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All in the life of Paddy cat.

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Happy Burfday My Sweet Honey

May 20th 2008 3:35 am
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To day is my sweet Honeys Burfday she is two years old.
She sure has had her ups and downs health wise but I am soo glad she is healthy now. Kiss , kiss my Love.
Happy Burfday to you
Happy Burfday to yooooooouuuu
Happy burfday Sweet Hoooonnneyyyy
Happy burfday to youoooooooooooooooouu
Big hugs and kisses


lazy day

May 19th 2008 6:16 am
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it is raining here and lazy all we want to do is nap.

Tomorrow is my gurlfurends Burfday she will be 2 tomorrow.
Please stop by her page and wish her Happy burfday she is Princess Honey Rogers her catster number is 421752 I loves her with all my heart. Mom and her Mom are getting to be good friends and we foundout she has relatives here In Nova Scotia. and we might be seeing them this summer isn't that exciting WWwhhoooaaaa! Can't wait.
Must go feel another nap coming on


I have been tagged

May 16th 2008 2:56 am
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1. my name is Patrick Howell

2. I have a gurlfurend in Ireland Princess Honey

3. I have 2 brofurs

4. I have beautiful orange coat

5. I catch mice when they come in the house.

6.I don't like little birds I go after the big ones like crows

7. I love peanut butter

Seven kitties I tagged;

Raggs , Smudge,Pooter , Goldie , Precious, Kaci, Walter


puter on the frizt

May 5th 2008 5:00 am
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Mom has to take puter in must be the smoke from the fire it is like it has the hiccups so after tomorrow morning we woun't be answering our mail so we will talk to you when the puter is allowedto come back home.
Your Pal


Holy Smokes!

April 30th 2008 3:42 am
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Yesterday Mommy was my hero. She saved Mikey and me from the fire.
MOM grabbed the birds and ran for the garage, she came back in and grabbed Mikey and stuffed him in the car, then ran back for me the house was full of smoke and she was calling me . A fireman that lives just down the road came and said he's in the window over there. so Mom ran in and grabbed me and stuffed me in the car with Mikey. Don't appreciate her being soo rough with us but I am still sitting here meowing to you arn't I.

After the fire was out and the firemen left we were allowed back in. The house stank and Mom had to go to work, but she went up to where Daddy worked and told him what had happened.
Apparently Daddy was supposed to have cleaned the chimney last Saturday and didn't then he has this habit of stuffing the wood stove soo full it gets too hot and well pooF up she went and the Neighbor phoned mom and got her up the smoke detector which is brand new didn't go off and it is less than 10 feet away from the stove. well we know where that thing is going don't we?
When Mom got home Dad was busy washing walls and floors and got this stuff from the fire chief to get the smell out. He should do all the work it was his fault.
Tell You a secret Mom was so upset she went and got a bottle of destresser and had a drink so she could get to sleep last night ,defintely no fire in the stove last night.
It still has a smell in here but not as bad it will go away now the weather is warmer and we can keep the windows open.

I still can't figure out how Mikey go under that car seat. He flattened him self pancake thick to hide he was that scared. When Mom came back to get us all she could see ws these big eye balls looking back at her. He came out right away she didn't have to unbolt the seat he slid out just so.

Mommy you are my hero
KIss ,kiss


Worried about my Sweet Honey( Dedication to the one I love)

April 15th 2008 4:29 am
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Honey's Momma pmailed us and told us my Princess is sick and had to go to emergency twice this week end. They gave her needles and special food she seemed to be better, then bang she had to go back. Oh my !I am soo far a way and can not be with her or her Momma. I just pace and go from window to window . I am going to be a gray tabby soon. I loves my Little Irish Princess.
She is my Sheila Na'gra to my Gilbert Pike. Gilbert was a first mate on Peter Easton's pirate ship. They came upon the fair Sheila's ship and took it over were Gilbert Fell madly in love with her . He took over the boat sail for the new world the New found land and they lived for a bout a year . The dutch seized the colony and captured Gilbert and took him away . Sheila went and hid in the woods with the rest of the women and gave birth to thier son. fifteen years later Peter Shows up again looking for Sheila's fathers randsom with Gilbert in tow. HE gets away and Peter is never heard from again. The rumor has it that Peter Married a noble woman from France and retired a very wealthy man. Sheila and Gilbert were the colony's first leaders , Doctor , traders. Sheila is buried just down the road from My Grandmother house.
And the Pike name is still on the Island of Newfoundland. True love ever lasting. I am your Gilbert and you are my Sheila



April 9th 2008 5:38 am
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The Mystery of the Screaming Critter!

March 24th 2008 5:47 am
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Mom Came home from work on Thursday and saw me and Mikey were bad kitties their were pictures off the wall, lamps upset and plants broken ,
She looked at Chistofur and said"" we must have had some kind of party here today!
Well she fed us and proceded to clean up our mess. There wasn't one room left untouched. Hey when we do a job we do it good.
while on our counter eating I tell Thing about the secret in the basement. Mike is no help he is to fat to catch this thing you and I are spry and can jump.
So we finish our meal and head for the basement via the grate. ( a hole in the floor that was created for air flow for the dehumidifier) Mom is busy cleaning up and she hears a critter scream which freaks her out she hates the fact we kill. She brakes for mice and caterpillers, if your in the area watch out for a little silver hatchback wave the brake lights will come on any time. heheheh!
So Mom gets the flash light and a stool to get up in the t-bar ceiling to have a look. She see's nothing asuming again that Thing ate it.The T-bar ceiling has openings to the upper floor at the windows so you can see the insulation between the floors.
Dad comes home and they try to figure out what it was and how it got in. Could have been from the wood we bring in was it a bat cause the did find one in the wood pile last year. or one of the thousand mice around that have take up residencey in the wood shed. Then there is a scream again they didn't get it and it sounds like what the hawk had . Mom was working graveyard shift and a hawk decided to have breakfast on the patio. (don't ever wake Mom up from her sleep it is not healthy for any one around) any way she went out and faced the big bird and smacked it till it let the little birdie go. The hawk turned and faced Mom hissing at her. Mom stood her ground and hissed back and the hawk being confused, humans usually stay away and are afraid of him flew off without his breakfast.
Back to the basement , Dad grabs the flashlight and gets up on the stool there hopping around the ceiling is a starling. Dad pushes the section up so he can get a hold of it and it flys down and lands on the clothes line then it tries to fly for the window and Thing smacks it and it swoops down then up into the window hole and hides in the insulation. Mom jumps up on the floor model tv and reaches in and grabs the scared birdie and comforts it by calmly stroking it's head and talking softly to it , mean while Dad is Screaming like a girl and all panicy get it out get it out! don't let it go1 don't let it go! Man I'd stroke it's head good if I had got my claws into it. Dad opens the door and Mom goes out and opens her hands and the bird sits there and looks at her as if to say "Thank you" and flys away.
So now we have solved the whats the critter mystery now how did it get in.
Dad recalls going to the basement to get on the treadmill and noticed soot infront of the furnace that was on Monday so the little birdy came down the chimney like Santa and got in that way.
Another Cat mystery Solved CASE CLOSED!


Pawty for Goldie

March 12th 2008 8:27 am
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Just a reminder to all if you want to go to Goldies furever home and birthday pawty let me know and I will send you the link it is next Monday the 17th of March. we will have soo much fun.
paaaawty pppaaaawty! yeah! it is at 2 pm atlantic time.


some thing on the mail box

March 10th 2008 5:34 am
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Mommy get up ,mommy get up!
Spot pounces on top of Mikey. and the games begin all over Mom laying in bed trying to sleep in on her on day off.
OH my! She grumbles and throws the bed covers off . and gets up.
Mikey goes to the livingroom window to show Mom , LOOK LOOK!
Mom doesn't see she goes to the kitchen for coffee.
she turns on the kettle then walks down to the bathroom. when she comes back she sees Mikey looking out the window he mews and she investigates.
OH no some one has put balloons on the mail box. Some one has found out it is Moms birthday. Mom groans OH NO! I should go back to bed but it won't stop these to from rooting me out again.
Mom what are those things can i have one. No mikey you can't have them they are not to play with. When Mom was a kid , she ws at aparty and a nother kid ws playing with some balloons and one broke and went into the childs air way and almost killed the child . Mom has been afraid of them ever since. If it can happen to a human it most certainly happen to a furbaby.
Mommy loves her little man too much.

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