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Two For One Special! TODAY ONLY!

November 19th 2008 11:31 am
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I am SO excited!! I keep getting tagged and I feel SO special! THANK YOU EVERYKITTY! I was tagged TWICE in two different tag games! 7 Pawsome Facts and the Thanksgiving Game! And since you are kind enough to stop by and read my diary, I will give you not only a two-for-one special on Q-Tips, I'll weave you the Q-Tip dream toy of your choice for FREE! I will weave you ANYTHING you wish: a mouse made of Q-Tips, a ball made of Q-Tips, a feather made of Q-Tips, a necklace made of Q-Tips! YIPPIE!

Here is the first one: I got tagged by EDWINA in the 7 Pawsome Facts Tag! AGAIN!!! Thank you, swee’pea! We love you!I have to list 7 things about myself, then tag my pals and then we all have to write a diary entry about it. You HAVE to play! What BETTER way to get to know your fun friends!!


2. My mother in law sang my dad a very special song yesterday. (that is MY mother in law, CURLY’S mom!!!!) Everybody knows I married CURLY, right? I know, this fact isn’t about ME, CUTEST ME, but this song was very meaningful to me and my family.

3. When I spy a Q-Tip, my eyes dart back and forth SO fast mon thinks it’ll make me dizzy. She holds up a Q-Tip as if it were a magic wand and my eyes literally DANCE!

4. I ALWAYS have the last word; I back talk mom & dad ALL the time! *bows with a Q-Tip flourish*

5. I am the only kitty in the house that is NAKED! Oh. I mean that I’m the only kitty in the house that doesn’t wear a collar. *giggles* bet THAT got your attention! I know… my answers are getting boring because they are not all Q-TIP related!

6. OH!!!! I just remembered… this is a good one. Mom always takes extra measures to “guard” the hooman dinner so that I don’t, er, “get into it”…. Because I have a WAY of “accidentally” getting up on the counters and “happening” to notice hooman food up there….especially when the hoomans aren't looking. So mom had a big bowl of warm, cheesy pasta with CHICKEN in it sitting on the counter, covered with a towel. She went downstairs to clean MY kitty box... I glanced at the bowl and thought to myself, "boy, does this smell GOOD!!!" *rolls eyes at the towel covering the bowl* Did she even THINK that I KNOW that’s the oldest trick in the book?! I KNOW what's under there! So… I, er, I jumped up on the counter and DUMPED the whole bowl of pasta on the floor!!! Hahahahhahaa!!! I even made it land right side up with the towel still over it, but boy was mom mad!!! I DID IT! Mission accomplished! I ran and hid until the mom-storm blew over, only to reappear as cute and innocent as I am SO good at doing!

7. I MUST make this a Q-Tip related answer, please? I leave my Q-Tips ALL over the house, and afterward, mom collects ALL of them (that she can find) and leaves them for me to play with. But… this is part of my secret stash that I use to weave Q-Tip crowns, Q-Tip necklaces and Q-Tip bouquets for my friends!!!!

AND HERE IS THE SECOND ONE! My beautiful Guardian Angel CHINA DOLL tagged me for Thanksgiving Tag. YIIPPIEEE! I have to name 5 things I'm thankful for, then tag 5 more Catsters. I have a lot to be thankful for; much more than just 5 things!

1. I am most grateful for my forever, warm, safe, loving home. I LOVE my family and my siblings; we are very, very lucky kitties, for we have fresh water every day, food on the table every day, toys everywhere, soft beds and kind humans that give us endless love and attention~

2. The second thing I'm grateful for is my health. I see so many sick and disabled kitties, and SADLY I see too many abused and abandoned kitties. I can see, I can hear, I can run and play, and my insides are all healthy. My little Guardian Angel was not as lucky as me on Earth, for she is now a bright and shining star in Heaven. *looks up and smiles at CHINA DOLL*

3. I'm grateful for my handsome husband, CURLY! CURLY, you are beautiful inside and out. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you and to be your forever wife!

4. I'm grateful for Dr. Dave. Dr. Dave is our vet. He not only saved Tigger’s life, he has treated all of us for different things, and we always leave the v.e.t. feeling better. He is the NICEST man (er… next to daddy! Teehee) in the world and we trust him with our lives!

5. Lastly, I'm grateful for all of my friends on Catster. You have all truly made me the happiest girl ever!

‘Kay, here is another TWO FOR ONE deal! I am going to tag the same 5 kitties for both games, and you can choose which, or BOTH to play in! *happily flings Q-Tips to her friends* Have FUN!


250 Zealies!!

November 13th 2008 12:48 pm
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Catster and Dogster are offering a 250 zealies prize for voting!!! Please help me and cast your votes for me in 2 categories; you may WIN and be able to buy me lots of pressies! MOL!!!!
*Happily flings Q-Tips about and zooms off in her pumpkin-mobile*

Vote for Lily in the World's Coolest


TAGGED! (But I prefer to say Q-Tipped)

November 10th 2008 10:42 am
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YIPPIEEE!!! I got tagged by my dear friend EDWINA today!!!
*zooms about in her pumpkin mobile tossing Q-Tips to the cheering crowds!!!*
OMC I am so excited, I haven’t played this game in a while! I have to list 7 interesting things about myself, pick 7 friends to tag , let them know and write it in my diary and the pal's I tag have to write a diary also.

1. I bet NOBODY knows that I LOVE Q-Tips!!!!!!
2. I like to make mom late for work EVERY morning by playing Q-Tip Fetch with her! She tosses the Q-Tip and I fetch and drop it at her feet over and over! *giggle* It is all to make her late!
3. I hunt and catch Q-Tips
4. I actually have activities that are NOT Q-Tip related! MOL
5. I married a Catster superstar!! My husband Curly won “Craziest Tail” in last year’s World’s Coolest photo contest!
6. I am daddy’s girl. All of my other siblings are mommy’s girls/boys, but I am DADDY’S girl!
7 . My BEST friend is my Great Dane sisfur, Berkeley.

Now I'm tagging 7 furriends and hope they want to play.








Flings playful Q-Tips to all of her friends!!! Jump in and play with me!


Star light, star bright....

August 28th 2008 12:54 pm
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I'm happily reflecting on how blessed I am. I have a beautiful guardian angel to watch over me and protect me. *Looks up, smiles and feels comforted by her sweet little CHINA DOLL*
Thank you for being my guardian angel. Look at what she wrote for me:

Guardian angels are a gift from God, A treasure of immeasurable worth. Sent to guard and protect His children While they are still on Earth! Purrs and 4, China doll

Isn't she beautiful? Please, friends, her Earth brother MONROE is sick and we are all trying to figure out what is wrong with him. He has been to the vet, he is not eating and is weak. Can we all send up a little purr and woof for Monroe? He needs Guardian Angels more than ever right now~

Gentle purrs for Monroe~


cutest ME, the Q-Tip QUEEN got tagged!! ***Delightedly- flings celebratory Q-Tips EVERYWHERE!***

August 21st 2008 11:23 am
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I was tagged by my good friend CLOUD to play this game. I'm supposed to list 6 things I don't like. *claps and giggles* I LOVE talking about things I DON’T like! are the 6 things I don't like.

1. Anything that does NOT have anything to do with Q-Tips!!!! *glances at mom, sees her rolling her eyes muttering, “here we go again”* *sticks tongue out at mom and laughs* Hey- this is MY diary!

2. I HATE being held. HATE HATE HAAATE! I mean, what is with that mushy hooman baloney? SHEESH. Just leave me ALONE (with my Q-Tips) All a kitty needs in life is Q-TIPS!

3. *spies a Q-Tip and gets distracted….* OH! *giggle* Lessee, question #3: I DON’T LIKE EATING MY CRUNCHIES WITH EVERYONE ELSE. Phoooey! I get my princess pillow at the garden window, where mom serves me, CUTEST ME, my special crunchies (IAMS Kitten) And she’d better darn well tootin’ serve me. I am THE QUEEN OF Q-TIPS!

4. I don’t like to be alone. *sigh* Okay. I suppose I’m not THAT horrid. *lowers voice so mom can’t hear….”I DO love her and follow her everywhere, but she can’t know that”* (Looks at mom to see if she’s listening) {mom speaking: I HEARD that!} ….smiles

5. I don't like taking medicine!!! HEY. It is MY choice to swallow “foreign objects”, isn’t it?! It’s interesting! Especially when I chew up the foam padding from my bed. It’s actually kind of tasty and if it fits in your mouth, you can eat it, right? I mean, why, WHY should I have to take medicine after having had to go to the v.e.t. to have a barium done to have the foreign object be flushed out of my system? I KNOW how to use the poopie box. I don’t understand this hooman business.

6. And finally, I hate wearing one of those collars with jingle bells on it. My WHOLE family has those things on and all that bell ringing just makes me CRAZY! How EMBARRASSING. *Looks at mom and does the “crazy-sign” – pointing at the side of her head and making a circular motion next to her ear* Cuckoo! Cuckoo!! I mean, HELLO?! NO cat in her right mind should have to put up with that silly dress-up charade. Hey- if you kits need any tips on how to avoid these kinds of things, just see me. I chewed up three brand new collars in one week, just so that I would not have to wear it! MOL MOL MOL!!! Eeeevil MOL!!! Hey mom: I WIN

*claps paws!!* YIPPIESSS! Now, I am going to tag six of my friends....

MEATBALL (my sisfur O-R-E-O’S bestest best friend)

GINNY “DANGEROUS BEANS” (LMTO!!! I love that name!)

MADISON (hi sisfur in law!)

LUKA (hi adopted brofur!)


STANLEY (hi brofur in law!)

*Flings Q-Tips to all of her friends and happily scampers off to go find some trouble to get into!*


COTW AND Wedding!

June 26th 2008 6:20 am
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OMC! I am incredibly overwhelmed and happily surprised at being awarded the prestigious honor of CAT OF THE WEEK! ME!???!! And, this has happened on the very same day that I will be marrying my love, Curly. It is TRULY the most surreal, wonderful and happiest day of my life!

THANK YOU HQ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This means the world to me; this is such an incredible honor. I appreciate and am humbled by your recognition of me! Cheers, HQ!

THANK YOU MY FRIENDS! I could not have won this honor without all of my kitty and doggie friends, and all of your love and support. YOU made this happen for me, so I shall celebrate in YOUR honor all week! Thank you all for your thoughtful pmails, gifts, kind wishes and congratulations. I will send a purrsonal pmail of thanks and appreciation to each and every one of you. Furgive me for my delay in doing so, for today, being such a big day as it is, is very busy with my wedding planning. All of my love, hugs and heartfelt appreciation to all of you!

Please join me in my celebration of life and love at my wedding this evening! y_Dates/thread/533509


I am soon to be Mrs. Curly!

June 25th 2008 12:58 pm
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Although I am a spoiled, HORRID little princess with 'tude and the furever Quuuutest Q-Tip Queen who backtalks and does what she wants, I am starting to feel humbled and grateful. I will be marrying Curly, the man of my dreams TOMORROW! *flings celebratory Q-Tips about for good measure*. I am very blessed to have met such a wonderful, caring man and equally wonderful family. All of my siblings have given their blessings and are honored to have Curly, Lalo, Flaca, Stanley, Jimmy Joe and Shortstop as in-laws. Look out mom, together we will ALL raise more of a ruckus than you could ever imagine!

Thank you for making me the happiest kit on Catster, Curly. I peeked at you in your tux and you are devastatingly handsome; and the Q-Tip accent in your pocket is "over the top"!! I can't wait for you to see me in my beautiful wedding dress; I've been trying it on and peeking at myself in the mirror all week. Why, even my hooman dad, who refused (in fun) to give me away, is thrilled! (even though he has no clue how to navigate about Catster.) But, that's for mom to know, and for him to wonder about. *evil Lily-giggles*.

I must admit; even though I'm humbled to be marrying a superstar (Winner of the Craziest Tail Contest) I will always be mischevious, stubborn and downright silly. Maybe that is what attracted Curly?! I can hardly wait. Thank you Catster for giving me and all of us the opportunity to express ourselves! Hoomans don't realize that cats rule! teehee!

I hope that everypurr and everywoof will attend, or even just stop by to say hello! EVERYONE is invited! It will be at 4 pm PST (7 pm EST) on Thursday 6/26. YIKES! THAT IS TOMORROW!!! I'd better head out now, so that I'm well rested, prepared and beautiful for my wedding! tual_Play_Dates/thread/533509



May 29th 2008 10:34 am
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MOL!!! Okay... I have been "tagged"
*glares at Typist that ALWAYS tries to change my words*

have been tagged by LALO!!! My future BROFUR IN LAW!!
And, by my sweetest friend ANGEL!!!!
*Happy dances and tosses Q-Tips to her friends*

I need to tell 5 fabulous facts about myself, and then tag five other Catsters. Here are 5 fabulous facts about me:

1. Um, I LOVE Q-TIPS!!! *runs away from mom because mom is SICK of my standard answer* *snicker*

2. I’m a very good climber, especially to the top of the kitchen cabinets! *glances at mom and sticks tongue out at her*

3. I pretend to be very brave, but in actuality I’m a scaredy cat. (yes. Cute me. A gigantic ‘fraidy cat) ssshhhh…

4. I ALWAYS have the last word; I back talk mom & dad ALL the time! *bows with a Q-Tip flourish*

5. I am Daddy’s girl. He doesn’t want to give me up when I get married…. But I reassured him everything will be okay, for I am marrying the bestest kitty on Catster! *waves and blows kisses to CURLY!!!*

I tag:


I turned THREE today!!

May 20th 2008 5:52 am
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OMC this is my furst Catster burfday, and it is the bestest day efur!! YIPPIEES!!!! Thank you to all of my sweetest furiends who remembered me with love, pmails and beautiful gifties! My darling Curly and family... I am choked up at your generosity; PLEASE, please come share my birthday cake with me! I LOVE YOU!
A VERY special thank you to the Tabbies with 'Tudes admins for making ME, cutest ME, the main picture for the main page! Complete with my favorite: FALLING Q-TIPS!!

*runs around hugging and kissing everyone, tossing Q-Tips everywhere in silly happiness*

Thank you everybody, and Catster! This is by far the BEST burfday ever!


Tag Time! (I promise to follow the rules this time - *eyes wide with innocence*)

May 13th 2008 11:12 am
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*giggles* I have been tagged by SMOKEY!

I have to list 4 things of each of the four categories below & then tag 4 furriends, and they have to do the same (and so on, and so on, and so on). Since I didn't really follow the rules in my last tagging adventure *glares at typist* I'll follow HER rules. Purrsonally, I PREFER my Q-Tip answers. See my previous diary entries; they're MUCH more interesting when they're about Q-TIPS! hmmmph!
So, here goes:

1. jumping up on the counters and cabinetry when nobody is looking (and hiding my Q-Tips there)
2. Sitting on the bathroom counter watching mom get ready for work (and pulling Q-Tips out of the garbage)
3. Making sure the house is rid of all evil things such as bugs, dust bunnies, dead leaves and fur balls (and hunting and catching Q-Tips)
4. Playing with all of my mice and losing them (and distributing Q-Tips all over the house for my humans to find later, in the oddest places)
*snicker! the typist won't even notice all of my Q-Tip answers!*

1. The neighbors house, where I was born
2. I stayed at the vet overnight when I was spayed
3. My furever home with mom!!! :)
4. thankfully, there is no #4

1. sleeping next to my best friend, my dog brofur Berkeley (with a Q-Tip in my paw)
2. On my fleece Slumber Ball in front of the sliding glass door, gazing at the birds (and pretending they're flying Q-Tips)
3. On daddy's legs while he's in bed (and presenting him with Q-Tip presents)
4. Anywhere I am NOT supposed to be (surrounded with Q-TIPS!)

Now I am tagging 4 furriends:

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