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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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September 2nd 2006 7:31 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Yes, it is "NECK-KED" neck has returned with a vengeance!!! I am
without my Shamrock bandage!! I am meowing!! I am doing the happy paw dance!! My neck is once again
FREE and without dangling things coming out of it!!! Oh, furfriends, I can be normal again!! It feels so good!
Now, for the technical blood count is HOLDING! See, the Blood Building Rosettes are really working, my friends!! Dr. G was very happy over that and my humans are humming!!! I thank you from the bottom of my strong little heart!!!
My weight, although I am eating just fine, is down some. Dr. G gave daddy
different kinds of canned food to supplement what I am eating now...see, if I was
a real walking and talking human, I could eat WHOLE chocolate cakes to gain
weight back but, being a little furhuman, I must stick to canned food.....which is not
so bad because it smells pretty good. Mommie and daddy just gave me a LONG talk
about eating MORE and trying to munch and crunch my way into Hog Heaven....well, so to speak. hehe
I told the vet and all the helpers that I am only getting better because of all the
wonderful Healing Rosette's I wear on each visit! I point out each and
every new one proudly and also proudly dust off the older ones so they will keep
on shining!! Oh, furfriends, thank you so much for the caring, love, prayers, good
thoughts and kindness you have given me while I have been sick. I feel like the
luckiest little kitty in the whole wide world!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!
I will keep on with my eating and, hopefully, when I return on Tuesday, maybe
there will be MORE of me...heheheh
I also will have extensive blood test on Tuesday to see if there is anything else
going on with my weight loss.....other than just not eating enough.
But, all in all, my sweet furfriends, things are looking good!!!!! It is all due
to YOU!! YOU!! No one else but YOU!!! Thank YOU!!!
Your Neckked Neck FurPal,
Buddie -- YIPEE!! Free at last!!!!



September 1st 2006 2:33 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
I just had to share this with you...actually it is for all the little
furfaces forced to take pills!!
Today I struck back for ALL of was 6:00AM and mommie
was giving me my first pill of the day....I didn't want it and kept
spitting it know, pretending to swallow and not!! Then,
a quick spit and out it comes.....
Well, she decided to put the 'pill popper' away and USE HER
NAKED FINGER.....well, then and there I knew my time had come!!
The pill was balanced on her finger, the finger went into my mouth
and then it happened.....I clamped down SO HARD....with all the might
my little body could muster.....I heard a scream, I heard a crunch, I saw
blood and I saw tears..hehhehehehhe
I accomplished my mission for all kitties who have to take pills!!!
I hummed 'Bad to the Bone' for the rest of the day....heheehe
My mission was complete!
Your Pal,
The Bone Chomper



August 30th 2006 1:05 pm
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Hello My FurFriends,
Today was Vet day....I will give you the 'bad news' first (which is NOT
all that bad) drainage tube is still in...she cleaned it and said my
neck infection looked better!! So, that is not all that bad, right?? hehe
Next, my red blood cell numbers were up to!! Friends, I
am SOOOO happy over that! That means NO blood transfusion!! YIPEE!!
My weight is down a little from Monday but my slaves --sorry, humans, I mean--
told me I just need to eat more!! So, we will work on that.
Mommie called daddy the minute we walked out of the office (well, she was on the phone with him while we were in the exam room too) and they both were very
happy....mommie sang to me on the way home...well, as I told you before--eek, the woman can NOT sing and by the time we got home, I was ready to throw up!!!
So, I am home now, all happy and warm and cozy....will go back to the vets on
Saturday morning so I have many days to relax and chill out!!!!
FurFriends, your Healing and Blood Building Rosettes have WORKED!! WORKED!!
My numbers are up!!! Thank you so much, my friends!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THANK
YOU!!!! I appreciate each and every one of you and appreciate what you have done
for me!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
Your Numbers Up Pal,



August 28th 2006 7:48 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Today mommie packed me up in the carrier and off we went to the
vet....they tested my red blood
count to see if I needed a blood transfusion!! Friends, my count went
from 13 to 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommie was so over joyed and told
Dr. R that those Healing and Eating and Blood Building Rosettes
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, my faithful friends!! THANK YOU!!
THEY WORKED!! I have an appointment for Wednesday to have my numbers
checked again BUT --don't worry---I just know they will go up some
I wish you could see my mommie's happy face!!
Also, my weight was down but don't worry about that either because I
feel better than I did a few days ago and I am eating again!! Since they
changed my antibiotics, I feel like I am getting rid of this neck infection
and things will be looking much brighter soon!!! The drainage tube is still there
but my swelling has gone down!! ALL GOOD NEWS TODAY, MY FURFRIENDS!!
Thanks to each and everyone of YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
This brings us to the question of Rosettes. Mommie is very very upset that
I don't have enough Fresh Rosettes to give everyone who has been SO VERY VERY kind
to mommie would cry real tears if she left anyone out in returning the
gift of these Healing Rosettes due to not having, if it is ok with all my furfriends, mommie
will search for sick kitties on Catster and donate a 'Healing Rosette' to them..she
said with the power behind these Rosette's, that maybe other little kitties
might be able to get much better too!! That would make her heart sing
and also be a tribute to all of my furfriends who have been so kind to me
since I have been so sick!!!! So, furfriends, your Healing Rosettes will
be distributed all over Catster as mommie locates sick kitties!! Your love
and caring will show up everywhere...if you know of a sick kitty, please feel
free to let me know....mommie's time is still taken up with caring for me
and also for her human mommie who has Alzheimers so her computer
time is not like it use to be....feel free to pmail me with anyone you know
of that needs a Healing Rosette, my wonderful furfriends!! I love each and
everyone of you so much!!!
Please don't get tired of my thanking you but I feel a BIG THANK YOU
Your Pal,



August 26th 2006 8:47 am
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Hello FurFriends!!
Today I made my return trip to the vets to see if I needed
any kitty blood...YAHOO!! I didn't need a transfusion
this morning....I am holding my own!! This is because
of ALL the kitty prayers being sent up for me and I just
want to thank you so very very much for looking out for
me!! I will return Monday to see how the count is and
if I may need anything then...but, as for now, I am
slurping and talking and watching TV!! Could life
be any better, my friends? Mommie opened the screened
in windows so I could look out at the birdies and also
spy on my neighbors too....hehee I enjoy doing that!! hehe
Well, this will be short because my humans have to go
pick up a few things for me in another town...but, I just
wanted to let you know that today was a good one and
I also wanted to say "THANK YOU" for every good
thought, prayer, kind word, pmail and Healing Rosette
you have sent my way....they mean the world to all of
us and we can never say "THANK YOU" enough!!!
Your Slurping Pal,



August 25th 2006 4:25 pm
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Hello again Furfriends,
Mommie and daddy picked me up this afternoon! Boy, was I happy to
see them and to get home!! I talked all the way home telling them everything
that happened to me today but I don't think they understood...they just kept
saying: We love you too, Little Buddie. I was saying: "NO NO, I am NOT telling
you that I love you too....I want to tell you everything the people in white
did to me". Well, soon I gave up because by then I was getting the 'baby talk' stuff!
Uck!!! hehehe
So, anyhow, I have my friend, the drainage tube back. Another Shamrock on it
for good luck so that helps!!
I have to go back at 8:00AM Saturday for them to take more blood work and see if
I need a blood transfusion. Seems the old red blood cells are not working
and if my numbers go down more tomorrow morning, then I will get a transfusion.
I am feeling good tonight, tho. I am eating, talking and my eyes are big
and bright!!!! So, all in all, my Furfriends, I am doing pretty good!!
I thank each and everyone of you for the kitty prayers you have sent my don't know how it helps my humans when they read a pmail or see a Healing
Rosette beside my picture....I wish you could see the look on their faces....oh my!
So, from the bottom of my furry little heart, I want to thank you for everything you
have done for me...I will remember each and every good wish, prayer, thought,
pmail and Rosette FOREVER and EVER!!! I am such a blessed little furface!!!
Well, think I might slurp a little.....want to gain back the weight I have lost. hehe
Until later,
I remain,
Your Pal,



August 25th 2006 6:48 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Today DADDY took me to see Dr. G since he was mommie
writes this, I am staying at the vets for a little while. The culture
they took from my neck infection came back and I have
been on the wrong antibiotic and that is why my neck started swelling
again yesterday and the infection is returning. They also are going
to reinsert the drainage tube again....Furfriends, I am not a happy
Buddie today. But, if this will help get rid of this pesky infection
FOR GOOD, then I will be happy. The only good thing is that the
new antibiotic will only be once a day instead of twice!! YEAH!!!
I also forgot to mention that I have lost a LITTLE weight--don't
be worried--it is NOT much and when I am feeling better I will
munch and crunch it back--I PROMISE!!!!
So, all in all, furfriends, I am getting the drainage tube back and
new antibiotics. I will have mommie update this when I finally
return home today...
Your Tubefilled Buddie......



August 23rd 2006 11:49 am
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Hello My FurFriends!!
Oh my lucky I got my drainage tube OUT....O-U-T!!!!
My neck has nothing hanging from it anymore!! My neck is free!!
My neck is happy...but, my neck is 'neckked' mommie says in
her Southern drawl....hehhehe It has no is furless!! hehe
Ok, seriously, the tube is out but I still have some
we will have to make sure it will continue to drain from the hole
in my neck and then that will heal over...and then the swelling should
go away and then maybe I can be a normal kitty again?? We don't know
but mommie is watching me like a hawk!! Sort of makes me nervous
since I can't make a move without her right there....eating, sleeping,
litterboxing, drinking water...she is there...sometimes I get tired of
the same old face but I guess whatever makes her happy...who am I
to deny her the pleasure of being my 24/7 slave??
We are now watching my red blood cell count...friends, if my body
can just make the red blood cells to keep me healthy and if I continue
to eat, I can feel a BIG BLOW OUT PARTY around the not to distant
On a sad note, I just learned from The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster Fame that one of our wedding guest just passed away.
He had a long and happy life of 20 years, furfriends....20 years...
can you imagine?? How how lucky he was....thanks to his humans!!
Rest In Peace our Handsome Sir Higson Nick...we will see you before
you know it!!!
Furfriends, life is so short here on earth so we must enjoy it as much
as we can....we must party our paws off when we can and forgive our
human's as soon as we can.....they only do what is best for us.....I forgive
you can spy on me all you want!! I would like to be around
for 20 years too!!
Until later, my Catster friends,
Your Pal,
Buddie aka Neckked Neck



August 21st 2006 7:50 am
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Hello My FurFriends,
Just got back from seeing Dr. G at the vets. She said my infection looks
much better and MAYBE this drainage tube MIGHT come out WEDNESDAY!!
I meowed REAL loud when she gave mommie that bright bit of news!! She said
my neck area, where the infection is, looks SOOOO good!!!!
I have not lost any weight, friends, since my feeding tube was taken out
this past Thursday at the Big Hospital in Knoxville!! They told mommie and daddy
that I ate special dry food while I was feed me that...well, when I got home,
I would not even look at the dry food I had in the, luckily, they
had the special canned food I have to eat and I ATE THAT!! And have been
eating for the past day and half....I am now eating about a FULL CAN A DAY!!
Friends, I can eat again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels so good!!!! If I can continue to eat
and keep it down, NO MORE FEEDING TUBES FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!
So, all in all, my furfriends, things are looking up. My blood count has gone
down a little since the blood transfusion BUT Dr. G told mommie there is a pill
for that (as with everything in life now....hehe) and they can put me on it to keep
my red blood cell count up. I go back Wednesday for her to look at my drainage tube,
decide if it can come out and to check my blood count again not to mention checking
GOOD FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wore ALL my Healing Rosettes in today and had to show my kindly bandage
changer Jonathan (I am not getting fluids at this time either--so we have to change
his title..hehe) the new ones and tell him who they were from. We tried to repair
the tattered and torn ones and we made them look like new again too!!! He is good at fixing broken things..shame the Titans can't hire him to fix our team but that
is another story!!!
My Healing Rosettes and good wishes PMails have pulled me through this, my FurFriends.......each and everyone have been saved in a special
notebook and appreciated more than you could ever know!! How can I thank
you?? When we have the BIG BLOW OUT PARTY it will be for each one of you--
not me---and it will be to say 'THANK YOU' and that I love each and everyone of
you!!!! It will be a "Love Fest of Thanks".....
Well, I must rest now....mommie said instead of "Munching Monday" it should
be "Slurping Monday" since canned food only slurps and does not munch"!! I call
that "food for thought", right?.....
Until later,
I remain,
Your Pal,



August 19th 2006 6:31 pm
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Hello My FurFriends,
Early this morning mommie and daddy got a call from the Big Hospital
in Knoxville saying I could go home!! They were SO happy!! They loaded
the car up with water and fluffy sheets and a litter box (most important)
and headed off to fetch me!!
I didn't know they were coming and I was so surprised when the woman
in white put me in my carrier for some unknown reason and walked me out
the locked doors...there they were---waiting for me with BIG smiles on their
faces....I was so excited and I could not stop meowing. They couldn't understand
me but I was telling them how much I love them and how happy I was to be
going HOME!! The sweetest word in the world!!
I don't have my feeding tube at the moment...we HOPE I will eat enough
to sustain life....I did drink some water on the way home and used the
litter box!! They must keep tract of my intake so the doctor will know how
much I am taking in and HOPEFULLY they won't have to insert another
feeding tube!!
I do have a drainage tube inserted into my neck where the massive infection
is....that will stay until the infection clears up....I am taking Clavamox for that.
Mommie and daddy must watch me 24/7 so the tube won't come out, or I
won't scratch, pull or bite it, or that it won't get blocked. Mommie is very
very nervous about this drainage tube and she hopes all will go well with
it. I go to my Dr. G first thing Monday morning to get the bandage changed
and for them to do a blood test on me (to make sure the blood transfusion
is still working) and to look at the drainage tube and make sure it is working
properly. Whew, furfriends, so much for such a little kitty. hehehe
So all in all, I am home, safe and sound, all warm and cuddly and will rest
so good tonight without the Hospital noise I have been hearing...there was
a BIG loud doggy in there and he scared me with his loud woof woof....I just
couldn't sleep....I love doggies but I was afraid because I was away from home
and sick feeling and mommie and daddy were not there to protect me....BUT,
everything is FINE now....I am HOME....ahhhh....I am HAPPY!!!!
Thank you my wonderful fur friends and human friends for praying for
me and taking such good care of me and sending good thoughts up for me
and sending
the Healing Rosettes...they are WELL WORN by now but each and every one
will be on my body until I am well and they FALL OFF ME from AGE!!!!!
They will be tattered and torn from the doctors moving them around to do
things to me but they won't leave my furry little body because each one
represents a special Catster Furface Friend and that is worth more than
words can express!!!!! My heart can only say: Thank you my friends!!
Thank you a million times!!! Thank you!!
Until later,
Buddie PS Mommie will try to post a new picture of me taken in the car
coming home today......

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