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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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November 14th 2006 1:44 pm
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Hello My FurFriends!!!
I took a nice ride to the vets today with mommie....we took her Catmobile
and Sister McKenna (see her today's diary entry)
I pranced into the vets showing off my new Healing Rosettes and Stars!! Boy, I felt good!!!!!
Anyhow, Mommie let me go first since I was only getting fluids today. I was such a good little boy....they weighed me and I am holding my own!!! TWELVE POUNDS!! YIPEE!! Everyone gave me pets, kisses and hugs. I was a good little boy.
They brought me back to our exam room, and then took Sister McKenna (still in her carrier) to the blood taking room.
Mommie and I were just talking about what a good little boy I was today when we heard screaming, yelling, crying, hissing, growling, howling and such a shriek
at the end. Mommie said: "Don't worry, good little boy, Buddie, that is just some
mean cat back there".....well, five seconds later, the vet was in our exam room with
her scrubs in tatters and her hair in disarray....all she could mutter was "McKenna....McKenna".....then she turned and left.....later she wanted mommie
to leave McKenna and return when she had a chance to relax. (McKenna to relax, I mean...not our poor vet) Mommie and I jumped into our Catmobile and headed
home. Mommie said: "Oh Buddie, what a good little boy you were today and you even gained weight. We are so PROUD of you. Here, let me call Daddy to tell him."
So, she did, and I got more praise- long distance- and now we are home safe and sound. By the way, Sister McKenna is home with us too lurking around every
corner, giving mommie and me funny looks, plotting her revenge. Uh oh! She may be sweet but I think she may be deadly!!!
Your Pal,
Buddie PS Don't forget to read McKenna's account of today's wonderful
vet trip:



November 11th 2006 7:45 am
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Hello FurFriends!!
Today I ran under the bed when I heard
my humans rattle the dreaded BLUE CAGE!
Well, I evidently didn't cover my tracks
well enough....
they found me and pulled me from up under
the safety of the bed. I screamed, I growled,
I MEEEE--OOWWWED....well, none of it
worked....they captured me and before I knew
it, we were in the car on the way to the VETS!
After we got there, it was not so bad. It is one of
those places "where everybody knows your
name"...hehhehe Well, anyhow, I got my fluids
and got weighed. I didn't gain any...still holding
at 12lbs. But, that is good, my humans said.
Daddy made the appointment for my next fluid
time and also made the appointment for sister
McKenna to have the special blood work and also an
ultrasound. This will be Tuesday and we will go
together. I can be her brotherly support. Well,
I will TRY to be, friends!!
After I got home today, and out of the blue cage, I had
to repay my loving humans for all the care they
gave me today...I promply threw up all over the
almost white carpet in the family room!! Lots and
lots of throw up that was
the opposite color of white. hehehehehe I really showed
them! I also will clue McKenna into this kitty trick for our
trip Tuesday.....she is so innocent and nice she would
never think of this on her own. See, friends, SHE NEEDS
HOME!! hehehheh Stick with me, McKenna,
and the world will be yours for the taking!! hehehe
Well, off to think up a few more
dastardly ways to repay my humans for the
kindness and love they always show me...hehe
Your Pal,



November 7th 2006 9:51 am
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Hi Furfriends,
It is Tuesday and I am feeling frisky!! Daddy took me for my
fluids today....I saw my kindly fluid giver, Jonathan, and we got
a chance to talk Titans! He does not work on the weekends any
longer but now that I have to get fluids twice a week instead of
once, I get to see him!!
Guess what, my feline counterparts??? I WEIGH TWELVE POUNDS--
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hit the magic twelve pound mark this morning
at 8:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My humans
and my vet never ever thought I would reach that weight again. Well,
all I can say now is that the only way is UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe
I hope my weight gain does not mean that I took it away from
little sister, McKenna. I don't understand 'weight gain' and what
exactly it means except my humans are SO happy for me but sad
for Mckenna since she has lost so much. They don't seem mad at me
so maybe I don't have anything to do with her losing so much...I will
try to encourage her to not move around so much so she won't work
any ounces off!! Think that plan might help, my friends? Well, I will
give it a try!!! After all, we are brother and sister no matter how much
I try to forget that fact. hehehhehe
I am off to reclaim ALL parts of the house now that I have a few
extra pounds on me mommie, beware....I am on the prowl!!
Hearty purrs,



November 4th 2006 8:43 am
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Hello My Furfriends!
Daddy wrapped me and sister McKenna up this morning and
warmed up the car and off we went to the vets!! Boy, it was windy
and cold when we left....the gold and red leaves were blowing all around
the yard too.
Dr. G was there to meet us with her normal warm pretty smile which
made all of us feel much better.
I have gained weight, my friends!! I am 11.15 pounds......soon, very soon,
I might even hit TWELVE POUNDS again!!! My red blood count is **DRUM ROLL**
26.8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most it has been in TWO years!!! My bun is a little
down (to 64 and it was 68) but Dr. G said it was nothing to worry about right now!
She wants me to get fluids twice a week instead of once.
My Creatin is holding its own at 3.2. So all in all, MY test results came out
SUPER GOOD!!!! She said she was AMAZED at my recovery and how well I look
now! Oh, friends....THANK YOU!! I wore ALL my Healing Rosettes and STARS today know, I don't think I EVER will take them off. I found out mommie can
repair any that start looking tattered or torn and return them to their new luster!!
So, my friends, I just want you to know that YOUR healing thoughts and prayers will
be with me ALWAYS and ALWAYS!!
Now for little sister...she didn't fare as well. She has lost more weight. She is
down to 8.13. They did XRays to see if there was a mass anywhere. The XRay
didn't show anything today but we are going to do a sonogram
very soon to see if there
is a hidden mass anywhere. This will be done maybe this upcoming week.
Her blood work all looks good, tho...which made mommie and daddy a little
happier. They are going to do some special blood work on her soon for a
perithyroid (??) gland problem. We have to wait until she is off the Baytril
they just put her on today, tho. Mommie has to give her a shot everyday. They think
she might be getting another bladder infection so this will hopefully stop
it before it gets bad.
So, my furfriends, if you have any extra prayers, please send them up for
Little McKenna....I know I give her a hard time, but (and please don't tell
her I said this) I do love the little thing!!!! sniff sniff....and PLEASE don't tell
her I am sniff/sniffing for her either, ok?
Well, going to watch mommie TRY to cook lunch smells much
better than it will taste...sort of like coffee. hehheheh
Your Pal,



November 1st 2006 6:42 pm
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Hello Friends!!
Just wanted to stop by and find out how your Halloween was...hope
everyfurbody stayed safe and sound!! We turned off our lights and were
real quiet in the house. hehe Daddy does not have the heart to do Halloween
anymore since Sister Mookie left us. That was THEIR holiday! Daddy would
take Mookie to the porch steps, they would sit out and she would look each
little human up and down and decide if she liked their costume or not...then
they would get their candy. Each year the little humans would expect to see
daddy and his Mookie sitting on the porch...some little humans didn't even
know what she was..I guess some had never seen a Persian before. Anyhow, when
she left us, Daddy closed up the "Porch Shop" and that was that. ha!
We went to some very nice Halloween parties last night on Catster! Such fun
and such good food!!! WOW! And the outfits some of our friends had on!!
Boy, they really went all out. Next year I will have to put more thought into
mine. hehehhe
Several of us have been planning a Cycle Trip....our leader, Gimme,
has run
into some health problems so I am purring real hard for him to get better!!!
He received one of the GANG'S Healing Rosettes today and you know the
powerful prayers that Rosette holds!!! By the way, anyone who wants to hop
on their cycle can join in!!!!! Gimmie is our leader so when he recovers, we will
RIDE....varoom!!! hehehheh
Well, my furfriends, I will close for now....spent this COLD RAINY day chasing
Sister McKenna around the house making her life miserable. hehhehehe
I know...I know.....I should NOT be doing this but it has been SO long since I have felt like I could......please don't be mad at me for this one day of being "Top
Cat".....I go to the vets this Saturday and they will take blood so I will be on
the 'weak' side, I have to take advantage of the remaining days till then.
I am on a count down...Thursday, Friday....Saturday....then the vampires get
me. hehehehe
Your Pal,



October 28th 2006 9:01 am
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Hey FurFriends,
Today daddy took me on an adventure...well, he called it that but
we actually just went to the vets. Daddy has a warped sense of humor.
I was a good little traveler and didn't wimper much....they put me on
the COLD scales.....Friends, I weighed 11.14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the most I have weighed since I got sick!! Daddy almost broke
out in a happy feet dance at the vets but decided that was beneath
him (in public). heheh
I also got fluids but my Kindly Fluid Giver, Jonathan, does not
work on Saturday's so I don't get to talk Titans to him these days.
Anyway, they will take my Kidney Blood Function Count next Saturday and
I will get more fluids too.
Furfriends, if you run across any sick Kitties on Catster PLEASE let me know
and I will send them one of OUR GANG Healing Rosettes from all of us!!! Just send me their link or their Catster ID number! There is POWER behind these GANG Healing
Rosette's because of what they did for me and I want to help the other sick little
kitties to feel the POWER too!!!!
Well, that is my health update for today!!!! I wish you all GOOD health and LOTS
of treats!!! Be sure and don't go outside on Halloween because I want everyone to be here for Thanksgiving!!!
Your Pal,



October 25th 2006 2:47 pm
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Hello My Furry Friends!!!!
Just wanted to update my dairy.....the reason I have not removed "Please
Pray for Me" on my diary title is because, I think, I still need your prayers!
I have been throwing up a little this week and last BUT I am still feeling fine!
I am still frisky, eating, drinking and I show A LOT of interest in my life!!!!
I have NOT lost any weight and, since I am going for fluids now once a week,
I am sure I will beat the throwing up problem plus the bad kidney function
numbers.....this is just a TINY bump in my life right now!! We are NOT worried
and we are looking for good numbers soon and also for NO throwing up--except little 'hair ball presents' I like to leave to keep my humans on their toes....hehehhehe My motto is: Love is stepping on a nice warm fur ball on a cold morning's day, right furfriends?? hehehhe
Well, I must go wait at the door for daddy right now....he just called me on
my kittycellphone and I want to be the FIRST loving face he sees when he
walks in the door tonight! I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!
Your Pal,



October 21st 2006 7:47 am
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Hello My Furfriends,
Today we fought the fog and got to the vets this morning for my
8:00AM appointment!! My Doctor Gentry was finally back from
her terrible troubles...she had an operation almost four weeks ago
that went wrong and she was so sick for a long time...I missed her
so much. But, she was back today and much better!! We hugged and kissed
and she told me that she missed me and even read my diary and looked
at my videos when she was home. Boy, she must of gotten bored. hehehe
Anyhow, my weight is now --drum roll--11 pounds and 10 ounces!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! When she picked me up she said: "Buddie,
you finally feel HEAVY". That made me purr with pleasure.
Next, my Red Blood Count is --more drum rolls -- friends,
it has not been this high in about in YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are dancing around our house and making such noise that I expect
the Pet Patrol to turn up at any moment!!! heheheh
I emailed my Catster friend, Gimme, and told him that I was ready for
our Bike Trip.....and that my new video was a hint for us to hit the road!!!!
YIPEE!!!!!!!!!! As soon as the rest of my test come back this afternoon, I
may get the go ahead from Dr. G and we can take our EXCELLENT ROAD ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!! VAROOM...............
Well, I hope you don't mind my saying this again my furfriends, but, THANK YOU FOR
By the way, I wore my STARS, New Colored Rosettes, and Healing Rosettes
today to the should of seen me walking down the halls....I was an array of colors and brightness!! I was so proud of them all that I actually
STRUTTED as I walked....and you know for a manly orange kitty, strutting is sort of hard to pull off. hehehhe
Well, until later, my friends, I remain,
Your Pal,
My Vets just called my humans....most of my blood work was really
really good...the only bad thing is that my kidney function level is up.
So, they put me in the car about an hour ago and I got some fluids.
I will get fluids once a week now and they also will decrease my
A/D Hills canned food (since my weight is finally up some) and try
to get me to eat the unappetizing N/F canned Hills. UCK!!! That is
for kidney problems hence why it taste so bad. hehhehe
I still feel good and everyone is happy with my progress!!
Bye for now friends...



October 19th 2006 3:30 pm
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A soggy hello to you, my furfriends!!
Yesterday was 82 and sunny...I sat out on the deck with mommie...she said if she got any pictures of me with my EYES OPEN, she will post them. hehe
Today it is very rainy and getting cold. No deck sitting today, for sure.
I am going to the vets this Saturday for a blood check and also for a weigh-in...I am expecting only good reports, my friends. Guess what? I am going to wear every new STAR and every new colored ROSETTE sent to me (along with the ones I have been wearing) to the vets Saturday and they won't know what to think!!! They are use to the BLUE ROSETTES only.
hehehh I can't wait to show them all the new features Catster has and tell them who each one is from...they seem to enjoy hearing what everyone says.
I am feeling good my friends...I threw up once this week but I think that is
very very good!! We all throw up now and then, right??
Mommie said she appreciates all the caring friends that have looked after me since I got sick in June....SO, she is going to give everyone who sent me
love, a, friends, this may take a while..we are taking it month by month. You don't know how much your pmails, thoughts, prayers, Rosettes and LOVE meant to me and to our, since the STARS are offered, and they last forever...just like the comfort mommie has found through your well wishes.....we will send a STAR out to each of you....I certainly HOPE I
don't overlook anyone either! So, as I said, this will take a while but I will
get it done!!!! I have just finished up stick with me, furfriends!!
I am working as fast as my little paws will let me. hehehe
Your pal,


Happy Saturday To You!!

October 14th 2006 7:43 am
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Hello Furfriends,
Last night The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame and I were invited by Ravi and Lewis to attend the birthday party of BOXIE BROWN!!! What a time we had at Tabby, I have never been there before. It was decorated from one end to the other...I think they started at six in the morning decorating! Anyhow, there was food everywhere and music and dancing and games and anything you could think of. Boxie Brown is one year older but you sure could not tell!! Man, the dancing moves BB had....well, what can I say?? ha! We had a wonderful time and appreciate being invited.
Thank you!!
Today, my beautiful furwife and I are taking our friend, Charley and his best furgirl Summer to Hilton Head for a golf day....we are still using the private jet donated to us for our first year of wedded bliss. I was told, because I got
so sick during that first year and could not do much, our time was extended!
Yahoo! So, the guys will golf while the little furgirls will do what they enjoy
best---shopping! heheehhe Then, after a nice early supper, we will jet back
Later tonight, my beauty and will will attend a dinner given by Sam's best
guy, Shadow!!! Ricki and Midnight will be there along with the extended familly. I was told that Shadow's mom is really working hard on this meal.
WOW, can't wait to chomp on what she cooked. heheheheh
So, my was not a report about a Vet visit for me.....for the first time in a very long time. I go next Saturday for a blood check and weight check too....but, this weekend I will live just like a REGULAR little kitty who does not live from vet visit to vet visit!!!! Thanks to ALL OF YOU!!!!
Well, let me get back to my golf game!
Your Pal,

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