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September 14th 2007 9:24 am
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Hello Furfriends!!
Just wanted to let you know that our computer STILL has not returned from the MOON yet..so that is why I have not been on Catster much....it has been a MONTH (almost) already...say, that is YEARS in Cat Time, right???? hehehe
Anyway, that is why it is strangely quiet from my part of the world.
Little Sister, McKenna, and I visited our vet today....we are both 100% over our URI finally!!!!!
My vet trips have increased, friends..my Creatin numbers are not good so they want me to return to having fluids every day.....so, the days of my sticking my tongue out at Sister McKenna when she had to go every day, are OVER!! Now, I am right along side her in my carrier too. Gurr!!! Buddie is NOT pleased. hehehe But, I know it will help me to stay around longer so I won't complain much....beside, all the womenhumans at the new vets are real
lookers, so it makes it much easier to visit daily. hehe
Well, this is a short update...I pray ALL my friends are well.....I hope to be back on Catster SOON like I use to be when the computer makes it's
return....I feel like I have missed so much....please forgive me for any oversights, friends.
Your Pal Forever,



September 4th 2007 3:15 pm
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Hello Furfriends!
Today was VET day for Sister McKenna and little old me....the vet
said I was in good form...that I even gave a little growl when she was
giving me fluids..not a mean growl but a "when will you ever finish??"
growl..hehe She said Sister McKenna was doing reallly good too...that
her limp was MUCH improved and we both are over that pesky URI
we got a few weeks ago..you know how I know?? The Vet let the two office
kitten's into our exam room to touch noses with us....when we were so
sick, the moment we walked in, they escorted us to a room and closed
BOTH doors behind us AND locked up the two office kittens. (These
kittens are WAY too cute, my friends...my mommie goes into fits when
she sees them....they will be blood givers for any little kitty that
needs blood at her Pet Hospital when they grow up so they have a
very special purpose in their lives)..anyway, we are doing so good now,
Now, I must tell you that I thought I was going to have to fight to
defend the honor of The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame,
my furwife. Somefurone pmailed me and called her a MOGUL...well,
that didn't sound good so I told mommie to pack my boxing gloves (all
four of them) and call Brother Ricki to fly me to their front door!
Mommie just laughed and petted me on my tiny head and said:
"Sweet Buddie Boy..that is a GOOD thing......your Beautiful Miss Hazel
Lucy of Catster Fame is a very smart little girl...she is making Shelter
Kitties blankies because they have no one to love them (yet) and also
she is making blankies for Catster kitties! You need to be very very
proud of her and that was a GOOD thing to call her".....
So, my friends, I visited her MOGUL site:
Hazel Lucy's Tranquility Blankets
and it looked fine....I just smiled and curled up and had sweet dreams
of my gumdrop sitting there making those blankies and also thought
of when the cold weather will get here and everyone will snuggle up
with one of her little blankies tested by her personally....hehehhe
She is one smart cookie!!!! My little Hazel Lucy.......and we have a
MONTH, my friends!! Remember when we had the wedding? Remember
when a lot of you came to it or were in it???? Some are still here
and some are in Kitty Heaven watching over all of us down here....
We will be celebrating our SECOND, my friends...and it is because of
YOU..........YOU!!! YOU helped me overcome my sickness this past summer
and also this one...YOU!! It is because of YOU that I am here and can
enjoy life!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Hazel Lucy and I will throw
a BIG blowout to celebrate our love and to thank YOU for helping us be
able to celebrate......PARTY TO COME! YIPEE!!!
Well, until later,
I remain,
Your non sniffing and non stuffy
BUDDIE with the happy paws!!!



August 28th 2007 6:47 pm
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Hello My Furfriends,
I know it has been FOREVER since I have written a diary!!! First of all, no, the computer is NOT fixed...Best Buy told my humans it will be a MONTH before we get it back...mommie said: "Back from where, the MOON?????"
Well, they are NOT happy..they went out and bought a cheap tower Sunday to tide us over till the other one comes back..if it ever does...Gateway (the new broken computer's brand) was not any better in helping with the problem either..the computer was bought in January so it is still sort of new, right? They told us
that Gateway was a good computer brand but we just got "luck of the draw"..now is that a way for a consumer company to talk? ha! Needless to say, we will be looking into an APPLE next time!!
Now for my health....hehehhhe
Furfriends, I turned the corner this weekend....I can breathe now!! Really breathe!!! I am so excited!! I am getting WELL!!! I am dancing on happy paws!!!
Mommie and daddy have not stopped kissing me all week...they keep saying they were so worried about me and they tell me I am going to be fine now....my new
vet said she thought I looked much better and I sounded wonderful too!!!!! YIPEE....YIPEE..my paws won't stop dancing!
Thank you, everyfurone, for your thoughts and prayers..once again you have pulled me out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am VERY behind on pmails not to mention thanking my friends for Rosettes and Stars..I promise I will get caught up!! I promise...right now I am going to breathe some without sneezing and enjoy the fresh air...ahhhhhhh.....
Until later,
I remain,
Your happy,
Buddie minus the sneezing and stuffy nose!!



August 20th 2007 9:28 am
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Hello Furfriends,
Vet day today..fluids and meds for both me and little sis, McKenna.
They think I have turned the corner and I am improving some..so that
is GOOD news..I am still having a hard time breathing but it is better.
Little sis, McKenna, is not any worse so that is good news too!!
I wanted to let you know that mommie is having major problems with our
computer....she will be taking it to BestBuy today (if she can lift the tower)
and it won't be back till this weekend....so no more diaries till then...or big THANK YOU'S for all the prayers, Rosettes and Stars you have sent me....you don't know how much our family appreciates them, friends!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Well, until later,
I remain,
Your still stuffy but a little better,



August 18th 2007 8:07 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
First of all, I want to say a GROUP THANK YOU for all the Rosettes and Stars
I have received in the past week...mommie has been so upset over us she has
not been answering pmails or thanking furfaces personally...she will tho..I promise....I will see to it! She does NOT like to do a group thank you but right
now she felt she had to say something because everyone has been SO kind to us!
Today we both went to the vet....we got fluids and our meds...then we came
home...within 15 minutes of returning home, I threw up which means I threw
up my new antibiotic pill....so mommie called the vet and asked what to do..she
said to wait a few hours and give it to me again....they did that and I kept it down. Yeah!!
Next, Sister McKenna is getting sick now..she has been sneezing her little head
off and that is how mine started. So, they are watching her closely to trying to head
off any problems....she is already on an antibiotic for the kidney infection and the vet said that was one of the best ones...so she will stay on it.
Mommie and daddy (kisskiss) are doing the best they can with the URI....it sure
is a mean one....the humidifier seems to help and our water fountain seems to make
us want to drink too...we just need to eat more than we are...right now we are just
nibbling since we don't have an appetite due to being sick.
Well, I will close for now...maybe tomorrow the news will be MUCH better!!
We are very hopeful......
Until later, my furfriends,
I remain your stuffy & sneezing Buddie



August 17th 2007 10:19 am
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Hello Furfriends!!
Yesterday mommie took me and sister McKenna to the vets....they were not
happy with my lack of progress..so she took xrays and a culture....the xrays showed NO blood or fluids on or near my lungs or chest area... we are waiting for the
culture to come back....so she decided to change my antibiotics too. She turned up my little pink nose and gave me the dreaded nose drops and my new meds and I was put in my carrier!! Oh, happy day! hehe
Little Sis got her fluids and her antibiotics and her blood pressure meds...the vet wants her to stay on the antibiotics until I recover so she won't get it. So, that is a good thing...I overhead mommie say she didn't think little sis McKenna would survive if she got it due to what I have been thru for the past two weeks.
Well, my furfriends, that is the update on my URI. I go back this afternoon
at five for them to give me the antibiotic and the funfilled NOSE DROPS!!!
Can't wait!!
Until later...I remain your sneezey stuffed up,



August 15th 2007 7:20 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Last night was the night....they were suppose to give me those NOSE
DROPS!! There were two of them against little old me....guess what???
Little old me defeated the two of them!!!!! My nose was too fast..I fought,
I pawed and I did a teeny tiny little sick sounding meow...that sort of
stopped them in their tracks....they said "Ok sweet Buddie..no more".
So, this morning, mommie took me and sister McKenna to the vets for
our fluids and meds giving...then she asked the vet to give me the NOSE
DROPS...and she did...I didn't move a whisker for her...then I overheard
mommie ask if she could bring me back that afternoon for the NOSE
DROPS...the vet said: "Sure, no problem!"...so she did....I had TWO NOSE
DROPS today, my friends! TWO!! Mommie said TWO is better than one! (I
am suppose to get them three times a day BUT....heheehhe)
Anyhow, mommie went to WalMart today and got a Humidifier...it puts out
a warm steamy vapor of water....she put me beside her in the chair and we
sat there for a little while this afternoon so I could
breathe the steamy vapors..that was not so bad! Just sitting..no
NOSE DROPS!! Mommie told me it would help open up my nose...the jury
is out on that! hehehe
Well, I will go curl up beside my sweet Daddy (who has been sleeping beside me every night since I have been sick)....he is a good daddy (kisskiss) and I appreciate him so much....he tells me every night, before he goes to sleep, to fight REAL hard and get
well...I am trying, furfriends...I am trying......
Until later,
I remain,
Your stuffed up Buddie



August 14th 2007 2:36 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
I am still sick...mommie took us to the vet today and she gave Mac her
fluids....and her meds....and then she turned her attention to me...oh my,
that was not what I wanted to see....well, she is a 'looker' (as I use to say last
summer when I had to see so many foxy vets) so it is not that bad. hehehe
Anyhow, she thought, since I can't breathe, that she would put nose drops
into my little nose...I did not like that one little bit...I even managed a tiny
defensive meow....but, hopefully, it will help. Last night daddy (kisskiss) and I
didn't sleep a wink...he stayed downstairs with me on the couch and watched
me trying to breathe all night long....see, furfriends, that is why I love him
so much.....there is nothing more important to him than ME! hehehe
Mommie tried to put the nose drops into my nose this afternoon by herself...
well, I may be sick, but I sure can swish my head back and forth so fast that no
human can put those drops even near my nose!!! Tonight there will be TWO
of them so it might be a different story....but, if it will help me breathe tonight,
well, I MIGHT allow it...we will see! hehe
Until later,
I remain,
Your sneezing and weezing Buddie



August 11th 2007 8:48 am
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Hello Furfriends,
I am on the wonderful Bike Ride with all my friends now...BUT, had to get Brother Ricki to fly me back today for a vets appointment....I went to a new vet today....they told me I had a bad upper respiratory infection and I am
on meds now...my regular vet had a rash of these infections in their clinic but I didn't
know this...so all week my humans thought I had swallowed something and I was scheduled for a minor operation today...we were SO lucky that the new vet
saw I had the infection and said I didn't need the operation! Yea for Dr. Myers! So,
now maybe I will start eating again and get better!! We have to watch Sister
McKenna for any signs of this infection too but, so far, she is ok! Yea for little
sis!! hehe
I will have Brother Ricki fly me back to join our Pack of Biker Kitties just as
soon as I grab some lunch!! I will be 'fit as a fiddle' very soon. I would appreciate your prayers once again tho, my furfriends...see on you on the
Highway....I will be the one with the bugs in my whiskers!! hehehe
Your Pal Forever,



August 9th 2007 12:41 pm
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Hey Furfriends,
Just a short note to let you know that I have
been away from the computer for about a week...
Mommie (yes, HER) is having the house remodeled.
I really don't know what that means but, personally,
it means living in Ricki's old bachelor pad with that
prissy sister of mine, McKenna, and no computer time
due to the strong smell of paint!
I try to hold my breathe and run up to the computer
room to check Catster out as much as I can...please
forgive me for
being so behind on pmails, rosettes and stuff like that.
Hope to be back to normal before too long but, from the looks of
things, it won't be anytime soon.
Keep those paws crossed for me having to share space with
that sister of mine.....she watches me like a hawk when I head
for the litter box....seems I am not as particular as she is when
it comes to leaving purr-fect peaks of litter over our little
presents. ha!
Until later,
I remain,
Your manly Buddie

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