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April 21st 2006 8:27 am
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Hey Friends,
Guess what? The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy and Brother Buddie have
lent us their JET for as long as we want plus they said we could also
go some places together (later, of course....AFTER our Honeymoon)..
so my love, Midnight, and I are going on a trip all over the world....neither
one of us have ever seen much of the world outside of our loving homes
and trips to the vet, so this should be so much fun....The Beautiful Miss
Hazel Lucy is going to take Midnight shopping today for ALL her Honeymoon
clothes..this is one of her presents to Little Midnight....oh, things are so
wonderful for us right now!! I continue to thank all of you who came to the
spur of the moment wedding...THANK YOU!! I will work on adding something
about it this weekend!! Well, Brother Buddie said I may need a few new threads too...you know, a TUX won't take you everywhere...... hehehe
Until later,
Your Pal,



April 20th 2006 5:15 am
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Hi Friends and Wedding Guest!!
Whew. what a night we had!! WOW!! Such a FUN FUN time and it just broke
up at SIX this morning....everyone stayed till the end and all the heaven
kitty angels escorted each and everyone of our guest back home safe and sound....some mommies and daddys didn't know their furbabies were gone for the night. heheheheh
I will write about our party later and let you know who came and how lovely
all the furladies looked not to mention our handsome furmen!!!
MY FURWIFE, MIDNIGHT, and of course, your pal, Ricki!!!!!
We love you, special furfriends, and our humans friends who came too!!!!
Your happy couple,
Ricki and Midnight


The Party Continues.....

April 19th 2006 7:09 pm
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Hello Friends!!
All are invited even if you are reading this late...we have all decided we
are going to party ALL NIGHT LONG....we have the food, the band and the
furfaces to make this a rocking blowout.....I want everyone to have the
times of their lives!!!! Everyone feels great tonight--humans and fur faces--
let's party on!!!! Josie and the Pussycats are playing.....
Love you all,
Ricki and Midnight


Party in Full Swing...

April 19th 2006 5:44 pm
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Oh Friends!!
What a blast we are having...EVERYONE could come and the weather
is beautiful.....My Midnight and I are furman and wife and I could not
be happier!! The band is playing, the food keeps on coming and the
drinks are delicious!!! We can dance and sing all night long under the
full moon and the bright stars....tell your humans not to worry about any
of the little furfaces....Mookie and Angel and the other kitties in heaven
will help to deliver everyone back home safe and sound.....I will write more
this weekend about the Wedding Party!!! Don't worry...no pictures that will
Love you ALL,
Ricki and Midnight



April 19th 2006 2:04 pm
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Hello My Friends,
To anyone and everyone who reads this....please come to my house tonight...Midnight and I have decided, at the spur of the moment, to get MARRIED tonight....we have transportation lined up for anyone who can make it.....no fuss no muss....only a smiling face is needed!! Just Catster email me and you will be picked up in style (hehe)....good food and fun await!!
Your Pal,


Uh Oh Love Has Hit Me Hard!!!

April 18th 2006 8:17 pm
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Last night, sitting under OUR weeping willow tree, sipping iced tea and nibbling on Goldfish, I asked for the paw of my love, Midnight!!! The moon was full and the
sky full of stars...just as she gave me her answer, a shooting star streaked across the
heavens and the full moon winked at us!! I am dancing on air....she is going to
be MINE...ALL MINE!! As I looked at her sitting beside me, her eyes were shining so brightly and her fur was
so soft and she meowed so sweetly....oh, she is purr-fect for me!!
I am happy, friends!!
Until later,



February 25th 2006 11:05 am
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Hi Humans!!
Well, 'IT' has finally happened.....your Ramling Ricki has landed himself
a fine feline for his OWN!! Her name is Midnight and she is so soft and shiny
and so sweet to me!! Now this does not make Brother Buddie very happy
because the fur has been flying over at our house....Brother Buddie wants
to be the only married furface that mommie and daddy have but, with
the way things are going, it won't be long before their other furry son
will be hitched too....Uh Oh, maybe I jumping the gun, because I have
not talked to my Midnight about this happy turn of events....well,
Buddie will probably blab it to her anyway...sometimes he can be a
pain! Good thing he has The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame
to keep him in line!!! He can be ONE ORANGE FURBALL OF TROUBLE.
(Never mind that he LOOKS so sweet). Anyhow, this is MY diary and I want
to talk about ME...heehehhe Midnight comes to visit me every night VIRTUALLY
and on the weekends I vist her (VIRTUALLY)....'how' do you ask?? On the wings
of Mookie and Angel...they fly us to and from our homes every night and and every morning. Now those are REAL angels!! hehehehe So that is how we get to visit as much as
we want!! Humans, aren't those wonderful sisters?? Speaking of sisters, I will have to update you on McKenna but that will be in an entry for another day!!
For now, Humans, I will say goodbye until we meet again,
Happy Trails,
Your Pal,


Rambling Ricki

March 16th 2005 3:33 pm
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Hi Catster Friends!
Well, we are all caught up in the excitement of brother Buddie's upcoming
marriage to the Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster fame...sister McKenna
keeps making mommie dress her up in her wedding finery and carry her to a mirror where she can admire herself. I know I am 'best kitty man' but I'm
feeling a little left out. My only bright spot is a fine looking feline wrote to
me--JUST ME--and said she thought I was handsome!! She said she would like to be MY 'special friend'....could I have my own furgirlfriend after all these
years of catting around?? Oh, I hope so!! Brother Buddie seems so happy these days--even sharing his toys with me. Could this new little kittygirl
make such a difference in my life too??
Well, stay tuned for the details!!
Bye for now,
Rambling Ricki

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