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Micheal baby

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Fire at our house

April 5th 2012 4:36 am
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Mom and Charlie went for thier walk this morning. She noticed that there was smoke coming out of our chimney (we have a wood stove) which was normal. But when we came home Dad was running around with buckets of water pouring them down the chimney. The house was full of smoke and we three chickens were hiding. Mom went to the basement and got the summer fans up and openned all the windows and turnned the fans on in no time she had the air clear and started the clean up. Good thing Dad was on night shift this week or we wouldn't be here to talk about it. It is mostly cleaned up now but she has to wash the mop head cause it has too much ash in it to wash the floor properly. Dad is going to clean the chimney when he gets home good for us it is a prefab insulated chimney not a brick one or it would have set the whole house ablaze and living in a minihome with add on's it would have gone up pretty fast. I am back on top of the cat tree but the other two are still in hiding.
meow at ya later


Birthday wishes

April 1st 2012 6:19 am
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WHOA! did you see all the birthdays today all those kitties celebrating together. WOW! Happy Birthday to all of you . Wee hope you get all you need and more today. And take a look at Toki's video it's so cool! he's such a cool cat.
Take care I am going to take anap purrrs to you all


Mommy Paddy's hero

March 26th 2012 7:58 am
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Mommy came home for lunch today and she saw Paddy was acting really strange. Of course he wouldn't let her near him, he would run and hide. She snuck up on him and grabbed him up in her arms , here he had his collar caught in his mouth & he could not shut it, or get loose. so Mom took his head and turned it so she could remove the collar. He was soaked with drool from having the coller on like that for hours. He is now sitting on the window ledge cleaning the drool off. Mom will not put the collor on again. Strange itis the type that is supposed to release when the animal is caught and it didn't.
Paddy I thinks you should give Mom some cuddles and nuzzles for that.


Mom's sad day at work

March 20th 2012 3:59 pm
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Mom cleans homes for a living. When she went to work this morning the lady of the house was very up set cause she had to put her puresious Lily to sleep. Lily was her cat and she found out Lily had cancer on her tongue and was very sick. Mom said she could hear Lily meow, kept looking over her shoulder for her as Lily always folloewed Mom around as if to see if Mom was doing her job right. Looking around the house for her in her special places there was no Lily. Mom and the lady cried alot today. The house seemed soo big and empty with out her.


DDP blooper

March 18th 2012 5:31 am
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Mom recieved a email informing us that I was one of the DDP for today. so she went in to the picks but the made another Mikey the pick and they mistakenly sent us notifcation. we emailed them back and told the of thier mistake so they could let the other Micheal know.
By the way I have been banging away at the fountain but no luck in tipping it over. (YET)! (evil laugh)MOOOOOOOOLL!


water fountain

March 16th 2012 4:04 pm
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Santa brought us a water fountain a few years back. Mostly because of me and my chrystals. Well I now have a new thing I have been flipping the top off and flooding the kitchen. MOL! then I play in the water I have my own water slide. (who says cats don't like water?) any way Mom is getting tired of me doing this she has chased me aroung the house with her slipper and yelled at me. Now shehas put rocks in side of it. Will let you know if I can still flip it. She's such a spoil sport.


we got it!

February 5th 2012 7:49 am
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Mom found our email but our contact list is gone so if you wouldn't mind sending your email addresses to so we can copy thema again we would appreciate it fury much.

Hey Mom how come the email address is Paddy and not me????
I thought I was her favorite. HuMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MOm: I got the computer before I got you , paddy was my only cat at that time. he wouldn't stay outof the cable mans lap so I chose that as a email address.

Mom still loves my cuddle bug.


Mom has a question

February 5th 2012 4:53 am
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Hi just got my new computer. but i have a problem. how do I get my emails? I caan get my emails from windows live but my regualar ones I cannot find. what do I do?. your in put will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mom Deb


new puter

February 4th 2012 3:04 pm
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We have a new putter it is soo much faster and now we can read diaries with out it freezing up. so now we will be on here lots.


Merry catsmas

December 24th 2011 7:13 am
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Hello catster Furends
we wish you a merry Catsmas and Happy healthy 2012.
we are not on here much as it takes forever to read your diaries and we have alsorts of problems with this site and we just get fed up. Just know we loves you all. and are here for you.
hugss and kisses
The boys and Mom.

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