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Micheal baby

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Bad cat bad dog

June 16th 2010 3:09 pm
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Mom thinks I am taking lessons from Cammi.
Daddy gave Mom a rose that lights up and plays music for valintines. I got ahold of it and threw it on the floor where Charlie tore it to shreds. Daddy came home and took pictures of the evedence for Mom to see. We make quite the tag team Charlie and I this isn't the first thing we did together ask Mom about her books and a bill that Dad needed.
We'ss Bad, bad to the bone, We's bad. (Mikey struts his stuff).


Bad bad storms

June 7th 2010 2:24 am
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We been haven bad thunder and lightening here. Mom says she can't understand it cause it hasn't really been warm enough.
we have not seen much of the sun and every thing is saturated and all the brooks and rivers are over thier banks Mom has to figure out how to get to work and go around a couple bridges. every thing is fine until the tides come in. Remember we are along the fundy bay the highest tides in the world. We go from walking on the ocean floor to a wall of muddy sea water rushing at you in a matter of seconds.


Froggie's still singing!

June 6th 2010 6:27 am
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Oh my wish he would find a girl furend.
Now we are having bad bad thunder storms and I is scared. Daddy found me in the basement under the stairs and I was all puffed up and my eyes were as big as sausers and I was shaken in my paws.
It has stopped but I is jumpy any one moves and I jumps out of my fur.


Froggie bees quiet PLEEEEEEEase!

June 3rd 2010 5:32 pm
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Mom made a pond in the back yard a few years ago. There were fishes in it til the raccoons came and ate them all now we has froggies an an one sings berry berry loud all night long. I tries to sleep but he sings and sings and sings all night long.
I puts my head under the pillow and I still hears him. Did I mentions he is berry berry loud. Oh! my what to do. Mom says he will do dat til he gets a girl froggie to be his wife. Oh! I hopes he does soon or I am going to be one cranky kitty with a cranky Mom. Mom's going for the ear plugs. Mom can I have a pair to please. Spotty when you goes out tomorrow eat him Please! What's it take to ge some peace and quiet around here.
Stomps out and gets under the couch pillows.


I frightened Mom

June 1st 2010 12:09 pm
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This morning Mom got up and went to the kitchen for her morning java I took a swipe at her as she went by the fridge. She heard a loud bang and there i was on the floor staring up at her. Like I'm cool! nothing happened I'm cool! She says "Oh Mikey are you ok?" she picks me up and puts me on the counter and begins the inspection. And of course adorable me purrs and butt heads with her and she gives up cause I won't keep still so she can see if I broke any thing. "Guess if you broke something you wouldn't be purring would you" She holds my face in her hands and Smack right on the end of my nose she gives me a kiss. To night she made a casserole and it had tuna in it guess who was the only kitty to get some? Yup! me little adorable me. puuurrrs I could milk this for a while. More tuna and kisses please!


New Furend on Catster

May 27th 2010 2:17 pm
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Drop over and see Sammy Jo's page he just joined catster. My Mom cleans for his Mom and they are becomeing furends. Sammy steals Mom's swiffer duster and kicks the dust out of it.
his number is 1136477 Welcome Sammy to our furmily please



May 26th 2010 3:08 am
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We are furry furry sad so many of our furends on catster have gotten sick and even crossed the bridge. It seems to be happening so much that is actually furry scary.
We want to let the pawrents of the catster furends know that we also morn and greif their loss and purray for them. There is no words to discribe the feelings we feel at this time and no words to really comfort any one. All we can say is we are fury sorry for your loss. We love and miss you all.
Got to go now *sniff sniff * Mine and Mom's eyes are leaking again.
Hugs and purrs


Scardy cat

April 27th 2010 7:44 am
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Mom and I were cuddled up on the couch together under her big fluffy throw. we had our munchies and tea and settled down for a nice evening of telly. I know I know hockey is on. Dad refuses to watch it ever since that player on the Caps team got 8 theeth knocked out and not one of the refs gave the Montreal player a penalty 4 refs on the ice and no one saw this. Come on who do they think we are . It is rigged I say rigged!. any way back to the comfy couch. Mom and I were nice and snuggley I must have dozed off solid. The next thing I knew is some monster grabbed me by the stomach. I flew off the couch and accross the coffee table knocking every thing off. Stood in the middle of the living room looking around to see if it was still after me.
Mom is on the couch in kinks laughing at me. Like wha... what happened. It was Mom she saw me laying there belly up and decided I needed a belly rub she rubbed and I took off like a shot. I must have dreamed the monster.
pheu!!!! that was close. Ok now you have mu attention back to the belly rub.


Margo's Dance tag

April 23rd 2010 2:42 am
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You have been tagged to play Margo's Dance tag .
Heres what you do , you pick as many kitties who you want to play and tag them in the pmail. My kitties are Dakota and Whatt
then you Dance and sing this song.

Dakota yew so fine
yew so fine
yew blows my mind
Go Dakota, Go Dakota
Go Dakota, goDakota

Wyatt yew so fine
yew so fine
yew blows my mind
Go Wyatt, Go Wyatt
Go Wyatt, go Wyatt

Special verse for my Wifey
Margo yew so fine
Glad yews mine
it blows my mind
OH Margo , Oh Margo
Oh Margo, Go Margo


Mom's eggcited

April 13th 2010 3:26 pm
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Mom just got a call from her Aunt Kay. Her cousin just had her first baby a little girl 5lbs 5.6 oz. yes she is little. This is her favorite cousin . They look like they could be sisters. Theya re alot alike in alot of ways. Hope her Mom posts us some pictures of little Morgan.

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