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October 2nd 2006 2:41 pm
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Hello My Furfriends,
As much as I hated to EVEN think of it, my Beautiful Miss Hazel
Lucy and I packed our little bags, bid goodbye to our helpful butler
and boarded the jet to take us back home to 'real life'....ahhhh, the
Hawaii life style was so helpful...the fresh fruit and food..I think I
might of gained an ounce or two!! (Paws crossed) I am thinking
seriously of buying a small shack on the beach for our later years.
(You know, as in dog years, cat years come awfully fast. ehhehe)
Anyhow, my friends, we are home safe and sound and are now
making plans for a dinner at Midnight's home this Thursday night.
Her mommie is cooking pot roast and RED VELVET CAKE!!! Yummy!
Her mommie said I could eat ALL the cake I wanted..oh boy!!!
Well, my friends...I will close for now and see what my mommie is
doing in the kitchen.....I hear pots and pans but don't smell anything
good coming from there....I keep wishing they would win the lottery
so that poor woman could hire a cook!!!
Until later,
Your Pal,



October 1st 2006 4:59 pm
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Hello FurFriends,
This is the last night of our Anniversay Vacation in the romantic
place called HAWAII.....what a time we have had!!!! The sand is so
clean and white and the ocean so blue..the sky is crystal clear and
when night comes and the stars come out to shine...oh my!! What
can I say?? We dance under the moonlight and sing under those very stars!!!
We laugh, love and thank all of our Furfriends for making this special
Vacation possible!! If you had not sent me such strong prayers, thoughts
and good wishes, I would not be here with The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster Fame....so, to you---each and everyone of our Furfriends, we will
tip a glass tonight and give you our LAST toast of this wonderful Vacation
and then we will jump aboard our jet and wing our way home!!!!
See you soon!
Your Happy Pal,



September 28th 2006 9:33 am
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Hello My FurFriends!!
The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame and I are still on
our week long Anniversary Vacation.
Oh, friends....it has been such bliss!!! I just feel so lucky to be able
to share this week with her....I really never thought I would see this
week come.....but, it is here and so am I.....oh, happy days!!!
I am trying to be good and stay off my KittyLapTop and my KittyCellPhone
but I want to keep in touch with everyone and my love does not seem to mind.
We have a deal....while I talk or type, she can shop.....so, now when the KittyCellPhone rings, she does not groan or moan...she grabs my KittyCreditCard
and hightails it for the nearest shopping center!!!! And with a big smile on her
sweet face!!! Her last words to me, as she hails the cab, are: "Talk as long as you
want, my strong mangoman, I will be back soon"....then she returns with lots and lots of bags full
of pretty things.
Well, my friends, I guess I'd better stop and hit the beach....she bought me a really
neat bathing suit with little fishes all over it.....so I am going to lay out in the warm
sun and think about how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends who gave
me such strength to fight and to come back to where I am now!! THANK YOU,
my furfriends!!! This suntan is for you!!!
Your Pal,



September 24th 2006 7:07 pm
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Hello My Furfriends,
Today I write an entry I thought I never would have
a chance to write....I am celebrating the First Anniversary
of wedded bliss to My Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster
Fame!! As you know, a few months ago there was great doubt
that I would be here to write this, much less be celebrating
such a wonderful experience in life!!
I am surprising her with a midnight jet ride to a secluded
hideway in Hawaii....our pilot will drop us off at our little
grass shack on a private beach area of the Island. We will
have our own butler for the whole week so I guess, technically,
it is not a 'little grass shack' but that sounded good. hehe
We will swim, snorkle, dine on fresh caught fish, go for
long walks on the beach and talk about how lucky we are to
have had this past year together!!
I will tell her how I will never forget the reason I could celebrate
this Anniversary with her..... because of my wonderful
Catster Friends who literally pulled me through the dark days
of illness....of the love she gave me during my sickness and how
she honored the vows we made one short year ago!! She could
of walked away and found another Mangoman....but, she stuck
by my side thru 'sickness and health'.....
I will try to make this upcoming week the best week of her
Thank you to My Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame!!
Your furhusband,



September 23rd 2006 7:06 am
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Hello My FurFriends!!
Oh what a night we had!! First of all,
my Kitty Angel Flights were dispensed
all over this earth...we had guests flown in from
Australia, England, France, Canada not
to mention EVERY State in this wonderful United States, friends!! And everyone arrived ON TIME!! No delays, no body
searches and no tickets needed to get here!
On arrival, our furladies each received a purr-fectly formed red rose bud and a 14 caret gold Rosette necklace....the furmen
each received a Rosette shaped Money clip. I have never seen so many
beautiful kittyfurgirls and handsome furmen in my life! And dresses! Wow!
Hollywood has nothing on these kittygirls!! Nothing at all!! The best part is
that I got to dance with each and everyone of my kittyfurgirls guest and human
girl guest!! Don't think I stepped on a paw or a toe either!!
We had six tents set up in our yard with
six chefs (the main Chef was our very own Chef Mee Oww
from our wedding this Sunday on the 24th.) and six fully stocked bars. Each
morsel of food was cooked to our specifications and happily served up in delicate yellow china plates. We had fish in various stages...cooked, uncooked, red, white and tuna...what we didn't have could be flown in at a moments notice. All my furfriends had to do was ask and it was theirs!!!
Each tent had a masseuse for our jet lagged little ladies plus a manicurist in case
a claw got a little jagged....and also a masseur for our handsome furmen to take out the travel kinks!!
We were given a gift of the wonderful
Evil Catnevil as one of the entertainment
performers....could that cat clear 86
piled high jumbo cat trees in ONE jump with
his souped up Harley?? YES! It was a world record!!! It will be televised later
on "Wild Kats World of Sports" this Winter.
Later in the night we had 'Aerial Acrobatic
Flights by Orvil and Wilber Katwrong'
from Japan...they took everyone, who was not afraid of heights, on spectacular wild rides hundreds of miles up in the air swooping down to dangerously low depths!!
I could hear our guest shreiking in excitement!!! (well, I guess it was excitement!)
We danced to the sounds of "Josie and the Pussycats" (who played at our Wedding Reception for those of you who attended that event last year), had several Rock Climbing Mountains erected, jumped on the in ground Trampoline, swam in the heated pool and relaxed in the sauna.
We had new love born last night...some first dates came, we had couples to rekindle their romance and we had established couples to find their 'spark' yet once again.
Some were lucky enough to be able to stay the whole night and watch the beautiful
sunrise over Nashville. Our cooks served us
breakfast before our Kitty Angel Flights returned our
remaining guest safe and sound (and a little tired) home.
While the party was in progress, we had a hot Catster Forum
giving a blow by blow account of all that was going on!!! WOW!! How wonderful was that, my friends????
My friends, this night was for YOU!! Only
for YOU!! YOU are the ones responsible
for my being here today when the odds were stacked well against me.....YOU are the only reason I lived and am living today. I can NOT thank YOU enough...this night was just a small token for all YOU have done for me.
Now, for some good news...daddy took me to the vets today and I weight 10 pounds and 10 ounces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is most I have weighed since I got sick!!!! THANK YOU MY FRIENDS....How can I tell you how much I love YOU??? I don't know except just to say that I love each and every fur face and each and every human face that wished me well!!!!!
Now, let's catch up on our sleep!! hehhe
Your Grateful and Happy Pal,


PARTY WITHIN THE HOUR!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 22nd 2006 1:53 pm
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Hello My FurFriends!!
The Kitty Angels are flying everyone in now and the workmen are just
about finished with the LARGE GIANT tents to keep us dry, warm or
cool..depending on our weather at the moment!! The food smells SO
good and all our neighbors are calling mommie up to inquire as to what
the delicious smell might be....since they all know MY mommie can NOT
cook!! I am waiting at the door to kiss each furgirl and high five each furguy!!
Oh, I can NOT wait to meet all of you.....my Rosette's are all shiny and new looking
too!!! Mommie worked late into the night on each and everyone of them!!!
Well, I will write later...either while the party is going on or after it is over..depending
on how much time I have on my paws...with almost 800 little furfaces
here, I don't
think I will have too much to spare!!
Oh how I love each and everyone of you!!!
Your Pal,



September 20th 2006 4:51 pm
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Hello My FurFriends!!
Friday night is waiting for YOU!!!! This Party is for YOU!!!
YOU are the guest of honor!!!! My sisters, Mookie and Angel,
and my brother Ricki, will be at YOUR house to pick YOU up
at 5:00KST (Kitty Standard Time...meaning YOUR time is the
same as our time)...they will also enlist the help of many of
their Kitty Heaven Helpers to pick up YOU up too!! Don't
worry about a thing!! Everything is taken care of for YOU!!!
YOU will be flying (with seat belts, of course) on the wings
of these very safe FurCarriers and YOU will arrive at my house
Friday night!! YOU will have everything YOU need for a night
of fun!! Bring YOUR funhoneys, YOUR humans and anyone
else YOU want to bring!!!
I LOVE YOU and want YOU to have a wonderful time!!!
YOUR pal,



September 18th 2006 12:08 pm
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Hello FurFriends!!
Just a note to let you know that our computer is still acting
very weird....hopefully, this diary will post!! Wednesday is the
day the Computer Man comes!! Yipee!
Anyhow, the PARTY is on for Friday 5:00KST (Kitty Standard
Time...meaning our time is your time)....
This party is in honor of all my friends who have wished
me well by PMail, Rosettes or real mail or just in your heart without
contacting me personally...it is to thank each
and everyone of you for caring about me while I have been
recovering from this illness. You don't know how much each
and every one of you means to my family. So, this party is
in honor of YOU......This is YOUR PARTY...yes, it is to celebrate
that I am recoverying BUT it is mostly to show you how much
you are appreciated and loved by me and my family!!!!
So, Mookie, Angel and Ricki will be picking everyone up from
their homes at 5:00KST...don't worry about brining anything
except your dancing shoes....when you get here you will be pampered
and fussed over because you DESERVE it!!!! Mommie will post
more later this week, my special friends!! I am just happy everyone
will be able to attend...THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!!
Your Pal,



September 17th 2006 12:16 pm
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Hello My FurFriends,
First let me tell you I am feeling GOOD and the party is
still on for FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE.
Second, mommie's computer has gone crazy and she
can't do anything on it...she is so mad that she won't be
able to do much on my diary till Wednesday when
Comcast comes out to fix it for her. She will TRY
to post news about the party before Wednesdsay
but if there is NOTHING written in the diary
before Wed....DON'T WORRY!!! The party is still ON!!!
Nothing has changed!!! We are still going to dance
our paws off, my friends!!!!! It is just the computer
has decided it does not want to work!!!!!
I will try to keep in touch with you thru PMail
if we can get that to work..right now it is not working
on my end. I can see and read your emails but when I try to
answer, it won't send anything.
Your pal,



September 15th 2006 4:10 pm
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Hello My FurFriends!!
Mommie has decided I am well enough for
my "BIG BLOW OUT PARTY"......I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!
The date is September 22nd. Friday night.....it starts
at 5:00KST (that is Kitty Standard Time...meaning
whatever time you are on, that is what time it is!!).
Mookie and Angel and Ricki will be picking EVERYONE
up so don't worry about "how to get here"....if you have
other plans that night please just come for as long as you
can....I want to meet each and every WONDERFUL FurFace
that has PMailed me, given me a Rosette, wished me
well, prayed for me or wanted me to get well....I want to
high five each furguy and dance with each furgirl.....I
just want to meet each and everyone of my "FurAngels"
that have helped me pull through something I was not
suppose to pull through!!!!
YIPEE!!!!! 9/22/06......5:00 until ?????
More details later, my friends!!!
Your Happy Pal,

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