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Micheal baby

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Dad is gassed up

October 24th 2010 10:04 am
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Daddy has been going for short walks down the road and around the yard. Cause he is all gassed up has to get tings moving agin. He is used to skating and walking 5 miles a day. Success things moved alittle while ago . HOly Crap! What a stink he put up. PEEE EWW! Mom says she's moving out til he gets back to normal. I think I will go wit you Mom. The phone and door bellhasn't stopped ringing Poor Mom doesn't know which way to go when she hears a bell. Is it the door ,no its the phone or is it???? Hope this slows down soon. Charlie likes all the feet he has a foot fedish he chews on your feet when you come to the house.
Mom turned the furnace on today and she went upstairs then all of a sudden the smoke detectors went off so she run down stairs and shut it off and called the fellow that put it in last year. Daddy put a lid in the fresh air intake and did no tell Mom so the air and fuel mix caused the smoke or the lack of air did. Bad Daddy should have told Mom about it . She took it off and turned it back on after opening all the windows and turning fans on to get the smoke out. It is working perfect now. Mom is happy her feets are warm now. It is in floor heating. Well got to go Meow at ya later Mikey


Daddy is bored already

October 23rd 2010 6:25 pm
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Gosh! Dad had his operation on Thursday and he is bore all ready. Mom says it is going to be a long 6 to 8 weeks before he can go back to work. Well she managed to finish a couple of projects she had started. She grouted the tiles behind the wood stove and sanded and stained the vanity in the bath room. Dad stood and watched her. Then she took Charlie for a walk when she came back She piled Dad in the car and they went to the fruit Market ,then visited with Charlies Doggie Mom and Dad. Then Mom and Dad stopped in and had coffee with one of the elderly ladies she cleans for (Mom picked up some groceries for her). WE had company tonight Uncle Ted and Aunt Ruth from next door came over cause Dad can't get there yet. I got up on the couch next to Uncle Ted and I let him rub my belly. I never lets any one except mome rub my belly. Mom couldn't figure that out. I am cuddled up with Dad now he is in bed. He is watching a scarey movie, about snakes so Momis on the putter cause she no like snakes. Mom hoes itis ober soon so she can go to bed.


DDP today

October 22nd 2010 2:22 am
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WoW I am fury honored to be Todays DDp thank you HQ lady.
Look who I am in company with none other than catser royalty Hazel Lucy DOUBLE WOW!


Daddy is home

October 21st 2010 5:05 pm
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Daddy got Home late tonight and he smelled funny.
Paddy hissed at him cause he didno smell likeour Daddy. He doesn't walk or talk like him eder. Mom says cause he is on pain medicine. he had a hyena fixed in his tummy. Whats that Mom not a hyena a hernia Oh! I doesn't know what the difference is any way. So no cuddles with Dad for a couple of days.
Meow at you later


Daddy's surgery

October 20th 2010 3:42 pm
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We will not be on for a few days Daddy has to have a operation so Mom will be busy and I will have to nurse him back to health might have to ask Margo for some help.


Birthday Thank you's

October 20th 2010 11:16 am
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Mikey is down in the dumps right now ao he is gonna let his Mom thank efury one for his gifts and well wishes.
For the Heart Elsa (such a sweeet girl)
Birthday hats Thank u Pebbles, Rocky, Bootsy, Jobel, Zoe, Jasper and Jillian Grace you did a wonderful job making them.
Candy Margo and Mikey really enjoyed them Kaci and Wan-lee
Did you guys make the cupcakes? Mikey said they were Delich Alfie, Hazel Lucy, Pumpkin and Wyatt
The Morris rosettes thank you Rex, Bugsy, Max and Simba.
The best wishes pmails Toki ( you are such a cute little guy)
Herbie and his sis Callie Rose.
Last but not least I saved the best for last. My Darlin Daughter-in-law Margo. Thank you for the beautiful bouquet of flowers you sent me. We are blessed with such wonderful furends on Catsterwe love you all. hugs , kisses and headbutts.
Mikey and Mom Deb


Margo is home

October 20th 2010 4:59 am
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Ring Ring
Hello this is Laura-lynn just calling to let you know Margo is home but she was in a real mess. She has had a bath and is warm and snuggley in her blankie.
DEb- Micheal cried him self to sleep last night. They had a grand time together. You will have to come with the next time.
Wish we weren't so far away from each other.It would be nicer.
L.L.- yes it would be. Will let you go hope I didn't wake you.
Deb- no I was up, expecting your call.
Give Margo a hug for me I miss her all ready it was nice not being the only female in the house.
L.L. Yes I will . Good-bye
Give Mikey hugs from us too.
Deb- bye now talk to you later
L.L. yes will do.
Click, Click.


Long ride to the airport

October 19th 2010 1:47 pm
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I sat in the car while Mikey and Margo said their good by's
It was a very quiet ride back to Nova Scotia I heard a few sniffles on the way. My heart was sinking to I felt so bad for my boy and my new little girl. You could almost hear their hearts break. I managed to get to the airport with out a speeding ticket we got there just in time so not much time to say good by for us. Mikey got her bags checked in and I handed her her ticket. Gave her a big hug and kiss and told her next time bring Ma with her. Which she agreed on. Gave her another hug and walked over to the wall so Mikey could say good bye. Margo in tears by then (poor little ting) Mikey stood there til she went out of sight he booted it for the car. where he sobbed
guess he didn't want every one to see him cry, We sat in the car and cried . I managed to pull my self together enough to drive home. Mikey watched out the back window all the way home.


Jasper and Me in the river.

October 19th 2010 1:00 pm
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Jasper bet me I couldn't catch a fish with my bare paws. I said I could so I stood in the river as still as can be and waited and waited then a fish swam by and I grabbed at it. Then all of sudden the feet went out from under me and down I went in that cold cold water. I splashed around furiously and when I came up I had it only thing I didn't catch it with my paws it was in my mouth. Here I was standing at the edge of the river with a fish wiggling around in my mouth. Jasper stood there with the most shocked look on his face. Then he bust out laughing he laughed so hard he was rolling around on the ground. I spit the thing out and shook my self off. And joined him on the bank and laughed so hard I could hardly catch my breath. After about 20 minutes we realized the others were gone so we ran back to the mansion. After that cold bath I was glad for the warmth of the fire place. No more bets for me.
Er! may be a easier one. MOL!


Covered bridge

October 19th 2010 12:43 pm
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Margo has never seen a covered bridge before so we took her there Jasper was gonna frighten her with spooky tales of a ghosty she had her paws wrapped around my arm so tight I thought the blood was gonna stop. My chance to give Margo a big smoooch while Jasper was busy. Smmmmmmmmooooooocchccchhhh!
Margo eased up on the arm . Gosh. She makes my heart pound hard. I loves her wish she could stay heare for ever and ever.
Better go hid on Jasper eh Margo! Jasper is mad cause I spoiled his fun. MOL!

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