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One Cat-tastrophy after another by Zack

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The Thin Man

April 1st 2009 8:25 pm
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That's my new name around here. The Thin Man.
How skinny can a cat get? I look scary. But I feel okay.

The night before last I did something different. For the last two months I have been sleeping in the office, on a fleece cat bed on the desk. Sometimes during the day, if mom is home, I go out and roam around the house, but I have to be supervised so I don't try to eat the dry kibble. There are always about six bowls of that set out. Anyway, the night before last, I went out of the office, and didn't ask to come back in. Dad was already in bed, and mom was trying to go to bed, but she couldn't find me. She looked in every room. She looked again in every room.
Finally she gave up, and turned the bedroom light on. There I was, on the top shelf in the bedroom. Daddy built staggered height shelves above the bed, and mom puts narrow cat beds on them, with rug gripper. Usually Lucy, Enzo, Larke, Sissy, or Kate hang out on them. I have never gotten up there. But there I was!
In the dark, she had thought I was Enzo. We look more alike now that I'm skinny. Dad joked that she couldn't find me because I turned sideways, MOL! I admit...I wouldn't make a decent meal for the coyote who lives in our neighborhood. *grins*

But I'm good for now, my friends. The rosettes keep coming in, and I am still writing thank you's, but I messed up. I started at one end, the oldest, then began the newest and worked back, now some are dropping off, and I got lost in the middle. So I am taking a little longer than I should, but I'm almost there!

Mom says I have to get after it because Hannah's birthday is on the 5th, and then a whole bunch after that.

Well, I didn't mean to write a book. Get some sleep, my pals.
I'll try not to snore and keep you up. :)

Pleasant dreams, and Kiwi, my love, my dreams are ALWAYS about you.

Loving purrs, >^,,^< Zack


Still Purrin'

March 23rd 2009 9:31 am
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Hello again, Zack here, and still purring!
The love and purrs are doing the trick. I am feeling stronger, resting more comfortably and looking pretty good for a skinny olde furt!
My mouth is no longer bleeding. I just have to stay on a liquid diet.
Today I am going to get some tuna juice, and dad will get tuna sandwiches. :)
I'd like some tuna too, but no solid food, rats.
I have another new picture. It's my first "bowl" picture. Most of the other cats have had their picture taken in our popular big ceramic bowl that sits on the kitchen counter. But somehow they always missed mine. Well, mom moved the bowl into the office because it is starting to warm up outside and she thought I might like to lay in the cool bowl. She was right!
I have three pictures in it, but for now I will just put one on.
I will be starting to catch up on correspondence, and thank you's again soon.
I guess that's about it, for now. Nap time again. :)

See you, my friends.
Love & purrs,
>^,,^< Zack (snoring away)


New Pictures

March 20th 2009 10:57 pm
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Just when I thought I might not have any new pictures...
Three new pictures!
I had a GOOD day today! Purrrrrrrrrr
My vet recommended a prescription food that is very, very soft. and packed with calories.
Mom mixed it even wetter with low sodium chicken broth, and I loved it!
She is hoping that I will still like it tomorrow too.
She had a good talk with the vet, also, and he knows we are buying time, but that's okay. He said he did not want to do any surgery because he thought the anesthesia would kill me. I have always had a problem with it, probably because of my epilepsy. So for now, I am going to try to keep eating, and sleep lots, and live as normal a life as I can.
I spent over three hours with my siblings today. I even sat in the kitchen window sill for a while.
Please keep purraying, and I will do my part to hang in there.
Also, please forgive that I have not written back to all my notes. My parents are working a lot, and haven't had hardly any time. They have to work this weekend too, but mom is determined to do some typing just for me. :)

Grateful purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


An Easier Day

March 19th 2009 10:09 pm
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Every day is a blessing now.
I had an easier day today. My parents worked all day, but were able to come home and check on me twice. I slept most of the day. Mom made a gruel of turkey baby food, and the juice from the other cats turkey Friskies dinners. I lapped it up, and thankfully hardly any bleeding. For dessert, I had a treat, soft cheese from a squeeze bottle. That was delicious.
Tomorrow Dalton and Larke visit the vet, to follow up on their spay/neuters, and to get some shots. Mom is going to ask the vet what more he can recommend for me. She talked to him yesterday, about the bleeding, and he does not think that I can loose enough blood to hurt me. But tonight, it was just a little bit. If I don't chew on anything, drink only liquids, it is better.
Tomorrow is also Ivy's third birthday. She is my feral little sister.
Please don't feel like you have to send anything. I am so far behind thanking you all for the rosettes, pmails and gifts, that I don't know when I will get them all done. I am pawing away at them though. :)
I really enjoy sending them, and talking with my friends. I have met some wonderful cats through all of this. I have also had tremendous support from all my old pals.
Well, time for this old boy to get some Zzzzz's. I send my grateful purrs, and my most sincere thanks, and love & kisses to my little love, Kiwi.

Goodnight my friends~
>^,,^< Zack


One Day at a Time

March 19th 2009 8:07 am
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Hello my friends, and my lovely Kiwi. I'm still here.
Mom talked to the vet, and we are taking it slow now.
I barely ate last night, just a few spoons of baby food. Thankfully, my mouth did not bleed any more. Mom and dad gave me a sponge bath, and cleaned me up. After I was all dry, she brushed me and I purred up a storm.
Mom spent most of the night with me. We had a long talk about what is happening. She is still going to let me make the decision to tell her when I am ready.
I do see the rainbow in the distance. It is beautiful, and I understand, you can see it in my eyes. Cats are wise creatures.
I love my family, and have spent my entire life with them, 13 1/2 years. I know they wish it were double that. I also know they couldn't have gotten through all this without the purrs and support and love of so many cherished friends. I may be slow to thank you all, but I will.
Now I need to rest again. Thanks for all the notes, too. Mom has to work today, but she will help me write back when she gets home.

Love and purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


Mom Needs Me, and You

March 18th 2009 8:27 am
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If wishing could make it so...I would wish that no kitty ever had to have pain, or suffer, and that they could all live to be 25, and just close their eyes one day in their sleep.
Growing old isn't easy...
My mouth started bleeding again, worse this time. It just won't stop. Mom bought those disposable bed pads, and covered my new clean bed, and a lot of the desk area. I resist when she tries to clean me up. I am tired.
Mom keeps crying. I look at her with the saddest eyes, and wish I could do something. So I purr a little, and stand in front of her monitor so she can't see a thing, except me. This is my way of reminding her of what is most important....time with me. So if I don't write for a bit, please don't worry.
I will make sure Hazel Lucy, or Kiwi, or Wally, or Maggie Moo know what's going on.

Tired purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


Irish You A Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17th 2009 8:41 pm
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Still purrin' my friends.

After that awful night, last night, today was a complete turn-a-round. I had a really great day. I ate well, slept well, walked around and visited my siblings, had cheese and turkey for lunch, got brushed, and my mouth did not bleed at all. (purrrrr)
My eyes are brighter today, too.
All I can say is thank you, thank you, for the purrs and prayers. It has to be them that are helping.
Also, you just have to go and visit my darling Kiwi's page. She made a video of her special purrs that she sends, as her mommie types for her. Thanks, my little purr like an angel. I purred right back when I heard it. She can purr very loudly! :)
I hope everyone had a fun St. Patricks Day. We weren't able to send out very many rosettes, as we had planned, so please know we think all our friends are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Heading off for an early bedtime now.

Sleepy purrs,
>^,,^< Zacky


A Really Rough One

March 17th 2009 12:56 am
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St. Paddy's Day has been less than lucky for me, so far.
It's nearly three am, and I am finally about to get some sleep.

I barely ate any supper. It was soft food, and gravy, but my mouth began to bleed, and bleed, and mom got frantic because it wouldn't stop. She's a wimp around blood anyway. All I wanted to do was to have her cradle my head in her hands. I laid beside her for what seemed like a very long time. She held cold compresses on my mouth. It was pretty scary. The blood was coming from my gums, all over. It finally stopped. I think I ruined my new bed, but that's...not important.
My fiancee, Kiwi, wrote me the sweetest letter. I kept thinking about how much I will miss her. I wanted us to spend all our remaining cat lives together. I will have to learn all the angel etiquette. I am sure I will have some good teachers.
I think mom is spending the night in the office with me. Earlier Kira was here, visiting, and Hannah for a while, and Harry. Griffin and Larke came in for a quick visit. I love to see my family.
Guess I am ready for some rest. I sort of hate to close my eyes sometimes. I want to be sure to open them again, in my own home. Not that the Bridge isn't beautiful, or peaceful. I'd just like to hang around here a while longer.
Thanks again for the purrs. I am almost caught up with the thank you's.
What an amazing group of cats that have been so kind to me.

Goodnight friends,
Soft purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


Things I Still Love

March 11th 2009 8:45 pm
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Hello my special friends~
I'm not having a very good day today, and it's got me thinking.
Even though I have some pawsome friends at the Bridge, to welcome me, I'm just not ready to go yet.

I still love having my chin scratched.
I still love being brushed, only now it's very, very gently.
I still love my Tender Moments chicken and cheese treats.
I still love when mom cradles my face in her hands.
I still love to lay on dads arm when he is on the computer.
I still love supper time, my FF flavor of the week is gourmet chicken feast.
I still love to nap under the desk lamp, it's nice and warm.
I still love being with my brothers and sisters.

There are so many more parts to my life that I don't want to give up...not yet.

Today my mouth started bleeding, for no reason. Not a lot, but Mom called the vet. I'd rather not go there again. The cancer might be in my blood now.
I ate my supper pretty well. It didn't bleed then. Mom is scared though. She doesn't want to go to work because she is afraid something may happen while she's gone. I told her not to worry. I have many angel friends watching me, and ready to escort me if something bad happens.
I won't be alone.

Could use a few extra prayers though.
Tired purrs~
>^,,^< Zacky


Joining The Fun

March 10th 2009 7:08 pm
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Like my new name? :)
Since so many of my friends have changed their names for the upcoming St. Paddy's Day holiday, I decided to join in the fun.
I have seen some really funny names, and some very creative ones.
I am glad to see Catster having so much fun. HQ has made some great gift rosettes too. Maybe they will come up with another game to win zealies. That would be a pot of gold!

Happy St Patrick's Day to all my friends, and my beloved Kiwi.

>^,,^< Zack

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