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May 16th 2007 3:09 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Today was fluids day! Yipee...jumping with joy!! heheeh Well, I am thankful
they can give them because I am living proof they work...
Tonight the girls, Ele and
Sparkle and McKenna return from their amazing trip! McKenna
called me on her KittyCellPhone a few times while she was mountain climbing, snorkling, hiking and, of course, gettting her fur fluffed...after
all, she IS McKenna....hehehe
Anyway, as I said, they are returning tonight....I sure hope they are bringing some
good surprises back for all the brothers...me,
Gimmie and
Tiger...after all, we ARE the brothers..the ones who put up
with their constant giggling all over the house not to mention the 'unmentionables' hanging everywhere!! I swear!!!! Fursisters...they
are a breed all to themselves!!! hehehhe
I have been sitting in the few sun beams we enjoyed today getting toasty
Oh my furfriends....I actually SMELL BREAD BAKING!!! WHAT??? AM I IN THE WRONG HOUSE?? BREAD BAKING?!?!?!? What has gotten into my
kitchen challenged mommie??? I must go investigate......
Till later,
Your Pal,
Sunbeam Buddie



May 7th 2007 4:53 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Well, this afternoon I was chilling on the deck chair with the
Spring breezes fluffing my orange fur....then, BOOM....what
did I see?? Diva Sister McKenna coming right at me...eye
to eye we were....there was a growl...there was a hiss...then,
POOF....she sat down, looked me in the eye and meowed:
"Brother Buddie, we are going to share this deck chair
and fluff our fur together as fursiblings are suppose to do.'
I can only repeat what daddy (kisskiss) told mommie when
he got home from work:
"I believe they were switched at the vets office this
morning when you took them in for fluids..they LOOK
like our kids but this has never happened before in our
lifetime....maybe the world IS spinning out of control after
Then they both fainted.........



May 5th 2007 8:01 am
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Hi My Friends!!
Today was a rainy trip to the vets...I tried to HIDE but it didn't work..they
found me in NO time..must of been the raindrops on the roof lulling me into
a false sense of security.....anyhow, I had blood work done and we are waiting
for the test....I have lost a little weight but not enough to be of any concern! YIPEE!!
When we got home, I got a BIG dish of canned Friskies! Yipee..don't know how long this will last but it sure is delicious while it is here!! Yummy!!!
I plan on staking out the big fluffy chair in the Sun Room and spending the day waiting for the Kentucky Derby on TV....I will be in daddy's (kisskiss) lap and
cheering our favorite on to Victory!!! This is one of the important male bonding times with MY daddy (kisskiss).....guess the 'girls' are invited but not needed. hehehehe
Well, off to grab my chair before my diva sister, McKenna, gets to it first.
She thinks she is special today because she has an ear infection....she has a short memory...I had one a week or so ago and didn't hold it over anyone's head!! So, she had to wait on me hand and paw?? So, she had to bring me my toys?? So, she had to give up any seat if I wanted it because I had an ear infection?? Well, on second thought, maybe she IS special....
Warm Purrs,
Your Pal,



May 2nd 2007 7:53 am
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Hello Furfriends!
First I want to thank everyone for making my Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster Fame's tenth Birthday the best one ever!!
The Food...The Music....The Drinks....The Fun.....The
Decorations....The Pretty FurGirls.....The
Handsome FurGentlemen!!! WOW!! What a time we had...I think Miss Hazel
danced with EVERY furguy there!! And, of course, I danced with the pretty
furgirls...and please forgive me for the dainty little paws I crushed....hehe
We are now laying on the white sandy beach with Sardine Smoothie's in our
reach and talking about our wonderful night last night!! The waves
are lapping in the distance and the palm trees are swaying in the gentle breeze!!
Life is good, my furfriends!
I just wanted to thank everyone for the BLAST we had last night and also thank you all for taking time to attend and making it the unforgettable night it was!
Will talk with you soon...
Warm Purrs,
A happy Buddie with his beautiful furwife, Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame....



May 1st 2007 6:11 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Today is my furwife's, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, BIRTHDAY!
She will be TEN!! She does not look a day over ONE!! She will be having a PARTY
in the FORUMS section and, if my clueless mommie can find it, my whole family
will attend. hehe
I thought and thought as to what to send her and could NOT think of a thing
she didn't have already....so I sent her what my little sister, McKenna, likes the BEST in the world....the GREEN STUFF! hehehheeh That way her mommie can
buy what her little heart wants!
Yesterday, speaking of little sis, we both went to the vets for fluids....she
weighs 7.5 and a HALF and I weigh 12.6 and a HALF!!! So we are slowly
gaining some weight back....YIPEE! Maybe the BIRTHDAY CAKE and
TREATS will make us both hit the 8 and 13 mark by the morning....IF WE
DON'T DANCE IT OFF!! hehheeh
Friends, will see you later at the party...EVERYONE IS INVITED!!
Warm Purrs,



April 28th 2007 2:50 pm
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Hey Furfriends,
Today my little sister, McKenna, and I had a great adventure to the
vets!! We got our fluids...I weighed 12.5....now this is good considering
we can't seem to find much good food that we can eat that is not on the recall
list....but, I will keep scarfing it down as long as it is put in front of me..
especially if it is meant for little sister, McKenna. ehhehhe She seems to be
gaining some weight so I'd better watch out...she has a very mean left hook!!
I know she looks sweet and pretty and tiny....BUT...
The sun is out right now so I think I will sit on the porch and watch the birdies
fly by.....
I love all my Catster Furfriends!! Thank you for being YOU!!
Warm Purrs,



April 26th 2007 9:08 am
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Hey Furfriends,
I must tell you that I am very happy over my Sister McKenna's test
results...I would not admit this to ANYONE, but I was a little worried
there for a week or so!! I will admit this to YOU but no one else!! hehe
She must be feeling better because last night I walked by her to make
sure she was not laying on one of MY toys....when I sniffed the toy I
got a BIG whack across my nose...heehehhe SO, the dear girl must
be back to her 'old' self....heheeh I will remember to be more careful
in the days to come! With all the test she has been having and will have,
she might be a little on the sensitive side....I need to take "Sensitive
Lessons" from my Miss Hazel Lucy, I guess! ehheheh
Well, I will close for now but first want to thank everyone for sending
Sister McKenna their prayers, good thoughts and Healing Rosettes
and Stars while she has been sick....we will work on the IBS, Kidney
failure and heart disease but the main thing is that she feels good
once again--thanks to ALL OF YOU!!!
Your Pal,



April 12th 2007 6:20 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Even tho I fuss and complain about little sister McKenna,
I just want to go on record to say to the world: I LOVE MY
I am sending her kitty prayers and kitty love tonight so
she won't be afraid or scared....I am going to call her on
her KittyCellPhone at 12:00 tonight...that is our usual
time to meet in the hallway and scarf down the food the
humans leave out for us and to talk over the happenings
of the day and to plot our strategy for the next day. hehe
Well, we will talk tonight and I will try to be extra nice
to her since I have been away from home overnight also.
It is not fun but you have to do it sometimes.
Talk with you tomorrow, my furfriends....
A lonely Buddie



April 11th 2007 10:05 am
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Hello Furfriends,
This morning I heard HER trying to 'act normal'....well, when she does
that I know to hide and FAST....so, I ran to daddy's (kisskiss) closet...I
never hide in there....I could hear those feet looking for me....they went
here and they went there...they went everywhere!! I could also hear HER
Southern drawl saying:
"Come here, sweet little Buddie"....she was looking ALL over the house!!
I only made myself smaller in the closet. I was quiet....I hardly would
breathe....she finally made it to daddy's (kisskiss) closet...she quickly looked
in it and was shocked to see me all tiny and quiet looking up at her with big
innocent eyes. She scooped me up and put me in the carrier. Off we went to
the vets for my fluids. Oh my!! Well, guess what?? It was not all that bad..they
said I was such a sweet little Buddie today..no one even had to hold me down!!
I just sat there in my sweetness! hehehehhe I weigh 12lbs and 12 ounces....Yipee!
I was down since my last vet entry to 12.6, so mommie was extremely happy today!!
Well, my furfriends, this sweet little Buddie will say 'bye' now....I will try to
spread my sweetness to HER today....after all SHE braved a horrible
thunderstorm today so I could have my fluids...and we all know what rain
does to HER hair...picture Little Orphan Annie!!! hehehheh



April 3rd 2007 6:25 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Oh I am jumping with JOY, if I could only get these unattractive Bunny Ears off...
now that my furwife, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, has won TOP prize in the
"Babes in Blue" contest, I am stuck with these lame ears on..how can I remain MANLY
and SUAVE around her with these things growing out of my head?????..what is wrong
with that MOMMIE woman??? She is determined to undermine my male-ness at all cost...and it may cost me the respect of my furwife, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Caster Fame!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until later I remain,
Your embarrassed Buddie
Here is the complete list of winners in case anyone missed it:

Best in Show - Hazel Lucy – Confidence in Blue

First Prize - Luna - Brilliant in Blue

Second Prize - Smudge – Cozy in Blue

Third Prize - Tie - Joy & Sofie - Joy (Blissfull in blue) Sophie (Cosmopolitan in blue)

Fourth - Bella - Bowdacious in Blue

Fifth - Susie – Let’s Party in Blue

Morgan's Choice:

Ashlye Delicious Dazzle – Doubly Delicious in Blue
Ashley Jay – Purrfect Profile in Blue
Bethany – Blue Hawaii

Cali - Too Cute in Blue
Cassie - Vegas Show Cat in Blue
Cauliflower - Relaxing in blue
Cheyanne – Blue Leopard Dreams
Daphne – A Star in Blue
Hannah - Best in blue Babuska
Hazel - Dreaming in Blue
Ko – Bewitching in Blue
Leah – Home Blue Home
McKenna – Gazes of Blue
Muffin – Miffed in Blue
Penelope – Blue Attitude
Rue Rue - best bootiful hairdoo
Samoa - Bright eyes in blue
Sasha Ama - Baby Blues
Snowy - Wings of Blue
Zorilla – Beauty in Blue Denim

Baby Poppy & Shay – Best Mother and Daughter in Blue

Babies in Blue – Tiny Babies in Blue Crew

Rainbow Bridge – The Blue Angels

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