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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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August 5th 2006 1:40 pm
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Hello Furry and Unfurry Friends!
This morning mommie and daddy took me for my trip to our
regular vet!! I got fluids and she looked me over and weighed
me....guess what?? All this barfing I have done in the past two
days (yes, my friends, I did do some more barfing) didn't hurt
my weight...I have gained three ounces!!! (I know...I know...
you are thinking "three ounces--well, that is nothing to get
excited about....a hummingbird might weigh that!!") Well,
it put me back up to a little over eleven pounds!! Almost my
'fighting' weight! hehe My kindly fluid giver, Jonathan, was
bitten this week by a mean kitty and his finger is swollen
and red and he had to take shots and they are waiting to see
if he might have gotten rabies....oh, no!! Not MY Jonathan..the
nicest fluid giver around!!! I just know he will be ok!! My kitty
prayers will be going up for him!!
Mommie and daddy took me the long way home so I could
look at the pretty trees and flowers and so mommie could sing
me the happy song...well, by the time we got home, I was ready
to head back for the vets--that woman can NOT sing!!! (but her
heart is in the right place!!)
Daddy gave me a tube feeding and, friends, I licked food off
his finger again--not once, not twice, not three times, BUT FOUR
TIMES!!!! Real canned food!!! Just before he gives me a tube feeding
he always ask me if I would like some 'big boy kitty food'...and then he
(under his breath...thinking I can't hear him)....."Please Buddie
eat, Please Buddie eat" I decided I would try to please
Daddy and I did lick my little heart out. You should of seen
the BIG smiles on mommie and daddy's faces!! I thought they
had won the lottery! ha!!
Well, enough of this 'being good Buddie' stuff!!! Time for me
to strut my stuff and show them I still rule this roost!! hehehe
Friends, I really licked the food for YOU....I wanted to have
some good news for you and wanted you to know that I appreciate
the good thoughts and prayers you are sending up for me!! Thank
you from the bottom of my finger licking heart!!
Your pal,



August 2nd 2006 3:43 pm
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Hello Catster Friends!!
I am calling today 'wimpy' because I have NOT thrown up
since Monday night!!! Mommie and daddy are so happy they
keep kissing me--ugh--but I have to say I do feel better when
I am not barfing all the time. hehe Thanks to my friends who
send me 'non barfing Rosettes'...they are finally working!! hehe
I went to the vets this afternoon for kind fluid
giver, Jonathan, was there....we talked about our team, the Titans,
and then discussed my new carrier. I told him I was going to
make mommie take it back even tho it was blue....I don't like
it and made that very clear with many hisses and mean sounding
growls. So, off it will go tomorrow....back to the store it came from.
I had thought about peeing in it so she could not return it but I know
she only tries to do things to make me this soft carrier!!
Wrong...I was NOT happy.
I have been taking it easy and have not had to be 'pantyhosehead'
for a few days since it is too hot to go out on the screened in deck...I am
trying to make mommie find something else to tie my feeding tube
up with---something MANLY!! Not her pantyhose!!!! Women!! I will
never figure them out, friends!!!! (But, what a sad world without them!!)
Well, it is time for a feeding!! Yipee!!
Thank you for all your good wishes....I make mommie read me my
Catster emails and Rosette messages ALL THE TIME!! Thank you so
very very much!!! I love you all!!!
Your noneating pal,
Buddie PS I did lick some food off mommie's finger last night...just three
licks, tho...can't have her get too excited!!!!



July 31st 2006 4:38 pm
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Hello Friends,
Today I started out with a big bang...well, a big throw up, I should say!!
ha! But mommie waited an hour to feed me again and I kept it down....and
have kept down the whole day's worth of tube feedings so far!! YEH!!!
I went to the vet this afternoon and got fluids by my kind fluid giver, Jonathan!!
He was so nice to me today and ask about the good luck charms attached
to my carrier cage door....mommie has hung all the good luck charms sent to
me on the door for all my vet friends to see and for the charms to work their
magic. hehe
I was finished in a flash and off we headed home with mommie singing to me
all the way which made me want to turn around and go back and ask for ear plugs...but, Friends, she means well!! heheh
I guess I will just chill out until my next feeding and later tonight (when it
cools off to the low 90's...heheheh) we will sit out on the screened in deck
and listen to the night sounds.
I love you all and thank you so very very much for keeping my spirits up with
the good thoughts, prayers and suggestions concerning my condition!!
Hugs and furry kisses to everyone of you, my Friends!!
Your noneating panyhosehead (still) Buddie



July 29th 2006 7:26 am
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Hello Friends,
Today daddy got up early (6:30AM) so I could have an early feeding before my trip
to the vets at 8:00AM....he spent about an hour slowly feeding my feeding tube....he sat
with me 15 minutes to make sure it would stay down...he got up to get dressed
for the vet.....I let him take four steps out of the room and then I THREW UP!!!!
hehehhe He said I still had to go to the vets no matter what I did!!! So my plan
didn't work.
Anyhow, my vet said I really looked good...much more color than the last time she
saw me (last Wed) and I had an 'attitude' when they gave me fluids which she said
was good to I guess a hiss or two is a good thing! I was also hissing because my
Jonathan was not there today....I wanted to tell him our "Titans" had started
their training sessions and if he was going to watch them, I wanted to tag along. Mommie is NO GOOD in talking football and daddy is at work during the
what is a guy to do?
I am feeling better even tho I did lose a little weight but not that much....I will just get more feedings during the day but not so much at one time. I think I will stop throwing up so sure does not stop me from the every other day fluid trips to the vet and it seems to worry mommie and daddy too I will try
to keep the food down...maybe someday the feeding tube will come out and I can
go back to my crunching!! Ah, the 'good old days'!!!!
Thank you, Friends, for sticking with me and giving me 'eat Buddie eat' talks!!
I will try REALLY HARD this week to keep the food down and think about eating
on my own...I know I need to.....maybe I will lick some food off daddy's finger this afternoon and make them both happy!! hehe
Until later,
I remain
Your noneating pal,



July 28th 2006 10:09 am
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Hello Friends,
Last night and then today I decided I was going to throw
up everytime mommie or daddy would feed me!! So, I did!!
Mommie called daddy today on the human phone (not my
kitty cell I call The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of
Catster Fame - my fur wife - on). Anyhow, she told daddy
maybe it was her fault today...that when she was giving me
water, it sort of stuck in the syringe and popped out too fast
which made me get gas, which gave me a tummy ache, which
made me throw was fun watching her and daddy trying
to figure out all the "WHYS" I threw up....they didn't realize
that I just wanted to so they would worry!! Plain and simple.
Boy, a kitty sure can cause a human to doubt their own sanity!!!
We have the best of two worlds, friends....the humans
take care of us like we were tiny babies but yet we can rule their
world like a dictator!!!! heheheh Life is good, my friends, when
you finally figure out how to play it!! hehehehhe
Well, I will go watch mommie worry some more...I love the
new worry wrinkles I give her now...I can see them sprouting almost
daily!! hehehe
You noneating pal,



July 26th 2006 3:50 pm
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Hello Friends!!
Today mommie took me to get fluids from my kindly fluid giver,
Jonathan...we had some male bonding with high five 's and some
talk about football....then I had some blood work done..think he just
wanted to take my mind off the needles. hehe
My Dr. G just called mommie to give her the results of the blood test....they are
good!! My red blood count is the same (good news since it is not down) but the
good thing is that my BUN count has gone down A LOT and my creatin has gone
down A LOT too!! My Phosphates were down some too!!! I can skip a few days in
between fluids now!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. G was happy and mommie
was happy...when daddy gets home from work, he will be happy too!! hehehe
It is YOUR prayers for me, friends, that have done this!! YOUR PRAYERS!
How can I ever thank all of you?????? I can only say THANK YOU a million times!!
You are each precious to me........THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to bask in my happiness now.....hehehe
Goodbye for now,
Your noneating pal,



July 25th 2006 5:30 am
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Hello friends!!
Daddy took the day off from work Monday so mommie could go get her hair feline friends, I must ask you "Would we torture our little hairs to death to make ourselves another color? I mean, how would I look with the coloring of Ricki's pretty little furwife, Midnight?" Anyhow, mommie had a 'mommie day' yesterday.
To pay her back for not being here with me and also to keep daddy busy (not that he didn't have anything else to do..hehe), I decided I would throw up...not a little bit but A and meds and water...anything put in my feeding tube...starting Sunday night and then all through Monday morning....mommie and daddy were on those little human phones they can talk anywhere on discussing me the whole time she was gone....oh, how I enjoyed that...found out I can still be the center of attention even when daddy gives mommie 'the day off'.
Anyway, Daddy said the dreaded "V E T" word and off we went to the vets Monday
afternoon. She looked me over, I got my regular fluids and then friends, she decided
I should start getting shots at, if you remember, I use to watch Ricki
get shots all the time....I was smug, I was haughty, I was overconfident that this would never happen to me....never say never!! hehe
Last night I got my first set of shots!! Guess what, they didn't hurt like the vet said they would.....I laid real still for mommie to give them to me and THEY WORKED!!
I didn't throw up last night and I got another set of shots this morning, and I am feeling good!!! Maybe I was all wrong about Ricki and his shots!! Maybe shots are a good thing???? I should of been cheering Ricki on with his shot taking (he was such a good little boy with ALL the meds he use to take...never complaining one bit) instead of prancing around snickering at him....hehe
Anyway, it is Tuesday morning and I FEEL GOOD again....daddy even put some
of my food on his finger and I licked it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommie and daddy did the happy paw dance and then daddy floated off to work....guess I made his day, huh? I must make a mental note: Give them a little joy now and then.....guess they deserve it??
Ok, friends....I think I will lay down and send a prayer up to Ricki and tell him he was right and shots DO help and the vet is not all bad!! hehe Thanks my brother, I love and miss you!!
Your pal,



July 22nd 2006 8:20 pm
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Hello Friends!!
Today, after TWELVE hours of no power due to a horrible storm, we got power
back around six this morning!! Yeah!!! I was such a brave little boy and was not
afraid the whole, sister McKenna was another story....for another day!
This afternoon I was curled up in my sunny spot and felt daddys hands picking me up....I thought "oh boy, maybe we will sit out on the screened in deck together and have some daddy/furson time"....well, friends, was I 100% my groggy state, I saw the cat carrier out of the corner of my
sleepy eye....quickly they put me in and slammed the door shut...I could hear the 'clink clink' sound and knew there was NO escape!!
Off to the vet we went......they kept telling me that I was getting "fluids'' today...and that ''fluids'' would make me feel better...yea, right....if it makes you feel so much better, let THEM get the fluids!!
Well, anyhow, it didn't last that long and then I was safely back in my carrier to go back vet told mommie and daddy I was doing fine 'considering', friends, what does that mean?? Ok, I have a few issues BUT my coloring is coming back, my fur is soft again and I have NOT LOST ANY WEIGHT!!!! 'paws doing the high five', Friends, all in all, today was a good vet day!! Mommie and daddy were happy with my vet trip and we all came back home singing and joyful in the car!!
Well, Friends, last night was a long one so I am going to turn in early...the humans get up at the crack of dawn to go to something called Church and they have to feed me is good, my furrypals...hehe
I love each and every one of my Catster Friends and say kitty prayers for all
of you too!! Some to prevent illness and others to help you get well....either way,
I know they will be answered and we all will see each other one day no matter what!!
Your noneating pantyhose pal,
Buddie PS
Friends: It is Sunday.
I had waited all morning long for my humans to return from Sunday School
and Church so they could walk in the door and admire and make over me as they do every Sunday....I should of known something was up....daddy ran up the stairs to get out of his 'Church clothes' and mommie just talked to me and petted me...very unusual....she always changes clothes before daddy..anyhow, I felt something was 'not right' so I ran behind a big pedestal (that can't be moved) they have in the dining room....daddy came to get me and I growled and hissed and growled louder..instead of being mad, they laughed and laughed...they said "That must mean Buddie is feeling better....listen to that loud growl"!!!!!
So off I went to the meet our vet on a Sunday afternoon for FLUIDS!!!!! ON SUNDAY!! Our preacher would not be pleased...this is the day of rest!! For kitties too!!!! Not to get NEEDLES and FLUIDS!!! hehe
Well, it is over and I am home and I feel about 15 minutes, mommie will wrap my neck up with her pantyhose and I can lay out on the screened in deck and enjoy the PURR-FECT day we are having!! I wish a PURR-FECT day for all my
Catster friends too!!
Your growling friend,



July 20th 2006 7:44 am
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Hello Friends!!
Daddy told mommie she could stay home and rest while 'the men' would go to the Big Hospital in Knoxville...we left at 4:30AM. After many goodbye kisses from a groggy mommie, daddy and I set off on our long adventure.....I was a good little boy and watched the
car and truck lights go by (it was still dark) and then I could see beautiful trees as the sun came up....oh what a sight!!
I had new doctors and they were so kind to me...I had many many test done and they told daddy that I was the BEST patient ever!!! (this made daddy laugh inside thinking about how I react to my meds at home..hehehhe)
My kidney numbers have gotten very bad...this was a shock to I am going to have to get fluids everyday for a while now...they thought that would help.
On a good note, they said the massive kidney infection is now gone and I can go off
the antibiotics but they added a new med to my schedule.....
They still don't know why I can't eat...they called in a special dentist to look me over again (like last time) and they still couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth....hey, I'm still young....I want to keep my teeth...hehehe..especially with a foxyfelinewife!!!
I am going to try the new meds out, get fluids everyday now, and ,with prayers and good wishes from all of you, maybe I will start eating soon? I would like to get this feeding tube
out of my neck, friends....I try to be brave but (between you and me) it does bother me some.....but, it is not bad.
Well, I guess that is all I can tell you...we got home about eleven last night and they fed me before we fell asleep...boy, was I tired!! I didn't get a chance to sleep at all yesterday because I went from one doctor to the next, then from one test to the next, and then had lab people in all day doing 'things' to me...daddy was by my side whenever they would let him....he is such a good daddy!!! Plus, mommie was on the phone all the time and she would talk to me as much as she could...yes, friends, I DID talk back to her!! It made her laugh!! heehe
Well, I am going to catch up on my sleep that I missed yesterday.....
Your noneating pantyhosehead pal,
Just wanted you to know that I went to my regular vets this afternoon and got
fluids....I was very nice to them even tho I spent all day yesterday on a cold
hard doctors table and was tired of seeing the white coats coming at me.....hehe I still was a "Southern Gentleman" and let then stick me with that needle....yikes....but, it is over till tomorrow and we will go again!! Such fun!!
Well, Bye again......



July 17th 2006 5:42 pm
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Hello Friends,
Well, this morning at 2:30AM and then again at 6:15AM I threw up yet once
again....mommie and daddy are trying to figure out why I only throw up in the
wee morning hours....I go to the Big Hospital this Wednesday so maybe they will
have an answer....daddy was peacefully snoring away on the floor outside the room that houses our litter boxes and crunchy food....I guess I couldn't contain myself any
longer and had to disturb his dreaming bliss.....sometimes he looks too comfortable
laying on the matts on the floor..hehe....anyhow, the moment he hears my hacking, he is up like a shot!!! (the sign of a good daddy!!) I still have not decided if I will let him sleep the whole night tonight....depends on how much he pays attention to me till then. hehe
Thank you, my friends, for being so kind to me and thinking and praying for me.
I will wear ALL my Rosettes to the Big Hospital Wednesday and tell them who each Rosette is from....I also will sneak some of the treats you have sent me on Wednesday morning before our trip (I am not suppose to eat anything after ten the night before)...hehehhe...thank you so very very much!
Your pantyhosehead noneating pal,

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