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Rockin' With Riley

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One Last Night

December 6th 2009 4:11 pm
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I'm not feeling much like rockin' any more.
I can barely walk, and have no interest in food or water. I saw the vet this afternoon, momma carried me like a baby, wrapped in a blanket. My vet said it was time. She left daddy and mom alone with me. There was a lady crying in the next room. She was saying goodbye to her cat too.
There is too much damage to my organs from the infection. I am not responding to the medicines. I just feel tired. I won't open my eyes.
The vet saw that my parents weren't ready to say goodbye. She said we could come back in the morning, so I could have one more night at home with my family. Mom and Dad will both sleep in the office with me. I think I've run out of miracles this time.
Please purr for my peaceful crossing.

With much love,



December 5th 2009 8:40 pm
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Things are not good here.
Mom and dad just got home from being out of town today, and I haven't peed a drop all day.
They set me up in the laundry room, before they left, with my own bed, litter and food, so they could monitor my intake and output. It appears I haven't eaten anything, maybe had a little water, but no pee or poop in the litter. The vet said it is not an emergency because my bladder is empty. But that means I'm not making kidney's are not working.
Daddy gave me double fluids to try to stimulate some urine production. If I haven't peed by morning, it's back to the hospital again. I never thought I'd hear mom praying for pee. She's usually complaining about cleaning it up.
Please keep me in your purrayers tonight.

Love, Riley


More Woes

December 4th 2009 6:25 pm
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Hiya friends. Sorry I haven't had time to update this in a while.
Well I spent all day at the vet hospital again :( but I got sprung tonight. :)
Yesterday I quit peeing again, and I still can't breathe through my nose.
I sound like a buzz saw, even worse than daddy's snoring. (well almost worse)
I got more medicine to take for my stuffy nose, and another to help me pee. The vet said my bladder was not full, which is good, no blockages, but I strain to pee, and I keep going in the litter box over and over for just a few drops. I have also stopped eating, and keep gagging, but have no food in my stomach to throw up. I'm a mess, mom says. She carried me around in her arms, to comfort me, but I really look and feel awful. The vet also re-checked my kidney values. The BUN was up some, but not too bad, but the Creatine had doubled. She said this was bad for my long term prognosis, and that I needed to be hydrated now, with sub-Q fluids, like Harry.
Daddy is a pro with that needle, and I will be easier because I'm not skinny like Harry is.
At least I escaped the catheter tube again. For some reason, I would rather skip that one.
That's about all for now. I hope you all will forgive me for not sending any thank you's yet.
It's been more than crazy around here, and we are really badly behind.
I am very grateful for all the purrs. I'll try real hard to get well, I really will.

Love & Peaceful Purrs,


Good To be Home

November 29th 2009 4:29 pm
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I'm very grateful to be home finally. I spent half last night with mom & Harry & Stinky, in the office, and the second half next to dad, in the bedroom.
My nose was very stuffy this morning, and I didn't feel like eating. Mom was nervous about leaving me alone again, while they worked. But I did OK, and when she got home tonight, I ate some of my prescription food. It's going to take some getting used to.
One good thing though, Harry ate it with me. He hasn't eaten this K/D kidney food for months, and so if he will eat it again, it will help postpone his journey to the Bridge. So I told him there's a whole case, to chow down!

Stinky had another very bad night of breathing difficulties. He sat at the bottom of mom's air mat all night long, never would or could lay down. Every time mom woke up (lots because she was worrying again) there he sat. Occasionally when she called to him, he would purr his big rattly purr and come up and nuzzle her hands. She would stroke his face and talk to him. I wish they would make a medicine to make him feel better.
I slept pretty well. Do you know that Harry sleeps with his eyes open sometimes? He has scared mom to death a half dozen times because he looks like he is dead, but he's sound asleep with eyes wide open. What a silly dude.

So all three of us could still use more purrs of you can spare some more. I hate to be greedy with them, there are so many cats in need. Our lovely friend, Twix, made us a beautiful picture. Want to see it?


It's really nice, right? Anyone can use it if they want, but not as your main picture please...we want to see each of your wonderful faces.

We are thinking of making a page for our family members who need purrs, so we can display the lovely tribute pictures there. We asked Catster HQ if they would let us put pictures of our friends on there too, and they said no, but I think if we get permission from the cat's family, it might be okay for a few. We have so many friends needing purrs too.

I also have a new Guardian Angel! His name is Smokey. He just came to Catster a few weeks ago.
And BUDDIE has been watching over me too, and making frequent visits with Heavenly Ice cream! That stuff is magic!

Soon I will be in touch with everyone who has been so kind this last week.
I wish you all a good week. Even if I'm not feeling so hot, it will be a good one for me because I am not in a cage! Purrrrrs.



I'm Coming Home Today!

November 28th 2009 7:21 am
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This will be quick, because mom is leaving for work ten minutes ago...
(Daddy's already hollering) *grin*

The vet just called, and I peed all my myself last night!
He's giving me an "anti-spasmodic" to help me pee, but he says I can come home, on a prescription diet. I never liked canned food before, but I've gotten used to the K/D, so we'll give that a try. I am so happy to be getting home. Mom is concerned because she has to work all day and will not be here to watch me. So I need my angel pals to keep an eye on me today.
Thanks again to everycat who helped me get home again, by purring so hard. I don't think I would be here without you.

Love, Peace and Catnip purrs,


Day Five and Counting...

November 27th 2009 4:33 pm
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I wanna come home!
Five days, and I'm still going to have to stay another day tomorrow.
I have been eating, and my eyes look better, but now I have a new problem.
I can't pee. Before, I was peeing tons, due to my kidney trouble, and now I am straining for just a few drops. The vet did a urinalysis, and I don't have any crystals, and no infection showed up there, and with the palpitation of my bladder, he can't feel any obstructions, so tomorrow they are going to put in a catheter tube. Oh, I don't like the sound of that much at all. I'm already tripping over this IV line.

Mom and Dad came to visit, and I was my cuddly self, but not purring much. The vet tech said she held me while they cleaned my cage and I was very lovable. She took a picture of me rolling on my back for a tummy rub, with her cell phone. That's weird how phones can take pictures. Mom can't even figure out how to answer a second call when it rings and she's on the phone. Don't give her one of those phones, she'll be taking pictures of her ear!
But I did convince mom to bring me my bed. She's washing it and at least I will get to sleep all squishy now.

Thank you all again, for keeping me in your thoughts and for all the purrs. After I get home, I'll bump Hannah off the computer and write my thank you's.
Going to turn in early tonight, I've got the place all to myself, and it'll be nice to dream about that juicy drumstick waiting for me, instead of catheter tubes!

Goodnight Purrs,


No Turkey For Me, But I Can See!!!

November 25th 2009 7:41 pm
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Riley here...and guess what?
My eyes are showing improvement, and some of the cloudiness is going away!
I think my nice vet has a little crush on me too, because she has the isolation room door open, and it lets me see straight down the hall to the lab. She says she is pretty sure I am watching what she is doing. *grin* The vet tech said I was "perky". Perky?
I don't feel so perky...and actually I would rather be on my soft bed at home. Hey mom, maybe you could bring it up here?
Well, I have to stay tonight, and probably tomorrow. My numbers have improved, but not enough yet. One number is now 80, from over 130, but it should be around 30. Still, that's progress. Also I ate a whole can of food today. I think that roommate cat I had who ate all day long, got me hungry. He went home, and now a very loud orangie is in the apartment above me. I hope he's not planning any Thanksgiving parties because I need some sleep.
That's about all I have for tonight. I hope everyone has a fun and filling Turkey Day!
Please, would ya save me some leftovers? I like the drumstick!

Goodnight purrs,


Another Night!

November 25th 2009 6:41 am
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Day Three:

Still hangin' on, my pals!
I had one small mishap, but I'm OK. I was purring and rubbing against the bars of the cage at the hospital (I'm still in the isolation room) and the latch popped open and I fell out on the floor!
I still can't see, the infection in my eyes has made them cloudy, so I meowed, but my meow is a little high pitched squeal. I got a little tangled in my IV line too.
Luckily I was in the bottom cage, because yesterday I was in the top one.
Finally someone came in and rescued me. Mommy says that latch is stiff, and has to be pushed down hard.
Today I have more tests done to see if the medicines are helping my kidneys and liver. I think they are going to start working on my eyes also. I hope I will be able to see again, there is too much I would miss.
I will write again, later today, after the test results come in.
I want to wish everycat and their families a happy Thanksgiving. Maybe I will get to come home and eat turkey?

Peace & purrs,


A Quick Note From Mom

November 24th 2009 12:25 pm
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All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for all the purrs, notes, comments, rosettes etc.
I just got back from visiting Riley, and I am so happy at what I saw. He purred up a storm, nudged my hands and arms, and then plopped on his back for a belly rub! He kneaded the air with his paws. I can't tell you how this made me feel, and the tears of joy it brought to my eyes.
He is still in serious condition. Tomorrow morning they will repeat the blood and urine tests and see if the numbers have improved. I can't help but believe they will have because it is evident he is already feeling better. They said he ate a small amount for breakfast, but it was not enough to stop the liver from sustaining damage, so that will be another mountain to climb.
I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my boy well. There is more I want to say, but I have to go to work and make some $$$ for my expensive babies!

With love and a happy heart,
Teri & David


I'm Still Here!!!

November 24th 2009 6:45 am
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I made it through the night!
I felt the purrs of so many wonderful friends.
I felt so many angel friends nearby, watching over me, and my brother Zack, and Wally were here all night.
I sat up this morning. :)
Mom has not been here yet, but will be soon. She talked with my vet, who is a little more optimistic today. The vet is giving me oral antibiotics too, on top of the intravenous ones. The infection is the big thing, the kidney issues are being dealt with with fluids, for now. If I eat, that will be very important for my liver, which is very compromised right now. I will have to stay in the hospital again today and tonight, but then we will see. I sure want to come home.
I love you all very much, and so do my momma and daddy.

Purrs, Riley

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