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Taggy Wag!

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I Had A Furry Fun & Exciting Weekend, Yesh!

January 26th 2009 5:30 pm
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Here's to International Furriendship! My brother and I got a furry fun package in the mail thish weekend all the way from England from Alfie and Queenies family - and inshide were four wonderful English catnippy mousies and a lovely card, yesh! Thank mew sho much all of mew, we loves mew all so muchie wuch! I loves how the mousies smell and I can't wait to chew their tails off as soon as possible MOL!

Then, lasht night we had a furry big hail shtorm and altho I did get kind of freaked out and ran all over the house, it wash furry exciting and sounded like thish on the roof "RAT-A-TAT-TAT!". Today the air ish sho nice and fresh from all the rain afterwards. Oh no garbage truck came thish morning so I am hoping the hail destroyed it - yay!

I hash to go now - mouse tails await me.....


Taggers - Again MOL!

January 17th 2009 6:26 am
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My new furriend Ivan tagged me and I ish to list seven things about myshelf and then tag seven more furiends. Okay now let me thinkie wink....

1. I ish a watch cat! When people come to the door I runs to it and faces it and sniffs under the door and stand guard!

2. I likes shweets - yesh, cookies and sugar things are sho good!

3. I likes to give tail hugs when I sits in human laps! I curl my tail around their leg and hold on, because I ish furry large and that way I feels secure about not falling off.

4. I really hate the garbage truck - it scares me sho much when I hears it arriving late at night - I am shtill terrified of it and think it'sh a dragon.

5. I loves to eat but I dun likes all food, sho if I gets shomething in my bowl I dun likes, I covers it up with a rug or anything handy. I hash standards.

6. I'm a furry good kitty - I never break things or get moody (unlike others in thish house - eeesh) and am always happy and in a good mood!

7. I loves to dip my front paws in my water bowls - It'sh sho much fun.
Then I scoop the water into my mouth - sho nice! I alsho likes to lay in the bathtub even if there ish a little water in there. Water ish fun!

Okay I ish gonna tag Tomato Head, Molly, Flora Cat, Zoey, Queenie


I Kept One Of My (Secret) New Year's RezzyLutions!

January 12th 2009 7:13 pm
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Finally, after two years of being a good, good boy, and never doing anything desctructive, unlike *some* kitties in thish house, I sharpened my claws on the couch!! It wash fabulous! I am so proud of myself, because it took me this long to work up the nerve! Of course, my brother does that every day, but he's not a goody two paws like I am.

I wonder what I can find to do next that would be naughty.....


OMC! I Ish Diary Pick Of The Day Today - On Kitmus!

December 25th 2008 1:34 am
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I can't believe it - thish ish sho special!! I ish sho excited!! Thank mew, Catster!! I wish Mommy or I knew how to get a picture of it from the Catster main page but we don't - hmmmmm, maybe Santa sent me a thinking cap fur Kitmus and I can put it on and figure thish out!

P.S. A big Catster thank mew shout out to Calvin, his Mom, and Tessa fur saving the image of me on the opening Catser page. I loves it and I ish furry grateful - thank mew!! *kitty hugs* What a wonderful Kimtus present!


I Jusht Realized, There Ish A Tree INSIDE Our House!

December 24th 2008 5:34 pm
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I wish I could reach it and I've been trying to, but it'sh up furry high on the bookshelf! I dun knows why we hash a tree indoors, but it'sh furry fun!
And there ish shome boxes and things out that shmells furry interesting, sho I hope we gets to open those tomorrow! Oh thish ish all furry exciting!
And thank mew Lancelot, mew are a wonderful much much much too generous furriend!


The Prezzie Exchange

December 23rd 2008 4:43 pm
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I think next year Mommy will take prezzies to the shelters instead. We always do that, but we should have and could have done more. Next year we will. The prezzie exchange didn't work out for us. That's okay bc I know Santa ish going to come on Kitmus! Mommy promised me he would. When we were on myspace we always sent and received prezzies and it was furry joyous and wonderful - we are considering going back now but I don't know, because there was a lot we didn't like. Its nicer here, but noone sent us any pressents, even tho we were part of a big prezzie exchange. I dun understands. It has made Mommy sad and I dun like that at all.

On the other paw, since Kitmus isn't supposed to be all about prezzies, my doggy angel sister was included on a beautiful, beautiful Christmas angel tree a wonderful Dogster Mommy made and she put lots and lots of wonderful photos of lots and lots of doggy and kitty angels all over it on her page - it's the most wonderful tree ever. My sister has pictures of it on her page, and a link the the wonderful doggy and Mom who made it - thank you Elsa, this was truly a Christmas miracle!


Tag Wag-A-Bag-Lag!

December 11th 2008 1:22 am
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My dear furriend Winnie (wait or wash it Percy?) tagged me and I am to tell seven things about myshelf and then tag sheven furriends to do the shame. Okay now, let'sh shee.......*thinking*. Okay, yesh I knows!

1. I likes cookies especially vanilla or cinammon ones!
2. I drinks water by scooping it into my mouth wtih my front paws
3. I dun really meow, but I do make a high chirping sound Mommy loves
4. I'm jusht now learning how to make "happy paws" at the age of two
5. I'm not furry good at leaping up on anything and prefer the ground
6. I loves to lounge in the bathtub, even when it's not Summer
7. I plays "fetch" with balls, just like doggies do

I gots to think who to tag now. Hmmmmmmmm


Dear Santa Claws

December 6th 2008 2:58 am
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I want a heated cat bed fur Kitmus, but I especially want one too fur my big brother Roger, because he loves warm things so much and is an older boy. He loves to lay near the bathroom heater or on our dsl modum box, because it's warm. Even in the Summer, he does that, which I think is just weird! Anway, I hope that you read letters written to you on Catster, and that you see this, because it would be a dream come true fur us to sleep in beds like those! I also hope all the homeless kitties and doggies who are up fur adoption around the world get loving homes like we did, and have a warm place to sleep, good food to eat and kind humans to love and be loved by. Mommy is going to start volunteering this week at a nice rescue place near our house so we are furry excited about that. Thank you Santa, I love you, and will be putting out cookies and milk for you on Kitmus eve. I wonder if you would also like some Temptations? They're really good.......




I'm Becoming A Cuddle Bunny

November 7th 2008 4:56 am
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Last night I got up on Meowmy's lap furry early in the evening fur a few minutes - and I've never done that before. I ony get on her lap furry late at night, but lately I've wanted to get up on the couch and sit next to her in the early evening too. We have all these wonderful new rugs in the room that I love to lie on and I've even been making happy paws a little bit, even tho I never learned how as a kitten in the cemetery. I am just a lot more affectionate and cuddly now, and it's making me and Meowmy so happy. The colder weather is nice fur cuddling too - it's a very happy time at our house right now and I can't wait for Thanksgiving and turkey - Roger tells me it's really yummy. He's been eating broom bristles lately though so I'm not sure I can trust him.


Meowmy Is Furry Purroud Of Me

September 28th 2008 11:52 pm
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Lately, I've become Meowmy's watchcat. Whenever I hear the slightest thing near our front or back door, I hurry right over, and lay low to the ground and sniff and listen, facing the door, until whatever it is passes.
Meowmy thinks that is furry dog-like and she loves it. I used to be furry timid, but now that I am two, I think I'm just now coming into my own as a brave boy. It makes her feel safe to know I am gaurding our home, and that makes me furry happy.

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