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I Loves Being *And* Having A Secret Santa!

December 6th 2009 3:29 am
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We are playing Secret Santa in the Pen Paws group, and my brother and I are sho excited to be pawticipating, and sent Meowmy out today to shop fur ush sho we can send our prezzies out thish week! We carefully inspected, pawed over, and sniffed what she brought back, and we gave all of them the paws up!

And, not only that, but we has a Secret Santa too - one who hash left ush shome fun anonymous rosettes with nice Kitmusy messages on them - sho much fun, yesh! We ish sho excited fur Kitmus, and prezzies and treats and hopefully a tree to try to get into, and I just looooooooves thish time of year!

We ish also waiting fur our cards to get here that we ordered from the ASPCA website, along with a nice mug fur Meowmy's tea, and all the money goes to help animals in shelters! Meowy also got some fabulous shnuggly beds fur our local no kill shelter and will alsho be geting some nice toys to take to them fur the holidays as well. It ish furry important to not furget our brother and sisters who do not have Furver Homes like we do any time of the year, but especially now. It doesn't cost furry much to buy some of those fleecy blankies at the drug store (where we live they ish only 5 dollars), or some toys and donate them to your local shelter.

I've been very good all year and am sho excited fur the holidays! I love you, Santa!


Gosh, Catster Furriends Ish Sho Shweet!

July 12th 2009 12:25 am
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OMC, we have gotten lots of gift zealies from shweet furriends on here today and we wash sho surprised and thrilled and amazed, yesh! THANK YEW SHO MUCHIE WUCH! Now we can keep on with out Caption The Photo Contest in The Pawsitive Pawsee - it ish very fun!! - and the kitty trivia contest and maybe shome new things too. Yay! We have more than enough now and we ish sho touched!

I ish gonna go lay on my scratcher in front of the air conditioner now with a cool drink and enjoy the evening - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


We May Take A Little Catster Break

July 5th 2009 7:54 pm
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It'sh gotten furry quiet fur shome time now, a lot of our old furriends don't sheem to post much any more, and we finks it might be good to take a break. We love to play games and have fun contests, but right now we think playing in the real world sheems to be the ticket. We give away our own zealies as prizes every week, and we've enjoyed it, but we're not getting the support we need, and would rather do other things now. Many of the most fun and active groups we were in a year ago have just died away and we don't really know why?! Most of all, we are so worried about Theo's Mom we need to focus our thoughts on her and Theo and so we are taking a break. Love to all.

P.S. We purrsonally can't stand Facebook - we have noticed several invitations from people who used to post here and now don't any more so we finks they've gone over to FB, but we've checked it out and do not like it one bit - we hope Catster will return to what it used to be, because it can really be sho much fun here.


What Kind Of Ice Cream Am I?

June 24th 2009 1:36 am
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I wash taggy wagged by my furriend JoJo to play the ice cream game and describe what kind of ice cream I looks like - so I had to really think about thish one, because I ish mostly black, with a lot of white markings and a pink nose, lips and paw pads. I am a tasty combination of Licorice ice cream, (yes they *do* make it, even though it is a rare flavor), Vanilla, and dab or two of Strawberry - kind of Licorice Neopalitan!

I tag;

- Wanda
- Creampuff
- Aggie
- Bentley
- Justin


I Had The Mostest Wonderfulest Birfday, Yesh!

May 24th 2009 1:09 am
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It wash on thish past Tuesday, and my furriends Ariel, JoJo and Osiris hosted a lovely pawtee fur me in The Pawsitive Pawsee and it wash loads of fun. Thank yew sho muchie to efurryone who came, and to all my shweet friends who left prezzies on my page - I loves yew all furry much!

Mommy gave me a shuper fabuloush tall carpeted scratching post, and even though I wash not too sure of it at furst, now I loves it! I alsho got a special dinner of Sheba Tuna Feast, a nice big container of bonito tuna flakes (my faves!), and some different flavors of Temptations - it was all scrumptiously tasty. After my birfday meal, I had to take a long nap MOL!

I'm three now, but I shtill looks and acts furry kittenish - I wonders if I ish ever going to have a real cat's meow? Mine ish tiny and chirpy and I shounds like I ish 3 months old instead of 3 years. I need to take meowing lessons MOL.


My Birfday Ish Tuesday, May 19th!

May 12th 2009 6:27 pm
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I ish looking forwards to it and it ish next Tuesday! Mommy says I might get a salmon cake with tuna frosting and a new scratcher! Ish going to be three years old but not til next week on Tuesday wheeeee!

There wash shome confusion but it ish not today - I ish going to be wearing a birfday hat and things on my page when it ish my real birfday!
Thank yew to my shweet furriends who sent me things already - the bestest gift ish your friendship.

I dun knows why efurryone keeps thinking I already my birfday because it ish not until Tuesday!


What Do I Gets Mommy Fur Mother's Day?

May 8th 2009 7:22 pm
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I ish in such a quandry! I can't gets out to shop because I ish not allowed outshide, plus human stores do not let kitties come in to go shopping, so I ish confushed, yesh.

I wash thinking I can try to catch shome purrdy spiders and bugs and make a collage out of them! I wonder if she would like that? Sho far I hash only seen one spider tho and I missed catching him.

The pressure ish too much - I mean, it'sh thish Sunday - eeesh! Maybe I could give her the gift of "No Playing Trampouline Bed" for an entire week! I loves to play Trampouline Bed, but fur shome reason she hates it - I dun know why? Shmaybe because it wakes her up? Cat naps are nice tho - a couple of hours shleep, then wake up, then another nap - humans ish sho weird how they likes to shleep straight through for hours.

I needs to think more - OMC the pressure!


I Can't Believe I Was Tricked!

April 8th 2009 7:26 pm
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Eeeesh! The other night Meowmy was eating something yummy so Roger and I were furry, furry interested and she gave ush each shome slices of what she wash eating - sho tasty, yesh! Today I found out, because I heard her talking to a friend on the phone about it, that it wash tofu turkey - I feel sho weird about thish - not only did I think it wash real, but I actually enjoyed it! Thank catness she feeds ush nice regular kitty food made from real turkey, because I am NOT becoming a vegetarian like she ish - humans are sho weird! I hope noone reads this entry by the way.......soooo embarrassing!


I Loves My New Upside Down Bed

April 6th 2009 3:52 am
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One day last week Mommy was noticing we have a LOT of cat tents and one of them was not in the best shape, because my hyper active brother Roger likes to destroy things. I don't understand him at all shometimes because I am a furry gentle boy and never even claw the furniture. Anway, she set it aside in an upside down fashion, to be taken out to the trash later that day.

I had never paid too much attention to it because it wash too shmall for me to sit in, because I ish a furry big boy. Well, upside down it just makes the most heavenly bed ever and I can hide inshide it! I jusht loves it, it's like a kitty hammock! I loves to rub my face on the fleecey floor, which is now a snug ceiling. It was my way of telling her to be thrifty and keep thish one, because I love it in it's new incarnation - and the best part is that Roger hash zero interest in it now. *purrrrs* So cozy and wonderful, I'm so happy.


I WON'T Be Pushed Around In My Own Home Any More!

March 27th 2009 1:06 am
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I had to finally put my paw down last night, and I have very big paws, yesh. I hash a pawshome cat tree I loves to lounge in the top of, and Meowmy got it fur me when I was shtill a kitten, and I've been kind and generous and let Roger sit in it and even drive me out of it, but enough ish enough! I finally just had to get right back up in the top of it last night after he drove me out of it, and I stayed up there, staring down at him, where he now was, on the floor. I just won't be a pushover any more! I remained there throughout the evening, napping and watching him down below me - it was a very pleasant evening!

I think he's plotting some kind of retaliation now, but I am twice his size, and I'm just going to be lots more assertive from here on - YESH!

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