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I Learned Something New Yeshterday - Grey Fur Ish Not Tasty!

July 9th 2008 12:46 am
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Yesh, well I do like to eat a lot of different foods, and am usually willing to try new things, but lasht nite my brother had an "episode", and went from rough purrlaying to seriously furry, furry scary fighting in two seconds. It wash TURRIBLE - Meowmy had to break ush up bc he had me on my back, and both of ush had all our fur pufffed allllllllllllllllllllllll the way out and it wash the furst time Meowmy hash *ever* seen me with my usually sleek tail all poofed out, like in a cartoon or shomething. It wash sho upshetting!
Roger had to be put in the bathroom for a loooooooooooong time out, and Meowmy had to comfort me, and calm me down, and she found a lot of grey fur in my mouth. IT TASTES AWFUL! I'm shtill nervous around him today, and wash hiding under things part of the day. *sigh*. It'sh been almosht 2 years, *when* ish he going to shtop having these breakdowns?
I never am anything but shweet to him btw. Eeeeesh. Meowmy ish keeping an eye on him- he ish such a curmudgeon!


I Found My Meow!

June 30th 2008 6:34 am
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I jusht recently shtarted meowing, now that I am two years old! It'sh a furry shmall, and kind of raspy meow, but it'sh shtill a meow! I do it now when Meowmy says my name, and sometimes I just do it out of the blue.
It'sh not loud or impressive, and can bearly be heard, but I'm furry purrleased with it. Before now, I could only chirp. Oh and my head ish finally growing to fit my furry, furry large body. Before, I looked kind of like a tuxedo Brontosaurus. It'sh nice to be a big grown up boy, even if I do shtill act furry babyish. Meow! =^..^=


It'sh Meowmy's Birfday Weekend

June 13th 2008 5:43 pm
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Sho we may be a little busy and not around sho much fur a few days! I want to be sure to play with her a lot and maybe help her eat cake and shtuff! Love to all and jusht wanted my furriends to know if I'm not around I am not ignoring mew, I jusht am celebrating with Meowmie. I wonder if she would like a new laser toy.....


Tag Tag Oh Bag Oh Rag Tag Tag!

June 8th 2008 2:09 am
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Rusty has tagged me! He has asked me to name 7 things about myself and to send it to all 7 of you to please do the same. (I iwill have to thinkie wink on that because sho many kitties hash been tagged!)

1- I don't have a proper real "meow" yet, but a kittenish trilling high little chirp insthead. Meowmie finks it'sh shweet.

2- If I don't gets tuna in my food bowl, I covers whatever else ish in there with whatever ish handy - a rug, an item of Meowmy's clothing, maybe a towel - nice and neat. I dun eat things I dun likes!

3- I hash *furry* baby soft angora-like fur. It'sh super shiny too.

4- I jusht recently learned how to make "happy paws" and especially like to do that on Meowmies crinolines. It'sh sho much fun! It'sh furry new to me and I'm not that good at it yet, but I'm gonna get better, yesh!

5- I likes vanilla icing and cream cheese.

6- I hugs Meowmy's legs with my tail when I am on her lap, and my diary entry about that won me "Cat Of The Week". I wash sho shocked!
Tail hugs!

7- My littermates (2) had long fur, blue eyes, Siamese markings and looked exactly like Rag Dolls - I wash the only short haired Tuxedo kitty and we were all born in a cemetery.

I dun knows yet who I ish gonna tag but I loves Rusty sho I wanted to do thish fur sure!


That Bo Diddley Wash A Furry, Furry Kewl Cat!

June 2nd 2008 6:59 pm
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Yesh I jusht loves hish music so much. I love hearing him shing on my page, and he wash sho pawshome. I loves Cab Calloway too - they both were such stylin' human men. Oh oh, and Phil Lynott of thin Lizzy, a Black Irishman. If I wash a human I would have wanted to be one of them. And noone else.


The Two Types Of Mew-en!

June 2nd 2008 12:54 am
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There are only two kinds ash far ash I am concerned. When I wash on meowspace, I added shome of Meomy's human friends - not too shmany, mind mew, but just a few. There were men who wrote to me, and conversed in a lovely way with me, and those who didn't really pay any attention to me. It'sh a good way to shee what a human male ish really like, says Meowmy and I totally agrees with her. Oh, and there will *shnever, ever, ever* be a man in thish house who does not adore animals, nopers, nope nope nope!


Oh Oh I Got A "I Can Has CheezeBurger?" Belated Birfday- Present, Yesh!

May 30th 2008 11:57 pm
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A big box arrived today and it was fur me! I wash furry excited because I knew Meowmy had ordered me one of those fun slanted cardboard scratchers that looks like a little hilly thing. I jusht loves those, and we wore out our lasht one. Meowmy opened the box, and there wash lots of packing paper in there and shtuff, and then? She pulled out shomething, but it didn't look right at all. The frame fur the scratcher wash here, but? No scratcher in it - nothing - just an empty frame. Sho I thought and I thought, and I figured it out! It'sh one of those things kitties uses fur their I Can Has Cheezeburger photos! Like "invisible bicycle", "invisible sword swallowing", "invisible dance partner", "invisible window installation" - that'sh what I finks it ish! I can't wait to be on that website with my Invisible Scratcher!

Meowmy ish sending it back - I heard her on the phone about it- why??! Eeesh.


My Upside Down Breakfast Today

May 28th 2008 4:12 am
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Uh oh - shomething furry upshetting happened with my tummy today. I wash laying on Meowmy's bed, just planning my day, about to go to my window perch fur Bird Observations, when all of a sudden shomething funny/scary happened. All of a sudden, my breakfast let me know it wanted to go bye bye, and, it did. I've never, ever, ever gotten sickie wick before, sho it wash a furst, and I did NOT like it, and neither did Meowmy's white sheets. Meowmy had to comfort me afterwards because I wash furry confushed - I thought food shtayed down in your tummy where it belongs??! I had no idea it could go into reverse like that. Its'h jusht wrong. Meowmy hash been out of my usual tuna, sho maybe my tummy wash letting her know that'sh not okay. She got some today, got to go eat shome now - bye fur now! *waving* Oh, do they makes Pepo Bismal fur kitties? I jusht dunno these things!


Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?!

May 26th 2008 5:01 am
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Last Monday was my 2nd Birfday - oh sho much fun, yesh! Furst Meowmy gave me a "cake", which was a can of Sheba Tuna Steak with Gravy, turned upside down like a cake shape, on a special plate. I've never tasted anything sooooo wonderful before in my life. *Sigh* And fur once, Roger wasn't noticing, so I got to eat it alllllll myself. Then, she brought out a big wide cardboard scratcher, and placed it on the floor fur me, and I wash furry excited, but then? When I went to get on it? *Someone* had already flung themselves onto it, and were completely covering it and clinging to it furry, furry tightly. I sat next to it waiting, and waiting, and waiting, but it wash an hour before I got my turn on it. Eeesh! Whose birfday wash it I ask mew?! Next, Meowmy brought out my favorite treat, Bonito tuna flakes in a huge container - OMC, I love those so much! I got to eat lots and lots of them, bc *someone* else here does not like them. Yay! Then she brought out a new bed, but I was kind of unsure of it, and was looking at it, but before I could decide if I liked it? *Someone* plopped themselves into it. (Hint; they're grey). Then I got a brand new red dot toy! Meowmy played with me (well okay, us) for ages with it. The next couple of days I was trying to decide about the bed, but someone kept getting in it whenever I got up the nerve to try it. Finally at the end of the week, Meowmy took it back to Petco, because he didn't really like it either (only got in it a few times to keep me out) and exchanged it for a super tall pole-style scratcher! I love it sho much, and the lady at the pet store told Meowmy she was sorry I didn't like the bed, but oh look there is a bit of cat fur in there, was she sure I didn't like it? Yes, well that wasn't my fur. Meowmy was furry embarrassed bc she had made sure the bed was in spotless condition but apparently pet store people have X-ray vision. I love my new pole scratcher, because *someone* here is a horizontal scratcher ONLY. I had a wonderful pawtee given to me by my shweet furriend Winnie and it wash loads of fun. The best present of all ish having a safe loving home and wonderful friends! But oh, I hash to admit, Sheba "cake" is scrumptiliumptious! And I had the most wonderful online Pawtee too that my sweet furriend Winnie The Pooh gave me with a big beautiful cake and pawresents and Roger couldn't get on any of those! MOL!


Happy Paws!

May 19th 2008 2:22 pm
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I am finally learning how to make "happy paws", which I think other kitties know how to do - that thing where you "knead bread", so to speak? I am just now doing that a little bit whenI am furry happy on my blankie, and it's really fun. And today, on my birthday, I woke up to see a voter on Catster gave me five Happy Paws on my page. That's so cool and made Mommy and me very happy. Thank you to all my wonderful friends wishing me a happy day - I love all of you! Two years ago, I was born in a famous cemetery, and look at me now! Living in my furever home and so happy and safe and loved. I am so very blessed. =^..^=

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