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Rambling Ricki

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November 3rd 2007 8:42 pm
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Howdy Partners....
What a surprise I had the other day! I was there meeting the 'Newbies" at
the Catnip Pearly Gates, and who did I see but Handsome MILO?!?!?! He was
looking SO good and he told me he felt like a kitten again but didn't understand I took him by the paw and explained it all to him....he was a little
confused but I think he understands it now.
Don't worry about Milo or be sad about him....oh, if you could only see him
today....he looks like the first day he was born...all fresh and new and, most
of all, HAPPY!!!
He will be there to greet each and every kitty and doggy on Catster when
they fly up, it is just a short goodbye to Milo for you Earthbound
furfaces right now....I am hugging him for all of you.....oh, he is SO fluffy.......
you can judge when you hug him for yourself someday........
Until then....
Rambling Ricki will sign off for now and
take Milo out for a quick dinner before we
play some football.....



October 25th 2007 2:16 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
I was TAGGED by my friend:
I have known Ruben ever since he was a tiny kitten....I call him my
"Little Grasshopper"..that is my nickname for him...he has grown into a fine
young man any human or kitty would be proud of!!! I hope to always be
there to guide him from KittyHeaven in the rest of his LONG LONG life...
he is one special furbaby to our family! He also wears the most dashing
clothes any furboy could wear! Strut your stuff, Little Grasshopper!!!
Well, I hope I played the game ok...
Bye from KittyHeaven,
Your Rambling Ricki



July 6th 2007 5:58 pm
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Howdy Furfriends!!
What a great Fourth I had....spent it with my Velvet Queen, Midnight.
Wow...what food we chowed down on..that mommie of hers can cook up a storm.
She had the whole extended family step daughters, Poppy
and Sammiegirl had their husbands/boyfurfriends with them, my Brother
Buddie and his Beautiful Wife, Miss Hazel Lucy, My Sister McKenna
and her husband, The Handsome Mel, Angel and her honey and Mookie
and her friends....we had some extra FurAngels to come with us too...I tell
you..the house was rocking!! I had my guitar..... Midnight and Buddie were
singing (well, My Velve Queen was singing...we don't know what to call
Buddie's noise yet), Mel and McKenna were dancing..and the KittyAngels
were flying around making a beautiful fluttering noise with their new wings!!!
I didn't leave my sweet Velvet Queen's side the whole night!!! She is My Special
Earth oh my...that should be a song....Earth Angel..hehehhehe
Well, my friends...I must close for tummy is full and my heart
is is good!
Until later,
I remain,
Your Cowboy Angel,
Rambling Ricki



May 24th 2007 4:24 pm
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Howdy Partners!!
It was a year ago today that I went to Kitty Heaven....I still remember Mommie and Daddy bringing me home after my vet trip to 'discuss' what I needed...they wanted to spend the afternoon with me out on the deck because it was one of the most beautiful days of the year.
I was held, I was petted, I was kissed and I was told how very very much both mommie and daddy loved me and how lucky they were that I came into their lives.
They said I was the most loving little fur boy a human could ever have.....they said
I was so very very sweet and that could tell how much I appreciated having my very own family to belong to.
They told me they could not imagine the people who threw me could they throw away a piece of gold like me??...that made me smile!!!
They told me how much I had brought to their lives and how happy they were that I had so many more years on Earth by joining their family...they said the medical
attention I needed required a dedicated family like theirs.
They told me how much they were going to miss me and how much they will always miss me.....then they wrapped me up in my little blankie and daddy drove us to the vets and I was in mommie's arms held like a little baby.
I remember how nice everyone was to me at the vets...I had a little shot and then the Kitty
Angels came and got me..I could see mommie and daddy crying over my little
body but I was free and felt so good again....I was wishing I could show them
I was a tiny healthy kitty again....well, I will be able to do that when they join me in Heaven one day!!!
Until later, my friends!
Your Pal,
Rambling Ricki
Husband to My Velvet Queen, Midnight
Step daddy to Poppy and SammieGirl
and Father In Law to Shadow
Brother In Law to Hazel Lucy
Brother In Law to Mel



May 23rd 2007 5:59 pm
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I have been tagged by:
Kodi 97684
Poppy 194313

Seven Facts about Me:
1. No one knows how long I was on the mean streets of Hendersonville
alone and afraid without a forever home.
2. I found little tiny Angel and took her under my manly wing because
she could not of made it without me looking out for her!
3. We spotted my humans home one night and started hanging around
in the drainage ditch behind the house because they looked like nice people.
4. We would not come up to them for a long time but always came up to eat the food they left out for us.
5. I lived seven years longer than the vet told my humans I would after my
operation to have most of my colon removed and I was happy and I had
a great quality of there!!!
6. I was SO HAPPY to have a forever home, my own name, my own room,
a litter box, real food just for me and clean water and mostly to have someone
to love ME...just ME!!!!
7. I was the most loving little fur boy that has ever walked this earth and I was loved beyond words!

I will tag my kitties after Buddie and then McKenna......



April 28th 2007 2:56 pm
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Howdy Partners!
I just wanted you to know that we are working over time up here
in Kitty Heaven greeting all the new little furfaces that are coming
up from Earth.
Pet Parents....Don't worry about your furbabies....we will take SUCH
good care of them until you can come and get I will teach them
how they can come and pay you special visits at night while you are sleeping.
They will leave little kitty kisses on your cheek and you will have sweet dreams
about them that night!!
You will be with them one day soon and that will be a glorious day!!
I am looking forward to seeing my humans and my fursiblings too!
(Yes, even my pesky brother Buddie..hehehe I can see he has not changed much since I have been gone)...
Well, off to work....helping the newbies...
Your Pal,
Rambling Ricki



April 26th 2007 8:30 am
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Howdy Partners!!
Oh, what a surprise I got yesterday!!! I was given NEW and BEAUTIFUL
Angel Wings by Autumn (Dogster #282946) was a complete shock
and it made mommie's eye leak but it also made her happy!!
She told me how manly I looked with my new improved Angel Wings
and how much faster I will be able to transport my Earthbound friends
around in since these wings are extra duty wings.
Last night she kept looking at my picture and saying how happy she
was that I have REAL Angel Wings that she can see!!! (I am only visible to
my Angel friends..furred and human)
Thank you, Autumn and your friends, for doing this for us!!! You don't know
how much it means to our family!!
Got to travel on now,
Your Pal,
Rambling Ricki



April 20th 2007 3:24 pm
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Howdy Partners!!!
I know it has been a long time since my last diary but Kitty Heaven
is such a busy many furfaces to help cross over...especially
these days.
Mommie called me to the computer with her excited voice just
a minute ago...I always
know to fly in quick when she does that...hehehhe
Anyway, there was the MOST BEAUTIFUL Flower Globe sent by
ANONYMOUS!! So, I don't know who to thank!! But, I will say "THANK
YOU" so is so beautiful....I will take it back to Kitty Heaven
with me and share it's beauty with little furfaces who don't have someone
who is so kind to them!!!! It will make them smile just like it made me
and mommie smile..I think I will share it with little sister McKenna too since
she has not heard from her test yet and she could use a smile. hehhe
Well, off to work now....
Your friend,
Rambling Ricki



April 3rd 2007 4:28 pm
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Well, this is a do I thank "Anonymous"
for the lovely Rosette??? Mommie said I could do it
in my that is what I will do!!!
I appreciate it very much, Anonymous!
Warm Purrs,



February 15th 2007 11:05 am
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Howdy Partners!
Yesterday afternoon my little step daughter, Sammie, got married to
a handsome dude named Shadow....the wedding went off without a hitch.
No snow, no mishaps, nothing to mess up the day for little Sammie girl!
Samantha & Shadow's Wedding Page
She floated down the aisle on my arm to her waiting groom to be, Shadow, and
then--before I knew it--BOOM--they were pronounced FURMAN AND WIFE!!
I looked at my Velvet Queen, her mom, Midnight, and then looked at
Sammie girl, the new bride....and then it was time to attend the Reception
Party.....what happened?? She now belongs to someone else?? Am I ready
for this?? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I sucked it up, put on a brave face, kissed Shadow's wife (gulp) and
then took My Velvet Queen's paw in mine and we headed out to toast and
Sammie looked so beautiful in the gown...the very same one McKenna wore
to her wedding to Mr. Mel of New Orleans....the food was out of sight..thanks
to Chef Mow-Wee, who did brother Buddie's wedding to The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, and also catered my wedding to My Velvet Queen, My
Love, My Life, My Midnight....then we danced to 'Josey and The PussyCats' all night long....we had such fun.
Sammie and Shadow boarded Buddie's jet for their Honeymoon trip to the Islands after several toast and lots of dancing!!
I want to thank all the friends who came to this happy event..all the furwomen looked spectacular and the men especially handsome....
Well, my friends, one down and one to go....then My Velvet Queen and I
will be like young newlyweds ourselves....hehehhehe
Till Later,
Rambling Ricki signing off..........

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