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My Queen

December 17th 2009 3:42 am
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Well we are all very happy to have My Sweet back in our fold.
We all misses our Margo. I don'ts know about her being a drama queen but she is my Queen.

Yes and scriches are puuuuurrrrfect. Mom can I have scritches like Margo??
OOOOooh! Yes right there pppuuuuuurrrrrr Thank you Margo fur the Idea. AAAaaawwww!


Little Boy Lost

December 15th 2009 4:01 am
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Mommy is leaking badly to day. The funeral for a little Cape Breton boy was today. he and his little dog got lost in the woods. The dog would not leave him, until he was almost dead and he walked out and home and the Search and Rescue followed his tracks back to the boy. You see this little boy was special he had Autisium he could not call back to them or ask for help. When they found him he was barely clinging to life ,they flew him to Halifax to the childrens hospital. But Alas! he was too far gone. The funeral was so sad the little dog sat in the herse with his buddy in the coffin beside him. I don't like dogs much but even I cried . The love of a animal is forever and unconditional. Mom has to stop and write later.


Christmas tag

December 8th 2009 9:12 am
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I was tagged by Tilly so here goes.
1 Do you believe in Santa Paws? Why/Why not?
yes I believe cause the way Mom and Daddy snore at night who else would not be scared of the racket and our stockings are full in the morning without them skipping a zzzz.

2 Have you been naughty or nice? Please explain your self.
I have been nice I got married and honeymooned with "my Sweet" this year. I have been patient trying and pray real hard for wifey's Mom to get better.
3 What do you want Santa to bring you? Why?
a new pair of eyes for Margo's Mom and for him to take her diabeties away.
4 What is your favorite carol. Why?
O ' Holy Night cause thats what it's all about.
5 What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why?
The grinch who stole christmas I get a gooy Christmas feeling when the Grinch gets a heart.


I got mail

December 3rd 2009 3:01 am
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Mommy came in from the mail box and called me. I looked at her like she had ten heads. "MIkey you got mail, and it's from Margo"
Mom set it down on the counter and let me sniff it then I really tore into it. She helped me open it the rest of the way. Oh I smell Margo. sniff, sniff, snif,f purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr. What is it Mom? Mom looks, its a kitty warmer to keep you warm on the cold nights when she is not here with you. Oh how puurrrfect. Dad pipes up I could use that one on my back. I don't think so Dad. Mom theres more in the package, Mom looks in there is a hand painted shitz tzu ornament for the tree and a card. Mom reads it ,it's from Margos Mom and there is a note on the back from Margo so she reads it to me. Sorry guys it's for my ears only. Oh I Loves her wit all my heart.
Thank you My Sweet I loves you
kiss kiss puuurrrr purrr
Mom took my present away from me she says I can't have it till Christmas. it goes under the tree. Now we have to teach the dog" don't touch mine". Puppys first Christmas.


November 25th 2009 3:00 am
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Catster furends.


Swine flu

November 6th 2009 1:56 pm
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We were just watching tv and an they were talking about the swine flu. A furmily here had the swine flu an the kid have pet sleep with him now the pet has the swine flu. I knows you humans love us but love us even more if you are sick, give us the TLC from far away PLEEEEAASSE! Thank you. Please don't sneeze on me eeewww!
Love Mikey


Be safe this Halloween

October 31st 2009 6:28 am
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Me and my furmly would like to say to all the kitties to night to stay inside where it is safe. I know it is hard for some but is a sacrifice you have to make. cause we love you and so do your furmilies. There are some really bad humans out there that would take an night like this to do some real harm to you . so be wise and stay in.

Loves and hugs from Mikey, Paddy Christopher and Charlie Mac
Oh and Yes Mom Deb



Thank you's

October 21st 2009 1:59 am
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Thank you to all my furends that sent burfday gifts to me.
Hazel Lucy with the candy hat.
the 2 from anon a moose
Sarafina the party hat
Pebbles and Rocky , and Tilly the cupcakes
Andre, N'bikay and Gnomey for the crown.

Mommy cooked breaded fishes and gave me some. not alot cause of my chrystals.


October 19th 2009 3:00 am
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I am 4 today. Mom never thought I would make it this far because of the chrystals She figured I would have to cross the bridge then she found this food that desolves them and I am still here. With her my brofurs and best of all My Sweet wifey Margo. kiss, kiss.
And All of my caster furends.



October 13th 2009 11:10 am
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Hehee Every one thinks they missed my burfday and are wishing me good tidings . Thank you all by the way. Margo's Mom ( Margo's secretary ) can only go on the computer for so long cause of her eyes are sick.
So she wished me a Happy Burfday at the first of the month but really my burfday is on the 19th. So no you didn't miss a thing Will have a little get together with my pals probably on the weekend before. Will see how Mom feels about having a house ful of cats for Charlie to chase.

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