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Micheal baby

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looking alot like Catsmas

November 25th 2012 6:15 am
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It is snowing the ground is all white but it is melting on the drive.
the Catsmas decorations looks really nice with the white stuff.


Birthday Thank you's

October 20th 2012 7:24 am
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Thank you Herbie and his sis Callie rose for the birthday wishes.
Tilly from acroos the pond and her human bro Ethan here's hoping his toofies come through soon They sent me a heart of gold
Jobel and her furmily sent me a canadian flag we are purroud canadians.
Sparkman the spud stud sent me a burfday pawty hat which I wore it it fell off during my happy dance.
Midnight and her furmily sent me a acorn which is fun to chase around and bat
Thank you furends for your gifts and thoughts. Did you guys check out Paddy's diary he caught a mouse.


RIP Little Bird

September 30th 2012 6:08 am
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our Little Budgie died last night. he was fine in the morning singing and dancing but around 10pm there was a thump in the cage and Mom run over to see him take is last breaths. Mom is going to bury him this morning under the apple tree with the other birds. You see she figures the birds should be in a tree or as close to one as possible. There are 2 cockatiels and now two budgies under that tree.

Spotty has been in afight with something his face is a real mess. He has a chunk of fur gone over his left eye an an his nose is all bloody. Wonder what the other guy looks like? Hummmmmmm?


Picked again!

September 29th 2012 5:07 am
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Diary lady picked me again . I dos no why I bees fury quiet. Special now that my wifey no on here any mores. efury one rembers Margo. She bees my Sweet I lubs her wit all my hart. Tank you agin Diary lady you makes me feel fury special.


Thank you's

September 22nd 2012 5:25 am
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Thak you Diary lady for picking me/ I write one diary in a fury long tome and I gets picked. Thank you furends for your presents and pets on the head. I am glad to know you's are still my furends.
Loves MIkey.


Mom's working too hard

September 19th 2012 5:44 pm
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we just popped in to see whats happening. sorry we haven't been around much but Mom is working 2 jobs so has no time to write in my diary.
i don't like this she has no time for cuddles . I'm deprived kitty.Pout pout.
Thank you for all the zealies and thinking of me.


in the name of art!

June 9th 2012 5:47 am
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Mom and me were watching the news station this morning when a story came one.
This artist in Denmark made a helicopter out of his dead cat. The cat was hit and killed by a car and he had it stuffed and made in to a helicater. He said he wanted the cat to be able to fly like the birds so he could catch them. He said it is a peace of art and it is for sale. I don't think so! Mom and I are realy appauled at it. That is disgusting.
Don't you ever do that to me Mom!


Big Brave Guard Dog !

May 12th 2012 5:51 am
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Our slobery doggie is soo funny he is scared of his own shadow. When Mom and Dad go out at night after dark he hides behind the dresser and shakes til they come home. he won't come out til he knows it's them. Mom says all you can see is these big eye balls staring at you.
Dad took him to the neighbors to play with thier grand son he's 11 months . The grand mother got the baby a doggie that you pull and it barks and the head wobbles. guess how's scared of it and hid behind Dad? Yup! you guessed it our big brave guard dog. If that was me I would have smacked that wobbly head right off. I have no interest in small childern I just go and hide from them. I have better things to do than play with them . Like dream of my Sweet wifey Margo my beautiful tri color tri pod. I loves her with all my heart.
congrats to all my furends er! all our furends that has special days especiall got ya days they are the best ones when you get your furever homes and you are loved soo much it feels so good you think your heart will burst. I know i haven't been around much but Mom is working 2 jobs now and Dad don't do the catster thing. although he does read some of your diaries. Mom comes home and gets our comfy throw sits on the couch with me curled up behind her knees and the dog on top of her and she is a sleep in no time. guess we are kind of a security blanket.
well there you have it for a little while Mom has to get dressed for work . At least she has Mothers Day off so we can spoil her. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's out there in caster land and a special wish to Tilley and Ethan's Mom this being her first Mother's say which isn't really Mothers day in the U.K. but we send hugs and kisses to them.

Hugs Mikey and furmily.


problems with catster

April 12th 2012 4:12 am
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Hello efury furend we also are haveing troubles gettting comments on your pages.
To Kaci we are purring efury thing goes well with you. Blizzard and Sweetie
we are purring for her to beat that nasty cancer we to gave up our plus. keep us infored about your furmily
Hugs to all.


Santa must have brought the easter bunny

April 8th 2012 12:55 pm
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We had a nasty snow strom last night and it is still going on. But the funny thing is the Easter bunny made it to our house some time during the night. There were no bunny tracks but there were tire tracks at the end of the drive. Spotty told me so cause he was out surveying our yard.
he only went as far as Mom and Dad shoveled which was to the end of the drive. The only other tracks we Charlie's he made the snow turn yellow to. MOL!the weather mand told us we are to get rain for the next 3 days so I think with the 20cc or more snow we will definitely have flooding.
will let you know if we have to build an arc or not.
Oh! yes and odd thing happened the day we had the chimney fire our nieghbors had one to at the same time as ours. can you imagine what the fire fighters would say if they came to both places.

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