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Lil' Whipper Snapper in da house!

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UTI :(

December 28th 2012 11:01 am
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So mom is going to pick me up at the vet in a few. And FYI yes, I do have my own pawsonal iPad and I am telling the tech what to meow. J/K

So I went into the vet today and they again couldn't get a urine sample. I can't have a lot of fluids with HCM so they only administered 100 ml (or cc?) instead of the usual 200-250. Since my bladder is small they can't use the typical needle to get my urine. So I was left at the vet from 10:30 till now, 2pm EST. They got my urine!

So there's white cells, blood in my urine, aka bacteria, so it's an UTI and not sterile cystitis. I now have a script for Hills c/d moist to help my issues. Never had an UTI before. Can those just come out of no where?

Thank you for the purrs. I will be increasing my meds to 2x a day Zeniquin and Buprenex for the pain. Again they would have prescribed a different med but can't mix it with Lasix and Analapril :( Both my vet and the Emergency vet said.


Emergency Vet

December 26th 2012 12:52 pm
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Of all days, I had to pick today to go to the Emergency Vet. VA is getting the icy/sleet/snow storm that OK and TX got hit with.

Grandpaw drove as he has 4 wheel drive. So mom noticed I was going upstairs more to use the box. She went to scoop and I showed her that I didn't feel well. I used the box while she scooped the other and a tiny TINY dime size of pee came out. 10 minutes later the same thing happened. Mom called the Vet but they were closing in 30 min due to the storm.

So off to the Emergency Vet I went! They did:

Idexx Catalyst 10 Chem/Mini Chem. My kid-knee are good which is important as I have HCM and the meds can ruin my kid-knee.

The meds are: Zenequin 25mg, and Buprenex .3 oral liquid. I need to make a followup with my regular vet as I have a tiny bladder and they couldn't get a sample. So it's either an UTI or Sterile Cystitis. Purrrs would be appreciated. I'm just glad I don't have Crystals or Blockage! The vet was happy mom acted quickly!


Do you like deli meat?

November 29th 2012 4:47 pm
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I do!! We all do except Fido. He doesn't seem to care for turkey, ham or roast beef!!

The other day mom had a sub sandwich from Subway. Naturally we all begged for the meat and got some. I don't know how Fido can say NO to that!!

I remember the first time this year when we all got deli meat, we went nuts! Even Porkers, the pickiest eater ever liked deli meat. Something is wrong with Fido.

I hope mom gets a subway again soon!


Gotcha Day!

November 23rd 2012 7:03 pm
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Today is the day I came into my mom's life! Yup, the day I was adopted :) Hard to believe it was 5 years ago!! Mom wasn't able to get onto the computer until just now as she was busy working out, then had to do laundry, and make dinner.

That's ok I knew she'd log on as me and Mittens had a rosettes to view from Smiley Cassanova and Big Harry's family! Thanks so much Smiley for putting a smile on our cute faces :)

I did get some moist Wuevera tonight but I think I'm getting tired of that as I didn't eat much. Mom decided to give me extra treats so it's all good! Wishing my brother Mittens a Happy Gotcha Day too!!!


Ladybug injustice!!!!

October 17th 2012 4:19 pm
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So I have always been about the ever so cute Ladybugs right? RIGHT?!?!

Mom went to Target to get my medicine and also bought stinky doggy a Pumpkin outfit. He may be dressed up as a Pumpkin, but it is I, Tiskers, who is as CUTE as a pumpkin!

Well I'm told that mom had just checked out at the Pharmacy and was walking out of the store when she saw...

A Ladybuggie!!! A TOY!! BUT!! Hold up! It's a DOG toy! WHY did my mom buy stinky dog another toy? Sure he has 4 stuffed toys, and rawhides which is a bunch less toys than us cats, but still! A poor innocent Ladybug is now at the mercy of my stinky brother Ethan! And it looks like MY ladybug!

Target has these dread lock looking toys and Ethan has a bear, a froggie and now a ladybug from this line of dog toys. Poor ladybug!!!!



September 25th 2012 12:48 pm
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Meow! Since my fur is not so dark black like Fido's, I went on an even longer walk than he did! Mom worries about his black fur being hot.

I sooooooooo enjoyed strolling! The last time I went, I had quite the catitutde 'cause PorkChop was in the stroller with me. This time mom took ONLY me and I quite enjoyed that. She took a few pictures and posted them on FB. Everyone likes how my ears are so alert in the pic :)

Mom tried to get Boogie for round 3 of strollin' but he ran upstairs. What a lazy bum!

Lambie didn't go with me, but that's ok, I think I like strollin' alone!



September 23rd 2012 7:43 pm
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This entire week has been gorgeous so mom is going to take me strolling. Last time I went strolling I had a HUGE Catitutde towards PorkChop, so mom might just stroll me alone.

I don't mind as I will have Lambie with me while I stroll!

PorkChop and Fido like to stroll together. Too bad Hondo and Mittens don't. They have no idea what they're missing! Smelling the fresh air and being out and about is always fun, especially with mom :)

Hope my friends are doing well!



September 17th 2012 11:19 am
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I'm a DDP today!!

Yup, I'm a big big boy now at 18 pounds and my heart sounds good considering. Huge relief.

This morning I woke up mom and sat on her head. I sometimes do that as she doesn't leave me much of her pillow to sleep on, the nerve! I'll let it slide this time.

I might go for a stroll with mom later as the weather has been so nice lately!! I hope that hot hot stuff is long gone!


Vet appointment

September 13th 2012 5:16 pm
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Wow, I gained a pound!!! My Cardiologist would be happy as he doesn't want me loosing weight.

I saw Dr. Welch today along with Boogers by my side. I had a huge catitude but I don't care :) I'm Alpha!

All sounded good with my heart. The Cardiologist a while back faxed my vet saying I don't need to see him unless my exam went bad. The drive is too stressful for me and the Cardiologist said as long as I get my annual and all sounds good, my vet will refill my meds. Naturally if I start to breath funny I'm off to see the Cardiologist. I love being told I'm handsome :)

Ok time for moist food!!!


Bday gifts!

September 6th 2012 6:45 pm
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Turning 5 has been wonderful!!! Mom spoiled us with extra rations of our favorite moist food and of course treats!

Our litter mate Biscotti and auntie Barb gave me and my twin Mittens wonderful gifts for our bday!! We got not 1, but 2 mousies (white/blue) and 2 bags of treats called "Crave". We've never had these before but they look nummie!! We also got a very pretty card that mom read to us, and Mittens claimed this felt/braided/feather toy while I claimed the birdie toy called "Beeks". Thank you oh so much Biscotti and Auntie Barb!!!

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