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Micheal baby

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Bad storms

August 5th 2008 4:34 am
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We are hab ing bad storms lots of boom boom booms makes the house rattle and shake. an an you know what else they had in it tomatoes they touched the gound over in a place called Ross
Mommy says they are bad things these tomatoes so we have to watch for them. she was in Edmonton in 84 when the big one hit so since then she watches the clouds. Mom says we are getting them cause of the changes in the wedder.

we had a sad event in our furmily our cousin Brandy was put down and crossed the bridge yesterday. Moms Auntie called and told her. She was too old and her body was shutting down on her so it was time to let her go. She is in the back yard so Auntie Kay can see her from the kitchen window. Auntie Kay is Moms, mothers sister.
well that is it for now .

Oh yes Margo pmailed me her Mom is getting better slowly but on the mend Yeah! I looooooooooooooooovvvve you Margo.

meow at ya later


Oh MY Missing My Margo

August 3rd 2008 4:19 am
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Margo's Mom isn't well and will be gone for a while. So that means we can't get together and meow.
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!What am I gonna do with out my Margo!
I gets xcited when she is here.

Love you My Sweet
kiss, kiss bonk bonk



July 26th 2008 6:43 am
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My Girlfriend Margo said yes that she would be my girl furever.
I is soo happy.
Mikey jumping around like a total nut case.
Good thing Mom is typing cause you wouldn't understand anything because of his antics. Mikey just hauled the cds onto the floor.
"Oh Micheal Howell behave your self calm down"' Mom scolds her kitty "
"Go beat you brofur up he is on the bed. He is now running up and down the hallway meowing and howling at the top of his lungs.
Guess my baby is happy. So am I guess this means Laura-Lynne and I will be in-laws LOL
Welcome to the family Margo. Hey that means I am not the only female in the house any more, was feeling out numbered.

Til next time and Mikey calms down
Mom Deb

P.S. If the two of them are this excited about going steady what are they going to be if the get engaged.


Little kitten caught

July 24th 2008 6:05 pm
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A couple of weeks ago we had a little kitten dropped off and it cried for days Mom was going out of her mind trying to catch this tiny wee thing. It finally made a mistake and went into the garage Mom slamed the door. she put food water and a nice cozy bed in ther for it. The kitten was about 5 weeks old. It would come out when Spot came in and she decided it was used to other cats so she brought all of us out to the garage and she sat down on the floor and petted us and talked and it came out. Mom picked him up yes it was another boy and he did not act wild just scared after she held it for a while it purred and purred and nestled into her neck and bonked her chin. she called the lady down the road and it wasn't hers wrong color and too young.
She mention it to a friend My auntie Caryl , She asked her hubby. You see they have a cat and 3 big dogs. He said yes to Mom's surprise she figured it was off to the SPCA. So the little guy has got a home.
And now he has a name Foxy cause he has a little pointed face like a fox but he is grey and he looks at you like a sly little thing just before he goes chomp on your paw.

Mom and Dad and Auntie Caryl and Uncle Jeff are our guardiens so if any thing happens to either of them we go with them or they go with us. Hey Mom you know your getting closer to being that crazy old cat lady they read about in the papers. I don't think those dogs will fit in here. Shaka is a white sheppard , Honey is a lab mix and Prince is a dumb black lab. Now you want to talk about something clueless just let get started on him . On second thoughts better not I'll be here all night. So this story has a happy ending so far will let you know how my new cousin makes out. He loves his new brofeur Simba (good start),


Little Kitten has a new home

July 15th 2008 11:39 am
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Little kittens new Mom came and got him early early this morning.
I think she was excited to have him.
She took him to work and gave him a bath in the office bathroom.
He spent the rest of the day in her lap. Mom called to see how he was doing and to ask if she was getting any work done with the kitten up in her arms. MOL.
When they got home the 3 big dogs came to greet and they knew something was up. They never barked they just stood back and looked. and the little fellow poohed on her. Suppose he thought he was going to be their supper. He had to have another bath.
He met Simba the cat she all ready had and Simmy is not impressed just walks away.
I do hope he likes him after awhile and the become best friends.
He will probabaly crap him self again when the dogs bark for the first time.



Most amewsing day

July 14th 2008 6:09 pm
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Mom was making sounds like paddy does when coughing up a furball.
the stitches in her mouth were gaging her ( like a hair in your troat).
She finally got rid of it when she ate supper it went with.

Mom caught the little kitten that some one dumped here . Humans figure just cause there is a barn here they can dump their cats off like trash. She managed to get it locked into the garage. put food water and litter out and a nice bed. he slept most of Sunday . this morning she took us out to coaks him out so she could grab him it worked. She took him in her arms and pet him for hours he is tusting her now and purrs loud. so she was all set to take him to the SPCA and Auntie Caryl is taking him for company for Simba. so Mom can see him any time. Good thing cause Dad said don't get attaached he's not staying. Yeah! right, Dad the minute Mom heard his crys Saturday night he had her hook line and sinker.

Mom's eye is better the swelling and red ness is gone. The drops are working. Mom is going to get goggle saftey glasses the others don't stay on when you sweat.
well that is all for now.


Poor Kitties

July 8th 2008 4:05 am
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Mom has been trying to live trao a little kitten that has been coming over and crying all night under the bedroom window. This has been going on since Saturday night. she has baited the trap with cat food and tuna but he doesn't seem likehe is hungery. Momma must be coming home and feeding him in the day time hunts all night.

another thing could all my friends send prayers to Maroon coons Myschief 422379
he is really sick and he is under going a whole lot of tests. he is my friend Jesse's brofur they are maine coons big beautiful cats that win lots of shows. Thier Momma is soo upset and I being in Canada and they being in Texas can't do much but sit and wait for the results of the test and get my info the next day.
So Please let the power of the paw prevale.


Helping Daddy and Mommy

June 23rd 2008 2:32 am
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Daddy put in a new window in the living room and cased in the bedroom one he did last weekend I helped him measure and mark the spot where he was to cut the wood. He lost his brand new carpenters pencil. wonder where that went? MOL!
Mom painted the kitchen cupboads she got new handles at this store she paid for 25 what she would have paid for one in a hardware store.
so she had to make new holes and fill in the others, sand them down and she got them all finished. Then she primed the one wall in the living room and got 2 coats of color now she has to wait for the wall mud to dry and prime and paint that. where Daddy put a smaller window in we had to fill in and fix the wall. I told Mommy where she missed so she could go back over it.
After we were done and in between coatsof paint Mom and Dad took a break and we all went out to the gazebo.
This was the first time for us I thought I was going to the car until Mommy turned the corner. Oh! whats this where are we going MOm?
I never been out this far away from the house. Around sniff snifff sniff
Whats that noise. Here comes Daddy with Paddy. Oh look at mister Macho Man now. He is shaking in his fur and yowling. OH look a birdie it's right there I can almost reach out and touch it. Oh mister scardey pants has to ruin everything Daddy is taking us in again. We had a half hour out side and the first thing Paddy did when he came in was run to the litter box and poop himself. I really liked it out there.except the house was cooler.
Well that was our weekend guess next weekend we fix the back door. We have a out swing door that won't stay shut so we are putting in a in swing door. wonder how many times our humans will run into the door for getting which way it goes? or they can figure out why the door won't open til they push it . MOOLLLL!
Wonder where that pencil is?


Mommy got an owie

June 18th 2008 4:11 pm
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Mommy came home limping today. She was cleaning a ladies appartment and she stepped on a sewing needle in went in deep .
She got a bandaid and proxide at the place then she soaked her foot in hot hot water and epsom salts . She says it is painning real bad to nite. Think She will soak it again and go to bed. She is relieved her Partner in the business is back from Dhbai. Well better go give Mom some loves and purrs.


I lost weight

June 1st 2008 3:54 am
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I lost 3 pounds and have 4 to go.
Mommy took me to vets to get weighed and I lost 3 of the 7 pounds i am supposed to get rid of.
And you know I am not begging as much now either.

When Mommy came to get me after her work , she had to wait for awhile cause they were real busy . so Mommy played with Victore the resident cat at the hospital. she was head bonking with him as he was on the reception desk. then he spied Mommy's braid ( Moms hair is down to her butt)
He grabbed hold of it and thought it was a grand toy but the girls at the desk thought he was attacking Mom and all Mom could do is laugh at him. They said Victor doesn't play like that well suppose you give him some attention maybe he would. Then Victor stood up on his hind legs and wrapped his paws around MOm's head and started biting her scalp. The girls were mortified MOm said he is not hurting it is kitty love bites don't worry about it . Uncle Smokey used to do the same thing. Guess Victor enjoyed the attention after all.
Well I got in the car and laid in my carrier and stared at mom all the way home I was puurrring real loud and hard cause I knew I was going home.


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