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Micheal baby

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It's my Daddy's Burfday

January 2nd 2008 7:49 am
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My Daddy is having a burfday today he is 50 in human years that must be a gazillion in kittie years.

Mommy went to his work and brought him a cake and balloons he was not pleased at first, but he being like a little boy was enjoying the attention.

Mommy brought home a cake for home and tied baloons to the mail box on the side of the road. It is sure waving around out there the wind has picked up. Paddy and me are trying to figure out how to open the container to take abite guess I need fingers.
Paddy is up in the window watching the big phesant.


A very sad day

December 27th 2007 10:19 am
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I just found out a good Friend of ours has crossed the bridge,

Sniff , sniff, our friend QGCA Koontyme Just a lil Mainer contacted us to tell us his brother Baby is gone. He was like a hundred yrs old compared to me. I think Mom said he was 19 human years. Wish we were closer to give his Mommy hugs tohelp her feel better.
2007 has been a hard year on friends we lost soo many, it's hard to believe.
We hope this next human year is a Safe , Happy and healthy one for our friends and families.
Mommys water holes will soon be empty if we get any more sad news
Hugs and puurrrs


Santa's coming!

December 7th 2007 8:43 am
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Hope all my caster friends have been good this year.
Mommy made us all blankets for Christmas but had to give them to us early cause of my Dumb brother Paddy. He laid down on his and wouldn't give it back so Mom being Mom gave us ours.

a few tips for our humans.
Anything breakable put it out of our reach .
If it shines or moves we will have it.
don't put icecles on the tree cause we will eat them and it wraps around our intestines and causes allot of pain and grief for your kittie and wallet.
Watch the garland my friends kitty got tangled up in it anmost choked.
and for the pups watch the chocolate especally the bakers stuff Highly toxic to puparoonies.
Oh yes if your humans like a nip in their eggnog don't leave that around where we can get it either.

Have a Safe and wonder ful Christmas to all Kitties and Pups
Hope your next year is superduper.

Love , Hugs, headbutts and sandpaper kisses
Your Friends
Micheal , Paddy and Spot
Oh yes Mommy and Daddy


Nov 14/07

November 14th 2007 11:44 am
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ooooh I smell something , Something goood ! OOOOOheeee Mommy's making kittie food. She's putting real fishies in it. Oh boy I get to lick the can out. Back off Paddy it's mine.
Mommiee got the recipie from the vet after the tainted food thing happened so she makes our food and mixes it with the vet food now .
this was to make up for Spot beating the crap out of me this morning then he left and he just got home now. Mommy gave him his food the canned stuff trying to stop him from eatting mice . figures if he gets meat at home he won't eat it out side. Mommy had to work til late last night and Dad got home shortly after she and he say Spot cross the big road on his way home. So today Mom and Dad followed his tracks to see where he goes. he crosses the big road and goes over to the airport. Mom sees him getting into one of the planes and dissapearing for ever.



November 13th 2007 10:03 am
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We went to the vet on Friday for our yearly check up. Paddy got sick in the cage but it was out the cage door on the back seat. Good one Paddy.
we were the only cats waiting to get in it was all little shitzu and pomerainians
The Dr. looked in our eyes and ears she felt my butt and tummy and put this cold thing on my chest to listen to my heart and I growled and growled. then she stuck this sharpe thing in my back side Mommy kissed my nose and I laid down and went to sleep on the table. The Dr. said she should have done that when I first went in, but mommy said I just wanted to show everyone that I was Mr. tough guy. Paddy was investigating and getting into the treats even the container of dog treats . He attacked the box of tissues thats about his speed the cream puff being attacked by the puff balls hehehehe.


Oct 24/07

October 24th 2007 3:45 pm
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Mommy cut my nails today and I didn't growl or howl at her. My paws are feeling much better even played with my birthday presents. at least now when I play I'm not like velcro they don't stick to me. hehehe! That is soooo annoying then I get frightened and panic this ting is attacking help Mommmmy! I am sucha fraddy cat i'm afraid of every bump.


Oct 19/07

October 19th 2007 7:38 am
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Oh Boy! It's my birthday ,it's my birthday, Gonna have a party.
Mommy's little man is 2 . Mommy almost for got , she has been soo worried about Mikey's feet. Mikey ran accross the stove and his feet got burnt. He is healing nicely . but has a hard time playing with stuff and can't whack his brother back. It's a good thing the stove wasn't on at the time. Mommy makes sure she leaves a pot on the burner til it cools.
we were going to have games but in Mikeys condition we will wait til next year or Spots birth day. Mikey has home made treats mom made, he got a mouse from Paddy, a mouse from Spot, and a mouse from Mom & Dad. He's just sitting there bewildered looking at the toys. He would like more treats but he can't he's on a diet . Poor thing can't do much partying can he? His feet arn't bandage H e gets paniced and hurts him self so Dr says keep an Eye in them, if they seem infected we will give him antibiotics. must be hard on his feet cause he is so over weight too. Mommy's really feeling sorry for him must go give him some hugs and kisses and tell him how much she loves the little man.


Oct 15/07

October 15th 2007 1:30 pm
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I had to go tothe Dr. today . Mommy tricked me she put treats into a bag and I climbed in and she shut the end so I couldn't get out then she loaded me in to the car and buckled my seat belt and I cried all the way there. Mommy had twenty minute wait and she was right on time. We got in to see Dr. Gwen and she weighed me I am 7.76 kls. to big for my age so I am back on reducing formula. The girl that took care of us when Mom and Dad were on holidays Fed us once a day so I had my fill of three bowls.
Mom caught on to that and is puting food in the dish four times a day but the total amount is 3/4 of a cup. ( to make him think he is getting more than the other two. Any way kitties Mommy wants your families to be careful cause I ran acccros the stove and burnt my paws. I am doing fine healing nicely . I don't go near the stove any more learned my lesson.
Mommy had to go to her Dr. after we were aq bit early for that appoinment so Mom went in to the stores near her Dr. I had to wait in the car alone . I was scared. when she came back to the car some clerks from the store we were parked in front of asked mommy what wa in the car She said a cat guess I was kicking up pretty good they said I could howl like a dog. She said she was soo embarassed. I was quiet on the way home Mommy put me in the front seat with her and buckled me in. cause Mommy loves me. When we got home mommy to something out of a bag and gave it to me, I t was a furry new mouse for me to beat the tar out of, Oh boy see Paddy whacker Mommy loves me. Paddy says she only did it out of guilt , was paddy right?
any way Micheal is on the mend Mommy is fine .


Oct 2/07

October 2nd 2007 6:46 pm
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Mommy was busy typing letters to our new friends. We get very excited when we here from our Sweet little honey and precious and her litter of brothers and sisters. Its neet to make friends We live in the country most to the humans are either much older or not animal people sowe stay away from them. Mommy has garden club, you should see Mommy's garden she's learned alot form that club. Mommy has to go to bed now she is going cross eyed



October 1st 2007 6:04 pm
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Mommy says she should change my name to Baker cause I'm always kneading like I'm making bread. She says if thats a sign of happiness I am in a kitty blissfulness.
Spot came in yesterday and he grabed Paddy like he usually does with me Paddy gave him this awful look and Spotty slipped away in to the hole.
He spent most of the day hideing he got up at 1 am and wanted put don't know when he came to bed guess we were all pretty sound. Spotty smacked Dad in the head and meowed at him to get up.
Spot is like a dog he goes to the door and meaows to go pee and then comes back in.
Mommy had to goto the chiropractor to get her shoulder taken care of it is getting better wish she wouldn't have to work so she could heal proper.
I doesn't hurt her arm to cuddle with me.

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