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Micheal baby

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Holy Smoke!

April 29th 2008 12:27 pm
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Me and Mom got a fright this morning ,the neighbor called and said theres flames coming out of your roof. He had called the fire department. so her is mom running from the house to the garage with animals. First the birds then i was standing on the counter so she grabed me and stuffed me in the car and came back for Paddy and couldn't find him til the firefighter said he was in the window so she grabed him and stuffed him in the car with me. Some how she managed to get some clothes and got dressed in the garage. The Chimney caught fire and filled the house with smoke. They got a big fan and blew the smoke out. We are now cleaning and freshing the house to get rid of the smoke. Daddy had put too much wood inthe stove and was supposed to clean the chimney last Saturday so it was burning red hot.

Mom is accusing him of tring to kill her and us to collect the insurance money.
well any way we are all fine and Dandy now. MOm had to go to work with stinky cloths and fraded nerves.
well Mom is home now I think she needs a hug buy the look of her
talk to you later


Margo's Day at vets

April 29th 2008 2:05 am
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Hello Evfury one. My girlfurend is going in to the vets today to get her shots and have surgery to get her toofies cleaned and declawed.
Her and her Mom are awful nervous could you please puray for them to be Ok. I will let you know how she made out.
thank you furends.


I want food!

April 24th 2008 4:45 pm
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I have been having one of those days. I is pouring out. Noone has Pmailed me. Loves to read my mail with my morning ceral. And I think Mom is trying to kill me.
She has been awful stingy with the grub this last while. Something about a diet. So I got mad cause she keeps taking the food up , so I pushed Chisofur spots dish on the floor and broke it. We all get fed in different places I guess so I can't eat every ones food. I even chewed up the calender into little bits. and got into the cupboard where mom keeps the teatowels and dish cloths and pulled every thing out and threw it all over the kitchen. No I am sitting on top of the fridge pouting. I starved!

Will have to try nices tosee if I get treats,


The little horsey

April 21st 2008 3:07 am
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Momma took pictures of the little horsey that was born last Thrusday.
She didn't get a good picture cause Mamma horsey kept getting between her and the baby. The baby isn't shy at all and is curious about all things. He has a big voice. Went you go near the barn he neighs and it sounds like a grown up horsey, such a big voice for a little man.
You can see the pictures on my catster plus photo book. she will try and get new ones this week.


Mystery solved

April 18th 2008 1:03 pm
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the blood was from a girl. It was that she gets wicked nose bleeds they were stopped on the road to get it stopped and used a shirt they found in the car and left it there.
Case closed.


mystery on our street.

April 17th 2008 5:53 pm
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We have a mystery on our street. Here in our town we have the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, R.C.M.P. for short.
They were going door to door today asking questions about the happening on the road. One of our neighbors were out for a walk amd found a pool of blood and a girls blood soaked top and sox laying on the road. so he called the police to investigate. They took swabs to find out if the blood belonged to a human or animal. Then went door to door to see if any one saw any thing.
Mom and Dad were at work so it is obvious they didn't know any thing till the neightbors told them to night. This is a big thing here cause the biggist city here just had thier first murder of 2008 last Friday so this is a rare occurance for this part of the country. But if you go toPrince Edward Island they have a murder every 100 yrs. How's that for stats.

Another thing happened this morning . When mom got to work at the ranch house they were all excited about the new arriveal this morning of the new colt. He is absolutely gorgious and sooooo cute.

Thats it for now , will keep you informed of the mystery.


Signs of Spring

March 25th 2008 10:06 am
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I was up in my bed and rolled over and there it was.
I stared in disbelief, I rubbed my eyes. "Could it be "I said . no I'm dreaming but then I heard the sound . Yes , Yes it is . Jumped down and run down the hall MOOOOMMMMY,MOOOMMMY. it's here, it's here come look,come look.
Mommy didn't understand she thought I meant food but I.was up in my window bed looking out at it. Then she realized I was askng for some thing else
Mommy finally clued in. so she came over and I mewed to her and she saw it too. Mommy said finally " MIkey it is finally here"!

Do i have your attention now?
We were looking out the window at the yard full of robins. The yard was full of them big ones, little ones ,broody ones. skinny ones they were every where. There they were as large as life. our first signs of spring. and thier songs filled our hearts with joy. Arn't they beutiful Mommy ? I loves the song the sing . It will start to get warmer now.
Later today when Mommy came home she told me she was driving past the marsh and there in the sky was the v formation. The Canadian Geese are back!
It is officially spring now the birds are back . Now if the temps would only get warmer and the snow go away we would be all set.
Bye for now
Bird watcher


The Mystery of the Screaming Critter

March 24th 2008 6:19 am
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Well Mom wasn't too pleased with us on Thursday we trashed the house while she was at work. We where chasing the mystery critter. we upset plants and picttures of the wall lamps were on the floor there wasn't a room untouched.
Mom is home that meand food! so she feeds us and begins to clean up after us.
Boy this was some kitty party and Christofur missed out.
I was still eating when Paddy and Christofur went to the basement.
then Mom heard the screaming and FREAKED! She hates unnecessary killing.
She brakes for mice silly eh!
She runs to the basement to find out what is going on.I follow her like a lost kitty, you thought I was going to say Puppy didn't you? MOL. up on the stool she gets and there is nothing the boys are sitting there like angels looking at her.
She tells Daddy about it and then it happens again so they all run to the basement. Daddy got up and move some of the T-bar ceiling panels to see and there is little birdie . Probably thinking OH! no he's going to eat me. Paddy seeing Mom and Dad are interfering with play time leaves and I go for a nap.
Chistofur stays and helps to catch the birdie. Yeah right! if you believe that one you have a serious nip problem! Dad gets it out of the ceiling but it flys in the path of Christofur he smacks it and it dips and flys back up into the ceiling to hide in the insulation. Mom gets up onto the floormodel tv and reaches in and grabs the birdie. She calmly strokes it's head and talks softly to it. mean while Dad is screaming like a girl Don't let it go Don't let it go! He is not good in any situation panics. Like thie chimney fire we had. he is running around screaming and panicning Mom walks over to the stove shuts it down fire out Mom says no oxygen! no fire! Dad would have burnt to death.
back to the birdie, MOm goes upstairs and Dad opens the door she walks out and opens her hands and the bird sits there for a minute almost like he was saying" Thank you"! then flys away happily.
Now we know what it was how did it get in. Then Dad recalls the soot on the floor by the furnace he asumed to was from the wind storm. but birdie came down the chimney like Santa and cleaned our chimney on the way down . Wasn't that nice of him?
Now the mystery has been solved The CASE CLOSED!
by your super sluths .
Thats it for now . must nappy.


Scary Storm

March 5th 2008 3:36 am
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Mommy is going round the house getting containers filled with water .
The camp stove is up by the window and the camp cooler is out buy the door filled with snow.
She keeps saying the power is going to go. Where is it going i wonder?
There is white stuff hitting the windows it sounds like music the ting ting noise it makes.
she got the battery radio set up ready to go. Boy! Mom should have been a boy scout she's ready for anything. Now she is downs stairs bringing water up in a bucket to flush the toilet. we have large garbage cans full of water in the basement just to flush with. Don't worry my dear friends they have locking lids on them, so we can't fall in . Mom has baby proofed the house.
well must follow her around to see what she is doing now


Bad Chrisofur Spot

March 4th 2008 5:18 am
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Don't know what got in to chrisofur to day. He jumped me this morning and hurt me I Screamed like a banshee for mommy to save me. She came running down the stairs to the basement and grabed Chrisofur by the scruff and gave him a shake( like his Mom would do) and said NO!
Then she put him down and he came at me again so I got under the bed and screamed again. so Mom picked him up and put him outside to cool off.
He is now out side on the patio sulking. Mom can't understand him if it was minus 20 out side he would be out hunting it is plus 9 and he wants in to torture me. What am I going to do?
Mom keeps telling me to pick up for my self but I just lay there and look at her as if to say "Well are you going to help or what?"
I used to pick on all the kitties when I was a kitten I had poor Paddy harassed to death now Chrisofur is here I am a big whimp.
Well Catster friends what do you think happened?

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