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We Gots A New Computer And A Lovely Man Has Gone To Heaven

September 28th 2008 2:24 am
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And we ish figuring out how to use it - eesh, it'sh kind of hard, sho we hopes efurryone will be patient with ush.

We are sad this weekend because Mr Paul Newman went to Heaven, and Mommy loved him so furry much. He was a lovely human being, and I wish all of them were as nice as he was. He loved animals too and he had a line of organic pet foods. He donated millions of dollars to charities in his lifetime, and some of them were animal organizations. I hope Mommy brings us home some of his cat food so we can feast on it in honor of him.


I'm A Stubborn But Loving Boy

September 18th 2008 5:37 am
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Lately, I've been furry stubborn with Meowmy and so I looked up my Star Sign and showed this to her:

The Taurus Cat is totally unflappable...most of the time. This feline is impossible to shock and well able to hold his or her own in the face of danger...usually due to the fact that he or she is far too idle to get up and move out of the way. This cat's straightforward approach to life will be easy to understand. The Taurus Cat is steady and dependable...always where the owner expects this cat to be and doing what is expected of him or her. In short, the Taurus Cat is a creature of habit and routine who will anything unpredictable and to whom catnaps are the breath of life. Physically, the Taurus Cat will be a large specimen...the kind of feline whose size is often a conversation piece and one remarked upon by all. He or she will also possess big, beautiful eyes and an equally huge appetite, which results in the health problem eventually experienced by most Taurus Cats...obesity. Food can prove to be the downfall of this feline, even if the owner is extremely careful and strict with diet. Lack of sustenance may be the only thing that will motivate the Taurus Cat to get up, go out and complain to the neighbors about the cruelty of his or her owner. This feline will also be adept at fooling everyone who enters the kitchen into thinking that nobody has remembered to feed him or her. When the Taurus Cat is awake, he or she is an amiable companion, well aware of which hand does the feeding...and determined to ensure that whoever owns that hand continues to be so generous. If it were not for the fact that this feline will spend most of his or her life dead to the world (rather like an inconveniently-placed ball of fur), the Taurus Cat would be the almost perfect cat. Laid-back, calm, tolerant and near impossible to ruffle, this feline could be described by some as boring and dogmatic. On the other hand, some believe that being around a Taurus Cat can lower blood pressure, cure migraines and add years to the life of an owner.

It will be necessary to vacuum around, dust around and step over this feline. The Taurus Cat sleeps most of time and during slumber, nothing will awaken him or her. This cat rarely allows paws or torso to lose contact with a solid surface...partly because he or she will be too heavy to move very far, but more so through a genuine need to be in constant touch with the ground. The Taurus Cat has an innate affinity with the earth and will spend hours studying wild life, lying in the sun and not moving a muscle. It is foolish to expect this cat to become a "mouser" who will actually help out around the house by keeping down the number of unwanted intruders. To this feline, such an activity would be far too much like hard work.

Natives of many Signs are appreciative of the more elusive yet finer points of the Taurus Cat. Since this cat tends to radiate peace and contentment, the Taurus Cat is a perfect companion for individuals troubled by illness or bouts of depression. In short, the Taurus Cat thrives in an atmosphere which is familiar and built upon routine.

It'sh all furry true - I am huge, loving, quiet, calm and, stubborn! MOL.


It'sh My Second Year Anniversary Of Coming To My Furever- Home!

September 8th 2008 6:55 pm
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It wash actually on Sunday, sho thish ish a little bit late - but I wash celebrating! Meowmy shaw my baby photo on Petfinders in late July of 2006, and my bio said I had been born at Forest Lawn Cemetery, wild and feral, and it had been a grave situation. It took a lot of phone calls to get in touch with the adoption orginization, because the lady's whose house I was being fostered in, wash on shomething humans call a "vacation". Finally after a lot more phone calls, another lady came over and took Meowmy to where I wash staying - just a few blocks away! - and she got to meet me. I wash in a big cage, and wash furry tiny at 10 weeeks of age, and I wash taken out of the cage, and forced to let Meowmy hold me on her shoulder, with a towel over it (just in case I clawed). I fit in her two hands! She petted and petted me, and I had my ears back the whole time, but I secretly liked it. Until I wash trapped in the cemetery, I had never been touched by humans. When I wash put back into my cage, with some tasty food and some comfy towels, I turned around and stared at Meowmy with huge interested eyes. I couldn't go with her then, because I had some tummy problems the adoption place said had to be cleared up furst. That wash furry hard fur Meowmy, to wait fur me, but she knew I was The One, and then a few weeks later, when I wash better I wash delivered to her in a carrying case and some intructions on how to continue taming me, so my cage came with me. I felt secure inside it, and she put me in there in the living room so Roger and I could touch noses but I would be safe. She took me out of there several times a day, and held and petted me, and I made happy chirping noises. Soon, she just let me roam free through the house to explore, and I would run back to my cage if I felt nervous. Sooo I didn't need the cage at all! It's two years now and I am a very happy loving, affectionate and joyous boy. Sometimes Roger gets on my nerves but he is fun too, and I am so grateful to Petfinders, the nice lady who trapped me in the cemetery, and Meowmy, fur a wonderful life I could never have had if I had remained feral. Being tame is fun!


Tag Bag Waggers

September 4th 2008 4:32 am
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My furriend Jingle Bell tagged me. Hmmmm *puts on thinking cap*

1) What is your favorite Olympic Sport?
Birdy watching from the window, and eating the tails off of new toy micies in record time - I thinks I holds the World's record!

2) What do you prefer Summer or Winter?
Winter!! We HATES hot weather and all I do ish shleep - sho boring - I am furry playful and sho happy when it's cold - we loves it! I can't wait for Summer to end and alsho Meowmy talks about moving to where it ish colder most of the year - I love that idea. *purrrs* Winter ish Frisky Weather!

3)What is the quirkiest thing you do?
I drinks water ONLY with my front paws, scooping it out of my water bowl, and tossing it into my mouth. Sho fun!

4) Do you have a crush on any other kitties?
No - I love Meowmy - she ish my world.

5) What is your favorite rosette or zealie and why?
I likes the diamond because it'sh sho purrdy and lasts furever.

I ish gonna let my brother tag 5 furriends because we hash the shame ones.


Dr. Humphrey And Mr. Hyde

August 28th 2008 2:06 am
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Something went furry wrong with me Sunday and Monday night. I've always been a furry shweet, placid, mellow boy - always chirping and so happy and gentle, but fur some reason, (ummmmm could it be that *someone* I live with, who insists on driving me underneath the bookcase when he feels like it, and being domineering 24/7 pushed me over the edge?!), I got furry cranky towards Meowmy whenever she tried to pick me up and carry me somewhere. *sigh* I am furry ashamed now, and over it, but I did shome furry bad things. I growled at Meowmy and I alsho hissed - I never do that, never never never! I ran away from her, and hid in the closet and would not come out at all. I guess I am just tired of being Mr Nice Guy and wanted to assert myself a little. I even swatted at Meowmy's hands (claws in, though) when she tried to reach for me. I am not sick or anything, just tired of being bossed around in my own home. I am back to normal now, and I loves Meowmy shoooo furry much, but I have to live with The Grey Terror, and that would drive anyone over the edge.

I wish Meowmy would put kitty tranquilizers in his food.........


I Loves Cake - What's Wrong With That?

August 16th 2008 1:17 am
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Tonight we went to a wonderful pawtee fur our dear furriend Winnie The Pooh, and we got to wear wonderful custome-made festive hats, and it was sho much fun. There wash pink lemonade, and catpagne, and lots of yummy treats. There wash a big beautiful pink cake, and I asked when were we going to have shome, and now Roger ish not shpeaking to me, because he said it was a social Faux Paw, whatever that ish? I likes cake, and Winnie is my furriend and I didn't mean any harm - why must I have such a fussy persnickity furbling?! I never do bad things around the house like he does - leaping up on furniture, and purposely knocking Meowmy's things down - and I never yowl or scream loudy when I wants something the way he does. I asked nicely, and I don't think she minded one bit! He really needs to calm down and take more naps, like I do. He's way too hyper.



August 5th 2008 3:29 am
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I dun understhand about the human way of using shomething called "money" to pay fur things and get by in thish world. I dun likes that one of my furry dear furriends on here had to to the Bridge Sunday morning, because the vets needed lots of "money" to help him and not all pawrents have that - why can't shomething else be worked out, where the pawrents would agree to help maybe trade shomething fur the help, like volunteer there, or help with cleaning up, or bake cookies or shomething? I dun likes it!! Meowmy hash all these plastic card thingies, which I alsho do not undershtand, sho we would be okay if there wash an emergency, but I dun thinks it'sh furry fair or right. I hash to think about thish more, but I ish mad.

==================================================== ===============

Unrelatedly, there wash an embarrassing "incident" yeshterday, where I rolled off the edge of the bed and fell *thud* to the floor - thank God Roger didn't see it......


The Loudest Garbarge Truck-Dragon In The World

July 30th 2008 4:37 am
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I didn't really have a very good morning today. Every few days, the garbage truck-dragon comes in the very early morning, and I just know one day it's going to get in our house and take me and Roger away. It rumbles up to our house and makes all these oh-so-scary clanking rumbling noises, and I cower down furry low when it comes and if I can I run run run run to Mommy! I hates it! But today, something was different about it, because it showed up much later in the morning, and it made our whole apartment building shake and roll, and quiver, and I was furry, furry scared this time. Roger kind of slept through it and said it wasnt the garbage truck, but what else could it be?? Mommy had to comfort me and calm me down, which was nice, but I'm worried now, because this must be a much bigger, clankier, version of it, showing up later in the morning just to throw me off my gaurd. I hope someone explains this to me......


Our New "Random Acts Of Kindness" Game In The Pawsitive- Pawsee

July 28th 2008 6:34 am
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I'm furry excited about the new game Winnie thought of - she ish sho shmart! - where we are going to choose different members, especially those we don't know that well, and do something nice fur them - like write them a funny poem, or make them a special picture, leave them loads of treats, maybe a rosette, and then post in the Random Acts Of Kindness thread about what we did, or what we received from someone else. I can't wait to get shtarted with it! Of course, Mr Show Off Syrup Fur had to go furst, in that alpha cat way of his, but that's okay - maybe it will take hish mind off the fly paper incident I am not allowed to speak of now.


It'sh A Sticky Situation

July 26th 2008 4:23 am
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Well sho, I shee that my brother Roger won COTD today, and we ish furry excited, BUT now? He got up on thish end table we hash in the living room and Mommy and I heard all this terrible racket, and we looked and? He had gotten totally stuck to fly paper Mommy put up because we've had lots and lots of little winged "friends" flitting about in here lately, because it'sh been sho hot. Sho now, even tho he ish Cat Of The Day, his fur ish all glue-y and sticky now, like he fell into a vat of syrup. MOL! He'sh not in a furry good mood about it, and Mommy hash been trying to clean him up with wet towels. I hope he ish not going to sleep anywhere near me tonite, because I do NOT want to be stuck to him! (He ish furry moody, mew know?!) Concatulations, Mister Syrup Fur.

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