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We Gots A New Cold Air Blowy Thing In Dah Window, Yesh!

June 13th 2010 5:55 pm
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The other day we hads shome visitrudors men come here, with a great big cardboard box, and sho, of course I rans to my "office" (Mommy calls it the closet, but she ish wrong MOL), and then I heards a lot of noises, and about an hour later, when I came back out, we had a nice big cold air blowy thing in our window!

Roger and Mommy and I just loves it, it's sho breezey and chillaxing, and now we can pretend it'sh Fall in our house year 'round. That ish our favorite Season. We even gots an extra blankie on the bed because it'sh sho cold in our bedroom now. I loves it and will have Winter fur year 'round now - wheeeeee!

We ish alsho eating shome new holistic totally safe food now - Wellness deboned chicken with rice - it hash no yucky fillers in it and ish 100 per cent safe fur ush to eat - Mommy ish mixing it with our old food a bit fur now sho we can gets used to it, and then we will switch over to being on it 100 per cent soon.

Sho, new cold air thingy, new food, and even though I hear we may be getting a new refrigerator soon, and that means more visitrudors - eeesh - now at least my office will be air conditioned when they comes and I can hide out in cool comfort.

Happy Birthday to Mommy tomorrow too - I hopes we gets shome cake!


I Surprished Mommy Again - I Ish Sho Purrleased With Myshelf, Yesh!

June 8th 2010 1:46 am
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My jumping and leaping skills ish getting sho fierce and I ish sho furry, furry proud of myshelf, yesh!

The other morning at Dawn - Mommy wash in bed but not quite ashleep yet - I surprised her MOL! She looked up and guess who was sitting on the night stand staring down at her? Heeheehee - yesh, it wash ME! Me, who never could jump before! And I did it sho shmoothly and stealth-like that she never heard a thing. It's fun to surprise your pawrents - I wonder what I will do next?!

I ish sho much more confident now and I walks around the house with a new kind of pride and I wonder what took me sho long to learn thish new skill? JUMPING ROCKS!!

Roger, if yew ish reading thish, your food ish no longer safe on that kitchen counter......


My Secret Hash Been Discovered, Yesh! Oh Eeesh!

May 31st 2010 2:35 am
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I've had a little secret I've been keeping from my family, because it wash furry private and fun and I thought I would just keep it to myshelf, but lo and behold, Mommy found out!

I ish a furry, furry large boy and hash shnever, ever been able to jump up into high places like my brother and I shtays mostly on the floor, or maybe the bed or my cat tree - I hash to climb up into that, while my brother can just jump straight up to it from the floor.

He has a window perch Mommy got him in the kitchen, and he alsho eats his dinner near it on the kitchen counter, because that way I can't get near it - I has a furry big appetite and would probably eat all hish food if we ate together.

The other night, furry late, Mommy heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen window, and the curtains were fluttering and she wash worried someone wash trying to break in, and then she looked and guess what? I wash on the perch! Roger had gone to bed and shtill does not know about thish by the way! I loves it up there, even if I did almost break it and it did almost collapse - and as shoon as Mommy saw me I got right down. I plans to do it again as shoon as she ish not noticing - heehee.
Maybe she will even get me a bigger stronger perch for big boys - I dun thinks thish one is going to last much longer with me on it MOL!


I Had A Wonderful Birfday, But I Wonders When I Gets To- Enjoy My Prezzies?

May 25th 2010 3:10 am
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I had a catastic birfday, yesh - and Mommy gave me a special Fancy Feast crab dinner, and shome wonderful presents too. The only thing ish, ish that Roger, my big brother, hash been "testing" them fur me all week - he says he wants to make sure they are "safe" for me, and that once he has decided they are, I can play with them too. I gots a boogie mat and a new cat condo, and efurrytime I try to sit on either of them, he sits on them furry quickly, so that I can't. I ish trying to be patient, but really the only way to make him shtop, I decided, ish to start jumping up on hish special place to eat, on the kitchen sideboard. I have never jumped up on anything in the house before but I want my presents, and thish calls for drastic measures!

Thank you to my furriends on Catster who remembered my birfday and stopped by my page too - that makes me and Mommy so happy - we loves yew all!


Disturbing Goings On At Our House

May 18th 2010 2:35 am
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Yeshterday I wash taking my usual lovely and relaxing power nap, when Mommy brought thish big ugly contraption out and plugged it in and it starting pacing back and forth over the carpets! It made a terrible noise, even worse than the Early Morning Dragon that takes things out of our dumpsters, not only that it wash *inshide* our house, and not outshide like the Dumpster Dragon. I shnever saw it before and I hopes I never sees it again!

I wash sho happy to shee it disappear again to shome hidden closet I am never planning on going in again. So, I thought my sleep disturbances were over, but nooooooo. Thish morning, a strange man I shnever shaw before came in here and measured our bedroom for one of those big boxes that blow cold air. I loves those and ours ish broken, but why can't Mommy just put one in hershelf for ush instead of that strange man? Eeeesh! He ish coming back next Monday to install it and I hopes spending that time meditating quietly in my "office" (the back closet) will calm my nerves!

I ish going to be four years old thish Wednesday and I dun think thish ish a proper way to begin a birfday week at all! I ish hoping for salmon dinner, lots of extra love and no more intruders! And maybe I can turn that scary loud carpet monster thingy in the closet into my new scratching post......


We Loves Yew, Auntie MM

March 19th 2010 7:02 am
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I wish I could ride on a dragon with Theo more than anything in the world right now.

I know one day I will get to, because MM made ush believe in magic, for she was Magic in human form, and a blessing to thish world. THANK YOU, SWEET MM - WE LOVES YOU!!!


I Finks The Kitmus Seashon Ish Officially Over....

January 13th 2010 12:09 am
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I really did believe in my Kitmus miracle of my brother Roger letting me sleep in hish favorite big round donut bed in the living room, and it actually did happen, but I finks that season of miracles ish over now. He already got most of his prezzies from Santa, except fur the one Mommy hid and can't find, and now things hash changed, yesh.

The other night I was napping in the big donut bed, and he walked by, gave me thish new scary evil eye expression he's recently learned, and Mommy told him "No!". That happened a few times, actually, but I shtayed in the bed, anyway, because it's so comfy and nice!

An hour or so later, when I wash no longer in the bed, he got all puffed up, hish fur wash standing out all over, and he wash making those awful screechy noises he resolved to not make in the New Year, and he pinned me down on the big human bed, and Mommy had to put him in the bathroom, where he continued to make scary screechy noises through the closed door. EESH! I wish people would just say what they want, instead of being all passive aggressive about it later!

Hopefully that catnip banana Alfie and hish family sent us that Roger loves so much now, will keep him from doing that again. I really think he has a mood disorder, and I wish Mommy would get him on some kitty Prozac.

Hopefully he won't read my diary......


A Kitmus Miracle - Well, Sort Of.....

December 21st 2009 6:27 pm
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My brother has a bed in the living room he loves to lounge in and he won't let me get any where near it - ever! I have one just like it in the bedroom, which he helps himshelf to whenever he feels like it and I am furry nice about it and never object. Anyway, yeshterday I got in hish living room bed because it just looked sho nice and shnuggly and warm and he actually let me! I got to lay in it fur at least five minutes, before he sort of shnapped out of his Kitmus cheerfulness and drove me out of it - but it wash a furst! I hash never been allowed in it before!

And we gots a new bedspread with new pillows to make "happy paws' on, and I just loves it sho much, and he will lie near me on the bed on it too without being cranky, because he loves it too. Oh I think he has got the Kitmus spirit finally - so I hope Santa brings him some nice things because even tho he does chase me shtill, he ish a good brother and I do loves him.


We Gots Kitmus Ghosts In Our Closet!

December 17th 2009 10:59 pm
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I finks we does, because I can hear strange rustling noises in there from time to time when Mommy puts her coat away - it'sh furry peculiar! I wonder if it'sh the ghosts of Kitmus Past, Present or Future? Oooh I hopes they ish friendly and comes out on Kitmus Day and plays with ush!

Mommy got shome more toys today fur homeless kitties at the shelter - we ish not to play with them and we pawramised we wouldn't - we ish furry excited fur them to get their prezzies and I will write about it in my diary after they ish all delivered!

Kitmus ish sho much fun, and we has a Secret Santa too! He's furry nice and sends ush secret messages on rosettes - maybe it'sh him in the closet?
I wonder.......


Santa, I Thinks There Ish A Problem...

December 16th 2009 2:35 am
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Mommy got ush a set of pink leopard print food and water bowls and now I ish worried - they ish nice and all but does she think thish is supposed to be our Kitmus prezzies? Can you please talk to her fur us? And also maybe tell Roger that I am NOT a soccer ball? Eeesh, I love my family but good grief!

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