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Won-Ton Reflects

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Tag I'm It, #3

March 4th 2008 8:03 pm
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The fabulous Mr Galin tagged me, via a shamrock rosette. How cute; in my rosette collection, it looks like the lips from Sasha Elizabeth are kissing Galin's shamrock. Ooh, is that even allowed? mol.

Here are the rules of the game. You have to tell seven random facts about yourself. Then pick seven cats to tag, and list their names. Let them know they've been tagged by pawmailing or rosette-ing them with the news, and have them read your diary. Post the rules of the game and your seven pawsome facts and the seven kitties you're tagging. Enjoy!

So here are my Seven Random Facts, by me.

1. My dad tells me when to wake him up, and I do, almost exactly to the minute every morning.

2. I love my cat charmer toy more than anything in the whole wide world.

3. I hardly shed at all. My mom cannot figure that out, but she is not complaining.

4. My mom brings me a cup of water when I am on my cat tree. She knows I get thirsty but my old cat bones are too tired to go hiking all the way down and into the other room and then all the way back up the cat tree again just for a sip or two of water. She thinks proper hydration is very important for cats, so she does her best to make it easy for me to drink my fill.

5. My dad calls me Kitten.

6. I like Brussels sprouts.

7. I do not miss my old home at all. It was not much of a home. This place is much better. Much, much better.

I am tagging Mr. P. (and I hope he joins in!), Sasha Elizabeth, Shyla, Sausage, Hudson, Kittanna, and Shadow.


Forest smells

March 2nd 2008 9:23 pm
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After several recent cloudy days, today was mild and sunny. My mom and dad went out before lunch and didn't come back for hours and hours, till just before dinnertime.

The house was quiet with both them gone. I felt the silent hours pass as the sun crept across the sky. After a while I began to wonder why they were gone so long and when they'd be home.

And they finally came home. I was so happy! I asked them why they were gone for so long, and they gave me nice little skritchy-skratches and kisses. They told me how happy they were to see me again, and my mom said she had missed me.

When she was petting me, I detected some new smells on her hands and clothes, and I spent a long time eagerly investigating them. I smelled the forest, and lichen, and tree bark (at least 4 different kinds), and grass, and stones, and dead leaves, and root beer (??? I guess they had lunch in the forest?), and mouse bones, and apple blossoms, and lake water, and moss. Even though it smelled so different from what I used to smell here in the neighborhood when I was a stray, it made me want to be there outside in the forest so bad. My mom opened my window and I sat for a long time pressing my nose against the screen, sniffing and smelling and hoping for a whiff of at least one of the smells my mom brought home with her hands and clothes.

Maybe one day I can go to the forest. I would spend all day long doing nothing but smelling all the smells, and then I would also stay up all night long smelling all the smells some more. I would smell them all very deeply, all the way back into the deepest depths of my nose, and I would think about all these smells and decide exactly what they were telling me about the deepest, darkest forest and every single plant and animal that lived there. Then I would be the wisest cat of all. And the happiest, too. That would be most wonderful.


My mom is unusual

February 29th 2008 5:48 pm
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My mom is not sick with the flu anymore (even though she still coughs some), but she is still saying goofy things.

Today she called me Cupcake, which she does almost every day. But then she also called me Gingerbread Cat. This was right before lunch. Maybe she was hungry.

Then she kissed me on my head and said, "You smell nice, Won. I like how you smell. You have a nice little smell. It's very pleasant."

Now, of all the nice things people have said to me over the years, no one has ever complimented me on my smell. My mom is the first person who has ever done that.

My mom is really unusual.


My own document

February 26th 2008 11:27 am
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Because I keep trying to type on her computer so much, my mom gave me a document all my own, and I can type in it all I want.

OK, so, today I typed .;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;l

and 2333333vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvcAZASSSS

and N¸˛ıß.

I'm really proud of that last one. My mom can't figure out how I did it.

Once I somehow renamed her Field Trips files. She was looking in her Pictures folder and saw a subfolder named 67. She does not name folders that way, and she also could not find her Field Trips folder with almost all her pictures in it. She realized I had renamed the folder as 67. She was very glad she figured that out. So was I. It was fun renaming her folder, but I did not want to be known as the one who lost all her Field Trip pictures.


My mom is sick and talks crazy

February 21st 2008 9:59 pm
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My mom has been really sick all week, but she seems to be getting better. She coughs a lot but her fever is gone. She lay in bed this afternoon and I snuggled with her.

"Come here, you beautiful, wonderful little cat! You are so wonderful! Do you know that?" she said in her raspy voice.

"You are the most wonderful cat in the whole universe! *koff koff koff* How are you, my lovely, wonderful, special, *koff koff*, precious little wonderful little cat?" she squeaked.

I crawled into her lap. "Can I give you eighteen thousand kisses?" she said, kissing me on my head, "and a hug? Because you are such a beautiful creature?"

She shut her little notebook computer and lay down flat on the blanket to doze off. While she napped, her arm came up and dislodged a pillow, knocking it askew against the headboard. I crawled into the little secret cave it formed, and it was so perfectly suited to me that only my nose stuck out. I brushed my whiskers against her face and kneaded a little on her upper arm, then I slept too.

When I awoke she was up and in the kitchen. "Look at my little love! You are such a wonderful little cat! *koff koff* Do you want some snacks?" she rasped. "I'll give you some delicious snacks, because you are such a beautiful, wonderful creature! Look at you, you beautiful soul! *koff koff koff* I'm so glad I can do something nice for you," she squeaked.

She fed me my snacks, then my dad came home. We sat together on the couch. "Oh, look *koff*, here's that little cat we keep seeing around the house. Isn't she nice? *koff koff* Such a nice cat! How did you get here?" She coughed and skritchy-skratched my ears. "I'll bet you're a very nice cat. *koff* I'll bet you're the most wonderful, most beautiful cat in the whole universe! *koff koff* Hi, fellow Earthling! Beautiful fellow Earthling! Such a wonderful creature! *koff koff koff*" she squeaked as she kissed the tip of my tail.

I don't mind the coughing. It's the crazy talk that's getting to me. I hope my mom gets better soon.


The Zen message

February 19th 2008 10:43 pm
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My evening stroll on my mom's keyboard generated a message on her monitor tonight:

"You cannot paste 'Products' in this location because you cannot paste an item into itself."

"Wow. That's so Zen," my mom said once she persuaded me off her laptop and had a chance to assess my doings. "Huh, I bet I can. I bet there's a way. Won-Ton will show me how."

Sure. If I don't crash her computer first.


My mom and dad are sick

February 17th 2008 4:46 pm
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My mom and dad have been sick all week. They have been coughing and sneezing. My mom went back to bed right after breakfast this morning. She seems to be worse today. My dad left work early to come home and got into bed. I crawled into bed between them, and we all slept quietly together as the hazy sun crept through the tranquil afternoon sky. It was nice having a chance to cuddle with my mom and dad, in spite of the occasional explosive cough.


I smell Spring

February 11th 2008 10:39 pm
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Spring is getting closer and closer. Birds are chirping and romping outside my window, and buds are appearing on the branches. It is so mild today that my mom has opened the bedroom window, and I am sitting on my cat tree carefully sniffing all the smells wafting in through the screen.

I smell warm earth, plum and magnolia blossoms, dogs, people, car exhaust, lots of ivy, eucalyptus, mint, pine, and the wooden backyard fence warming up in the sun. The breeze is soft on my nose. It is like a refreshing drink of water after breathing just house air ever since I got here.

I'm glad I live inside now, but I do miss all the fresh air when I lived outside.


I've been tagged again! Whee!

February 8th 2008 5:57 pm
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The awesome Sausage from Black Cats Crossing our Paths has tagged me. Kewl! I get to talk about myself some more! Whee!

Here are the rules of the game. You have to tell seven random facts about yourself. Then pick seven cats to tag, and list their names. Let them know they've been tagged by pawmailing or rosette-ing them with the news, and have them read your diary. Post the rules of the game and your seven pawsome facts and the seven kitties you're tagging. Enjoy!

My 7 Pawsome Factoids,
by Won-Ton

1. I once ate a Brussels sprout leaf. It was on my dad's dinner plate.

2. I don't like having my picture taken.

3. I thought my dad's bags of sand in the garage were another place to go wee and make ookies.

4. I am now banned from the garage.

5. I make my purr sound really gurgly when I am extra-special happy so my mom and dad will know it.

6. My mom and dad used to call me Juan because they thought I was a boy, until a vet set them straight.

7. I don't like being brushed or combed.

OK, I'm tagging Mr. P., Isabelle, Shyla, Oliver, Felix and Buster.


I get my own cup

February 4th 2008 11:07 pm
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I like drinking from cups. Water tastes better in cups than in bowls.

When I first got here, my mom and dad were giving me water in a bowl. It was OK. But then I tasted the water in the cups they were using. It was so much better.

Every time my mom put a cup down, I'd drink out of it. Yum! I'd sneak drinks from my dad's water glass. Yum! Even if I'd just had a drink from my bowl, I'd want to drink from their cups and glasses even more. Because it was yum!

So finally my mom gave me my own cup of water. Actually, she gave me two. One is in the kitchen next to my kibble bowl, the other one is on a little table next to my cat tree. I am never far from a cup of water.

When she took the water bowl away and put the new cup down next to my kibbles, I told her it was about time, in my most reproachful meow. Then I drank my fill. Yum! Then I went and sat in her lap and purred for a while. Then I got up and drank from my cup some more. Yum!

I like having my own cup of water.

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