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Lil' Whipper Snapper in da house!

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December 8th 2007 8:33 am
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YAY! I'm purrrty sure our shots will be delayed... You see, we sorta got a kitty cold... Mom was going to take us in TODAY but the evil Vet that didn't give Hondo meds? Remember that? Well, she's the one working today...

We're eating, playing, drinking, etc., just got some boogies on our nose and a tinyyyyyyy cough. The big boys are quarantined from us and mom has 10 pills of Clavimox on standby for them as our Vet will give us more on Monday.

I hope you all have a pawsome weekend! Mom is relieved that dad is home all weekend too as she stresses when any one of us is ill, etc., MOL!


2 videos!

December 6th 2007 6:55 pm
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Ooooooooo today I was being extra silly so mom took some videos!! There was another we didn't post of me attacking her camera string, but mom was embarrassed as she was in her PJ's, and who wants to see "The Peanuts" PJ's :) Hope you enjoy my videos :)

This weekend is Mitten's turn at the camera. He was busy eating (big surprise) and then playing with Fido to be bothered with his photo shoot.


*Embarassed, blush*

December 5th 2007 3:02 am
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Ok, yes this diary is early for us... And I swear I didn't wake up mom... But um... She woke up to see that both me AND Mittens are DDP!! *Embarrassed* I'm like, as RA once said furrr herself, "A DDP Piggy!" *blush*

I guess I might as well put in a plug for my brothers' wife :) Today is *RUE RUE'S* 4th Birthday!!! There's an all day party *HERE*!! Last night when we were helping Hondo set up camp, we were SHOCKED to see that we could attend the party! AT LAST!! You see, when you join Catster, for a week or so, you can't post on the forums (or at least some threads in the forums). So we missed Murray and Allie's bday!!!

So we were both very happy about that :) Poor Mittens... His DDP was about his soft poos! MOL!!!!

PS!! SNOW SNOW!! MY FIRST SNOWFALL TODAY!!!! It's about... 1/4 inch IF that!! Dang, Virginia kids probably had a snow day...


I'm a DDP!!!

December 4th 2007 1:17 am
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SWEET! At last, I have successfully followed in my big brothers' foot steps as I'm a DDP today!! And what a day too! I just found out that *LANCELOT* officially agreed to be our "Tio", aka Unkie!!! What an honor!!!

We know him from the *ULTIMATE HARRY POTTER FAN CLUB* as he too, is a Potter Head like us :) Next month he and the doggie of his, Enigma, are moving to Spain!!! Does that mean I get to visit him?? MOL! Also, we just got a surprise too! Lancelot and family was so kind to send us 120 zealies! OMC! Thank you Unkie!!!

It's a good thing I have an honor today! Again, look at the time of this entry... Too early!! Mom went to bed at midnight and woke up at 3:30 as it was too hot in their room. So she turned down the heat and then noticed that I was missing!!! For the most part, me and my twin aren't allowed to free roam 24/7 as mom is monitoring our stools, (and to prevent Boogie from getting BIGGER from kitten food). But she found me behind their dresser!!! There was a 2 inch space! How'd I get there she asked!! So now mom has more towels plugging up that space :( Drats! I'll have to find another hiding spot!!!



December 3rd 2007 3:00 am
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So you can see this diary entry is way early! Mom went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 5am. Her sleep is so messed up!

Anymeow, dad is on day work this month so mom made herself and dad breakfast. Dad dropped some egg on the floor and I scarfed it up! As Mittens meowed, I made this noise "Nyommmmmmm nyommmmmmmm nyommmmmmm" it's the same as if a human said "Mmmmmmmm" :) I love food! I'm protective of it! Mittens eats and eats, so I growl when he eats out of MY dish! He has his own!!

I can't wait to meet our V-E-T a week from today! We plan to get pics taken with him like my brothers did. Boogie has a physical in January, so he'll finally get his pic taken too!

I love my brothers! Even Fido is pretty fun to play with. I run up to him and he RUNS! MOL!!!


Beauty Rest

December 1st 2007 3:28 pm
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YAWN, just woke up from a catnap... I am getting tons of beauty rest. Since my furrr is a bit longer and fluffier than Mittens, I swear I get bed head... Sometimes I wake up and the side of my face is smooshed! Mom will more than likely take incriminating pics soon!!

I was laying on mom's pillows again :) Dang, they're comfy!!! Dad's are too but so far I like mom more :) Actually, we both love them equal but I think I'm (for now) a momma's boy :)

Boogie and I love to play Turbo Scratcher together! I heard something about mom trying to capture that on film with our camera to post :)


Charmmy Kitty's Salon!

November 30th 2007 2:00 am
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WOAH! I got my first nail clipping since I came home! It wasn't so bad! Mom helped and it went really quick! She noticed that the furrr near my toes are long which made it hard to cut, but I'm all good! She didn't sit on me like Auntie showed us (very clever) but instead, had me lie on my side, and then she did the clip, clip, clip!

She ever did Mittens' toes! Fido got his done too even though he's not a HK member. Hondo got 80% of them done, he's mad that he couldn't get nail polish on his MOL!!! Boogie is next! DOM DOM DOMmmmmmmmmmm


V-E-T Cancelled...

November 28th 2007 8:29 pm
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Ok, mom decided to not get all panicky and canceled my appointment. She was talking with some catsters and many, including the breeder, said that with a cold, often both eyes will be watery. Many of you thought that I got something in my eye, or Mittens bunny kicked me (HE DOES A MEAN BUNNY KICK!) MOL!! But in the meantime, mom is watching me as she took off work this week. She put a warm compress and then some eye stuff in my eye. Cross your paws! Thanks everyone for emailing with advice! Mom is new at this kitten stuff!!


OH NO! The V-E-T!!!!

November 28th 2007 1:32 pm
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:( So yesterday my left eye started to water (1x) and then it was fine. But mom just noticed my left eye is watering again, so that might indicate that I have a cold? Raggies we're told by Barb, Lisa, and others, sneeze more than other breeds. So mom is all sad now...

Mittens is fine *knock on wood*. I'm going to a male vet who's not our regular vet tomorrow. Mom hopes he's ok, but couldn't wait till December 10 to see our NORMAL vet. She won't take a chance. Our normal vet is at work 2x in Dec as he's close to retiring. The old school vets are the best, these new ones aren't so hot (at least in our area). Mom said "I DO NOT want Dr. __"!! Reason is when Hondo went in when he was sick w/ sneezes, remember how he received NO meds?!?! Sure our normal vet reimbursed us, but mom was livid!!!!

I'm sure I'll knead clavimox but oh mom is sad... Again, partly due to sleep deprivation...



November 28th 2007 11:05 am
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Hmmmmmm I don't mind these clothes, but Mittens sorta doesn't like them... He is a bit squirmy compared to me :) I had a good nights sleep on mom's pillow. Her body sorta aches as she doesn't want to disturb me, so she sleeps in a most uncomfortable position.

A funny thing mom noticed is that when I'm getting lovies, Mittens gets sorta jealous and will muscle his way to get lovies, thus robbing me of them!! The nerve!!! He even stepped ON me! MOL!!!!

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