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The Legend of the "Well Wishers & Kitty Heaven Gang Rosettes- & Stars"....

April 19th 2011 6:40 am
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**I have been asked about these lately so I thought I would
tell the story again...."

Hello Furfriends,
I thought I would tell you the story of the "Buddie's Well Wishes Gang Healing Rosettes and Welcome to Kitty Heaven Stars".....since there are so many new Catster's
than there were a few years ago, when anyfurone receives a "Healing Rosette or Welcome to Kitty Heaven Star", they might not understand the POWER behind it.

I was a normal little healthy kitty a few years ago..then
that March I got very very sick. I lost almost half of my weight, my fur changed color to a very pale yellow from Mango Orange and I was very listless...so, mommie and daddy(kisskiss) started on their quest to make their Little Buddie well again...it consisted of going to Knoxville to the Big Vet Hospital and staying a very long time and also having a feeding tube (pictures can still be seen on my page) which required mommie to feed me six times a day every single day with each feeding lasting at least an hour.

Well, with the love, prayers and well wishes of all of my FURFRIENDS on Catster, I survived for a long long time! I exceeded ALL the expectations of ALL the doctors at the Big Vet Hospital in Knoxville and the doctors here in Nashville...regular vets and specialist.

So, that is how the "Buddie's Well Wishers Gang Healing Rosette" was born.....it reads:

You have been selected to receive
a "Buddie's Well Wishers GANG
Healing Rosette--Given with prayers,
love & well wishes from HUNDREDS of
furfaces represented by this Rosette!

So the power of ALL the hundreds of Rosettes, STARS and prayers and well wishes I got when I was so very very sick, I put into each and every Healing Rosette that is sent out to other little sick kitties who need the healing!

After I made my trip here to "Kitty Heaven", I decided ALL the good wishes and love I got when I made my trip up here MUST be sent out to other NEWBIES in Kitty Heaven by that Special "Welcome to Kitty Heaven" Star...so, that is how THAT was born!!

This is the story behind the "Buddie's Well Wishers Gang Healing Rosettes and Welcome to Kitty Heaven Star" my furfriends...it is NOT my Rosette or Star BUT the Rosette and Star of each and everyone of YOU who sent your prayers, well wishes and healing power to me when I needed them the most..now we are sending the same love and power out to other little furfaces who need it!!

Thank you, my Furfriends, you are doing good work!!
Warm Purrs Forever,
Your Angel Buddie Forever and Ever!


Throwing on my suit and new blue tie..gonna shake my paws- tonight!!!

April 7th 2011 4:42 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Tonight I will take my Little Gumdrop out for a romantic
night...we will dine on the veranda and we will munch
on everything 'FISH'....everything....Fish drinks, Fish appetizers, Fish entree, Fish dessert and Fish after drinks...ahhh....it will be a Fish Night....hehehhe I am
so glad my Miss Hazel Lucy loves anything FISH...tonight
she can eat all she wants.
Then, after our delicious meal, we will dance to the
Musical Harp Strings Sound of "The KittyHarpetts" who have a private concert just for us. Yes, I have been taking dancing lessons lately...don't want to mess up
her lovely's paws!! hehe
My Miss Hazel Lucy has a new frock for the night picked out especially for her by my Super Shopper Sister, Angel
McKenna....it is all blue...it will look spectacular on her! Her frock will have matching slippers and purse....she will
be the most beautiful little Furlady ever!! I can't wait to see her smile when she first looks at herself in the mirror!!
Angel McKenna will help her get dressed...she enjoys that so much..and she will apply makeup to my Furwife and fluff out her fur too....think she gets a blue bow over one of her tiny ears also....
After dancing, we will retire to our Hotel Room and
meow over the events of these past few weeks and what is in store for the future....we have been working
on a special surprise for Mommie Julie and we KNOW it will make HER smile again too. hehe Can't wait for that!!!!!!
Soon Miss Hazel Lucy and I will start looking for our Kitty Heaven Home and then we get to decorate it..oh, that is going to be so much fun..up here, there is NO price on
anything!!! You just go to the store and pick it out and it
gets delivered the next day..now that is the way to do it,
right, my Furfriends?? hehhehhehe
Well, let me get my shower, throw on my suit with the new blue
tie and shine my paws....Yes, I do think the Furmen have it much easier getting ready for anything, don't you? hehe We jump out of the shower, shake ourselves off, throw on our clothes and we are ready to go!! heheeh
Life is good--for Furmen, at least. hehheheheh
Your Happy Angel Buddie Forever and Ever



April 2nd 2011 4:15 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
It's the weekend...it's the weekend!! But, you know
what, my furfriends...up here in Kitty Heaven,
EVERY DAY is the weekend!!!! This is something I had
to teach my tiny gumdrop when she arrived here.....she didn't understand that
each and every day is like our Honeymoon.....we can go
and do and just have a blast each and every moment
of every single day!!
If we are not doing something just as a couple, we
are invited to one of the many many Catster Parties that our Catster FurAngelsFriends are always throwing....and I have not
even touched on the FOOD up here, my Furfriends...oh
my catness!! This food is like nothing you have ever seen, smelled or put in your mouth....oh my!! Now, the good
part is that I had to teach my Tiny Gumdrop that you can eat and eat and eat all day and all night (if you wanted too....hehheheh... And MANY do when they first arrive because it is all so good) and you never ever gain one ounce of weight!!!! Now, my Miss Hazel Lucy loved that part of Kitty Heaven...heheeheh And, I did too when I first arrived. hehe
Tonight we are going to a big party at the Kitty Heaven
Enchanted Castle.....one of our Catster friends has invited ALL Catster Angels to come...My Sister, Angel McKenna, took
my Tiny Gumdrop shopping at the Heavenly Mall for a new frock and slippers and purse this afternoon...she will look awesome, as usual.
Well, let me dust off my dancing shoes.....I see lots of
feet flapping in my immediate future. hehehheheheh
Purrs from Kitty Heaven,
Your Angel Buddie Forever and Ever



March 30th 2011 7:44 am
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Hello Furfriends,
Oh my goodness...what a GREAT Spring and Summer
of 2011 this is going to be!!
I have my Tiny Gumdrop with me 24/7 up here in Kitty Heaven now.......oh, I am such a happy Mangoman, my
friends....we have been doing so many fun things since she got here...the last was ROCK CLIMBING..yep, that dainty little girlyfurgirl wanted to ROCK CLIMB...and I, being the Best Furhusband a little Furwife could have, immediately set up a ROCK
CLIMBING expedition.....we got boots, jackets, hats
and all the necessary equipment needed for such a dangerous hike!! We took off and within one hour she was like a professional Rock Climber! She glided over all rocks and boulders and giggled the whole way....whereas I.....well, I was all paw and tail...so I have suggested our NEXT adventure might be somewhere warm and sunny with sand and surf...think she will like that? I hope so...uh oh...better keep her away from any thoughts of SHARK DIVING...oh noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
Your concerned Angel Buddie Forever and Ever



March 28th 2011 5:45 pm
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Borrowed from Hazel Lucy who borrowed from Samoa

Samoa said I could steal her diary entry:

Sweet SHELLY SUE (Adoptable) needs our help!

She needs to find a new home. You can read the details in her diary!
Shelly Sue is Karma Kitty's sister, and they have been Catsters for over 5 years!

Let's show this sweet girl some Catster love!

Please, read Shelly Sue's diary, and then see if you can give some suggestions that
might be helpful, or at least let her know you are purring.

We all know the power of purr around here . . . . let's send some purrs her way!



March 21st 2011 1:21 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Oh what fun I have had since my Gumdrop
came to live with me up here in KittyHeaven!!!
Parties....dances.....food.....more parties....music...
movies....romantic boat rides......more parties....Sunday
KittyChurch.....her getting fluffed and buffed at the Spa....Angel McKenna taking her Heavenly Mall
shopping.....more parties.....and soon we will go
with the Heavenly Realtor to HOUSE SHOP!!!! We
looked Sunday at KittyFurniture to see what styles
they had to offer.....so many..so pretty!! We can take
our time because....well, after all, this IS KITTYHEAVEN
and we can do anything we want at anytime we
want!! hehehehehehe
Furfriends, she looks so pretty again...all fluffy
(even before her trip to the "Heavenly Beauty Shoppe"..which I told her she DID NOT NEED..she smiled...hehehhe) and we have not stopped since she arrived here....if you could see her SMILE and listen to her GIGGLE...well, you would be amazed!!!
That giggle lights up my life.....and she told me she had NO
idea that everything Angel McKenna told her about the shopping was true....and it is...like the material for her new frocks
are nothing you will see on Earth!! They are soft..they are floating....they glimmer in the sunlight....they have a sparkle that nothing on Earth can touch...and her slippers....oh, her dainty little slippers, my Furfriends...you should see them..she said her paws felt like they were encased in pure soft cotton!!
I have been waiting for her since I made my trip up here and now she is here...in person..looking like the beautiful kitten she was on Earth!!! WOWZER!!
I am one lucky Mangoman...yep, I sure am!!
Your Happy Angel Buddie Forever and Ever



March 16th 2011 11:38 am
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Hello Furfriends,
My Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster
Fame and Cat of the Week is now an ANGEL....a very healthy and lovely 100%
Angel!!! She is back to her kittenhood fluffiness and oh so feisty!!
She called me immediately when she thought
it was time to come live with me permanently
and I was there within ONE second!!
I held her sweet paw and we made our final
voyage from Earth to Kitty Heaven...we flew faster than the speed of light....she closed her
eyes one second and the next I was showing
her around her new fabulous home! She was
'ooing and ahhing' the whole time and we will
set up our home starting this week...this is going to be FUN!!
Tonight there will be a BIG "Welcome to Kitty Heaven" party for my Sweet Gumdrop at the KitKatKafe with ALL of our Catster Furfriends that have made their trip up here too....oh what a party this will be!!
Furfriends, please do not be that sad over my Gumdrop coming up here to live with me
and our Angel Friends....she is well once again, feeling good once again, loving our life together and will always be there for all of her Catster Furfriends as she has always been....as with all of us up here, nothing has changed except we are not walking on Earth right now.....And we fly around Kitty Heaven using our Angel Wings but we still walk too..to tell you a secret, flying is MUCH more fun!!
Well, it is time to take my Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame and Cat of the Week and NOW, NOW.....my Special Angel.....to her Angel Wings Fitting........this is going to be fun...yes, this is really going to be fun.....maybe I will get
a new pair that matches hers??? hehhhehe
Your Angel Buddie Forever and Ever



February 13th 2011 5:07 am
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Hello Furfriends,
WOWZER!! WOWZER! Two of our Furwives are DIARY PICK'S
on the same day!!!!!!
My Beautiful Gumdrop, Miss Hazel Lucy, and my Brother, Angel Ricki's,
Beautiful Velvet Queen, Midnight, we BOTH picked today by
the Diary Gal!! Thank you Diary Gal!!!!!
Now Ricki and I are going to take our Furwives our for a very special
CELEBRATION day...they requested somewhere warm and where the sun shines all day long!! heheh Their wish is OUR command!!
Your Proud Angel Buddie Forever and Ever


We Are At It Again....The Ocean Calls...

January 10th 2011 7:25 am
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Hello My Furfriends,
Well, I guess you heard that The
Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster
Fame and Cat of the Week is a Diary Pick
today?? YIPEE!!
Not only is she feeling better but she is
being honored for her good work...her diary today is
another example of her good work.
Anyhow, we are out on a sandy warm sun
filled beach enjoying a cool drink that is
PINK in color..it is making me a little light
headed but I think I can handle that...after
all, I am 'The Mangoman' !!! hehe
I will keep her here as long as she wants...
last night we had a romantic moonlight dinner by the ocean cooked by my Personal Chef...the candle light bounced off my Gumdrops face
and illuminated her beauty even more. How
did I get so lucky, my Furfriends? Who knows
but I am very happy!
I am loving this warm weather and especially
the sun....it is warm on my whiskers and makes
me feel very frisky!! hehehehe
Will meow with you later, my Furfriends...off for a dip in the clear blue ocean followed by
a long nap in the sunshine.......
Your Angel Buddie Forever and Ever



January 2nd 2011 4:25 am
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Hello My Catster Friends,
2011 has started out with a wonderful
happening!! My Little Gumdrop, The
Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster
Fame and Cat of the Week, and
my Furwife, is a DIARY PICK!!
I am so happy for her and her mommie.
Maybe this will be a sign that 2011 will
be a good year for them both? I certainly
hope so!!
YEA for MY Miss Hazel Lucy!!
Your Mangoman,
Your Angel Buddie Always

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