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One Cat-tastrophy after another by Zack

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New Mews, I mean News

May 6th 2005 5:36 pm
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Just wanted to keep you up to date on the kittens. They are starting to open their eyes! Don't you just wonder what they think of this world? Momma has her eyes on the little buff colored girl. Dad has his eyes on the nut farm if they keep any more cats! Awww, they love us all...catch you later, >^,,^< Zack


Oh Baby! Babies!

April 30th 2005 6:00 am
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You'll never guess what we have around our house! Ready? Eight newborn kittens! Mommy and Dad rescued two pregnant kitties and they both had their babies the same day, well almost. One had hers on Sunday afternoon, and the other started Sunday night and finished 5:00 AM Monday morning! They didn't get any sleep that night. More stories coming soon and pictures, as soon as Dad responds to Mom's nagging, I mean asking, for pictures to be taken! Have to admit, they are cute...all of them are different colors! Catch you later, >^,,^< Zack


Oh Brother!

February 27th 2005 7:35 am
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Well, for once it's not my fault for this trip to the mean brother, Stinky, bit my tail. Now, why would he go and do that? I'm really an easy guy to get along with. The vet had to shave my tail halfway, so I look like a stylish lion. It does get me extra attention ...Dad has to give me yucky pills, but Mom fixes my favorite dinner after. I'm such a good boy...sometimes... love and licks, >^,,^< Zack


The Mystery of the Missing Golf Balls

October 6th 2004 8:42 pm
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One of my favorite toys to play with is my yellow plastic golf balls. The holes make it real easy for me to carry them around. I like to retrieve them when Dad throws them. I especially like the noise they make on the tile. Mom and Dad look and look for where I put them. They look under the bed, under the couch, under the dresser, even behind the refrigerator. But these balls are nowhere to be found. So they buy more, but before you know it, the new ones have gone missing too! They can't figure it out...heh heh. Then one day Mom sees me walking down the hall with a ball. I don't see her though, and proceed into the bedroom. There beside the dresser is a hole in the wall, where bugulars came to our house and pulled the TV out so hard, it left a hole where the wallplate was. This is my secret place. I drop my ball in the hole, and it joins the 15 others already there. AH HAH! says Mom...Caught you! Busted... >^,,^< Zack


The Notorious Raspberry Kool-Aid Caper

October 2nd 2004 6:56 am
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Yeah, you guessed it...I'm in trouble again. Well really it's not ALL my fault, Mommy TOLD Daddy over and over again, not to take drinks into the only room in the house that still had carpet. Mom says Dad is best friends with that Murphy fellow, so if it can go wrong, it will. Well it did. Since I was a kitten, I have enjoyed putting my paw on the edge of a glass and pulling it over, and then with one backwards glance, I would go tearing off. (Now that I'm big, I try this with buckets, too.) Well, the now infamous glass of raspberry Kool-Aid ended up all over the side of the leather couch and on the tan carpet. I've never heard Dad use THOSE words before! (Mom says write her for the name of a good cleaner). I'm such a bad boy...sure glad they love me. >^,,^< Zack


More Trouble ...

September 30th 2004 8:54 am
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I have to admit I do have a very bad habit, I don't know why I do it...I just can't stop myself... I eat things I shouldn't. Now, I'm not talking about the things my human parents eat that THEY shouldn't (like ice cream, pie, cookies, etc.) I eat "fuzzy" things, or "stringy" things. My favorite of favorites is dryer lint. Yum Yum. When Mom pulls out the screen to clean it out, I stick my paw down the opening and fish more out! The lint doesn't cause me any trouble, but once I decided to try brillo pads. Man, was I sick for a week. You think I would learn, but like I say...I CAN'T HELP MYSELF! That same year I discovered my second greatest passion, a seasonal treat...easter basket grass. Mom and Dad didn't know I was eating this until it began to make it's "exit". Boy, were they suprised and mad, and after yet another trip to the vet (I love my doctor, but hate vet trips), I was OK. I do have an interesting life. >^,,^< More soon. Zack


Early Days...

September 27th 2004 5:46 pm
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I should start by telling you my full name. Zack Kato Turbo Monster. My I.D. tag says Zack KTM. The Kato part is from the character in the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies. who used to hide and jump out. I did that as a kitten, and sometimes still do. Love, Love a game of chase as long as Mom says "I'm gonna get you!" Dad wanted to call me Turbo, because of the way I raced around the house (and he likes race cars). but Mom said NO. So it's my middle name. The monster part is self explanitory. Eight years later, Dad still yells "You little monster!" >^,,^< Who, Me?...more later...ZACK

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