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February 19th 2007 1:49 pm
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Hi FurFriends!!
Today I had Sister McKenna as my Vet Friend!! We had such fun...twin
fluid treatments....sort of like her trips to the Spa she always brags on
when she jets around with her jetting girlfurfriends......well, I am sure
it was not that much fun for her but I was there to protect her...yes, furfriends,
I did protect her today...she has gotten so tiny, SOMEBODY needs to hover
over her to make sure she won't blow away...I guess that "SOMEBODY" is me....like it or not....I am her big brother so that is my duty, right??
She will go with me on my next fluid trip in a few days for her second fluid
treatment....so I will watch over her and tell her not to be afraid....I think
she appreciates me now. hehehhe
So, my friends, be proud of your "Sweet Buddie"...he is being a good boy right now..mark it down on your calendars..hehehhehe
Bye for now,
Buddie aka The Sweet



February 17th 2007 3:03 pm
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Hey Friends,
Today Daddy (kiss kiss) took me for my fluids....mommie posted
that little video's of us going out the door..then the battery died
in her camera...SHE can't do anything right, friends! She only got TWO
pictures and
none of me being brave outside in the snow (in my carrier, of course).
hehe I wanted to show you how manly I am in the snow..well, anyway,
I did get the fluids and I got weighed too....12lbs and 12ounces! Yipee!
We were back home within the hour and I was toasty warm again..I spent
most of the day in daddy's (kiss kiss) lap watching some games in the
'mancave'....SHE stayed upstairs washing and drying clothes and doing
'woman's work'....whatever that may be. hehe
Well, my paws are tired from all that work this morning digging us out
of the snow so we could make it to the vets....What, you don't believe that??
Shame HER battery died..then you could actually see the evidence...hehhehe
Bye for now,
Your Pal,



February 15th 2007 11:25 am
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Hey Friends,
Yesterday afternoon I was Best Man at the wedding of my brother Ricki's
step daughter, Sammie.
Samantha & Shadow's Wedding Page
Wow, what a blow out it was too!! I don't think Ricki and his Velvet Queen,
Midnight, could enjoy the festivities to the fullest due to the stress of the
ceremony BUT The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy and I sure made up for them!
After the wedding, we hit the Reception, and had a blast!!! The music, by
"Josey and the PussyCats" was just as good as when they played for us at our
wedding...and the food...well, let's just say Chef Mow-Wee out did himself....
Burp...oh, excuse me please.
Anyway, about half way through, I whisked my Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy to
the Hotel next door..."Hotel Romance and Love" or HRL for short...anyway,
HRL had booked us into the "Honeymoon Suite" (talk about hard to reserve-- well, that's a story for another time) and we had our own Valentine's Dinner with
candles and soft music....I gifted my sweet one with a pair of oyster white pearl
earrings and matching necklace to illuminate her purr-fect skin tone..ahhh!
She looked lovely.....as always!!
We spent a wonderful night of love and romance talking about our own Wedding
and Honeymoon at the same Island Sammie and Shadow are now starting their married life in......ahhh.....life starts anew!!!
Until later, my friends...
Your pal,
(Still at HRL for a while...heheheh)



February 14th 2007 9:30 am
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Hi Friends,
This afternoon I am Best Man at the Wedding of my brother Ricki's step
daughter Sammie!! I am so excited and know it will be a beautiful
ceremony...she will look PURR-FECT in her gown!
Samantha & Shadow's Wedding Page

Afterwards, we will eat and party..then I will take my lovely
wife, Miss Hazel Lucy, off for our own little Valentines Party...her
mommie said she could stay up ALL NIGHT because it is such a
special night...first for the wedding and then second, for us!
Friends, I sure didn't think I would be here to hold her sweet paw
in mine for this Romantic Day....I thought I would be up in Kitty
Heaven looking down on her BUT I fooled them all..I am here and
feel like dancing!! hehe
Well, let me help Ricki calm down some....friends, he is so nervous!
Goodness! He still has ONE MORE STEP DAUGHTER TO GO.....so, cool
it big brother.....after you marry off the last one, you can fall to pieces!
Till later,
Your Pal,



February 10th 2007 12:08 pm
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Hello FurFriends,
Early this morning I could hear them whispering....plotting...trying to act
"normal"....you know what that means?? THE VET!!
So, I was a fast yellow blurr, and before they knew what hit
them, I was under the BIG bed happily purring away!! I saw them
peaking under the bed and sighing....hehehe..unless they
took the bed apart AGAIN there was no way to reach me.
I heard HER on the ringing thing and saying something about
me, my appointment and hiding....then SHE hung up.
Then SHE went upstairs and I heard Daddy's (kiss kiss)
sweet footsteps heading to the 'mancave'....our room in the
basement....where we can be alone watching the games without
those yacky yacky women around...anyhow, I gave them about 20
minutes of 'being normal' and slowly snuck out from under the
bed..I stood there for a few moments..nothing happened...I went
to the door and stood..no one came after me....I went into the
family room..stood..nothing! I must be safe, I thought!! So, I
happily sauntered downstairs to our 'mancave'....purring the whole time.....safe
and secure...well, about 10 seconds went by and - whoosh -
daddy (kiss kiss) swooped me up and I was in the carrier before
I knew what hit me....well, at least SHE was no where to be found!
Daddy (kiss kiss) and I were off on our Vet Adventure, as he calls
We are home now and I am all full of fluids and feeling good!!! I was
a good little boy and made daddy (kiss kiss) proud of me!!
At the present time, we are back down in our 'mancave' and
I am helping daddy (kiss kiss) do 'manstuff'....which involves lots of channel
surfing and lots of noise with hammers and nails....purr-fect for the men of the
Well, bye for now, my furfriends!!
Until later,
Buddie, your 'mancave' dweller



February 8th 2007 2:12 pm
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Hello My Furry Friends,
I was looking forward to the next few days being an 'only child' since
Hot Stuff Sister McKenna, and her friends, Ele and Spark, have taken
my jet (AND MY GOLD CREDIT CARD) to Fiji....I was set to enjoy ALL THE
attention from mommie and daddy (kiss kiss) morning, noon and night....well, this morning, even
tho she is gone...guess what?? She got one of the 'Diary Picks of the Day'.
I swear, friends (and I don't do that much at all), even gone she is STILL
a thorn in my side!!!!
What's a brother to do??
Your non-swearing pal,



January 27th 2007 9:39 am
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Hello Furfriends,
The sun is shining in Tennessee!! Daddy (kiss kiss) and I made
my Saturday run to the vets for my fluids...I was at the front
door sitting beside my carrier waiting for him to put me in it...
just call me "Sweet Buddie"....as Daddy (kiss kiss) picked me up
to put me in there, I purred and rubbed his kind face. I smiled
at him and thought to myself: "Sweet Buddie, why oh why can't
it just be me and daddy (kiss kiss) living in the house forever
and ever??" Anyhow, out the door we went without a care
in the world or a glimpse of HER....SHE was still in bed......I
was very quiet so SHE would STAY in bed and not go with
Anyhow, I got my fluids and my weight--12 pounds and 13 ounces!!
Ta Da!!!! My friends, I am on the way to 13 pounds very soon!!
Daddy sang to me on the way home...now that man can sing!!
Not like the screeching unhuman like sounds that come from
HER mouth. Anyhow, we took the long way home so we
could have some daddy (kiss kiss) and son bonding time...I wanted
to talk about the Super Bowl, my tee shirt that I will
be wearing that day and what we will
be munching on that Super Sunday!! You know, MAN TALK!
Now we are home and I am sitting in the sun room with Sister
McKenna...she is babbling on about Sammie's Virtual Wedding
on Feb. the 14th. and what she will be wearing....I am only listening
with half an ear....because I am thinking about the
Bachelor party I will be going to for Shadow...wow-wee..I remember
mine! Wow-wee..what a night....uh oh..the Beautiful Miss Hazel
Lucy of Catster Fame might be reading this and I don't want her
to know we did anything other than play Scrabble....yea, right!
Well, better pay a little attention to Sister McKenna...she can't
help she was born a tiny baby girl, can she?? We ALL have a cross
to bear...mine was in bed this morning while I was going to the vets.
Until later,
Your Pal,



January 22nd 2007 5:42 pm
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Hello Friends,
Just a note to let you know that my blood
work has come back fine....I am still locked
into going three times a week for
fluids, tho, and I have caught on
to this new routine pretty fast...guess what
I do?? First of all, I watch Mommie (who shall
be referred to as "HER or SHE" from now on) closely...
when I see HER trying to be extra 'normal', I run under
the big King Size bed so fast I am just an orange blurr.
Then SHE gets upset because SHE can't move the bed
herself nor can SHE reach me....heheheh I bet at this
rate, I could induce a heart attack sooner than later...then
I would be rid of HER....hehehhe Anyway, several times
last week, SHE has had to call the vets and tell them we
would be late because "Sweet Buddie is under the bed".
heheh Then when SHE does finally catch me (only because
I might need a litter box break or a snack), I cry and
fight and growl till we get to the vets...then my "Nice
Buddie" personality comes out and I am all candy
and kisses.....on the way home SHE torments me by
SINGING the whole way!! SHE keeps saying SHE sings
because SHE is
happy I am doing so well..well, I don't think so...I
think this is HER way of getting back at me..that
voice, friends.....there are not human words to describe it.
Well, I go tomorrow for my next fluid trip...wish
me luck, my furry friends....my ears need it!!
Your pal,
Sweet Buddie



January 9th 2007 6:07 pm
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Hey Furfriends,
Well, she primps, she fluffs, she has never met a mirror she didn't
like, she struts around like a diva, she thinks she is hot stuff because
she has two hot girlfurfriends to pal around with...but, I have her
beat on one thing...I can make it to daddy's (kiss kiss) lap before
she can get those nails dried and that tiara on straight!! Eat your
heart out, Sister McKenna....
Thanks for letting me vent, my furfriends!
Your Pal,



January 8th 2007 6:50 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Today mommie took me for fluids and my kindly fluid giver, Jonathan, was
there to greet me and take me 'to the back'. He is so cool. We talked Titans
and all other kinds of sports while the fluids went into my strong healthy
body. (positive thinking, right? hehe) I will return on Thursday and then
Saturday for more fluids. My humans will talk to Dr. G about blood work
to find out if I can be cut down to twice a week instead of three times.
Tonight mommie is trying to reinstall the software that was on the old
computer to this new one. She is not having good luck. She can't get the sound
to work. My friends...I wish you could see her. It is not a pretty sight. Tuffs
her hair all over the room as she pulls it out in despair. And the sounds she
makes...ha! Not really human....well, MY life is good even if hers is causing
her fits right now. I will make a GREAT effort and actually send a purr her
way....that always perks her up...I don't send them her way often because
my daddy (kiss kiss) gets ALL my purrs but I will make an exception in
this case.....
There she goes....actually smiling.
Aww....Buddie did good.
Until later, my furfriends,
Good Boy Buddie

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