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Micheal baby

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Purrs for Margo's Mom

July 27th 2009 3:31 am
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Margo's Mom goes in for her eye surgery today. We are purring that it turns out so that she can see again. I am sure as you cats that know her and miss her being on catster and meowing toa ll.
Lets all bow our heads and say a purr for her to see again.


EURECKA ! heres gold in those mounts of pooh!

July 14th 2009 4:16 am
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Mom found her earring in Charlies poo. she is happy it came out and she is happy she doesn't have to go over to Aunties and search the grass.
She's washed it now she is soaking it in peroxide. Not a plesant task bye any means.
Charlie doesn't have to go to the hospital which is a relief.
Charlie has calmed down some since coming home must have been a fright to go there , he must have thought we gave him away.
any Way All's well that ends well. MOOOLLL!



July 13th 2009 7:47 am
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Mom went out and checked Charlie's poo still nothing. Any one know how long it takes for stuff to go from one end to the other on a dog???
The neighbors must think Mom's lost it all together, they already know she's on the strange side MOL!
Mom! Don't touch me I know where those hands have been eeeeeeewwwwwwww! Don't care if you had gloves on and washed them Oh! yuck!

She wouldn't have bothered if it were any other pair but they were her Mom's and mean alot to her.


Yeah Mommy's home

July 12th 2009 4:13 pm
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Mom got home last night from her cation. She picked the Dog up from the kennel he was so excited he tried to chew her up and now she is missing an earring we are hopeing it is at Aunties and she won't have to go through his poo to find it. keep your paws crossed.
We all had turns at loving Mom , which made h er very happy that we missed her. She said she never had so many hugs and kisses. We loves our Mom and really missed her, good thing she only went for a week. Well better go she has to take the dog out for his poo and she is getting the rubber gloves MOOOOOLLLL!


Thank you's

June 4th 2009 2:56 am
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Thank you for my gifts
Dusty Miller and furmily for the rosette
Wanlea wendy Avalon for the lady bug
Samoa, Mercedes and Jasmine for the Concatulations.
thank you all my furends.


DDP of the day

June 2nd 2009 4:33 am
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Oh Thank you HQ for this honor . I am DDP and I have been married to the most wonder ful Kitty on catster for six months.
How could it get much better.
Oh yes! Happy six month Annifursary to Jamine and Pumpkin also.


To all my Furends

May 25th 2009 3:41 am
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To all my Furends I am appologizing to you all for not keeping up with every one's diarys and news as my secretary is out in the garden tending to her flowers and veggies when she is not at work.
For all the DDP I say Concats way to go!
Wish she could be a stay at home Mom , We all love the days they stay home and cuddle and spoil us. (Dreammy look on his face) Awwwwww.
Love those days. Puuuring in Mom's lap looking up with a smile on his face. Loves you Mom.

well got to get my cuddles in before Paddy knocks me down out of here Meow at ya later.


Doggie Brofur is nuts

May 19th 2009 4:37 am
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Charlie is nuts he plays and wrestles with Spot he just won't quit. it's like he has the energizer bunny in side of him. Then when Spot is done and he jumps up out of his way he will tear around the house like a mad dog. I just get up and watch from my cat bed it's is up high.
He tries to chew my head off once in a while, and he tries to hump me Oh how disgusting. He thinks i am lower than him I don't think sooo.
(Doggy dominance) He sure knows hoe to use his barker. He barks to go out, he barks to get up, he barks to get down, he barks to get food the humans are eating, may as well whistle Dixie there buddy they won't give in for that. He barks at us kittys he wants to play but I just roll over and ignore him. I dream about MySweet and the travels we are going to go on when her Ma gets all better.


Mean Mom

April 30th 2009 3:20 am
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When Mom gets up she feeds me and the d-o-g our wet food. So I figure if I get the pup up she will feed us at 3 am. WEll it didn't work I have tried this for 4 nights and she yelled at me . The dog was up so she had to put him out to p as soon as he came back in she went back to bed leaving me to sulk on the counter. She is soo mean not to feed me I am starving. Bye the way the wet food has disolved my stones and I pee more than my two brofurs now. Mom can't figure it out usually I eat all the food going but I haven't gone near the pups. That's because it has doggy drool on it . eeeewwww .yuk, yuk ,yuk, spit, spit ,spit. eww koodies ( sticks tounge out)

We have a misstory in the back yard. There is a hole in the middle of the yard it appeared over night it is perfectly round and is about 4 inches in diamiter (did I say that right Mom?) there is no dirt around it like as if something dug there. We have no gophers here we have ground hogs but they are much bigger and usually dig in under barns or hills this is flat ground. Spot hears something and the dog smells it but we haven't seen anything yet.
We will let you know if anythin pops out of it.


She's Home

April 14th 2009 8:28 am
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My Sweet is home , she's home.
We purred so hard together last night.She missed us soo much. I missed her too . I ached to hear her soft voice and feel her head butts.
Now whe can nousse her ma back to health.
I soo happy.

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