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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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January 8th 2007 6:50 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Today mommie took me for fluids and my kindly fluid giver, Jonathan, was
there to greet me and take me 'to the back'. He is so cool. We talked Titans
and all other kinds of sports while the fluids went into my strong healthy
body. (positive thinking, right? hehe) I will return on Thursday and then
Saturday for more fluids. My humans will talk to Dr. G about blood work
to find out if I can be cut down to twice a week instead of three times.
Tonight mommie is trying to reinstall the software that was on the old
computer to this new one. She is not having good luck. She can't get the sound
to work. My friends...I wish you could see her. It is not a pretty sight. Tuffs
her hair all over the room as she pulls it out in despair. And the sounds she
makes...ha! Not really human....well, MY life is good even if hers is causing
her fits right now. I will make a GREAT effort and actually send a purr her
way....that always perks her up...I don't send them her way often because
my daddy (kiss kiss) gets ALL my purrs but I will make an exception in
this case.....
There she goes....actually smiling.
Aww....Buddie did good.
Until later, my furfriends,
Good Boy Buddie



January 7th 2007 5:29 pm
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Hello My Furry Friends!
Well, as luck would have it, the very day my FurWife, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster Fame, and I returned from our vacation, my computer decided
to take a permanent vacation.....oh my! Do I feel lost...all my wonderful
emails that I have saved over the years and the special pictures of my furfriends
are GONE....all gone....we had to get a new computer and it is a blank slate!
(Mommie says just like she is...hehehheh)
Well, I have learned TWO things..first
to back up all your "STUFF" and second, don't cry over lost furfriends
are still here...well, mostly..and the ones not here will aways be in my heart and mind.....never to be forgotten. It only made me realize how precious Catster is and how it brings kitties from all over the world together and how we can make friends
and really care for each maybe I should be GLAD mommie's computer
went to "Computer Heaven" shows me I still have my friends and we all have each other! All is good with the world. hehehhe
I am going to try to start catching up with my pmails now and then start thanking everyone for the Rosettes/Stars my family has received since we have been
out of commission. So, look for my pmails, my friends!
Warm Purrs to EVERYONE!


computer problems

January 3rd 2007 2:03 pm
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Daddy is typing this for Mommie. We have the blue screen of death on the computer. We are out of commission.
I will be back when the computer is fixed.



My Love and Me....

December 25th 2006 7:29 pm
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Christmas Day is over and now I am going to
surprise my Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy with
a trip to somewhere warm and to
Hawaii we are going. She does not know yet...
I will show up at her house tonight at 12:00
and wisk her away in the middle of the night
for a wonderful romantic ride to the Islands.
We will not stop till we land...we will have a
late dinner on the plane and then settle in
for a 'cat nap'..then when we awake, we will
land and then off to our romantic little
cottage by the beach....we will lay on the
sand, sip our umbrella drinks and watch
the surf come in and out...we may even
swim a little but mostly we will just talk
about all the wonderful friends we have
on Catster and how much we love them
ALL and how blessed we are to have
each other this New Year of 2007!!!!!!
We will thank God that I am still
here to love my Sweet Petite and
we will say a prayer for each of
our Catster friends...for the sick
ones to recover and for the healthy
ones to stay that way!!
Well, better pack a few things and
be on my way!!
Your jet setting friend,
Talk with you later,



December 22nd 2006 1:27 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Oh, my Beautiful Wife, Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, was picked
as CAT OF THE DAY!! Oh, I am SO proud!! She looked --what else--BEAUTIFUL!!
I am strutting around the house, singing to the tops of my little lungs, "SHE IS
MINE.....ALL MINE"....I am a very lucky furman, that is for sure!!
Also, today, daddy took me (very early) to see my Dr. G at the vets for extensive
blood work..I have gained weight...I am 12 pounds and SEVEN OUNCES!!! WOW!
Another reason to strut my stuff.....hehhehehhe We are waiting for the results
BUT we just know they will be fine!!
This morning the postman (who we usually fear) dropped off several strange
brown boxes that had OUR NAMES on them!! We are so excited!! Mommie
just got out her clicky clicky thing that makes us see dots...but, we don't mind..we
just want to dig into the boxes...we have been sniffing them and pawing them
but we need human help to open them. Paws just don't work as well as hands
and fingers sometimes.....oh well.......
Well, I am going to look at MY Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame
a little more and then get downstairs to open those mysterious boxes........
Your hefty friend (hehe),
PS....Dr. G just called daddy and kidney values have gone
up one point so I have to go back to fluids twice a week now. Ucky!! BUT,
all my other numbers are GOOD! Yipee!!! They seem pleased with me except
for the kidney values so we will work on that!!!



December 9th 2006 6:49 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Today is an exceptional day of good news...first of all, Sister McKenna
is not here this weekend..she, Ele and Sparkle have jetted to some place
called Tokyo...FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! YIPEE! I have Daddy
(kiss kiss) all to
myself..shame they could not of taken HER--meaning the human called
mommie..anyhow, McKenna was muttering
something about a shopping spree, Buddie's Free GOLD Card and Chef
Mow-ee cooking for them on the jet...said they would get their nails done
while "in air" along with a facial. Man! Women.....can't live with them and can't
live without them...the only PURR-FECT one seems to be My Beautiful Miss
Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame....right, furguys? hehe Anyhow, Mac is doing some
heavy duty shopping and I expect to see many presents with the name "BUDDIE"
all over them! hehe
Today, Daddy (kiss kiss) took me to the vets for my weekly fluids...MORE
good news....I weigh 12.6 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! TaDa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, was Daddy (kiss
kiss) one happy human!! Well, to tell you a secret, I was happy too but couldn't
show know, have to be "a cool dude....a macho furface.....Biker Bud"..any
how, that's the news from the Cold State of TN. right now....hope you guys are
warmer and are having a great day!
Warm Holiday Purrs,



December 2nd 2006 7:06 am
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Hello FurryFriends!!
On Wednesday the weather here was beautiful--73 and sunny! I was hanging
around my ottoman in front of the window in mommie's bedroom wanting
her to put up the window so I could smell the fresh warm air....I waited and mommie..she was getting dressed....I was getting madder and she finally comes out and I am pacing in front of the ottoman...
just to get her attention...well, it works..she says: "Buddie, sweet boy, do
you want to get up here so you can look out and see the birdies?"....I look up
at her in disgust....I give a low meow....she pats the ottoman..I prance
and purr...I do NOT jump up....she says" "Buddie, my sweet sweet boy, come
up here so you can feel the warm air on your sweet face and smell the
fresh air too".....I wait.....and wait...she bends down to pick me that
precise moment, I jump....I put all my strength into the would
of been given a "10" if judged. Anyhow, it worked...her left eye made
contact with my hard (sweet) head..I heard a 'crack' sound and a yell...
Yep, I got her!! heheh... I hit her cheek bone, brow bone and my fur went
into her eye. Her eye turned red immediately and she kept saying "Oow..
oooowww". hehheheh Well, anyhow, she ended up going to the eye doctor,
getting drops and was told she may end up with a black eye. Oh boy!! I kept
waiting for that to happen!! I waited and is now Saturday morning
and NO black eye!! I think this means I need to work on my delivery of
"the jump" again.
By the way, I had my trip to the vets this morning....I got fluids....I was
such a good little boy....I was weighed and had lost a few ounces but they
said I was in good we are not worried as long as I stay above
12 pounds.
So, my furryfriends, that was my week.....I am exercising this week to
see if I can land a better punch to my captive next time around...
Until then,
I remain,
Your Sweet Buddie



November 26th 2006 1:26 pm
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Hi FurFriends!!
Yesterday I was a very good little boy!!! I didn't give daddy or mommie
any problems when it was time for the ride to the vets!! Well, when they
woke up, they immediately put me into the bathroom so there was no
place to under the king size bed. heheehhehe (Aww..such GOOD
Anyway, I got my fluids and got weighed.....TWELVE pounds and FOUR
big ounces!!! I did the happy paw dance but not too hard so I wouldn't
work off what I gained. hehehe
We are happy over here in Tennessee.....sister McKenna is feeling good
and I am feeling is good right now...just in time for Santa
Claws.....oh boy, I timed that just right, didn't I, friends?!?!
Talk with you later,



November 21st 2006 1:57 pm
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Hi Friends!!
This morning sister McKenna was hunted down and placed in the dreaded
carrier.....after she left the house with mommie, I knew I was safe! So, all day,
while she was gone, I had the run of the house....I had no fear knowing I was safe at home without any Vet nightmares......
Well, I was wrong...100% wrong....this afternoon, SHE put me in McKenna's
carrier (after they returned) and off WE went to see Dr. G...I also got to see
my beloved Jonathon today...which means Titan Talk!!
He told me that my coloring was sooooooo good now and that I looked
plumper and my face has filled out too!! He really knows how to make a fur guy feel good!!!
Friends, I weigh 12 pounds and 3 ounces!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!! I got my fluids and blood work done with no problems....Dr. G will call mommie later with my blood test numbers.....with the good news sister McKenna got today, mommie said we are on a roll so I have got to get good results too!!
Thank you, my friends, for keeping me in your purr prayers and also for keeping
sister McKenna in your prayers too!! THEY ARE WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, now I will wait for my sweet daddy to get home..he will be much happier
tonight than he was last night because of his worry for McKenna....Friends, this WILL be a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Your friend,



November 18th 2006 11:11 am
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Hello Furfriends,
Well, this morning I was a bad bad little boy!! I just did NOT want to go to the, when I heard my humans discussing 'the trip', I ran
under the large bed and hid. It took them about ten minutes just to locate
me...mommie murmured something about a 'Tracking device for Buddie" but
I was not paying that much attention to her, as usual. Anyway, they finally found me all tiny
and curled up under the bed near the the way, my furryfriends, that is the best
place under the bed to hide...the nightstand will prevent them from getting real close
to you to pull you out. After all the sweet talk, treats and fingertip pets,
they brought out the BIG GUNS....the dreaded BROOM..Mommie tried to sweep me from under the bed. HA! Can you imagine that??? I may be 12 pounds but when I want to, those twelve pounds turn into heavy cement!!! So, they could not budge me one
inch!! Guess what?? Daddy ended up taking the King Size Bed apart!! HA!!! He took
the top mattress off, then the box springs came off....there I was--exposed in all
my mad glory!!!! Daddy was not happy!! So, they grabbed me before I knew what
was happening and off I went to the vets...mommie had to call them and tell them we
were going to be late due to Buddie becoming part of the bed. hehe
Since I had gotten so upset, daddy decided it was not a good time to have my blood work done so I will have those test done Tuesday along with more fluids and to be weighed again.
Oh, in all the confusion, I forgot to mention that I let them give me the fluids without any problems and-----I WEIGH TWELVE POUNDS AND TWO OUNCES!!!!! Not lost an ounce, friends..not one ounce!!! YIPEE!!!! They said
I was filling out nicely (whatever that means) and that my fur looked really
full and soft and my color was exceptional!! Oh boy!!! I was a happy little dude
knowing they were finished with me and had started discussing McKenna's trip
Monday!! So, I walked right into my carrier with my tail held high and plopped
down for a little nap until we headed home. I gave them some sweet sounding purrs to remember me by and off we went to HOME...the best sounding word in the world!!!!
So, that was my vet trip, furryfriends!! Now, I am out in the sun room soaking
up the last of the rays for the day and giving McKenna big brother pointers for
her trip Monday!! Wonder if daddy can break today's speed record in taking the King Size bed apart Monday morning??? We will have to wait and see. hehe
Your pal,

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