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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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June 14th 2007 2:52 pm
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Hello Friends!!
Well, mommie and daddy (kisskiss) took me for my FIRST Stroller
ride late yesterday afternoon...I saw this big box come to the front
door by a strange man in brown....mommie was so happy!! She kept
calling for me....but, I would not come...after all, that was HER calling
me..not daddy (kisskiss)...well, anyhow, she struggled to get the thing
out of the box...she was almost in tears when she saw it in pieces....she
said: "Oh, Buddie...I am going to have to put it together"....well, she
unpacked all the little pieces....there were so many to play with...she was
not pleased with that..anyway, almost an hour later, she had it put together
but kept worrying that the wheels were going to fall off on our first stroll.
It took her forever go get them to stay on!!!!
So, when daddy (kisskiss) got home, ate and changed,
they sweetly called me into the foyer where the BIG red thing was sitting...I looked
at them and then looked at IT....I tried to run...quickly daddy (kisskiss) grabbed
me and stuffed me into this red bubble on
wheels....I was not pleased. They finally got
it and me out the door...I could hear mommie saying: "Man, this thing is HEAVY!!" down the sidewalk we went...the three of us...all happy...well,
TWO of us were happy....the other was WAS NOT...friends, I cried like a baby
the whole way...they only took me around the cul-de-sac....instead of on their
normal walk....I cried and cried and had a terrified look on my face the whole
time....mommie tried to tell me to enjoy myself....yea, right...YOU try sitting
in a red bubble on wheels and being taken out into the BIG WIDE world when your
world is normally a, after five minutes of pure terror, they
returned me to my safe and small home!!! Boy, was I ever happy!!! I jumped
from the red bubble on wheels and kissed the floor of the house!!
As I trotted off feeling
secure, I overheard them muttering as they went out the door to finish their walk, "Tomorrow we will take him out again...he will do better!".....
Your terrified friend,



June 7th 2007 12:34 pm
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Hello Furfriends.....
Uh Oh...I just read Sister McKenna's diary...something I try VERY hard
not to do but something just told me to read it today.....And it is a good thing
I did....can you believe she threatened to in-prison ME in a yet to be bought
PINK GIRLY GIRL carrier?????? She said that would bring her happiness!!!!
Friends, happiness at my embarrassment? And I even took time out of my
busy day to give her a pep talk about MY daily trips to the vets last summer
for fluids so she would not feel so droopy over her situation! And this is how she repays me??
Sisters! I can never figure them out!!!!!
Your perplexed furfriend,



May 23rd 2007 5:41 pm
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I have been tagged by:
Molly 332167
Louis LeBeau 117581
Bailey Gray Cloud 281514
Samoa 283038
KC 476191
Smokey 106185
Gypsy 364516
Ash 299318
Shadow 334687
Buttermilk 367172
Boudin 526337
Oreo 343128

1. I was tightly wrapped in a blue blankie when brought to the door
step of my slaves and knew the moment they answered the door "they
were MINE"!!
2. My first few months in my forever home were spent making Mookie and McKenna's
life unbearable....for that I am sorry!!
3. I make mommie do my bidding by tapping my manly paw on the window
to make her open it, tapping my manly paw on the deck door to open it and
tapping my manly paw on her head to get her attention!
4. I have learned NOT to eat any dropping from mommie's cooking...the woman can't cook and I am not ready to enter Kitty Heaven due to her offerings!
5. I truly love my daddy more than anything that walks this Earth....he
is DA MAN!!!
6. I was very very afraid to ask for the paw of The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster Fame because I did not feel worthy of her....she is PURR-FECT!!
7. I was suppose to be dead this summer according to all the vets who
treated me last I say to that: Hey guys....LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!!!!

I will look for seven kitties who have NOT been tagged and post their
names when I can find them.....



May 20th 2007 1:18 pm
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Hello Furfriends!!
Yesterday was 'fluid day' and today is 'making them pay day' for 'fluid day'!
Oh, I KNOW I am a sweet looking little boy but when I want to be a paw full,
I can!! Just ask daddy (kisskiss).
I heard from my biker pal, Gimmie a short time ago....we are starting to work on the BIKE TRIP!! So we are calling all Biker Buds to don those leather jackets and those Harley (or any other kind) caps and get your bikes in shape for our fabulous RIDE!!
Tell the womenfurfolks not to worry about us...this is strictly for the furguys with no
side stops to any cat houses...hehehehh Our course will be charted out and you will be able to follow us the whole time...we expect many of our Catster furfriends to join in....and, listen, this will be everyone's FIRST ride so don't be afraid to join in!!!! Fat, thin, large, small, well or sick, tall or short...during our trip each one of us will be in purr-fect form!! So, stay tuned here at my dairy, or
Gimmie's diary for updates..time is drawing near....zoom zoom...
I can hear the hum of the engine already...ahh...smell that gas....smell
that oil....oh wait....NOOOOOOO....those are BAD smells!! Daddy (kisskiss),
come RIGHT NOW!!!
Till later,
I remain,
Your engine fixing friend,



May 17th 2007 12:33 pm
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Hello FurFriends,
Well, I thought I owed some special concerned friends 'THE REST OF
THE STORY" since yesterday has come and gone...
Yes, SHE did bake bread yesterday for dinner...yes, SHE baked it from
scratch...yes, SHE actually followed the directions on the recipe.....
I sort of hung around HER and the kitchen while SHE was doing all the
major work it took to bake it...I couldn't help it, smelled SOOOOO
good..I thought I might get an early nibble....
Well, I made sure I was there the moment the masterpiece came out of
the oven.....
It went into the oven weighing about 12 ounces, I believe.....FURFRIENDS,
what came out of that oven was a sight to must of weighed a TON!!
It didn't resemble BREAD looked like a BRICK!!!
Anyway, I hightailed it out of the kitchen just in time for poor innocent daddy (kisskiss) to come home from a hard days work expecting some good tasting homemade
bread like HIS mom use to make....I lurked around and I crawled low on the floor so I wouldn't miss a thing....Furfriends.....that man is a SAINT...SHE got out HER
special "bread cutting knife" (given to HER by dear friends as a joke, I am sure)
and SHE tried to cut into the brick..SHE cut and cut..finally SHE got two pieces
sawed off....daddy (kisskiss) popped it into his mouth......I waited thinking "Oh boy, is SHE gonna get it"...well, he said: "Oh this is not bad at all" and he choked
it down....SHE said, while chewing on HER pieces for about 20 minutes, I think I will throw it out....daddy (kisskiss) said "Oh no...don't...I'll eat it and and even take some to work".....
Well, today I was helping HER clean the kitchen and, as I passed the trash can, I heard a BIG clunk....I looked in and there lay the BRICK passing for bread...
SHE looked at me and said: "Our little secret, Mr. Buddie??"
Oh, can I get some mileage out of THIS one!?!?!
Till later,
I remain,
Your Sweet Buddie



May 16th 2007 3:09 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Today was fluids day! Yipee...jumping with joy!! heheeh Well, I am thankful
they can give them because I am living proof they work...
Tonight the girls, Ele and
Sparkle and McKenna return from their amazing trip! McKenna
called me on her KittyCellPhone a few times while she was mountain climbing, snorkling, hiking and, of course, gettting her fur fluffed...after
all, she IS McKenna....hehehe
Anyway, as I said, they are returning tonight....I sure hope they are bringing some
good surprises back for all the,
Gimmie and
Tiger...after all, we ARE the brothers..the ones who put up
with their constant giggling all over the house not to mention the 'unmentionables' hanging everywhere!! I swear!!!! Fursisters...they
are a breed all to themselves!!! hehehhe
I have been sitting in the few sun beams we enjoyed today getting toasty
Oh my furfriends....I actually SMELL BREAD BAKING!!! WHAT??? AM I IN THE WRONG HOUSE?? BREAD BAKING?!?!?!? What has gotten into my
kitchen challenged mommie??? I must go investigate......
Till later,
Your Pal,
Sunbeam Buddie



May 7th 2007 4:53 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Well, this afternoon I was chilling on the deck chair with the
Spring breezes fluffing my orange fur....then, BOOM....what
did I see?? Diva Sister McKenna coming right at me...eye
to eye we were....there was a growl...there was a hiss...then,
POOF....she sat down, looked me in the eye and meowed:
"Brother Buddie, we are going to share this deck chair
and fluff our fur together as fursiblings are suppose to do.'
I can only repeat what daddy (kisskiss) told mommie when
he got home from work:
"I believe they were switched at the vets office this
morning when you took them in for fluids..they LOOK
like our kids but this has never happened before in our
lifetime....maybe the world IS spinning out of control after
Then they both fainted.........



May 5th 2007 8:01 am
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Hi My Friends!!
Today was a rainy trip to the vets...I tried to HIDE but it didn't work..they
found me in NO time..must of been the raindrops on the roof lulling me into
a false sense of security.....anyhow, I had blood work done and we are waiting
for the test....I have lost a little weight but not enough to be of any concern! YIPEE!!
When we got home, I got a BIG dish of canned Friskies! Yipee..don't know how long this will last but it sure is delicious while it is here!! Yummy!!!
I plan on staking out the big fluffy chair in the Sun Room and spending the day waiting for the Kentucky Derby on TV....I will be in daddy's (kisskiss) lap and
cheering our favorite on to Victory!!! This is one of the important male bonding times with MY daddy (kisskiss).....guess the 'girls' are invited but not needed. hehehehe
Well, off to grab my chair before my diva sister, McKenna, gets to it first.
She thinks she is special today because she has an ear infection....she has a short memory...I had one a week or so ago and didn't hold it over anyone's head!! So, she had to wait on me hand and paw?? So, she had to bring me my toys?? So, she had to give up any seat if I wanted it because I had an ear infection?? Well, on second thought, maybe she IS special....
Warm Purrs,
Your Pal,



May 2nd 2007 7:53 am
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Hello Furfriends!
First I want to thank everyone for making my Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster Fame's tenth Birthday the best one ever!!
The Food...The Music....The Drinks....The Fun.....The
Decorations....The Pretty FurGirls.....The
Handsome FurGentlemen!!! WOW!! What a time we had...I think Miss Hazel
danced with EVERY furguy there!! And, of course, I danced with the pretty
furgirls...and please forgive me for the dainty little paws I crushed....hehe
We are now laying on the white sandy beach with Sardine Smoothie's in our
reach and talking about our wonderful night last night!! The waves
are lapping in the distance and the palm trees are swaying in the gentle breeze!!
Life is good, my furfriends!
I just wanted to thank everyone for the BLAST we had last night and also thank you all for taking time to attend and making it the unforgettable night it was!
Will talk with you soon...
Warm Purrs,
A happy Buddie with his beautiful furwife, Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame....



May 1st 2007 6:11 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Today is my furwife's, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, BIRTHDAY!
She will be TEN!! She does not look a day over ONE!! She will be having a PARTY
in the FORUMS section and, if my clueless mommie can find it, my whole family
will attend. hehe
I thought and thought as to what to send her and could NOT think of a thing
she didn't have I sent her what my little sister, McKenna, likes the BEST in the world....the GREEN STUFF! hehehheeh That way her mommie can
buy what her little heart wants!
Yesterday, speaking of little sis, we both went to the vets for fluids....she
weighs 7.5 and a HALF and I weigh 12.6 and a HALF!!! So we are slowly
gaining some weight back....YIPEE! Maybe the BIRTHDAY CAKE and
TREATS will make us both hit the 8 and 13 mark by the morning....IF WE
DON'T DANCE IT OFF!! hehheeh
Friends, will see you later at the party...EVERYONE IS INVITED!!
Warm Purrs,

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