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All in the life of Paddy cat.

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October 22nd 2007 6:01 am
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My Daddy came in from out side walking funny Mommy calls it his monkey walk. He is on the floor with the ice pack on it. guess he put his backout again.

Now he is sitting with the heating pad on it i like that It's nice and cozy.

To day I was waiting in the basement for Daddy to run on the tread mill we go on it together. But Daddy said he couldn't go on it to day. Now what do I do I have all this energy built up got to get rid of it some how. Guess I will just have to... go.... Nuttts. puff.. pufff . tha dum tah dum ta dum smash. oops no brakes. Paddy going absolutly nuts and running into the end of the counter.
"Take that you scounderal ' as he pounces on some morsels of food. Now I will get that skurge as he goes all out side ways with his back arched and all hairs up on end. Micheal is sitting watching his brother by the look on his face he is thinking his brother needs some serious help mentally.
Puff Puff Puff guess they won't mess with me any more I will just go over here and take a nap. He flops down on the shoe trunk that is in front of the dining room window. all furnature in this house is according to the cats.


Oct 5th 07

October 5th 2007 8:11 am
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Mommy almost got it last night. Thing was up on the arbour calling out to her to watch him , Mommy got her signals crossed and thought he was stuck.

Mommy went out into the back yard to see if she could help and she came face to butt with the SKUNK. she quietly and quickly scooted backwards to the house, after he waddled of Spot came down and laughed at Mommy . Hahaha he almost got you. He is doing a goodjob of aerating the lawn and eating all the big fat grubs. Yuk!


Oct 2/07

October 2nd 2007 2:09 pm
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Mommy wrote to alot of new friends for me to day. She also is trying to finish a oicture she started in May before the weather turned humid. She makes 3 D pictures of things and people but is the weather is humid it is hard for her to shape the pieces cause it curls too much. she is taking a rest from it now her hands get tired from cuting. i think she loves doing it because of the glue (she gets silly after a while) Like I do with the smell of cigarette smoke off my Grampie.

i got sick to my stomach twice today. Mom says I eat too much too fast. Almost like I don't want Thing to have any. I threw up in his bowl hehehehe!

I torment him something awful, but it is soo much fun.
well got to go and see who I can bug now


Oct 1/07

October 1st 2007 5:55 pm
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well it is Oct. already we started to get ready for halloween. Mom bought some skulls and things to hang in the trees and windows.

She says knowing her luck both her and Dad will end up working that night.
Thing doesnt seem to annoy me as muchas he used to.
It maide a mistake last night and tried to weastle with me likehe does Mikey.
It didn't take long for him to back away. just gave him the ol evil eye. works every time.
we can't seem toget the hang of Dad being on this other shift. miss my snuggles with him. Its just not the same at this new time.


Sept 25/07

September 25th 2007 3:24 pm
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Mommy had a shock on Thursday morning she found out her neighbor's
son was in a serious accident he was ona dirt bike and hit a car then flew into the air and hit a telephone pole. he is on life support and the are waiting til Sat to un plug him. The sin about that is he is old enough to know better than being on the road and speeding. He is going to leave behind daughters. four and one years old . and a baby due a week ago, he hasn't see it yet and he never will. so if you have kids please tell them to obey the laws and stay safe and alive. We critters want tham to come home and play and love us.

Mommy worked all weekend and was very tired Daddy was bad and Mommy was mad at him. so it was quiet around here for a couple days. Mommy went to her new job and got her stuff she need to go there.

I had fun today mommy called the repair man to come and fix our furnice.
He had a big box with lots of tools. I love tools and boxes. Didn't take me long to get into it and start hiding his tools, there was lots of room in that box by the time he was ready to leave. I was just about to take a nap in it when Mommy caught me. She ahd to go and find his tools. hehehehehe! I'm soo cleaver.


Sept 19/07

September 19th 2007 6:03 am
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Mommy is only going to enter ever so many days as her babies are usually catching zz's most of the time.

Mommy came home pissed about someting Fri. Sat Dad and Mom went to town and mom got something called a new job. She went to see GRampie too.
I love my Grampie he smells like something and it gets me high (Cigarette smoke) . I roll around on his lap then bite him. Mommy watches me carefull as Grampie is getting old and my bites break his skin.

Mommy and Daddy were out side most of Sunday cleaning the yard up and puting some of the solar lights away. Thing is out there with them and I'm stuck in here banging on the window "hey hey let me come out, let me come out." Mom won't let me out because she says I don't watch for cars and thing
has be out most of his life and the strays taught him how to cross the road.
My Mother was a town cat and was killed by a car.

Mon Mom went to work she handed in her notice, boss wasn't there. things went very well at work, Dad and uncle Ted sprayed the lawn with herbicide so we have to keep thing in for the night.
Tues Mom cleans a house for a elderly couple she loves them. She usually comes home with something from their garden.
It is now
weds thing went out 4am and Mom hasn't seen him since and is worried. I my self couldn't care less. I feel frisky , I jus t tear aroung the house like a mad cat .

Smack! thump! ooops! missed the counter couldn't get the brakes on in time run into the end of the counter. didn't get launched in time.
It's hard to run since they took the carpet up and put wood floors in. Got not traction any more. I spin my wheels alot.
Nap time at least i can't get hurt sleeping.
I '' wait til Dad gets mom and take a wake with him not the tread mill.


sept 17/07

September 17th 2007 8:52 am
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Friday sept 14th
Mommy's gone to work and left thing in the ceiling I'll just wait at the hole to see if he comes up and I'll whap him on the head hehehehehe. this is like the gopher game the gopher pops his head out of the hole and you hit him with a mallet you just guess which hole he'll come up out of. except spot only has one hole to pop up out of. Well spot never did come up til 8pm and I lost interest after 15min of waiting. Daddy's home suppose he'll leave the door open and I'll make my escape. I'll just check this out ,push push nah didn't work this time.

Sat 15th
very rainy sleepy day for all of us even Mom and Dad had naps. Mom and Dad are going over to Auntie Caryls and Uncle Geoffs to watch a movie . They will play with our doggie cousins Honey, Shaka, and Prince, and cat cousin Simba.

Sunday Mom and Dad spent most of the day moving flowers and bringing in lawn ornaments and solar lights getting ready for winter. when they came in me and Mikey chased each other up and down the hall then we wrestled till Mikey got tired (didn't take to long) I make Mikey squeal Mommy doesn't like that she thinks I'm too rough with my little brother.
Mommy must be getting a bath I hear water running in the little room. Mommy can I come in, I'll just push onthe door and squeeeze my head in now my body there hi Mom what cha doing? purr purr. ewww your all wet mommy get out of there hpprt I 'll go wait with Daddy his hands are dry.
Mommy and Daddy are going to bed now time for cuddles and kisses , careful not to let others see me . I,m the tough guy John Wayne of the feline variety.
(we all know he's a wimp.)



September 14th 2007 7:07 am
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Mommy cleaned Doey dogs house yesterday (small Jack Russel) Doey was a bad girl she killed a skunk who wandered on to her property. Mommy said she smelled pretty bad. That skunk off works pretty good but they need some more Oh Pooooh!

It was grocery day so when Daddy got home Mommy and Daddy went to town to buy food. It's sooooo much fun to see what is in all the bags, they usally have treats for us.

today Mommy had to go to auntie Graces to vaccumn for her she has arthritis in her shoulder and can't do it for her self. other than that auntie does fine she 83 and still driving ( too fast for our likeing). I'm still sleeping I'm down in the basement and don't know thing is in the house sleeping on the sofa. Don't like thing, I got out side yesterday and was out in things domain I was a real scaredy cat, when Mom and Dad found the door opened and came out to look for me I came running accross the yard screaming Mooooooooooooooommmmy help!
theres scary things out there and loud noises I don't like.



September 13th 2007 10:30 am
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Didn't Do to much today openned my mail. Mom had to go clean a house to day She got home early to day not much laundry to do I guess.
We had a visiter a vaccumm cleaner sales man, He was interesting, had all sorts of neat things in this big box he brought. He wasn't too pleased when Mom said not at this time. Oh well that thing was too noisey any way.

May as well go to the basement and check on the thing.


Sept 10/07

September 11th 2007 4:19 am
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Birds birds,birds every where.
Smack ! damn the windows there, they are laughing at me I know it.

If only I could get my paws on those crows. They wouldn't laugh then.
8;30 good morning Mom,good morning micheal. Wheres that other thing?
Micheal food mommys got foood! hahahaha just kidding! I love to torment my little brother. Hang on Mommys getting her coffee, when she gets a couple of sips into her she'll feed us. How do humans do it the walk around for hours with out opening thier eyes.
Micheal is helping mom open hers he's rubbing up against her purring and tellin her he's starved. (Like he looks like he's missed a few meals lol).
ok shes moving towards the cupboard. Yes ,Yes, Yes, She did it foooood!

Thing has eatten and gone out doing what I don't know. I'm going to the big window and watch the neighbors. Andrew is going to his nanny and grampas for the day while his mom and dad go to work. He is soo smart his mommy is a teacher what ever that is, and his dad is a firefighter.
enough of that time for a nap, I'll just go down the hall and get up on the bed.
there I'll just pat the quilt down and get it all comfy aroung and around I go, Yaaawn there just right talk to you later, zzzzzzzz!

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