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Micheal baby

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He was here!!!!!!

December 26th 2010 1:51 pm
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Abby and Tilly were right Santa paws got here with out the snow.
We all got lots of treats and I got a hampster. it runs around and make funny sounds I were scared of it at first then I sat on it and it shut up. I think I kilt it. Mom said she sent one To Margo She couldn't find a purple one so she sent her a pink one.
Paddy ate Charlies dog treats then barfed all ober the bed. Mom had to wash the cobers Yuk!! Mom has to get more treats to replace the ones Paddy scarfed.
Mom called Margo's Mom Christmas Eve and had a pretty good chat.
Margo sent me a picture of her dreaming of me (who else would she be dreaming of). Laura-Lynne gave Mom stuff to make Moms hands soft it's a scrub and a lotion. Mom used it twice and it really is helping her hands.
We had Christmas dinner here just us as a furmily Mom and Dad will be married 30 yrs in August and this is thier first time cooking Christmas dinner and having it in their home it were nice. We had our share too.
well thats bees all fur now I gots to go beat up that hampster it's making noises agin.
Oh yes I furgot Santa brought Mom a copy of Homers book , it weren't autographed but she got it.


The wind ,the wind ,the wind

December 22nd 2010 6:22 am
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The wind has been wicked here the last while we have had gusts up to 93 klms. I'd say the neighbors chicken laid the same egg 3 times it's that windy. The storm surges and high tides have flooded people out of thier homes. I am fury glad I lives on high ground. Mom has neve seen so much water in the river. Makes it scarey to cross the brides when the water is that high.
I hope Santa Paws gets here with out any trouble I have been good all year. The others have to worry.
Take care all catster furends and have a Merry Catsmas and a Healthy Happy New Year.
hugs and kissed to all. I will talk to Margo later.


Mom's gone mad in a good way.

December 20th 2010 3:14 am
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Mom has Christmas cd's on an she is singing??? I think????
and danceing around the house to Bruce Cockburn(pronounced colburn). Mom you are embarassing me. blush. Boy I guess she is in the spirit speaking of which Mom you been into the nog???
No Mikey I just feel like singing and dancing today. It's Christmas be happy you sour puss. Picks up MIckey and twirls him around weeeeeeeee. OH MOm I get dizzy, but it's fun . Do it agin Mom do it agin. Mom twirls again and again. Mol! Mom flops down on the couch and gives Mikey a big hug and kiss and cuddles with her big boy. I loves you Mom . Rub over there yes right there AWWW feels good puuuuurrrrs puts his paws on both sides of her face and kisses her nose.
I missed you yesterday Mom you were gone all day delivering presents you took the DD. ( we went to the nursing home to deliver Christmas presents and a few minutes of happiness to the elderly. Had Charlie dressed as Santa. The old gals loved him). My last bit of Charity will be on the 23rd I will give up my turkey to the Salvaition Army to feed the homeless.


I got Mail!

December 17th 2010 2:06 am
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Mom brought the mail in and she said Mikey you and I got mail.
She put both under the tree so I came running and smiffed and sniffed . I knows that smell thats Margo and Ma! Thats from my wifey Oh boy a Christmas Pack from Margo. Mom you got one from them too. sniff ,sniff , purr ,purr, purrr , purrr,
Chomp, chomp ,chomp.
Micheal! If you open it now you won't have any thing to open Christmas Day.
Mikey: Oh phooy! She's right.
note from Mom; He will have his stocking, but it isn't the same.
Oh Tank you tank you tank you Margo and Ma
we loves you wit all our hearts. Have a Merry Bless Christmas and A Happy Healthy New year. That goes for all our Catster buddy's too.
Loves from Mikey, Paddy, Spotty, and Mom


Crazy weather

December 16th 2010 3:22 am
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Geez! I was on my cat perch and watching the news with Mom and Dad. The weather is nuts . Snow where there wasn't supposed to be floods where they have snow and us with the crazy winds.I think it is because of all the clear cutting of trees, Mom and Dad planted 29 new treesin our yard. last year to help. us with the winds. don't know if it will work but we will try our best.


Poor Fawn

December 15th 2010 3:59 am
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Mom and Dad and the DD went for a walk and they came upon a little fawn in the ditch it was struck by a car and killed. Mom got fury angree at the driver. They drives too fast and hit the poor thing. it still had it's spots. Mom got on her cell and called the Dept. of lands and Forests and they sent someone out to get it. That is 5 deer that have been killed on that piece of road in the last few years. Drivers know they are there but they still drive like nuts. Mom is berry careful driving where she knows there are deer cause she stops and shoots pictures of them.
Mom got a good picture of a bald eagle sitting on a piece of drift wood in the fog it was a cool picture. It got erased some how. She probabley will never get another chance ar a shot like that again.


Mom's mad at me

December 11th 2010 3:29 pm
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we have a water fountain that filters our water. Well tonight I attacked it and would not leave it alone. there was water every where. Mom would clean it up and wham !!! there I go again tipping it over and banging it with my paw. She smacked my butt and I run. Dad hit me with the paper to scare me but I kept going back. The smacks didn't hurt I just looked at them like how dare you and smack I'd go back at it. Mom and Dad figure there might be a mouse in the wall by the fountain and I think it is under it. charlie is sitting here grinning from ear to ear . Like finally it's not me in trouble. Dumb dog. get outta my face or lose it. GRRRRR! Gottta get that thing.

(Some time later in the evening)

I think I have been forgiven Mom came by the cat perch where I was sleeping and give me a hug and kiss. She said she was sorry too.


We are back

December 10th 2010 1:59 pm
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Sorry we haven't been on Catster for about a week our putter went Kaputt, We just got back on . We are sorry if we missed any concatulaations for special occations. So I will have to get you to bring me up todate.



November 28th 2010 2:24 pm
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Mom was getting ready to go to the fire hall to set up for the baby shower. Sos he needs on herself so she washed her face and got soap in her eye reached forthe shampoo and putit in her hair she grabed the wrong one it was Charlies Shampoo doggie stuff now she smells just like Charlie. Mom says now whe will have a nice soft shiney coat like him. MOOL!


Thank you

November 26th 2010 11:21 am
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Thank you Diary GAl for the honor again. I am sorry it took so long to answer but we could not get into catster this morning and plus Mom had to work early so she didn't have time to fool with the puter. Spot is still looking for the mouse but he is also being careful cause the coyotes have been seen in our yard so he is not going out as often. Mom walks with a big stick now so if it comes too close she will whack him with it gotta make them scared of humans or they have to be killed.
Thank you to all my catster furends that sent me prezies and well wishes. I loves you all. Meow at ya later

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