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Meowmy and I has a little secret, yesh!

March 28th 2011 8:51 pm
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My brofur doesn't know thish, sho I hopes he doesn't shneak a look in my diary. He can be kind of a picky eater (unlike me, because I likes efurrything!), and shometimes he ignores hish food all day and leaves it in hish bowl, untouched. We eats in different areas, and has our our food bowls. Sho, since I likes efurrything, Meowmy will eventually put hish leftovers in my bowl fur me to eat and then guess what happens? He comes right over to my bowl and eats all of it, and won't let me have any!

Yesh, and Meowmy and I finks it'sh furry funny - he ish sho silly!
Heehee - gosh, I hope he doesn't see thish.....


I Has A New Toy, Yesh!

February 24th 2011 12:26 am
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I ish furry excited because just a few days ago, I discovered a brand new toy that ish sho much fun to play with! I wash sitting on one of my cat trees, wif a comfy fuzzy blankie on it, and suddenly I saw a fuzzy black thing wriggling around behind me! I kept turning around to try to catch it, but it kept slipping out of my reach - but it wash lots and lots of fun to tap it with my paw, and try to catch it!

It keeps turning up when I looks over my shoulder, and I'm sthill trying to catch it. It'sh furry elusive, but always there, just within paw's reach. I'm going to try to be furry, furry quiet tonight and wait until it turns up again and pounce on it and catch it thish time! I finks if I turns in circles furry, furry fast I can do it!

It'sh always there, but Meowmy told me she didn't buy ush any new toys lately, so it's furry mysterious where it came from. I wonders if any other kitties on here have a toy like thish? I feels furry special that I do.


A Furry Special Kitmus Present

December 21st 2010 1:41 am
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A couple of Kitmuses ago, Santy Claws gave me and Roger heated cat beds and we really loved them - in fact, Roger shtill spends lots of time in hish, especially now that it'sh been rainy and cool out.

Last week, one of Meowmy's girlfriends wash devestated when she lost one of her kitties, and the other one alsho became deathly ill and had to be rushed to the emergency hospital. It wash a furry scary time, and we didn't know if he wash going to live. Without knowing it, Meowmy's furiend had purshased a bag of tained dry cat food from Whole Foods Market here in Los Angeles and it had poisoned her two kitties. Her kitty in the hospital fought furry hard and wash furry brave and he got to come home a few days ago - many people wash purraying fur him too - and so I gave him my heated bed to recover in. Thish makes me and Meowmy so furry happy! He loves it and ish swhowly recovering, and the vets are analyzing the food and will be reporting it. He has to have lots of special medications and shots, but he ish enjoying his (special for liver recovery) foods, and being with hish Meowmy, and being warm in that nice bed. We ish sho grateful he lived, and altho we usually donates to shelters thish time of year for Kitmus, thish year we donated to hish vet bill, which ish thousands of dollars.

We want the standards for pet food to be the same as for food for humans so that no more animals or pawrents ever have to go through thish any more. It ish long over due, and high time that happened!

Roger and I are waiting fur Santa to come and enjoying our purrdy decorations and Kitmus music and we are furry grateful to be together with Meowmy at thish wonderful time of the year. Meowy Kitmus to all our furriends and we loves yew all.


We Has A Furry, Furry Generous and Special Secret Santa,- Yesh!

November 17th 2010 3:44 am
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We ish playing Secret Santa in our fun Pen Paws Group and our oh so Secret Santa hash already sent Roger and me fun prezzie on our page and ish furry generous - yew ish sho nice, Secret Santa and we loves yew, yesh!

I loves anything with feathers on it, wands, and most especially I loves small toy balls that are light weight, made of fabric or foam rubber, that I can chase and also carry in my mouth. I likes kind of shmallish toys like that that I can pick up. I alsho loves those Temptations cat treats, and my most favorite thing is Bonita Tuna Flakes - they ish kind of pricey though I finks sho dun worry, Secret Santa, I will be happy with any kind of treats. I just loves food!

My brother will sometimes play with balls or toy mice too but they has to be shmall - actually, hish favorite toy ish me, sadly - yesh, chasing me ish hish favorite passtime, especially if I gets too near Mommy fur too long. Yew'd think that after 4 years of my being here, he would get over that, but no, he'sh sthill sho domineering! Eeeesh!

Let'sh not tell him, but when he'sh ashleep, Mommy and I have lots of fun together and cuddles and things - shhhhhh top secret MOL!

We loves yew Secret Santa and thank yew fur the yummy drumsticks, the fun wishbones, and the delicious pie! YUMMMERS!


Why Does They Call Them Packing "Peanuts" If I Can't Eat- Them?!

September 24th 2010 7:42 pm
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Lately shome furry fun, big boxes have been coming to our house, with vintage china in them, and they ish packed in shomething humans calls packing peanuts. I dun understand why they ish called that, when we ish not allowed to eat them? They ish sho nice and light and fun to play with, and then I likes to chew on them, but Mommy says "NO!" and takes them away from me.

Eeeesh! I finks humans needs to give them a new name, because they does eat peanuts - it'sh furry confusing!

I'm hoping since I ish not allowed to have them, that maybe as a special treat Mommy will let me have a nice yummy spider fur Halloween. I ish not allowed to eat those either, but I finks there should be different rules fur holidays!


I Learned A New Word For Having Less Toys - It'sh Called "Decluttering"!

September 22nd 2010 8:32 pm
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Yesh, sho Mommy hash been doing a lot of shomething weird humans does, called "decluttering", and there ish a lot of activity involved in it, and since I likes to lay around and nap a lot, I've not been paying much attention to all of thish, but I finks that wash a mistake on my part.

Roger and I've been noticing that quite a few of our toys are missing, and even though the tails were missing off a lot of my mice, because I loves to eat those ash shoon as I gets a new one, I still liked them.

Also, the floors in our bathroom and kitchen shmell like salads! Yesh! She ish using vinegar to clean them because it works great fur cleaning and ish totally non toxic fur kitties. I wish she'd put a little catnip in the vinegar though.

The decluttering hash been going on for days and days so if we ish not here quite ash much fur a little while, it'sh because we have to watch her furry, furry closely about our toys! If you hears your humans say they ish going to "declutter", now yew know - gaurd your toy boxes!! I hope thish helps someone out there so thish doesn't happen to them! I loves my furriends and I defends our right to have tail-less mousies if we wants to!


Time for a nice cat nap

August 10th 2010 11:41 pm
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Mommy hash been sick for over two months now, and we are saddened by how efurryone has gone over to Facebook, a site we do NOT like - but the point is, it'sh too hard fur her to post in our group daily, while ill, and not have much interaction. Especially when we see our friends furry active on FB - what ish the point?!

We are going to give her a break and take one ourselves here. She is on different antibiotics now and we hope these are going to do the trick.

See yew all in a while. We dun likes all the changes to Catster and it'sh furry hard to have fun here now because of those too - I'd rather be napping. Zzzzzzzzzzz


No More Mister Nice Guy

July 19th 2010 1:46 am
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Well, lasht night I did shomething I've never, ever done before, nopers! I've been pushed around in thish house since I got here, 4 years ago, when I wash a baby, by a certain grey cat who's lived here fur a long, long time. He'sh yelled at me, chased me underneath furniture, driven me away from Mommy over and over, driven me out of my cat tree, off of my cat beds, and had the upper paw furever.

No more! Lasht night I lost my temper, and leapt up into my cat tree, and drove him OUT of it, boxed hish ears, and when he tried to get right back up in it, I swatted him right in the face. That ish my castle, and I will not be driven out of it, ever again! He got furry upshet and started stalking around the apartment, yelling furry loudly, but I ignored him, and Mommy told him he had to be quiet! She can't take that yelling either.

I'm twice hish size, I've been swheet and nice to him for years, I never get mad, and I never assert myshelf - ENOUGH of that! I will stand up for myshelf, and I will be treated with respect, because I'm always nice to him and I should be treated like the kind and loving brother I always have been. I deserve nothing less.

I'm furry pleased with myself, even if Certain Other People in thish house are not.


Fank Yew, Efurrypawdy!

June 26th 2010 6:15 pm
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Oh it'sh sho nice to be a DPD today! Fank yew fur the gifts and the nice wishes, and I apurreciates them all! Now, I ish going to go stalk about the house, and hope to find another yummy fly!


I Hads A Furry Special Late Night Snack - It Took Me Four Hours To Catch It!

June 18th 2010 9:03 pm
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I finks Meowmuy ish upshet with me, but I ates a nice big fly lasht night! Yesh! I stalked it in our house - I dun knows how it got in here eesh - all night and then, *pounce* I caughts it with my big front paws, and had a yummy Midnight Snack!

Meowmy says my name should be Renfield now. She tried to make me drop it, but it wash mine! She wash worried I might get sick, but oh well, too late, I swallowed it. YUMMERS!

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