one eye. My other eye had to be removed because it was funky.

7) My mom and dad thought I wouldn't be happy being an indoor kitty, because of being a stray for over a year on the streets. They are surprised at how happy I am to be indoors where it's warm, dry and safe. (As if being warm, happy and safe is something I wouldn't want!)

I'm tagging Mr. P., Hudson, Shyla, Monkey Butt, Sasha Elizabeth, Tyke and Vinnie.



January 27th 2008 10:59 am
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Late yesterday my mom noticed that I hadn't used my litterbox all day. And she knew I'd been drinking a lot of water during the day. And she knew she and my dad had been letting me go into the garage several times throughout the day yesterday. So she put two and two together and went looking in the garage this morning for puddles of wee.

She didn't find any. I knew she wouldn't, because there aren't any. But when my dad got back from the farmer's market, he knew just where to look.

I had been going in some big bags of sand my dad had in the garage. My mom had been looking for puddles on the floor, so of course she didn't find anything. I hadn't been going on the floor. My dad looked in his bags of sand and found a few damp patches and a couple of ookies (I tried to cover those up with some sand, but I guess I didn't do such a good job).

I don't think they're going to let me go into the garage anymore.

It's not like my litterbox is dirty. Far from it, it's always very clean. Sometimes it's a little too clean. Even the faint smell of bleach residue is a little too strong for me at times, and I just don't like going wee in there. My mom washes and rinses the box really well, but not all the bleach smell gets washed out and enough of it lingers to bother my nose. Plus, I'm used to going wee and ookies outside anyway. It's so much cleaner that way. A littlerbox is unnatural in many ways, no matter how clean people keep them.

I hope my mom can find a way to get rid of that bleach smell, because I just know I won't be able to get into the garage anymore.



January 23rd 2008 5:25 pm
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This afternoon I heard beeps coming from the kitchen every few minutes. I also saw flashes of light coming from the kitchen every few minutes. This went on intermittently for most of an hour. I finally got down from my cat tree and went into the kitchen for some snacks, and I saw my dad in the kitchen with his camera on a tripod. There were 2 small lights on tripods next to the camera, all aimed at the stove. There was an onion on top of the stove. My dad was taking pictures of the onion.

I thought this was one of the strangest things I've seen humans do.

I helped myself to some snacks, then went back to my cat tree. A few minutes later I began to smell sauteed onions.

I wonder if he will take pictures of them after they're sauteed? Humans are quite strange.


Going cuckoo on the computer

January 22nd 2008 4:05 pm
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I've found that a good way to be sure I get some attention is to walk on my mom's computer -- especially if she tries to set it aside and out of my way. Little does she know that anywhere within her arm's reach is not out of my way.

The other day I visited her on the couch. She was very busy doing something on her little laptop and she must have lost track of time. So I climbed up on the couch and into her lap. She promptly moved her computer up onto the arm of the sofa. So I climbed right up onto it, to make my point that I am here and she lost track of time.

Immediately she said, "Won! No! Get off! Oh! You messed up my computer! You made it all cuckoo! You made it go cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Off, off!"

She exaggerates. I did not make it go cuckoo for cocoa puffs. All I did was make it go bugsqaaaaa89wAQ2M,nj1 and make a funny noise. Well, several funny noises, actually. And some funny things on the screen. But nothing blew up, no smoke came out of the machine. That can hardly be called going cuckoo for cocoa puffs, can it? My mom appears to be a bit prone to exaggeration. And I don't know why she gets all cautious with her computer. The keyboard isn't even comfortable to sit on. It makes my butt feel weird.


I eat cauliflower today

January 17th 2008 11:51 pm
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Today I ate some cauliflower. During dinner I decided to climb up onto the table and investigate. Maybe there would be more dal! I liked the dal they had the other day. But there was no dal tonight. There were plates full of vegetables and salad and quinoa.

So I nosed around in my dad's plate, in the vegetables. I smelled some interesting ones, especially the cauliflower. So I tasted some. Not bad. I nosed around in my mom's plate and almost tasted the quinoa, but it had kind of a funny sweet smell to it. I think it had apricots in it, I don't know. (The spices smelled a lot like dal but there seemed to be apricots in it too, so it was weird.) Anyway, she had caulliflower too, but it smelled a little like lemons or limes or something, so I didn't want any of hers.

They had other vegetables too, like brussels sprouts, and rooty things like burdock and sunchokes, and something my dad calls a fractal vegetable, romanesco. But it was the cauliflower that I wanted to taste.

My mom and dad think it's interesting for a cat to like cauliflower. I think cauliflower tastes interesting. As long as it does not have lemon or lime juice on it. Or apricots. That would be weird.


I climb stuff today

January 15th 2008 10:59 pm
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Today I was adventurous. I climbed stuff.

Very early this morning I climbed my dad's dresser. From there I climbed up onto my mom's dresser. From there I chose to launch myself onto the bed. I landed on my dad with an "oof." The "oof" was his. I realized that 2:30 in the morning was probably not the best time to be getting "oofs" out of my dad, so I settled down next to him and went to sleep.

Later on after my mom got up I made her leave a cupboard door open, and I climbed in and crawled around inside it for a while, investigating the pots and pans and stuff inside.

After dinner I climbed onto the kitchen counter. I'm not sure if my mom and dad saw me, because they were sitting at the table talking about stuff. I came down from there and climbed onto my dad's lap to get up on the table. There were empty bowls still on the table, so I investigated the savory smells coming from them. The smells were pretty tasty, so I nibbled a bit at them. "Look at that, she likes dal!" my mom said. I do not like dolls, I don't know what she was talking about. But the stuff in the bowls was pretty good.

Later on I climbed back onto my mom's desk and discovered a feathery cat toy on a short stick in a little basket, along with some rulers and knitting needles. I whapped at the feathery toy, rattling the knitting needles and rulers together, so my mom then took it out for me to play with. The feathers got me all riled up and I tried to kill it, but rabbit-kicking it was very unsatisfying. So I hunted my string and batted my rattling mouse around for a while.

Then my mom stuck the feathery toy into a bookcase, down low, like at nose level. Oho, this was more like it. I boxed at it over and over, giving it my all. I kept killing it with fierce bites, but it kept springing back to life. So I gave up. I may kill it some more tonight.

Oh, I also climbed on the back of the couch and on my mom's filing cabinets. I am getting good at climbing. I may try to climb up the shelves of the bookcases some day. I'll bet that would be fun.


Company comes over

January 13th 2008 10:02 pm
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Yesterday company came over to visit. I have never had company here before. Two very nice people were here. I was finishing my nap when they arrived, but by the time they were having dinner I made an appearance. It was fun roaming around the kitchen seeing the table full of people around it, instead of just my mom and dad. It was fun making the guest man open the door to the garage over and over again so I could go in and out, in and out. My dad is not so indulgent, and my mom's seat isn't even near the door to the garage.

After dinner everyone sat in the living room, but my mom didn't sit in her usual place on the couch, and my dad sat on my chair, right on top of my new soft-as-a-cloud throw. The guest man and the guest woman sat where my mom and dad usually sit on the couch.

I was rather perplexed. Where was I going to sit?

I knew the guest man and guest woman had their own cats because I could smell the cat-smells on them. So I decided maybe it would be okay to sit on their laps. They were very nice to me as I sat on them, with them and between them.

After they left I got into a frenzy. I hunted my purple string and attacked my rattling mouse, killing it five times in between mad dashes through the living room.

Then I climbed up on my mom's desk to investigate stuff. Then I explored a shelf of her bookcase and stuck my nose into a basket of yarn to pick out the best skein for future hunting expeditions.

Then I went and sat behind the giant snake plant next to my chair with the new soft-as-a-cloud throw to think about stuff for a while. I thought about how the day had been.

I decided that all in all, it was a good day.


I make progress on the computer

January 9th 2008 7:41 pm
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Today I bookmarked a web page and named it """""}.

I turned on the speakers.

I also named a file pet poRTRN q9.

This was a lot of work. I was tired afterward and took a nap.

Oh, yes, this evening I also made my dad's computer make a strange noise. It sounded like it was purring, but my dad said computers don't purr. He made me get off the keyboard at that point.

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