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September 9th 2006 1:37 pm
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Hey FurFriends,
Well, Dr. G just called with my Sister McKenna's test results....seems
the pesky girl will be around for YEARS yet to come to drive me
CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheh
No, really, I am very happy her test came out showing nothing is
seriously wrong with her....the humans just have to take her back
in three weeks to make sure her weight is the same and not less.
I will shove my 'fat gaining' food into her tiny mouth and that should
do the trick, right friends? hehehe She could be a BLIMP in three weeks!!
Well, back to watching daddy wash the driveway...humans have ALL
the fun!!
your pal,
'The Boss"



September 9th 2006 7:32 am
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Hello My FurryFriends,
Today I was not alone....daddy took McKenna in with me to the vets
for a check up...mommie has noticed her drinking more water than normal
so she wanted her blood checked out...we will get results this afternoon.
ON ME AGAIN!!! My red blood cells are holding at 21.......YIPEE!! And this
seemed to thrill my humans---- my weight has NOT dropped....I am now 10.2
instead of 10.....YIPEE!!!! Dr. G said I was looking good (even tho I threw up
a little this morning) and they took me to the back room to do something
called "expressing" on me...well, I thought it might have to do with a nice
cup of Java but NOOOOOOOOOO...well, you kitties know what I am talking
about.....I won't go into it here but, let's just say, Java was not involved!!! I
am feeling fine tho and elated my blood cells are holding their own!!! YIPEE
I also got some fluids today too....don't have to go back till maybe Wednesday.
This is all good news!! Yipee!! I also took my LAST antibiotic last night!! Now
I only have ONE Predisone a day to take....of course, that means I only have
ONE chance to bite mommie everyday but, you know, I have to make some
sacrifices in life....hehhehehe
Thank you so very much, my furfriends!!! You have helped me come so far
in such a short time...you brought me through so many dangerous situations...when
they told my mommie and daddy I would not be here right now but my humans
refused to believe them and brought me home covered in old and new Rosette's
and told me to remember what each one represented and to GET WELL!!!! So,
I have been fighting and look at me now----STILL HERE and getting better!!!
THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I would not be here if I didn't
have each and every one of you pulling for me!!!!
Your Neck-ked Neck Pal with his own Country Song,



September 7th 2006 5:37 pm
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Hey Furfriends:
I just got this song from
Gimme who has such talented paws and I was so
excited about it that I ask if I could share it with everyone....it is the
answer to my "sounds like a country song" question
in my last diary!!!

They say there 'r good days and bad days,
And days in between.
But you ain't seen a bad day
Like some that I seen!
Now I've had food pumped inside 'a me,
And gunked drained back out.
I been poked by more needles
than a voodoo doll down south.
But I ain't gonna let it beat me!
It ain't gonna get me down.
Cuz any one good day that I got
Flips a month worth of frowns.
I gots pawrents who love me,
And a bride who's worth gold.
I gots friends who surround me,
If'n I'm feelin' cold.
So you can take your ol' bad days,
And stick 'em in your hat.
Cuz ain't nuthin' gunna trip up
THIS neckked-neck cat!!

Hope that makes you feel like eating!
Your furend,



September 7th 2006 10:31 am
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Hey Furfriends,
Mommie is writing this for me since I am a prisoner at
the vets today....she and daddy noticed me throwing
up this morning starting about four AM. This continued, getting
worse by seven thirty....so SHE got dressed fast and had me at the
vets by eight fifteen. I am still there as mommie types this for me.
I have had fluids already and they are 'watching' me as I overheard
them saying on the phone to mommie.....so, as I sit here in my cage pondering
this turn of events, I know I will be out this afternoon and
will be back to the "road to recovery".....and the BIG BLOW OUT PARTY
we will be planning soon!!
Your caged neck-ked neck friend,
********* *******************
Hello Again Furfriends,
I am home once again full of fluids and shots to make me not
throw up for a while!! I feel good!!!! I also got to spend the day with
my human main man, Jonathan!! He took good care of me while I was in their prison....So being home is very nice!! I sniffed everything over to make sure
nothing had changed!! Mommie is trying to make
me eat right now, so I will decide if I will make her day and eat or not. hehe
She said: "Buddie, chomp, munch and slurp for mommie!!" I just
gave her "THE" look and twitched my whiskers at her...I will eat
I have an appointment on Saturday (she changed it from Friday to
Sataurday) unless I throw up again tomorrow...then I must go back
for XRays on Friday. uck!!!! I will have company on Saturday but she does not
know it yet---Sister McKenna will be going in for a check up too. Mommie
noticed she is drinking more than usual but I am sure it is nothing.
She is still on a high from her wedding to Mel. heheheh Her little paws have
not touched the ground since she floated down the flowered path to happiness.
Well, thank you all for your concern. I am sure there will be good days and bad days....there has got to be a Country song about that, right? heheh
Your happy to be home pal,



September 5th 2006 11:08 am
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Hello My FurFriends,
Well, today I went to see Dr. G. at the vets....she did blood work
and weighed me.....my weight has not gone up BUT I have NOT
gone down....so that is good. She got one of my blood test results back
already....my red blood cell count was down just a little BUT that
is not bad because it could of been the testing machine. They are getting
new ones this afternoon...so maybe the rest of my results will be
back late this afternoon...if not, then tomorrow.
Mommie asked her about my weight and she said that maybe the
A/D has not had time to work on me yet. But, I am still eating as
I should be......YIPEE!! Food is delicious, my furfriends, isn't it?
I sure did miss it!!! hehe
I can just feel the BIG BLOW OUT PARTY right around the corner!!
Oh, I can't wait to meet all of you and give you furguys a HIGH FIVE
and hug the pretty furgirls...My Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster
Fame said I could THIS time...hehehehhe
Each one of YOU has a special place in my life now and I appreciate
YOU so much!! You will never know.........
Well, my friends, if we hear more later this afternoon, I will have mommie
post it (as a PS) but if it is tomorrow, she will also put it in as a PS to this diary entry.
I am feeling good today and am sitting out on the screened in deck with
HER.....I didn't try to kill her today since she is the one who had to take
me to the vets and get me home plus she is the one who decides if I get
to bask in the afternoon sun on the deck.....so, my furfriends, I have been
purring my little tail off just for her....and the love looks I have been giving
her...oh my!! You would not believe it.....heheheh
Well, until later, my friends and (do you mind) if I tell you THANK
YOU one more time for sending so many kitty prayers up for me
plus the PMails and the Healing/Eating/Blood Building Rosettes?? THANK
Your Deck Sitting Neck-ked Neck Buddie :o)
PS Hello Again!! The vet called mommie late this afternoon....she said my
numbers are holding their own except for one...the pancreas numbers are up...BUT, we are not going to worry for now about that!! We are
going to watch them....I don't have to go back TILL FRIDAY!! This is the longest I have gone since I have been sick without going to see her! YIPEE!!
We will see what she says on Friday....Furfriends, we are closing in on the
BIG BLOW OUT PARTY!! I just feel it in my bones!! hehehe THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU....I am purring with
happiness!!! THANK YOU MY FURFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your happy Buddie



September 3rd 2006 12:59 pm
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Hello Friends,
Thought I would write to let you know that I have been very
nice to mommie since I told you about the unfortunate 'accident'
of my teeth connecting with her skin and bone....hehehe
Anyhow, today (after they returned from Church which seemed
like FOREVER), they let me out of the room I have been held captive in
for all these months!! I was free to roam the house once more!! Ahh....
it was wonderful. I even took take fate into my own paws, and tried
the old "foot weaving and stair trick"....
you know, when you weave in and out of their feet as they try not to
fall head first down two flights of stairs....well, anyhow, SHE made it
down the steps much to my dismay....not that I was trying to kill
her, but a little fall would not of been bad...it would of made me realize
that I was on the road to recovery....you know, like the 'good old days'
before I got sick?? Well, I need to discuss this with her...after all, she
told me last night that she would do ANYTHING to make me well again...
well, is she a woman of her word????
I will let you know.....
Your Frisky Pal,



September 2nd 2006 7:31 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Yes, it is true....my "NECK-KED" neck has returned with a vengeance!!! I am
without my Shamrock bandage!! I am meowing!! I am doing the happy paw dance!! My neck is once again
FREE and without dangling things coming out of it!!! Oh, furfriends, I can be normal again!! It feels so good!
Now, for the technical stuff.....my blood count is HOLDING! See, the Blood Building Rosettes are really working, my friends!! Dr. G was very happy over that and my humans are humming!!! I thank you from the bottom of my strong little heart!!!
My weight, although I am eating just fine, is down some. Dr. G gave daddy
different kinds of canned food to supplement what I am eating now...see, if I was
a real walking and talking human, I could eat WHOLE chocolate cakes to gain
weight back but, being a little furhuman, I must stick to canned food.....which is not
so bad because it smells pretty good. Mommie and daddy just gave me a LONG talk
about eating MORE and trying to munch and crunch my way into Hog Heaven....well, so to speak. hehe
I told the vet and all the helpers that I am only getting better because of all the
wonderful Healing Rosette's I wear on each visit! I point out each and
every new one proudly and also proudly dust off the older ones so they will keep
on shining!! Oh, furfriends, thank you so much for the caring, love, prayers, good
thoughts and kindness you have given me while I have been sick. I feel like the
luckiest little kitty in the whole wide world!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!
I will keep on with my eating and, hopefully, when I return on Tuesday, maybe
there will be MORE of me...heheheh
I also will have extensive blood test on Tuesday to see if there is anything else
going on with my weight loss.....other than just not eating enough.
But, all in all, my sweet furfriends, things are looking good!!!!! It is all due
to YOU!! YOU!! No one else but YOU!!! Thank YOU!!!
Your Neckked Neck FurPal,
Buddie -- YIPEE!! Free at last!!!!



September 1st 2006 2:33 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
I just had to share this with you...actually it is for all the little
furfaces forced to take pills!!
Today I struck back for ALL of us...it was 6:00AM and mommie
was giving me my first pill of the day....I didn't want it and kept
spitting it out....you know, pretending to swallow and not!! Then,
a quick spit and out it comes.....
Well, she decided to put the 'pill popper' away and USE HER
NAKED FINGER.....well, then and there I knew my time had come!!
The pill was balanced on her finger, the finger went into my mouth
and then it happened.....I clamped down SO HARD....with all the might
my little body could muster.....I heard a scream, I heard a crunch, I saw
blood and I saw tears..hehhehehehhe
I accomplished my mission for all kitties who have to take pills!!!
I hummed 'Bad to the Bone' for the rest of the day....heheehe
My mission was complete!
Your Pal,
The Bone Chomper



August 30th 2006 1:05 pm
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Hello My FurFriends,
Today was Vet day....I will give you the 'bad news' first (which is NOT
all that bad)....my drainage tube is still in...she cleaned it and said my
neck infection looked better!! So, that is not all that bad, right?? hehe
Next, my red blood cell numbers were up to 21.....wow!! Friends, I
am SOOOO happy over that! That means NO blood transfusion!! YIPEE!!
My weight is down a little from Monday but my slaves --sorry, humans, I mean--
told me I just need to eat more!! So, we will work on that.
Mommie called daddy the minute we walked out of the office (well, she was on the phone with him while we were in the exam room too) and they both were very
happy....mommie sang to me on the way home...well, as I told you before--eek, the woman can NOT sing and by the time we got home, I was ready to throw up!!!
So, I am home now, all happy and warm and cozy....will go back to the vets on
Saturday morning so I have many days to relax and chill out!!!!
FurFriends, your Healing and Blood Building Rosettes have WORKED!! WORKED!!
My numbers are up!!! Thank you so much, my friends!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THANK
YOU!!!! I appreciate each and every one of you and appreciate what you have done
for me!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
Your Numbers Up Pal,



August 28th 2006 7:48 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Today mommie packed me up in the carrier and off we went to the
vet....they tested my red blood
count to see if I needed a blood transfusion!! Friends, my count went
from 13 to 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommie was so over joyed and told
Dr. R that those Healing and Eating and Blood Building Rosettes
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, my faithful friends!! THANK YOU!!
THEY WORKED!! I have an appointment for Wednesday to have my numbers
checked again BUT --don't worry---I just know they will go up some
I wish you could see my mommie's happy face!!
Also, my weight was down but don't worry about that either because I
feel better than I did a few days ago and I am eating again!! Since they
changed my antibiotics, I feel like I am getting rid of this neck infection
and things will be looking much brighter soon!!! The drainage tube is still there
but my swelling has gone down!! ALL GOOD NEWS TODAY, MY FURFRIENDS!!
Thanks to each and everyone of YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
This brings us to the question of Rosettes. Mommie is very very upset that
I don't have enough Fresh Rosettes to give everyone who has been SO VERY VERY kind
to me...my mommie would cry real tears if she left anyone out in returning the
gift of these Healing Rosettes due to not having
enough....so, if it is ok with all my furfriends, mommie
will search for sick kitties on Catster and donate a 'Healing Rosette' to them..she
said with the power behind these Rosette's, that maybe other little kitties
might be able to get much better too!! That would make her heart sing
and also be a tribute to all of my furfriends who have been so kind to me
since I have been so sick!!!! So, furfriends, your Healing Rosettes will
be distributed all over Catster as mommie locates sick kitties!! Your love
and caring will show up everywhere...if you know of a sick kitty, please feel
free to let me know....mommie's time is still taken up with caring for me
and also for her human mommie who has Alzheimers so her computer
time is not like it use to be....feel free to pmail me with anyone you know
of that needs a Healing Rosette, my wonderful furfriends!! I love each and
everyone of you so much!!!
Please don't get tired of my thanking you but I feel a BIG THANK YOU
Your Pal,

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