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May 30th 2007 12:29 pm
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Hello Friends,
Today I celebrate my EIGHTH year in Kitty Heaven!! Oh, what a wonderful
eight years it has been but I still miss my Earth Family.....
It was a beautiful May day I took that
eventful trip to the vets which allowed
me enter a new, wonderful and exciting is called Kitty
From here I can see everything....I can keep my eye on my mommie (kisskiss...I am the ONLY one that says 'kisskiss' to her..hehe) and my daddy and all my still Earth Bound siblings...I have welcomed my sister Mookie and brother Ricki since I have been here....boy, were they happy to see a familiar happy face...when they saw me, they knew everything would be all right!
I have learned so much about how to help little sick kitties on Earth....I can fly down and sprinkle this shiny special feel good dust on them while they sleep and also kiss them and they never know I was there...but when they wake up
they ALWAYS feel better! I also get to kiss their humans and any fursiblings they have because I don't want them to feel sad!!! Oh, what a wonderful feeling I get from that!!
Today I must visit mommie (kisskiss) and daddy and McKenna and Buddie because they will be thinking about me and they will talk about me today....they
will talk about how tiny I was, how soft my fur was, about how I would sleep on mommie (kisskiss) chest at night, how my small little paws would not make any noise because I was so light, and, most of all, how very much they miss and love me!!!
They will bring up (again) how I made the BIG man vet turn beet red in the face with my LARGE meow....I scared him so much UNTIL he saw me and saw how very delicate and small I was..heehhhe What a memory!!!
Yes, today is the day I left my forever family who loved me so much for a new and bigger family that never stops growing....and one day my forever family
will be with me and we will ALL be TOGETHER....OH HAPPY DAY!!!
Well, off to work now.....
Your Little Angel



May 27th 2007 11:29 am
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I was tagged by
Queenie 225783

Here are seven unknown things about me:

1. I was so tiny they thought I was a kitten but I was full
2. I was the only furface in the house that actually thought my MOMMIE
was the best thing since sliced bread!!!
3. I slept with mommie every night on the bed with her and purred
4. I had the loudest voice in the world and even made a vet's (who was six feet tall) face
turn beet red with fright! (this gave my humans a laugh for many years to come
and still does)
5. I enjoyed my new forever home more than words could say and don't remember those awful people who threw me away!
6. I was so happy that BIG KIND Ricki took me under his wing and kept me safe from mean things until we found our mommie and daddy's loving home.
7. I was so delicate that mommie could pick me up with one hand..which she did
all the time just so she could kiss me FOR NO REASON....Boy, I was loved!!!!

I will find my seven to tag AFTER Buddie, McKenna, Mookie and Ricki get their picks....hehehehhe


Kitty Heaven and Happy Tears.....

April 28th 2007 3:03 pm
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Hello Everyone!
Oh, what fun it is up here in Kitty Heaven.....I am having such
a good time....BUT, I have to remember that it is not all fun
and games and that I have important work to do....there are
so many little frightened furfaces showing up here due to the
cat food job is to take them all under my Angel Wings
and make them feel safe and secure until they are gathered up in
their human's arms once more.....I do all this with a big smile on
my tiny face...I know that it won't be long until we ALL are united
and there won't be anymore kitty tears shed for their missing
humans!! Oh boy!! Well, until then my work is cut out for me
and I am loving every minute of it!!
Off to work now,
Warm Purrs,
Little Angel



April 26th 2007 8:35 am
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Hello To My FurFriends!
Look at my new BLING!! I got ANGEL WINGS last night! I am so EXCITED!
They are petite, just like me....they fit my tiny body purr-ectly!! Oh, Autumn
(Dogster #282946), THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!! This has meant the
world to my mommie and daddy...they can see exactly how I look in Kitty
Heaven now!!!! Buddie and McKenna are so jealous of these BEAUTIFUL
wings on my back!! heeheh
THANK YOU!!! I am going to fly around and show them off RIGHT NOW!!
Warm Purrs,
Little Angel with her NEW Angel Wings!!!



September 20th 2006 5:19 pm
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Hello My Friends,
I will be helping my Brother Ricki and Sister Mookie fly all of
Buddie's sweet friends to our home this Friday night. Please go
to his diary and read about it and how you will get here!!
Oh, it will be so much fun!!
Your friend,



August 12th 2006 7:57 pm
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Hi My Earthbound Friends!!
There is another love wedding in the air!! The Sweet Queenie
and my good friend, Handsome BOOBOO are getting hitched!!
(Queenie is the sister of my fur love, George..ahhhh....George)
Anyhow, Midnight and Hazel Lucy (my sister in laws) and my
sister, McKenna, are going to cook ALL the food for them!!
I will sprinkle 'good cooking dust' on them to make all
the food turn out purr-fectly....sister McKenna gets a DOUBLE
dose since she takes after mommie and can't cook worth a flip!!
heheheh (Poor Mel...but they are still living on L-O-V-E...newly
married, you know).....
So, I will be working extra hard up here in Kitty Heaven and soon
will be with my love, George, for this very festive event!!!!
I wish BOOBOO and Sweet Queenie such blessings!!!
Until later,
I remain,
Your friend,



July 31st 2006 5:28 am
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Hello Everyone,
My Earthbound hunk of fur love, George, and I had a big
"Last of July Blow Out"....just the two of was so
romantic!! I flew in and picked him up Friday Morning at seven
on the dot! He was standing outside his home with his little bag
packed...he is so efficient!! Anyhow, off we flew through the clouds
with him laughing to the top of his lungs!! We did flips, rolls and
dips as I flew 90 MPH!! He loved it!!
We arrived at our little log cabin on Cloud Number **** well, I'd
better not tell you because I plan on us going back there and it is
a SECRET......I will tell you it has a BIG OAK TREE that we have
carved our
names on inside of a BIG HEART the last time we were there!!
George likes to fish, so we fished our tiny hearts out...of course, up
here in Kitty Heaven, you always throw the fish back...the fish just see the
fishing line (no hooks up here!!) and they grab on and give it a few tugs
so you think you 'landed' one!! It is so much fun...sometimes one will
tug and pull so hard you really have to fight to land him...well, anyhow, we enjoyed
all our activities!!
George, Earthfurgirls, is one terrific kisser!! WOW!! We held paws and
kissed all weekend long....his fur has gotten fluffy again from his terrible
experience of getting outside and being hurt.....Earthfurfriends, please
stay inside your home and don't ever go is too dangerous out there....
there is no need to go out either..stay inside where it is safe.
Anyway, George and I ate our way thru Kitty Heaven and romped and played
and laughed and you know, any weight you gain up here goes away
within five seconds of gettng back to Earth! (just thought I would throw that in..hehehe)
Sadly, I had to return my Hunk of Burning Love back to his mommie this
morning at seven on the dot....I am now working my little paws off so I can
have another long weekend with him in August (if his mommie will allow!).
Well, bye for now, my furry friends....
Your happy Angel in Heaven Above.....



July 8th 2006 10:47 am
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Hello Friends,
Last night I got word that my sweet George got outside and is now MISSING!
I can't believe it!! I will search for him up here in Kitty Heaven...although I would
love to have him with me 24/7, I sure don't want him to leave his Earth and humans
before his time. Oh my, I am so upset....I ran to Big Boss and he told me not worry.
That no matter if George has come up here or if he is still on Earth being taken care of by another human family, that I will find out very soon....George and I are Kittysoul mates....but, I can't help but be upset...I am sure you understand.
George, if you are reading this: ''I love you with my whole Kitty heart and want you to be found. I will check our list up here and see if your name appears...I will hold my
breath until I read each and every name....oh, George, PLEASE COME BACK HOME!!! ''
I love you now and always,
Your Angel


George and Me.....Me and George...

June 14th 2006 8:04 pm
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Hi There!
I was at sister Mckenna's wedding June 10th. and my hot date, George,
was my hunky escort!! WOW....what a guy!!! Can he dance or what??
We had the best time ever and not one minute was wasted....we were
paw and paw, whisker and whisker and cheek to cheek the whole night.
My George is the dream furman every furgirl dreams about...he is purr-fect..he
is the light of my life!! Oh my!! Sorry for going on and on about him but
you have no idea how long it took to find him....since I can gather points
from Big Boss and visit him, we get together often....well, not as often as I
would like, but this summer will be different!!! I am working extra hard and
Big Boss said June, July and August will be DOUBLE POINTS MONTH!! YEAH!!
I can really rack up then!! George, LOOK OUT! hehehe
Well, let me get back to work now.
Your happy friend,


Hello to Brother Ricki

May 27th 2006 3:37 pm
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Hi Friends,
Oh, I know you are sad because Ricki left this world this week but he is
with ME once again...I have missed him so...we use to romp and play
until I had to go to Kitty Heaven....but we are together again catching
up on old times....Friends, don't be sad..Kitty Heaven is just like Earth
only a million zillion times better....just wait till you get here--humans
and furfaces--you will understand then!!!
Well, I am going to snuggle beside MY Ricki now and tell him how much
I have missed him and how happy I am he is beside me right the way...
he sure is fluffy again!!
Bye for now,

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