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All in the life of Paddy cat.

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storm up date

March 6th 2008 2:31 am
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Well the storm wasn't as bad as the forcasters led us to believe.
we did not lose power but the wind was bitter in the morning. It poured last night and the winds got up .
but there is still alot of snow around didn't get rid of it all.
it is supposed to be above freezing for the next week so it will be gone soon enough .Mom and Chrisofur can't wait to get out in the garden. I think Mom has that syndrome you get in the winter called S.A.D. she sure feels depressed in winter it actually starts whenthe leaves turn color in the fall.
thats all my news for today.


Winter storm 17

March 5th 2008 3:48 am
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well Mom is rushing round the house getting ready for us to lose the power
she has the camp stove in the kitchen , water containers filled and the camp cooler out by the door filled with snow so she doesn't have to open the fridge.
buckets of water for flushing. so if you don't hear from us for a few days this is why.
we are expected to have 4 to 6 hours of freezing rain then high winds. so this on the lines will definetly cause and outage for days.
Hats off to the light and power boys.

talk to you later
or when we get the power back, would laugh if it doesn't happen. They haven't exactly been very good at predicting the weather this winter.


Spring is coming!

March 4th 2008 5:10 am
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Well I know when the weather will start to warm up. Mom gets her green house out and brings it in the house to start flowers and veggies. She got kale and tomatoes started now she will start her flowers at the end of the month by April she will set then out to harden. She has a cover for the tomates so she covers them every night so the frost doesn't get them. When they are ready to go out. We grow all our own veggies it is some good eats in the late summer early fall. I loves new potatoes and carrots. Mom for got the turnips last year we had peas coming out our ears speaking of ears we had corn too. which we use the stocks for fall decorations around the house.
I think I will just lay here in the middle of the plants and dream of supper veggies.


Pawty for Callie's new sister Goldie

February 27th 2008 5:05 am
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Hello my furends

I think this will be easier to post this in my diary than each and every one of you.
Mom's pc is as old as she is and it won't copy and paste.
Mom ears don't work either the pawty is on the catitudes group on march 17th at 2 pm you will find the link there. efury one is welcome. if you want to bring sumthin you can.
OH no chrisofuur gett off of mee! guh! guh! push , push, MMMOOOOOOOMMM
chrisofur won't let me finish!
now you dun it mom will turn it off!
and we might not be able to go to the pawty cause you caused another fight.
any way we might be there to pawty with you if we behave our selve til then.
your Pal

bad chrisopher spot's a pooh head.


Rain, rain go away

February 18th 2008 2:41 pm
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It is soo wet it rained real hard, I could not see acrossed the road.
We have a gazebo and it looks like a house boat. Our little pond is now a lake.
well at least Mommy doesnt have to shovel this. But she does have to clean the water out of the basement. Poor Mommy needs a vacation in a dry warm place. MOmmy let me out so I could pee but I couldn't find a dry enough place so I had to come back in and Augh! use the litter box. I am not used to that cause I was a ferel cat and love to be out side. (only on his terms) Likes it nice and cozy too. (right now he is cuddled up to his Dad on the couch).
Must go now need a nap.


snow all gone

February 14th 2008 3:14 am
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Paddy gets up in the window..WOW! ... Look Mikey the snow is gone. How can that be?, we got more than a foot on monday and then yesterday we got five inches of it. It is raining now wonder if it went some where where it wouldn't get wet?
I hear Mom getting up. Hey Mom all that shoveling you did? What a waste of time the snow is gone you got sore muscles for nothing. heheheh!
we have little ponds every where now and it is getting foggy.
"Thing" won't be happy his snow is gone, he has nothing to play in.
Wonder if he has gone looking for it's hiding place?



February 11th 2008 3:58 am
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Paddy going from window to window. Some of them he can see out of others no, too much snow. Mom is out side shoveling cause it is half rain and in the morning it will be harder to shovel. I don't know why she doesn't get the snow blower out it would be easier on her back. Mom says she wants a new one cause her old one is too big and awkward to use. Paddy sits on the kitchen table and watches as she shovels the walk to the front door.
Oh look how much fun "thing " is having chasing mom around the yard wish I could go out and play like that. Mom comes in and Paddy makes the dart for the door . He comes to a complete halt . and trys to get all four feet off the ground. This is not what I expected this is cold and not fun at all. Mom scoops him up and brings him in. Saved by Mom again. Paddy goes over and get up in his chair by the heat of the wood stove . Now this is better he purrs. "Thing" can have the white stuff I will look from here. He finishes grooming is cold feet and soon zzzzzzzzz!


We,ve got Mail

February 8th 2008 2:47 am
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Look Mikey Mom is home from work. The boys run to the door to greet Mom.
Even christopher Spot is out side waiting for Mom.
Mom unloads the car and brings the stuff to the house. Mom cleans houses and offices she can't leave the cleaning chemicals in the car cause the would freeze. She unlocks the door as Chris loudly complains that Mom had left him out with no breakfast, Mom answered if you had come home when I called you you would have had it.

Mom gets in the house with all her gear and Christopher in tow. SHe says hello to the guys and feeds them. Then goes out to the mail box .we are in the country so the mail box is on the side of the road and has a flag on it , if it is up we have mail. It is up and we have mail.
Mom reads the addresses as she walks back to the house. one from Beaver Bank nova scotia and one from Tennessee, these aren't for her thier for the boys.

Hey Guys look what you got? All three look at Mom like she has ten heads.
Oh Mikey Smell this one it,s from your girlfriend Callie. Mikey stretches his neck to see and smell then he rubs up against it purring. OH look guys she sent valentines to you all. Isn't that sweet. Mikey sits purring and looking at his as Mom opens the big one from the States .

This one is From Cash and Gibbs. Oh my look guys Pictures !
Theres one of their new cat tree, oH hahahaha look at them watching the robot . Paddy exclaims "mikey would deffinetly not fit in that" , Mikey has gain a few pounds he is up to 16 now and he is on diet food , figure that one out. Oh look there is one of Buddy and McKenna arn't they pretty!
Buddy looks you paddy! McKenna looks like our friends cat Pepper.
Look at the nice card they sent their Mommy made it . Look Gibbs loves his little brother Cash . Mommy is going to have to get on the pc and write to thank them.
Christopher is asleep in his chair by this time Guess "thing "is easly bored.
Paddy snifffs the letter Mommy makes her boys smell every thing , when she sends stuff she rubs the stuff on her guys and sits them in the box so the other cats can smell them too. the way they communicate.
well I am going back to my perch in front of the window.
talk to you all soon.


I have been tagged twice

February 5th 2008 4:23 am
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Ok, HERE ARE THE RULES OF THE GAME. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to post it in their diary. (1) The rules of the game, and (2) Seven Pawsome facts about them selves. Then choose 7 cats to tag and list their names in your diary. (Just copy and past these if you like) Don't forget to purr them a pawmail informing them that they have been tagged and notifying them to read your diary, or send them a fun rosette annnouncing tat they have been tagged. Sooo with out further ado....

1 I like to sneak my cuddles when I can get Mom and Dad apart.

2 I like to lick the dirty dishes sometimes there is yummy stuff on them.

3 I hate Christopher Spot I calls him "thing".

4 I love the mop I ride around on it.

5 I hate the vacumn it is too noisey it hurts my ears.

6 I try to sneak outside but when I get there I scream for Mommy to come and get me ,it is too scarey .

7 I love My Mommy and my girlfriend Honey

I have tagged 7 more kitties and they are....
Matt, Dylan, Odie , Honey, Pooters , Karma, and last but not least Victor


A Snow Day

January 28th 2008 3:53 am
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Spot is here some where I know he is . I 'll beat it up if I can find him. Mom is talking on the phone looks like Mom gets to stay home with us. That means the dreaded squirt bottle will be out to. Because I fight with "Thing". sure fired way to break up kitty fights WATER!
well I'll just look and see who is in the yard while I'm in the basement.
Yawwn! guess I'll take a nap too. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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