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All in the life of Paddy cat.

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Poor mikey

January 10th 2008 9:46 am
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Mikey got the message this morning, his poor little heart is broken. he's behind the couch pouting. guess we will have to tippy toe around him for a few days. I better not talk a bout my girl or it will upset him.
Poor little guy.


A special day

January 9th 2008 5:56 pm
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I asked My Honey to be my girl today and she said "yes",
I am so proud to be her boy furend.
Mikey is excited too He askes his girl Callie to be his girl furend and she said yes.
he is on cloud nine.


Christmas day

December 26th 2007 9:36 am
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Mikey, Mikey Mikey! Paddy yelled as he runs up and down the hall way

He was here ,he was here! Look at all the presents. Look at your stocking it's soo stuffed the things are falling out of it. Lets look in Spots he's out side he'll never know hehehe!
OOOh! he has lots of mice. and look at his foood, and balls with bells
I hear Daddy's getting up. Mikey go wake Mommy up so we can open our stockings. Daddy's gone for his walk he will be home soon and by that time Mikey will have Mommy up.

Good work Mikey you got her up in record time.Lets let her get a coffee into her . Daddy's on his way home, theres Spot think he will notice we got to his stocking be fore him? I tried to put some of it back in.
Mommy: Hey guys Santa paws was here look at you stocking, come here Spot look and see what you got! Pink mice just like you like them. this is your first Christmas.
Daddy; He's never had it so good,with his old family (they kicked Spot out at 4 months in a freeze in Feb)
Spot; Gossh look at all this stuff and it is for me!
Yup! say Paddy Ok Mommy it's my turn let me see , let me see, ooooohh! I got mice too but they are green and orange, I got pollar fleeze bows instead of bells , What did you get Mikey? I got paint brushes OOh puuurrr I got just what I wanted my paint brushes, and blue and orange mice, and FOOOOD!
Spotty has gone off his head chasing his mice and bells what a racket he is making.
Mommy and Daddy are opening thiers lets see what they got. Oh I love this paper this is nice and crinkley. Mikey;" hey can you get this off of me" he asks from in side a wrapping bag. I'm stuck help!
Oh thank you Mommy, that was scarey.
Mommy and Daddy clean up get dressed to go to Grandfathers for Christmas Dinner, they have to pick up a special guest first though, it is Audrey our Grandmothers best friend she is elderly and is all by herself so Mommy andDaddy are taking her in to have a hot meal and company so she is not alone.
we will wait paitently for them to return because Paddy knows more treats to come Yumm!


Paddy wishes efuury one a MErry Christmas

December 12th 2007 7:01 am
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Well mom has been bring the boxes up from the basement and she's gone through them to see what she will keep and what she needs.
OOOOOhhh look theres my stocking ! This means Santa Paws is coming soon.
Ohhhh Boy he's coming he's comeing (Paddy races around the house like a mad cat and the other 2 just sit and watch the mehem.) Paddy does donuts in the middle of the living room, then its up over the couch across the counter down on the floor, through the livingroom again, down the hall and down the stairs in to the basement. heeeehahaahha! he's coming ,he'coming!
Mikey and Spot just look at each other bewildered . Who's coming? and When?
Spot has never had a Christmas know nothing about it. Mikey has had one and is not sure about it. Suppose he will tell us when he calms down.
Mikey goes to the basement to find big bro. Who's coming Paddy? Who's coming?
Santa Paws , Santa Paws is coming! was the reply
Why is he coming here? asked Mikey
He comes to all good kitties and pups and brings us presents in our stockings and boxes under the Christmas tree once a year. Oh! said Mikey. What day is that it is Christmas Day the day Mom and Dad go to Grampies and bring back turkey and yummy leftovers you'll know cause the humans get more and more grumpy cause the for got this or some store didn't have this. This year is shouldn't be too bad cause they did their shopping and wrapping this summer when they were on holidays and left the presents with Nanny to give out there. no hassle Christmas.
We all ready got our presents from Mom 'thanks to me wegot our our new blankets. Paddy gloated. So we just have to wait til Mom tells us Santa Paws is coming.
AAawww! I don't know about this Paddy I don't like strangers in our house.
It's ok Mikey he brings us presents and Mom and Dad let him in while we are fast asleep by the fire. OOOh k as long as Mom and Dad let him in I guess it's alright. but i'm still scared. I will hide under the bed. then.
Mikey saunters back up stairs to tell Spot about who's coming.
got to spots page


Dec 3/07

December 4th 2007 1:19 pm
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Mom let me out today. I was not impressed. Whooaa it was cold on the feet the green has turned to white, kind of like Dad's hair .
And the white stuff is WET YUK! don't like wet. now I know why thing is in so much now he just goes out to pee or what eve and he's back in.
After watching Mom shovel I had a big nap that was alot of work. Mom says she now knows why animals hybernate. ( most people thing they are the dumb ones, give your heads a shake humans we rule) hehehe!
well mus tgo hav eplace to explore casters to talk to .


Nov 5/ 07

November 5th 2007 10:46 am
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we just got our power back after that awful storm Saturday night. The wind howled and blew . It was scary, Spotty didn't go out til yesterday supper time and he hasn't been home since must be out with that little feral cat we 've seen him with she looks just like her mama. Mom and Dad had the wood stove going so we were nice and warm they filled lots of things with water even went to the river to get flushing water. It was cold out side so they filled a cooler and left it out side so the stuff from the fridge wouldn'spoil. the camping stuff came in handy. We had a hot meal no load on Mom to cook on a camp stove and a wood stove.


Oct 31/07

October 31st 2007 1:12 pm
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Now theres something going on here . Mommy has decorated the house funny theres pumpykins, sculls strange looking kitties. blood dripping from the windows . sillowettes in others.
and worst of all the litter pan is in the bed room and spot is locked in the basement.

and she put little toys and packs of special candies in little boxes for the neighbors kids she says cause they have allergies to glutton. I think she just like to spoil them.


oct 28/07

October 28th 2007 2:50 pm
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well every thing came back to normal about 5 am this morning. When I felt the sering pain in the fleshy part of my calf. All three cat s were fighting over one little spot in the bed between my husband and myself. Of course he didn't move or hear anything. All three scattered when I came back an hit the floor.

what a wake up call. Paddy has been eating and up in the window as per normal. in fact he is sitting in the dining room window as we speak. So no trip to the vet for him. He will have to get his yearly soon.


Oct 27/07

October 27th 2007 9:02 am
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Since Paddy's escape he has not left the bed room . I've seen him in the litter twice, don't know if he has eaten . I pick him up and bring him out with us on the couch but he bolts back to the bed. he gets up between us in the bed and purrs and purrs he feels safe there. I can't even get him interested in looking out the big window at the crows, very odd , very odd indeed. He got a good fright but what it was we are stumped. I'll have to talk to the vet about him.
that was Thursday and this is Saturday . two and a half days of hiding. Not like the Paddy brat cat at all.


Paddy's misadventure

October 25th 2007 8:56 am
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Daddy called Mommy on her cell at work she was cleaning Doey and Molly dogs house. He was paniced Paddy got out and he looked forhim for hours, he even left the door ajar with food inside ( good thing to do with all the strays around). Any way Mommy couldn't concentrate on her work so she left them a note" emergency at home will finish tomorrow". Mommy came home in a hurry too fast for the gravel road she started fish tailing like it was winter in the snow. She made it home in one piece She went in to see if he had come home on his own No Paddy still. Daddy handed Mommy the bontainer with the treats and off she went. She got over to the neighbors when she notices the brown thing by her oil tank. She ran over and here is Paddy flattened to the ground and all she could see was his big yellow eyes. Mommy shook the treat can and he let out a small pitiful meeeeeoww. Mommy picked bad boy up and he instantly started puurrrring. When your an in door cat the out doors can be intimidating and scary. He is currently being smacked around buy Micheal for a change. Think he took offence to Paddy being on the lamb. Well the two of them seem happy now they are chaseing each other and howling like banshees. Daddy keeps telling him he's bad and Daddy 's not impressed. He looks like he's worried about it too. I think maybe Mommy praying that God bring the little brat home workd to what ever it was Mommy is thank ful. She loves her little Hodinni.

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