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August 14th 2006 6:59 pm
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Hello FurFriends,
Today I had my weekly Monday trip to the
vets for fluids.....I was not weighed so I can't tell
you if I have gained or lost....I will get weighed
Wednesday when I make my return trip there.
I was in the care of my sweet Dr. G and I also
talked some football with Jonathan....our Titans
are not doing well so far.
I purred for everyone, let Dr. G give me a vit.
B shot (no, I did not even whimper) and then
they said I could go!!!
As we were walking out the door,
a big booming thunderstorm just
started and we were like wet little Junebugs by
the time we got home....well, mommie was...I was
snug as a bug in my dry carrier. hehehe Humans
have all the fun....hehehhe
So, my friends, the Healing Rosettes you have been
sending me that COVER my body (Dr. G has to
push them aside to give me the fluids) are WORKING!!
She thinks I look more orange and that my eyes look
good too!!!! I am happy. Mommie is happy. Daddy is
happy (but still sleeping on the floor beside my food dish).
Dr. G is happy. Jonathan is happy. I hope you are happy
too, my fur friends, because it is because of YOU that all
my family and caretakers are happy!! THANK YOU!!!
Your pal,



August 13th 2006 1:30 pm
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Hello FurFriends,
I know, I know...it is NOT St. Patty's Day but mommie thought
it was SO sweet that the vet put a GOOD LUCK SHAMROCK on my
feeding tube bandage yesterday that she just had to share it with
If I try REAL hard, it can look VERY MANLY, right?? Well, at
least it is not a Barbie Doll decal or something girly-girly---WHEW...
I lucked up on that one, right friends!!
Well, off to lift some weights, knock back a few cold ones and ride
my Harley around the neighborhood for a little while until the little
furwoman has my grub on the plate....uh oh...Sorry, my Beautiful
Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame..I am carrying this MANLY MAN
thing too far, right??? hehe
Until later my Catster Friends,
Mommie just got a picture of me on my MANLY
Harley that my Auntie Arlene (of Arlene's Angel's)
just sent to us...Thank you so much, Auntie Arlene!!!
It is picture #5......



August 12th 2006 10:57 am
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Hello My FurryFriends!!
Today mommie and daddy took me to see my Dr. G for fluids and
to be weighed and 'looked over'....it is a good thing I am a little
boy and am not embarrassed by female hands always touching
me....hehe I guess I am use to it by now....anyhow, Dr. G feels
like family after all these years!!
I have lost some weight BUT she said that we will wait for a
few more days to see if my crunching and munching will make
up for the two tube feedings I was cut back on. I am trying REAL
hard to eat, my friends...I don't want to let any of you down!!
Mommie took a picture of Dr. G and told her it would be on
my page today....after 12 years of taking care of us, she needs
to have her picture on my page, don't you think?..hehehhe
Nothing has changed with my meds or my feedings...so that
is good. She thought I looked much better than the last time
she saw me....guess what?? Last night I jumped up on mommie's
bed about 2:00AM and snuggled beside her leg. Now this may not
sound like much to you, but I have not done this since I have been
sick...she has a very high bed so it took some strength just to make
the jump....she was so happy. She would of told Daddy but he
is still sleeping on the floor beside my feeding bowl to see how
much I eat. Now, FurFriends, do I have THEM trained or what??
Your slightly smaller but feisty friend,



August 9th 2006 11:32 am
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Hello My Friends,
I guess the steroid shot that my vet gave
me yesterday worked a tiny bit!!
This morning (early--very early-there is no other time of the morning)
mommie and daddy heard the sweet sound of a crunch coming from
my mouth--my very own noncrunching mouth!! hehe They had to jump
up and actually watch my mouth go up and down and they really listened
to my crunching sound!! They were so happy!! I ate about four pieces of
hard kitty food.....I know it does not sound like much, but if I can eat
3/4 of a dish of hard food, the vet said my tube can come out...well,
four pieces does not make 3/4 of a cup but it is a good start, right??
Our house is a very happy house right now. hehehe
I go today for more fluids so we will see what Dr. G has to say about
my nibbling. hehe
Your prayers are really working, my friends!!! THANK YOU!! My mouth
thanks you too..it has missed being able to crunch...those four pieces felt
good. heheh
Your sort of eating pal,
PS I just got back from getting fluids and saw my kindly fluid giver,
Jonathan.....he told me his lab report came back yesterday and he
does not have to worry about rabies....plus they took his bandage
off and he is on the mend!!! YAHOO!!



August 8th 2006 4:52 pm
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Hello Friends!!
Today mommie had me at the vets at 8:15Am.....I was pretty good
and didn't growl or hiss!! Proud of me? I hope so!! hehe
They did blood work and other things.
They called for her to come get me around 5:30Pm this afternoon...on
our drive home, she told
me that she missed me so much while I was gone...my blood test didn't
show anything different, which was very good....all my numbers are holding.
YEAH!! I am not going to get my two shots tonight or in the morning either!! I am
doing the 'happy dance' over that!!!
Dr. G did give me a low dose steroid shot late this afternoon. I will go back
tomorrow afternoon for my regular fluids and to see if the steroid shot
perked me up any and made me want to eat....hummm...we will see about that.
Right now daddy is tube feeding me while my little paws dance on the
keyboard!! Friends, I can multi-task!!!!
Well, that is about all we know right now....things are holding and that is
a good report.
Your prayers are SO appreciated by me and my family...you have NO idea!!
Until tomorrow,
Your noneating pal,
Buddie (It's been too hot outside for me to be
on the screened in deck and to be called 'pantyhosehead' right now)



August 7th 2006 5:23 pm
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Hello Friends,
Today was fluid day....I didn't see my Jonathan today but I still got
the fluids....I also had XRAYS done....my Dr. G wants me to return
early tomorrow morning for some blood work.....so, mommie will have
me there by 8:30AM. I am not that thrilled knowing I have to make
a return trip so quickly but it seems it has to be done. I will let you know,
Friends, just as soon as we find something out.
On the way home, mommie drove me the long pretty way but she did not
sing this time....I was glad but something told me she was not.
Well, I will close for now since I will write tomorrow.....don't want to
bore you with too many diary entries.
I love you all....thank you for the prayers!!
Your friend,



August 5th 2006 1:40 pm
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Hello Furry and Unfurry Friends!
This morning mommie and daddy took me for my trip to our
regular vet!! I got fluids and she looked me over and weighed
me....guess what?? All this barfing I have done in the past two
days (yes, my friends, I did do some more barfing) didn't hurt
my weight...I have gained three ounces!!! (I know...I know...
you are thinking "three ounces--well, that is nothing to get
excited about....a hummingbird might weigh that!!") Well,
it put me back up to a little over eleven pounds!! Almost my
'fighting' weight! hehe My kindly fluid giver, Jonathan, was
bitten this week by a mean kitty and his finger is swollen
and red and he had to take shots and they are waiting to see
if he might have gotten rabies....oh, no!! Not MY Jonathan..the
nicest fluid giver around!!! I just know he will be ok!! My kitty
prayers will be going up for him!!
Mommie and daddy took me the long way home so I could
look at the pretty trees and flowers and so mommie could sing
me the happy song...well, by the time we got home, I was ready
to head back for the vets--that woman can NOT sing!!! (but her
heart is in the right place!!)
Daddy gave me a tube feeding and, friends, I licked food off
his finger again--not once, not twice, not three times, BUT FOUR
TIMES!!!! Real canned food!!! Just before he gives me a tube feeding
he always ask me if I would like some 'big boy kitty food'...and then he
(under his breath...thinking I can't hear him)....."Please Buddie
eat, Please Buddie eat"......today I decided I would try to please
Daddy and I did lick my little heart out. You should of seen
the BIG smiles on mommie and daddy's faces!! I thought they
had won the lottery! ha!!
Well, enough of this 'being good Buddie' stuff!!! Time for me
to strut my stuff and show them I still rule this roost!! hehehe
Friends, I really licked the food for YOU....I wanted to have
some good news for you and wanted you to know that I appreciate
the good thoughts and prayers you are sending up for me!! Thank
you from the bottom of my finger licking heart!!
Your pal,



August 2nd 2006 3:43 pm
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Hello Catster Friends!!
I am calling today 'wimpy' because I have NOT thrown up
since Monday night!!! Mommie and daddy are so happy they
keep kissing me--ugh--but I have to say I do feel better when
I am not barfing all the time. hehe Thanks to my friends who
send me 'non barfing Rosettes'...they are finally working!! hehe
I went to the vets this afternoon for fluids...my kind fluid
giver, Jonathan, was there....we talked about our team, the Titans,
and then discussed my new carrier. I told him I was going to
make mommie take it back even tho it was blue....I don't like
it and made that very clear with many hisses and mean sounding
growls. So, off it will go tomorrow....back to the store it came from.
I had thought about peeing in it so she could not return it but I know
she only tries to do things to make me happy....like this soft carrier!!
Wrong...I was NOT happy.
I have been taking it easy and have not had to be 'pantyhosehead'
for a few days since it is too hot to go out on the screened in deck...I am
trying to make mommie find something else to tie my feeding tube
up with---something MANLY!! Not her pantyhose!!!! Women!! I will
never figure them out, friends!!!! (But, what a sad world without them!!)
Well, it is time for a feeding!! Yipee!!
Thank you for all your good wishes....I make mommie read me my
Catster emails and Rosette messages ALL THE TIME!! Thank you so
very very much!!! I love you all!!!
Your noneating pal,
Buddie PS I did lick some food off mommie's finger last night...just three
licks, tho...can't have her get too excited!!!!



July 31st 2006 4:38 pm
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Hello Friends,
Today I started out with a big bang...well, a big throw up, I should say!!
ha! But mommie waited an hour to feed me again and I kept it down....and
have kept down the whole day's worth of tube feedings so far!! YEH!!!
I went to the vet this afternoon and got fluids by my kind fluid giver, Jonathan!!
He was so nice to me today and ask about the good luck charms attached
to my carrier cage door....mommie has hung all the good luck charms sent to
me on the door for all my vet friends to see and for the charms to work their
magic. hehe
I was finished in a flash and off we headed home with mommie singing to me
all the way which made me want to turn around and go back and ask for ear plugs...but, Friends, she means well!! heheh
I guess I will just chill out until my next feeding and later tonight (when it
cools off to the low 90's...heheheh) we will sit out on the screened in deck
and listen to the night sounds.
I love you all and thank you so very very much for keeping my spirits up with
the good thoughts, prayers and suggestions concerning my condition!!
Hugs and furry kisses to everyone of you, my Friends!!
Your noneating panyhosehead (still) Buddie



July 29th 2006 7:26 am
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Hello Friends,
Today daddy got up early (6:30AM) so I could have an early feeding before my trip
to the vets at 8:00AM....he spent about an hour slowly feeding my feeding tube....he sat
with me 15 minutes to make sure it would stay down...he got up to get dressed
for the vet.....I let him take four steps out of the room and then I THREW UP!!!!
hehehhe He said I still had to go to the vets no matter what I did!!! So my plan
didn't work.
Anyhow, my vet said I really looked good...much more color than the last time she
saw me (last Wed) and I had an 'attitude' when they gave me fluids which she said
was good to see....so I guess a hiss or two is a good thing! I was also hissing because my
Jonathan was not there today....I wanted to tell him our "Titans" had started
their training sessions and if he was going to watch them, I wanted to tag along. Mommie is NO GOOD in talking football and daddy is at work during the day...so
what is a guy to do?
I am feeling better even tho I did lose a little weight but not that much....I will just get more feedings during the day but not so much at one time. I think I will stop throwing up so much....it sure does not stop me from the every other day fluid trips to the vet and it seems to worry mommie and daddy too much....so I will try
to keep the food down...maybe someday the feeding tube will come out and I can
go back to my crunching!! Ah, the 'good old days'!!!!
Thank you, Friends, for sticking with me and giving me 'eat Buddie eat' talks!!
I will try REALLY HARD this week to keep the food down and think about eating
on my own...I know I need to.....maybe I will lick some food off daddy's finger this afternoon and make them both happy!! hehe
Until later,
I remain
Your noneating pal,

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